Perfecting the Canadian Tuxedo

Did I just gave you the fake out of your life, or what? 

This title of this post suggests a whole lot of denim but the post that just went live a little while ago told you to look out for some serious monochrome.  While yes, there will be monochrome, it won’t be today. There is, however, something to be said about the nature of layers n’ layers n’ layers of denim in cahoots with monochrome m@dne$$. Sometimes I just type and I’m not even sure what I’m saying. So I’m just going to leave that there and make an executive decision not to proof read.

Instead, have a look at some sweet denim in action. 

First I layered leather. And then, I layered suede. Now in honor of rising temperatures that are still debatable, I give you: jean. Not Billie Jean. Just like, jean.

tank: T by Alexander Wang, shorts: Ever, rings: DANNIJO
It starts with boyfriend shorts. They may look decent from this angle, but no good can come of them. One time, I said I looked like I am wearing diarrhea in my ass and accidentally sent the sentiment in an email to my entire address book. That was pretty funny. Extra repeller points for Michelle Trachtenberg-status white skin. 
blouse: Madewell
 Oh brother, these just keep getting worse. Add a denim shirt and then look in the mirror and say, “this is a pretty standard Canadian tuxedo.”
moto jacket: H&M;
And then, pull a denim jacket from the trenches of your childhood and ask yourself while smiling: “why aren’t I wearing shoes?” Honestly, it’s a little rude.
vest: Zara
Layer a vest over, why not. At this point you have nothing to lose…especially not your virginity. 
And finally:
shoes: Valentino
Add fancy shoes. You know what they say…when in a bedroom corner, do as the bedroom corners do. 
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