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A Boom Shaka Laka Laka Midsummer Night’s Dream

In partnership with Kanon Vodka 

Did this title just fly over your head? Did you not see Get Over It? It’s only the best movie of all time ever…after The Lion King, you know. There’s a point to this. Let me get to it, you never let me speak!

It’s no surprise at this point that I am slightly in louvre with the Swedish folk at Kanon Vodka. They throw fun parties and offer an open bar, it would be foolish to deny our compatibility. Anyway, in honor of Midsummer, a Swedish holiday that Kanon is trying to bring over to the US–I’m not complaining, parties rock! That’s not even the good part though–they’re hosting a giveaway! A really freaking rad giveaway!

They’re offering shit like a Pamela Love necklace, Phillip Lim purse, and cool electronic devices like iTouches and iPads to get on the Instagram train. It would have been cruel not to tell you, because you’re my best friends and what do friends do? Share free shit with each other. So hop on over to the Kanon Facebook page and enter to win some serious swag. 

In other unrelated news, my affinity for ivory and utility continues.

skirt worn as dress: Rag & Bone, vest: Club Monaco, purse: Alexander Wang, shoes: Sandro, sunglasses: Ralph Lauren

Karen of Where Did U Get That and I had a literal bump-in last week on Prince Street. We hugged, she loved my shoes. I made her feel bad because I bought them in London and she is English and doesn’t have them. He ha ho ho ho, you suck, I don’t. I’m English, you’re not.

 Just kidding, K, you know you can borrow them whenever you please, sista. Peep her full feature here.

…And pray for a sunny weekend here.
…And win cool stuff here.

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