Sole Deflation

The title of this post makes no sense. None at all, really, learn to expect nothing less of me. What I was going for was perhaps a witty one liner of some sort stressing the importance of a good flat sandal. And then I thought about matzah because it’s flat too. And then I thought about Passover and eating matzah and missing bread and how bread rises like high heels while matzah stays deflated, not unlike a good flat sandal. And thus: sole deflation. Get it? Get it?

I speculate I just lost about 13 blog followers. Let’s take guesses in the comments later. 

Before we get there though, below, find the flats in question that brought upon this messianic epiphany.

The photo is compliments of Instagram and so resolution doesn’t portray the darling contrast between the espadrillo soles and satin fabric on top. But let me tell you, these little nuggets are versatile. Three syllables. 
And look…
Now, the reason I am go gung-ho on these particular flat sandals is because a. I saw them on various sites for nearly double the price and so felt like I was getting some sort of deal…despite their being comprised primarily of hemp and raffia. In this situation, the only person really getting a deal is Charlotte O. herself and reason b: I thought about how many dollars I spend on heels and how comparatively few times I wear them next to flat shoes. Why not then, invest the moola in shoes that I will most likely wear everyday. I’m most certainly not trekking from home to le 6 train in 6 inch Chris Benz heels. Oh who am I kidding, yes I am!
Actually, I’m kidding myself. I straight up sprained my ankle on Saturday night and then saw Jeffrey Campbell’s frighteningly similar knock-off and so our love affair is on hold. Until my ankle is better at least. 
Through these digressions, my ultimate point was just to say that flats can be undying-ly chic-ly too…ly. What’s that? You didn’t get that impression at all? Well, this is awkward. 
Here is photo documentation of proof:
vest and shorts: Club Monaco, blouse: Zara, shoes: Charlotte Olympia
Give your feet a break, eh? It’s hot out.
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  • lol just gained a follower! brilliant.

    XO Kimmy

  • versatile in the way of: I can wear them casual or chique sophisticated look. I get the satin, because, let’s face it, satin is sophisticated and sometimes sexy. Reason B is the most logic of all, and actually it is my fathers logic. So we have discussions about that, I bought some Balenciaga flats last season, they aren’t versatile as yours but hey I am a magpie. So I think I am more fancy with Balenciaga flats (please this is irony or not).

  • loving the leopard printed ones! suppppper cool my friend.

  • OMG I would sell my liver for the leopard ones!

  • ok, i LOVE them but they're seriously making char o. VERY rich. cause i live in barcelona at the moment and you can find some similar styles made by castañer (a very tradicional spanish brand which only makes espadrilles) for like, 60 euros.

    yeah, yeah, the flight to barcelona from nyc would cost more than char o.'s espadrilles, but i'm sure there's a reseller of castañer on the net. 🙂

    still, i LOVE them. gotta hand it to you, it's warm and we all need a break. and these are a GREAT sort of break. the type of break me likes.

  • Lovely shoes. I somewhat always like and adore high heels, but wear them much less than flats. I mean, studying, running around uni gets much-much less effective, though definitely acquires a show-off factor.
    Charlotte Olympia heels are fantastic, so, I don't even doubt that the flats are totally worth it.

  • s

    Very nice sandals… ;))


  • High heels always look amazing, but when you have to be running around the city, flats are the best option unless you want to end up dead in the middle of the street. The leopard printed ones are just lovely!


  • love the shoes… and your shorts… adorable.


  • Anne

    I'm drooling over the leopard print…and I end to steer clear of animal. gorge.

  • Love! the leopard print flats!!

  • The post title made me think of a song by Cinder titled Soul Creation. As cute as those sandals are, I just don't think I could wear them. Straps around my ankles just make my legs look extra stubby, Lieutenant Dan style.

  • i really love these shoes. i totes agree we should invest in the pieces we will actually wear, and not the ones that will kill us.

  • haha.. I'm still a follower! Love those club monaco shorts and those deflated shoes of yours are fabulous.

  • I would like to speculate that a flat leopard sandal may be the ULTIMATE repeller! Men A. don't get leopard, unless it's on and by that I mean coming OFF a stripper (I am purely making assumptions here). Other wise they think you look like a silly cat, note: this is strictly based on personal experience…and B. they REALLY DON'T like a flat shoe.

  • I like your shoes. I would have never thought to do something like that with a skirt & top The colors and length are fantastic.Reason B is the most logic of all, and actually it is my fathers logic. So we have discussions about that, I bought some Balenciaga flats last season, Thanks for sharing..

  • Anonymous

    First of all — Love your blog, and love it a little more after this post.
    Second, paying more for flats than heels makes total sense, but I have yet to see that play out in my life! Even though I definitely wear flats more. But I'm in a wedge phase, so I guess I've sort of found a compromise?

    And to one of the comments above — I have found that only a few guys are actually a fan of heels. Maybe it is just with whom I am friends, but the guys I know get annoyed when they see girls hobbling around at the end of the night in heels with little balance when they just want to get home. Obviously not all guys are the same, but these may even be less repellant than the ordinary (awesome) shoe found on this blog (though the leopard print maintains their repellant status).

  • Oh yes!
    Flats can be really chic, but a really repelling…Think Ines de la Fressange in Cannes!

  • Anonymous

    Canadian Tuxedo one day, and Canadian Lingo the next, eh? Love always, (one adoring member) of your Canadian Contingent. xo G

  • I am obsessed with ballet flats! at 5'0" I feel as if its almost ridiculous to wear 3-4 inch heels because I'm still shorter than most. Might as well embrace it!

    <3 Sarah

  • Of course I adore the flats, but those shorts are too damn cute! Adore the whole look (but especially the shorts)

  • love the shoes i wish i felt more comfortable in flats but i think it's because i walk weird that my feet hurt so much from wearing flats for too long!

  • Anonymous

    I invest a lot in flats since I walk a lot & I work in a 3 story house. brilliant post missy x

  • Amei essa sandalia!!!! E adorei as suas postagens!!!
    Parabéns pelo blog!!!
    Passa lá…

  • Meaghan Cohen

    Hello fellow man repellers! Just a quick shopping tip for those who are on a budget (like me): I just bought a pair of sandals with a very similar look- same front with an ankle strap) from Zara for 20$! I saw them the day after I read this post and scooped them up instantly. Now, go forth and SHOP!

  • omg so funny you blog about these..i was just in Miami and got the last pair of the leopard ones from Webster…LOVE THEM!

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