Pick My New Banner, Do It

I know I said it in today’s earlier post, but shit man, you are some talented folk! I received a huge slew of banner suggestions each of which more lovely than the one before. From a larger pool of banners, I cut down to the ten that aligned most properly with the blog’s aesthetic and previous banners. Did that sound like a boring press release? Sorry.

Mind you, each and every submission was rad. Radder than Rad Hourani, even. I’m so glad you guys are graphic-savvy and know a thing or two about photo-shop because even though I love the Internets, when it comes (chops) down to it…I can’t crop for shit. Basically, I’m nothing without you. And so without further adieu, the final contenders:

Honk if you love #1

Beep like you’re a pager if you love #2
Meow if you love #3
Bark if you love #4
Poop in your pants if you love #5
 Clap of you love #6
Scratch the next man you see even if he is your relative’s balls if you love #7
Stay silent, but pretend you are a giraffe if you love #8
Jog around your bedroom if you love #9
Do the sprinkler and then turn your sprinklers on if you love #10
And finally, fork yourself in the eyeball if you love #11.
Again now: to all who submitted banners, thank you. And I really mean that. I’m not just saying it to say it. You can make me swear under oath if you want to, I’ll do it faster than you can say, “there are bananas on that blouse?”
NOW, unfortunately, we can only choose one from the above 11. So…chop chop, hop to it, choose my new banner, people. This shit is going up first thing Monday morning!
And wait, last submission:
Oh yeah.

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