An Extensive Look at The Arm Party
Bracelets by Shashi

I like to decorate my arms. I like the share the decorative conclusions with you. I like to eat chalk. Not really, but I do like glue. Just kidding. Not.

In today’s post, I offer a more extensive look at some of the diverse arm parties that flood my wrists. So diverse some aren’t even parties. They’re gatherings. Or soirees. Or dinner dates. In some instances, they’re ragers or frat parties. 

While you’ve likely seen all the below images in my insta-feed, you often ask where the baubles hail from. Today I I’ll tell you. After all, bracelets are about friendship. And this right here is a friendship. Actually it’s a sisterhood. And sisters should have matching wrists. So even if you don’t pick up identical materials to create a Siamese arm party of your own, what’s mine is yours. Except for that Love Bracelet. That shit is mine and mine only. Sorry!

Arm-y of arm bands. Get it? Get it? Uniform chic. Bracelets by DANNIJO.
The prison party, called the prison party because the single knot bracelet looks like barbed wire to my eye. My eye is a little stupid. (From left: DANNIJO, Madewell, Hermes.) Eyeball (not to be confused with the ones on my face) purchased in Turkey.
The friendship arm, bracelets by DANNIJO and Madewell
On the cheap chunker by Forever 21.
The Monochrome Party, all by DANNIJO
The International Arm party. (From left: red and pink string bracelets bought in Paris, rose gold and gun metal skulls from London, by LeivanKash, chain bracelet by Whistles.)
The Arm Soirees, bracelets by Mr. Kate.
The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, my grandmother’s arm party.

Bird or Bust. Not so diverse. Sue me.
Double Fisting. Photo by Lindsey Belle.
Glitter ‘n’ Shit, bracelets by DANNIJO, Shashi
And finally, I conclude with the finger party.
Because I don’t discriminate against other limbs and every inch o’me has a fundamental love for excessive layering. 
Ok, people. I showed you mine, now you show me yours!
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