Sneaky Peeky at Tomorrow’s Post

Shit man, I just love jumping into cobble stone. I don’t know what to tell you. Actually, I do. You may or may not get to win something I may or may not be wearing in the above image.

No, it’s not a locket of my ombre’d hair.

But that too, can be arranged. 

I’m going away tomorrow night and I am toterly going to miss all you bitches and queens. Are you going to miss me? Write me plane letters! Remember those? Or was that only amongst my friends?

Got to go shave my legs. Tootles.

Just kidding, I’m not shaving legs.

Just kidding, I am.

I’m not.

I am.

…Just kidding.

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  • haha.. your quite the funny one! Cannot wait to see what tomorrow's post has in store! lovely photo 🙂

  • hahaha she's my favorite. just kidding.

  • Anonymous

    Love your sense of humor and style!

  • Molly Donohue

    The cobblestones contrasting with the brick are SO pretty! wishin' i was in new york right now. can't wait to see what you're wearing

  • plane letters? like bus notes? yep, we did that too.

  • I love seeing how the banner changes!

  • V

    holy crap hahaha that was hilarious. thank you.

  • ahhh who shaves their legs these days any ways 😉

    Fashionable Collections

  • i like your banner today! (but if the middle girl is a man repeller then men are crazy)

  • I literally never shave my legz… it's a rare occasion. hair is my beauty standard!

  • i hope its the bag if its a giveaway! and ahh i love snl kristen wiig is amazing!!

  • Bec

    have fun on your trip! can't wait to see what it is 🙂

  • Cassandra

    I always feel like I'm talking like the woman in that skit when I'm talking to new people. And let me tell you, it repels men waaaay better than anything I could wear haha. Just kidding.

  • That picture looks fantastic! Have a fantastic time during your trip!


  • most favoritest kristen wiig person ever!

  • absolutely loveee your blog and pics!!!

  • Waiting…
    Love the picture too.

  • I just got to NY (I'm from Argentina), there was a girl sitting next to me opening plane letters, so I guess some people still do that. I was hoping to bump into you (strange expression, who wants to actually BUMP into people??) repelling in full spring neons in some street in Manhattan, but oh well..

    Have a great trip!

  • s

    you're so funny…. love it ;))

    Balmain & her 2nd Ligne "Pierre BALMAIN"

  • hilarious as always! SAFE TRAVELS!!

  • you are too funny. excited to see what this marvelous post may hold!

  • I'm looking forward to seeing all of the pics, because I really enjoyed this one 😉

  • Anonymous

    God, you're so funny!!
    😀 Sometimes I actually laugh out loud…

  • lovely banner 🙂 love the green color so much

  • Nice pose! 🙂 You're a lot of fun girl!

  • i love your humor and your blog! i hope you'll keep make me laugh! it's a diffucult thing in the blogosphere!!

    xoxo from france

  • lovely Picture! and the Banner! OMG seriously HOT

  • Anonymous

    You're cooked! Hahaha, love it!:)

  • that video! very impressive. love her.

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