Repellers on a Budget, It’s Spring

Well, technically, it’s winter sprinkled over a small dose of summer, or summer sprinkled over a slightly large dose of winter. Either way though, it’s also time to give your wardrobe a little pop of sunshine in light of the changing temperatures. And because I recognize, appreciate, sympathize and identify with an apprehension to drop pounds on the wallet for some seasonal updates, all hail Mikkat Market. The best thing to happen to the Internets since this blog. Just kidding. “Narcisuss called, he wants his identity back.” – Just quoted myself.

dress: Mikkat Market, shoes: Patrick Cox
Formal summer affair, nothing to wear? How about a strapless teal dress. While yes you can iron it, I prefer leaving it wrinkled for dramatic effect. Nothing says “thank you for inviting me to your formal affair,” like a dress that says, “I didn’t want to iron this for your formal affair.” Besides…when you’re done with your social obligations and playing the faux-role of normal human…
The wrinkes will synchronize perfectly with a slashed sweater over it and some sweet booties, designed with fat ankles in mind. Helmut Lang chic, yes, but at $50. And before you make the transformation though, you mustn’t forget to flex your back. Take a moment, kids. Do what you need to do.
And now, say you want to take a walk in the park and would rather kill yourself than not have a crochet mini skirt and that same slashed sweater in a hue of blue to wear while walking said walk in the park. This is where Mikkat Market comes in.
sweater: Mikkat Market, blouse: Madewell, skirt: Mikkat Market, sandals: Be&D;
Eureka! A crochet skirt and that same slashed sweater in a hue of blue! Oh heaven, it’s like you read my mind. I’ve added my own shoes and little chambray blouse because ultimately, what good is an outfit if not infused by multiple additional brands? No good at all, that’s the answer. What’s that, you say? It’s doesn’t register ‘man-repelling’ enough? Well, my toe nails are blue, the shoes have been equated to Tevas and when I wore this my relative remarked, “the recession is over. Surely you can afford clothing without holes in them.” 
This outfit requires no role playing, no pretending to be normal. Just go on now, duke out with your kook out.
See ya later, hand. 
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