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Lykke Li’s Performing in New York and You’re Going
Well, maybe you’re going.

Today is appreciate your Swedish brethren day on The Man Repeller and what better way to celebrate that than by entering a cute little contest that will promise you and one friend admission to Wednesday night’s (May 18) Lykke Li concert at New York City’s Webster Hall. And better than the concert, maybe, is…meeting me? Getting intoxicated with me? Singing along with me? I don’t know. You decide.

By now, it should be no surprise that I have quite an affinity for liquor, organic liquor at that. Kanon Organic Liquor at that that. No, that’s not accidental word repetition, read it over, it makes sense in some distant capacity.

Now, the international fellers at Kanon are based in Sweden, which may or may not be why we get along so well. They’re also the Lykke Li ticket suppliers. Lykke is also Swedish, you see. And quite the Man Repeller. Have I ever told you guys about the time I went to Stockholm? It was rad. I got Acne boots for $300! And they weren’t even on sale! I digress.

both images via Fashion Squad, who is also Swedish. See how coherent this is? 

And now, for le contest. As aforementioned, you and a friend of your choice can win tickets to the Wednesday night show at Webster Hall and if you want to, stand next me so we can butt grind. I still have the white board from Bloomingdale’s should we decide to hold signs too. All you have to do is:

a. Like Kanon on Facebook
b. Follow them on Twitter too
c. Share your email address and favorite Lykke Li song (and, for the sake of me, what kind of man repelling garb you will wear should you win,) right here in the comments.
d. Do the sprinkler
e. Sit back, relax, wait and until Wednesday morning at 10AM when we reveal the winner, winner, chicken dinner. It will be announced on their facebook page. So no cheating. Like them! Do it!

Because of the short term nature of this contest, we ask that contenders be tri-state area based. While if you think from oh, I don’t know, Brazil, you can hop on a plane and get here in time, by all means. But, you know, for convenience sake, it’s probably best you aren’t farther than a bridge or two away. 

Your tickets are already waiting at will call for you!@#$&%$! And so am I! Can ya’believe it! I seriously can’t wait to meet your ass. Can’t wait.

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  • E-mail:

    Hmmm… I think I'd have to say "Little Bit" is my favorite Lykke Li song because it, like me, is noncommittal and that's how I like to be in relationships (wait, I don't have relationships. I'm a repeller.)

    As far as what I'll wear, I'm not exactly sure (NY weather has been awful). I do, however, have a tie-dyed silk scarf from Mikkat Market that I've been dying to tie into a turban. This would be the perfect venue, no?

  • Breanna

    Obviously my favories Lykke Li song is "Get Some." I always chuckle to myself upon listening because I know that I will not be "getting some" anytime in the near future!

    As for the get up, I'll be wearing any type of repellant that makes those frisky construction workers turn their head in disgust, seeing that my new goal is to avoid any and all head turns from them/ any other male species I come in contact with.

  • it's a toss up between little bit and i'm good, i'm gone (i like the working in a coal mine reference)

    email –

    as for what to wear – layers! navy blazer vest, black denim, gold chains, stacks of bracelets, statement rings. nothing but fun, girl-meets-boy.

  • E-mail:

    Favorite song: Dance, Dance, Dance because when you think about it, who doesn't want to dance? I also love the video she has with Bon Iver

    As for style…hmmmm. I'm probably wear my black hudsons with my sleeveless poppy Equipment blouse and a smattering of various rings and necklaces I've acquired over the years.

    Now let's dance and get crazy with Lykki Man Repeller style!

    too many to choose from, but i reallllly love: possibility and jerome. i'll wear whatever the f#ck you want me to wear if i win this contest! outfit me in harem pants, color blocking, and pony hair- whatever you want, i will be your canvas.
    on to the sprinkler.


    "Tonight"- It's one of those grand sweeping songs that make you want to sing along with eyes closed & fists clenched. And do I love me some emotional singing….

    I've noticed that my hands/wrists don't make enough noise when I move them so I'm looking to slathering more jewelry & baubles on them. That along with some artful print mixing by means of vintage scarves & blouses with my current/elliott cut-offs & some chunky oxford heel slingbacks. Weather be damned.

  • Anonymous

    I miss Lykke Li every time she's been in concert here in NYC because tickets sell out so gahddamn quickly! I really love all her songs but I like "Let It Fall" because I too like it salt and like it wet, and in true Man Repelling style I like my makeup all in a mess.

    Since I cannot say no to anything made of leather, I'll be rocking out in layered leather (extra bonus man repelling points since I'll be sweating like a pig swathed in all my leather layers).

  • wow, congratulations. the post below is really amazing.

  • oh gosh, wish i could but ny is far beyond from where i live. anyways lots of fun to the ones going to see her.

  • hahahaha I'm brazilian and I think I'm gonna try 😛

    (no, I'm not)

  • Jordana Deeee

    Hi Jordana Dumont Here.
    Let me just start by saying it took me circa eight minutes to finally find Kanon vodka on
    facebook. I was "lykke-ing" people by all sorts of names that include Kanon Yutaka, Kanon
    Carp,Ali Kanon,and Kanon JaeJoong. Regardless if I win I know I'll be partyin hard with my new friends.
    Hmmm my favorite Lykke Li song? That's lykke (I know I used that joke already. Just bare
    with me man) picking your favorite sequin bow tie!!! If I had to choose, for the sake of the contest, I'd go wit a classic "Im Good, I'm Gone". Because errreyone's betta with a lil Kanon.

  • Jordana Deeee

    oh Shiz I forgot. What would I wear? Eeeek! Prob mah grey metallic knit Aunt Gwendolyn-esque sveater with some navy *rhymes sharem* pants and a massive tribal-Native American necklace from Mango. When worn I must only be called "Little Feather". It's my Cherokee name.
    What's next? Oh the sprinkler. Humph. Although I can't argue wit a classic, I prefer the Q-Tip after my main man Will Smitty Smit Smit.
    And do not fret. I'm a hardcore Long Island bitch so the LIRR awaits me.

  • currently i'm really into "until we bleed" by kleerup with lykke li singing. otherwise probably "sadness is a blessing."

    i would probably wear this new jumper i got! i feel like a lot of my fashion in general is pretty man repellent. i'm really aware of street harassment and commonly dress to avoid it (especially in spring & summer!) & also dress like the big homo i am.

    my addy is nicolemicayla @ gmail dot com.

    thanks for hosting this give away! super rad of you. 🙂

  • oops, i think i liked the right kanon vodka, but there was only one other person that liked it & yr link redirects to fb's homepage!

  • email: kplzspes at gmail com

    favorite song: been a long time listener but "silent my song" because who doesn't enjoy an intensely emo i-love-you-but-hatechu / oh nos-this-might-be-a-metaphorically-or-physically-violent-relationship song? yeah, thought so.

    id wear a black hefty garbage bag jumpsuit ala missy elliot from "the rain" because, well, it gonna rain on wed, and i still need to look fabulous and dry.

  • LOVE Lykke. Favorites are "Tonight" off Youth Novels or " I Know Places" off Wounded Rhymes. As far as my repelling goes, I have a leopard bolero that looks killer with red lips and a messy top knot? Or my distressed denim vest over a cat suit. Only if I'm feeling frisky.


  • AC

    Even tough I´m honored about Brazil being mentioned here, I´ll pass this one and will keep repelling right here in tropical lands, wich is really hard, considering the tiny small bikinis and hardly-there waxing… but, u know, there´s always a way! ahahhaha

    Love u and ur blog, probably my favorite on the whole world! U rock baaad!

  • SC

    mine would have to be "little bit." as for what I'd wear, it would most likely a cardigan. 😉

    sprinkler is now ON!

  • Ooo I really want to go! I have to go with the hit and say I love Little Bit. I'm imagining i'd wear some head gear to this. A fascinator a la Princess Beatrice at the royal wedding krsolomon at gmail dot com

  • Lisa

    I'm having trouble finding Kanon Vodka on facebook? Has anyone found it?

  • gorgeous, totally inspiring

  • s

    great shot ;))


  • I'm going to have to go with Little Bit…So many great remixes came of it that I have a separate playlist complied of them…


  • My favorite song be "Get Some". Its the perfect song to play while getting ready to go out because while I'm man repelling-a-fying my outfit it's very important to listen to a song about the complete opposite. My outfit might include harem pants because who doesn't love a saggy looking but!
    -Hope to see you soon!

  • Lindsey

    Favorite song: Little Bit

    My man repelling outfit would consist of clashing prints and a nice healthy dose of labia-like accessories.

    P.S. I am located in NYC (perfect location) and have a friend that would come with me! We would let you be part of serious dance party!

  • For everyone having trouble finding Kanon on Facebook, you can click the link in Man Repeller's post that reads "Like Kanon on Facebook" or type in Kanon Organic Vodka on FB. Good luck!

  • I love "Dance Dance Dance." My man-repelling outfit would include a shirt that is way too big for me, and a leather zana bayne harness. and a look of horror anytime a man would try to hit on me.

    Liv Swenson

  • Oh snap! Did you really have to say Brazil? why do you hurt me like that?

  • Leah Rodriguez

    does the bad ass a milie lil wayne cover she performed at all points west circa 09' count?probably i guess "my love" is pretty bomb too.

    a pair of vintage black square toe flats with huge bows on them,hi waisted mama black h&m; jeans,a lose fitting cotton scoop neck white tee from the only store in my college town,new brunswick,new jersey, that sells "going out"/cheap trendy stuff, and i'll channel lindsay weir from freaks and geeks with a green over sized h&m; army jacket. oh and of course i'll rock a frizzy curly top knot because it'll rain on wednesday and straightening won't be practical or more importantly, man repelling.

  • Anonymous

    "Breaking It Up" is the jam that knocks my socks.
    Kelsey Woods

    I would wear an outfit adorned with my latest thrift find, a blue transparent jacket with an under the sea theme. Full repelling gear.

  • Anonymous

    'Jerome', incredibly well orchestated, catchy rhythm, and soulful, melancholic male wail to counterbalance the daily dosis of eau des hommes repeller we gratefully get here,

    An avoiding low-cut neckline black dress, with a subtle pattern of dark green and purple flowers, with pockets at hip height. different to recognize, I know… (A-W 2009 Mango) the last touch of repelling force would be natural: frizzing hair, oh thank you rainy skies.

  • darn wish I lived there!!!

  • while the editorial is sort of trashy, i'm kind of in love with it. you always share the amazing little anecdotes.

  • Anonymous

    "Little Bit" and i would most def wear this man repelling outfit, bow tie and all:

    laurenwilson113 at gmail dot com

  • AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW why don't I live nearby??!! I totally want to drink organic liquor with you and REPEL!!

  • Wish I was close enough. I studied abroad in Copenhagen last semester. My Scandinavian firends are quiet the repellers. Talk about labia – esque accessories…

  • Okay I'm going to break it down like this;

    Old school jam: Little Bit I like the original and th remix with Drake

    Name: Karolena

    I would wear a metallic Tucker by Gaby Basora dress it has a sick Native American looking print and it's loose and perfect to dance in. My favorite multi colored neon necklace from Ghana. My stack of bracelets from around the world that I wear everyday.

    Shoes black Dolce Vita wedges with huge gold and black buckles because if I'm drunk and dancing it better be in wedges for comfort even if they are 6 inches.

  • You just made my world go round with this contest! So, thank you! Onto important business… my favorite song is "Little Bit."

    As for my repelling garb, you'll find me standing (alone) in a pair of crotch drop genie pants, scarf worn as a turban (I'll be so desert chic!), leopard print shoes (rawr!!!), a ring on every finger (why stop at one?), piles of necklaces, my grandpa's sweater, and a fur vest… and a Kanon served chill and neat, please.

    Oh, and I can't wait to meet YOUR ass.

    Your repeller apprentice,


    Favorite Song: "I Follow Rivers"

    Man repelling garb: I would have to say that a utility jacket and a skirt/dress with enough labial folds for several vaginas would be my outfit of choice – must keep those sketchy concert-going males at a safe radius with my gear.

  • My email is and my favorite Lykke Li song is 'Sadness is a Blessing' because sadness IS my boyfriend…in the happiest of ways of course…?

    Anyways, I will wear my J Brand Kikis with super tall shoes so I will not only be taller than all the men, but I will always be able to see the stage.

  • Dance, Dance, Dance!!
    I'm ready to bum-grind!

  • Devon

    My favorite Lykke Li song is "i'm good, i'm gone" … and well, everything else.

    And for your man-repelling pleasure I shall be wearing turbans, socks and jewelry galore.

    Oh, and I can't wait to meet your ass either! My roommate and I LOVE YOUUU.


    "I'm good, I'm gone" is always on repeat on my ipod.

    I would wear equipment shirt (button to the top) with my granddad's bow tie, leather shorts, and my Acne wedges…that I can't really walk in. BUT i'll be dancing and stumbling anyways.

    Hope I get to meet your man-repelling ways!

  • How fortuitous that I am eating a chicken dinner, with my winner winner mentality.

    My email, email, chicken female self goes by, a virginal/man-repelled deity of ancient times.

    I am a poor college student. Please send me clothes so I will not show up in my Sam's Club backpack, torn to shreds with labial folds along the edges. Luckily, I have plenty of old sheets to use as wind turbines – just kidding, I mean turbans.

    I have sprinklers – in my grass. I also have something in common with my sprinklers: I can do the sprinkler! I am doing it right now, as I wait patiently while eating my chicken dinner. I will do it for the next 38 hours and 9 minutes.

  • And my favorite song! I was too busy warding off men to remember: I FOLLOW RIVERS like I follow youuuuu.

  • EMAIL:


    my outfit: sweatpant harem pants (sexy!), open toed sued wedges with a sheer purple sock, a black leather cape in true lykke fashion and some sort of turban fashioned on my head (duh!) I'm going for a man repelling genie vagabond feel.

    YOU and LYKKE in ONE night? Holy smokes!

  • Anonymous


    I dig Let it Fall. And I'd wear my orange onesie from India and maybe a ton of fake flowers in my hair to help summon the summer! Either that or a gold wig, either way, something fairly festive and ideal for fun times and shiny pics! xx mary maryriley_yes at gmail


    Ok, I'd say my fav Lykke moment was when I first heard of her, it was an embeded video on Modish of her playing Dance, Dance on a street in Stockholm. She was using a metal chain and other randoms for musical instruments..I was HOOKED!

    And as for my garb, I'd say I'd sport a turban (I seem to normally down play my headware choices around men) or some funky hat….and maybe a romper. I'd have to play around with the final ensemble a bit. But I'd love to go drinking with ya doll. Fingers crossed!

  • Considering that i actually am from Brazil and am IN Brazil at the moment, this post made me sad 🙁 something i never experienced while reading TMR, oh well, there's always a first! hehehe

  • cubetriangle at gmail dot com

    My fave is Time Flies because I'm a sap and it makes me emotional. It's hard to choose just one.

    I'm a guy so can I still be man repelling? I guess I would wear a hot pink polo shirt and the lowest rise/nut hugger chinos I have.

  • Hey hey! It's Andrea, at! I have to say 'Complaint Department' may be one of my faves because not only are the lyrics funny, but it's a good beat to do the robot too!

    I'm always man repelling with my diaper trousers, so I must wear a pair of those (who doesn't want to feel like they're in their pj's all the time?!) and perhaps an MJ spring '11 Collection striped sweater! Now who doesn't want to see that (besides all the boys…)


  • Hello!

    I'll be repelling like it was 1970. No-naval showing highwaisted pants or shorts paired with something probably floral. Might throw in a labia fold garmet, but if the sight of something resembling my sweeden regions seems to attract the gentlemen I might throw on a poncho to keep the rain- and penii- away.

    Also, we should probably get ready together so we don't need your whiteboard to find each other…and to drink. and to shake tailfeathers to my favorite song, "I'm good, I'm gone"
    ..OOO! Feathers! I should add those to my outfit…

  • I do love Lykke Li. And she is really laying the man repellent on thick in these pics. She's also looking a bit Gaga in the first one.

  • Anonymous


    My email is

    My favorite Lykke Li song is her cover of Kings of Leon's Knocked Up. Shits a toe tapper, not to mention perfect for the sprinkler. LL rocks and Im not talking about Cool J. Lindsay Lohan?

    I will be sporting my new Rebecca Minkoff black beloved mini (from last weeks crazy sale half off! i mean it was across the street from my internship what's a repeller to do!). As for the rest of my outfit, all my clothes are packed up in boxes (moving out of college white girl problems) so I'm thinking any thing i can score off the homeless bag ladies on the street will make for a beautiful repellent ensemble. Those bag ladies on the street can layer better than anyone.

  • its such an classic

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Anonymous
    Favorite Lykke Li song – "Get Some"
    What I'd wear – aside from the outfit she has on in the beginning of the video – major vag accentuation – I would wear my Nom De Plume Shannon Dress a black v neck dress that's sheer from the mid thigh down from urban outfitters, paired with my new HOT PINK under garments, fuschia miu miu stilettos, white linen vest from jcrew, chunky chanel belt, gold weaponry (aka necklaces, braclets and ring), chanel 2.55 and my Coco Bonheur (lady boner aka Happiness) lip rouge.

    I've been sober for 53 days (little plan to stay sober until my BDAY week – May 23, Gemini, woot woot) so this would be a nice reunion with my first love…vodKA

    Happy rainy Tuesday NYC! As MR once said, the party dont stop for some silly rain drops. I later taught that phrase to my gpa while he was in the hospital recovering from a stroke…tootles xo

  • Anonymous

    ^ I almost forgot my mom's vintage DG silk scarf for a turban topper – tied the Hermes way of course…

  • Hi! Brenna Duff here. Email:
    Favourite Lykke Li song of all time: "little bit". Trite because it was her first big single, but I was immediately a superfan the first time I heard it. "And for you I keep my legs apart and forget about my broken heart..", you just don't hear lyrics like that often. Then the video came out, and while I loved the styling, it was her jerk-and-spasm dancing I copied at my next dancefloor rug cutting (to little success or attraction from the opposite sex, but hey).
    As for what I'd wear if I was lucky enough to win: A little sky blue+cream semi-quilted romper from Brick Lane (very late 50's bathing suit, which I've deemed appropriate this summer,; slightly-abused-but very-well-loved sleeveless jean vest, these amazing fine-knit French stockings and my go-to chunky All Saints Anat Chelsea Boots. All of the above come ready to spasm-dance and spill Kanon vodka on in the process!

  • mwu

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • ABG

    So guess what else is Swedish?? ME! I live in NJ at the moment though, but I am indeed a very proud Swede. []

    Not to mention a huge Lykke Li fan so asking me to pick a favorite is hard to do. Today it is (on repeat) "Little bit" as the first line "hands down I'm too proud for love" is a reminder as to why I am currently reluctant to enter a relationship.

    I would love to throw a few drinks of Kanon back with you, midsummer in Sweden style although we will be celebrating early. That just means practice makes perfect and you will have to visit Stockholm again for the holiday.

    I will be wearing vintage cobalt blue sequined pants that I will roll up ever so gently to expose the cherry colored silk lining to show off my clogs; straight import from the motherland (represent!) and will be sure to make heads turn, away… I will pair this with a plain white tank, navy blazer, not one but two skull necklaces among others to keep the creeps at bay, plenty of wrist jinglers, and of course signature red lips ala chanel dragon. Perhaps I will throw something interesting in my newly cut short hair, which I am still figuring out what to do with as I recently lost 10 inches.

    While we embark on our journey towards intoxication which will ultimately end up in butt grinding to some of the most rockin' tunes around, I can even teach you how to howl into the night in Swedish- that will be sure to repel man, woman, and animal.

  • Okay, I admit it, I'm old. Is that a man or woman? Nevermind, I don't want to know. What ever it is, it looks like Jessica Simpson. So as a nod to her Swedish doppelganger I say wear either Daisy Dukes or jeans with a 10" fly.

    No, I don't want to go! I'm taking my daughter to the Glee concert and that's about all I can handle. Hopefully they'll do a number from The Carpenters or Chicago. Fingers crossed. I guess I peaked during the Bowie concert.

  • syh

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • syh


    What I Would Wear: Something man-repelling (obvs) but airy enough for me to dance my tits off. Either way, it's sexy and there's no stopping it.

    Favorite Song: Yeah yeah ok, it's "Little Bit" but I want these tix so bad, I even did an acoustic cover of the song just for you Leandra! Fök yeah.

  • Taina


    Favorite songs: Let it Fall and I Don't Mind (jump on it)

    I'll have my birth control glasses on deck (they're practically crazy glued to my face)! I just graduated 2 days ago and moved back to New York last night, but I will dig through the 6 suitcases and wear every item of clothing that makes my boyfriend cringe…just for you!

  • Jillian


    Favorite tune: dance dance dance (Mostly because we all enjoy a nice saxophone, always true.)

    I would attempt to bring back the early 90s by not offending Mase(of course) in a silver jumpsuit via the "mo' money mo' problems" video and dance until the end. Basically until my ray bans fog up. holler!

  • KiKi


  • i won. i went last night and it was the greatest show ever. now i'm back in philly trying to figure out how to survive my work day on 4 hours of sleep. leandra, somehow we didn't get to meet, but i did spot you for a split second while i was standing on top of a box in the balcony. thanks again for the tickets and the contest!

  • Anonymous

    bummed i missed this!

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  • definitely i will attend if i get tickets at cheaper prices.

  • ykke Li – Youth Knows No Pain from Wounded Rhymes love this song

  • Lykke's performance always awesome and i don't think so some one miss this great event i will go and joint this great event.