Me Thinks It’s Time for a New Banner
And this is some of the spring/summer-spiration.
Christopher Kane, S/S 2011
 Now whose going to help me craft it! I’ll give you creative control and credit where due. Swearsies. So, who wants to help? Who! Colors, Duke! I want colors! Neon ones!

And you see, with these two images (shout out to my Chris Benz kicks in aquatic floral print!) the CB Man Repeller photo’ed second, standing directly next to the woman above her would tell such a lovely tale. One that goes like this: Madame Floral Print stares in dismay, utter undisguised disgust present in gaze, at Lady Hooker Pants. For she’s decided to wear her panties out for a night on the town. I suppose on the bright side, however, they are high waist. And not in the least bit skimpy.

What do you think? Which runway looks, from either last spring or the recent fall shows should decorate my new banner? Tell me, tell me, I need your help.

If you do have an ideas, I am toterly taking submissions for new banners. Don’t you want to see your art work atop my bloggidybligblog? No? Not really? Well, this is awkward. Come on now, hook a sista up! Send mock ups to: Do it, do it, yeah, yeah.

Also, flamingos, let’s lend a hearty welcome to my newest advertiser, Shop Akira! There’s more reasonably priced rainbow gear where those Jeffrey Campbells come from. Clicky, clicky.

Get more Humor ?
  • i think, that kane's collection would suit as your banner 😛

  • Anonymous

    the new ad is coloful! lol like it.

  • You are hilarious, like seriosuly. I especially lurve your email, is perfectly repelling.


  • no!!!!!!!!!!margiela!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am bored and have little to do. Hence forth me taking time out of my precious life to create a banner. Lets see how it goes!

    What size does the banner have to be? for my blog its just text (so imaginative) so I didn't really work to a size?
    Any one know?

    C xxx

  • I think Christopher Kane is perfect for your banner 🙂

  • s

    love number 3

    Fashion People: KATE MOSS

  • I was reading somewhere about your blog… was it the NY Times..? Anywho, congrats on the publicity and I have no idea of what should comprise your banner… all of the outfits repulse me equally..!

  • those chris benz florals are fierce….ly repelling.

  • Anonymous

    keep it as is!

  • love the color – yes to adding color to your banner for the warm months ahead!


  • Ooh fun! I am totally going to create a design for you when I get home from work (where I am a graphic designer 😉 ), haha 😀

  • Anonymous

    Why don't you just pick the whole fruit-stripe-stars-neon-crash from Prada/Miumiu spring/summer 2011? They really set new repelling standards with not only their collection en gros, but with every single item! Kane looks lame next to those.

  • Bec

    those aquatic floral pants are a must for a new banner. they're a mix of an art museum and senior citizen pants gone right. they've earned it.

  • The colours are so bright and fun! I'm a fan of the Christopher Kane collection for your banner 🙂

  • There was a girl in front of me at COS the other day wearing the neon pink lace Kane jacket, just with chinos and chucks. Ona satruday. Intimidating in its casualness.
    BTW, do you have COS in the US yet? It's man-repeller-palooza (

  • that yellow with pink is gorgeous combination! 🙂

  • looove the colors in this. very inspirational and beautiful.

  • yeah! i have a good idea for your banner and now you actually want a new one!

  • Banner suggestion is "in the mail" !!

  • I also would love to know what size (in pixels?) you would like. I will put something sexy (psych!) together perhaps…

  • Anonymous

    And why not post pics of yourself man-repelling in your finest? New Proenza dress? Snakeskin open toed booties? the list goes on!! I'll bet your print on print session for Tibi would do the trick!

  • whoa thanks for that Akira link! shoes will be the death of me.

  • i really like the first one for the banners the colors are amazing!

  • Tamar

    I'm tempted to vote for the Chris Benz collection, just because being able to repel that hard while wearing oh-so-little requires some real talent.
    BUT, with the colors in Kane's collection no man will even be able to hold a straight gaze without being temporarily blinded, thus eliminating all risk of attraction…

    Toughie – but I choose Kane!

  • I love the name of your blog 😉

    Those Chris Benz shoes are TO DIE FOR! Fantastic..

  • the last picture is the strongest.. the mix of prints is interesting to the eyes without being too harsh like the neons are…


  • I stumbled on your blog via The Coveteur and I find your blog so refreshing and hilarious.

  • CV

    Till when are you receiving submissions ? (IT'S FINALS WEEK @FIT!)
    Will LOVE to wip something up during the weekend and send it to ya!

    BTW you are a true inspiration-fashion and writing wise!

  • I love the last look best!

    Juliet xxx

  • i think you should write man repeller and put a big, flouncy bow-ner underneath the letters

  • Madeleine

    I had a bit of fun with photoshop:

    Of course, done while wearing my repelling meat cleaver necklace.

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