I Call This One, Untitled
During my most recent photo-taking party with Chuck and Naomi, we were all fairly high strung because the wrath of final exams had been plagued upon all three of us. I essentially had to bribe the girls to come over because I needed content. Content, I tell ya. Good content. Don’t ever say I don’t love you. 
Because they are both photo superstars majoring in becoming photo superstars, they had some business of their own to take care of: in one instance, Naomi needed to take some movement pictures of human flesh in the great outdoors. The photos below are the result of what she may or may not have handed in. (Something tells me I’m only showing you bloopers.) And while this story has no direct point related to trends and man repelling, we should, at the very least commend Naomi’s photo skill. Sorry, I mean skillz.


dress: Shape Shiftr, shoes: Alexander Wang, sunglasses: Celine
First, there was one of me. 


And then, there were tons of me! I call this one, Abbey Road injected with a healthy dose of split personality disorder. Who wore it best: me, or the movie “Me, Myself and Irene?”

Despite incessant requests from Chuck and Naomi to act like a real person, even if just for a few shots it isn’t in my nature to let a photo shoot go unfreakified so to get in my groove, I shook my tail feather like no feather has ever shook before.

I call this: another lesson in posing. It’s the quintessential cab hailing blogger pose. Infused with a little sprinkle of crazy. As you can guess, and I’m sure you can guess, not very many cabs stopped for me. I’m being generous, actually. Not even one cab stopped.
Hey, also, remember when I said this has no direct point related to my blog? I was wrong. You know that installment I sometimes do called “Things that Look Like Vaginas?”
Yeah, so, this is a new installment called “Things that Accentuate the Vagina.”
Choking on hair, loving every minute, sup now?
Updating the first pump by bringing it up to my chest. Jersey Shore, Shmersey Shore. East River, people.
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