Trendspotting: Sporting Friendship on Your Wrist

If you ask Wikipedia, it will tell you that friendship is a form of interpersonal relationship generally considered to be closer than association. It will then go on to note that the study of friendship is included in the fields of sociology, social psychology, philosophy, anthropology and my personal favorite: zoology. Finally, it will outline several bullet points that describe the characteristics of a “friend.” Things like: sympathy, empathy, the desire to do what is best for the other, compassion, trust, and positive recipocracy…though I’m still a little on the final credential. Hash tag fuck buddy. 

In any case, if you ask Man Repeller about “friendship,” she will (oh brother, I’m talking in third person, smack me, just do it) shake her booty while flaling her arms in an unusual manner that screams “bracelets! Bracelets!” 

bracelets: DANNIJO, Madewell and Bhati Beads

As you can guess from the above meaning of friendship, I am a very, very deep and superficial intellectual person. And soon you will learn, I have proof too. Well, not proof of depth and intellect per se, but more that friendship in the form of bracelet is very right now. See below.

According to the pages of Jak and Jil and Streetfsn, which only document the coolest of the oozing cool kids that ooze at fashion weeks, friendship bracelets are a wildly important pop of color and interesting arm accessory to keep the wrists happy while they lug around clutches, invitations and various mobile phones. With spring on its way (kind of? Maybe? Please, sky, give it to us,) it’s only natural that we’d orchestrate arm parties and spruce up the color of friendship via wrist to follow suit what may be the best accessory trend to resurface since sleep-away camp. 

And now, to get the look, while yes you can just stitch your own for you and your friends, you can also save time and buy some so…do that. Here are my picks. 

1. Frieda & Nellie’s Glam Take on the Bond of Sisterhood

While these bracelets retail from anywhere between $150-300, what better to show your best friend how much you love her than taking a mortgage out on your home to have matching wrists that sparkle? Look at the bracelets again. I think we can agree it’s worth it.

2. Bhati Beads‘ Studded Take

Bhati Beads has also created a pretty cute take on the friendship bracelet featuring little bullets that adorn the professional stitching. Not as much homemade-iness, equal amounts of cool.

3. DANNIJO Hand Selected Knots of Love

And finally, last but most certainly not least, the girls behind DANNIJO sell genuine friendship bracelets clasped with their signature D in packs of four (at $48) so that you can share the circle of life and friendship with whoever you please. You can also, however, keep them all to yourself…you know, should you fall into the selfish asshole category.

World, meet my wrist. (Bracelets by DANNIJO)
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  • Mort

    Where is the evil eye bracelet from??

  • Di

    how cool! nice collection of photos/post! what a great way to decorate one's wrists 🙂 I remember having those friendship heart necklaces…dunno what happened to them though…and the friends… :/ anyhooozers, love all the photos by Tommy Ton 😀 xo Diana

  • @Mort purchased in Turkey!

  • it definitely brings back memories. we did not only put them around our wrist for ages and decades (yes even when they start smelling and decomposing) we didn't take the off. i eve had them in my hair!!! but nowadays it is more about the fancy bracelet, with a lot of colors and brands and gold!! i actually love it because you can bring in some personality, combine till you drop. the funny thing is that not only teenagers are wearing them but the coolest women alive… or are they really starting to decompose. i had the number 3, bought them on festivals most of the time

  • The best friendship bracelets are the ones with yourself. Selfish Asshole Category – right here!

  • all i have on my wrist currently is my coachella wristband… that's plenty of friendship for me.

    i love the studded ones though, definitely a cool take on the classic style!

  • Etsy is a Mecca for friendship-style for yourself bracelets

  • you are hilarious. did you end up sharing, or were you one of the selfish ones?


  • hell yes to the dannijo sets. finally, i set of bracelets i don't have to sell my embryos to pay for.

  • Love the mix of the sparkle with the basic yarns… Very pretty! Brings me back to when I was 10 and was obsessed with making friendship bracelets!

  • haha love it. the dannijo ones are my faves


  • I'm in love with the Frieda & Nellie versions, but they are just so expensive 🙁

    XoXo-Kelli K

  • I love to see a arm full of friendship bracelets

  • They look so lovely and colourful!

  • Love them! Great photos!:)

  • I love these pretty pieces! used to make my own all the time 🙂


  • ok this is just tooo wierd!!! just last thursday my latest blog post was about this very same thing!!!! i knew there was a reason i felt a magnetic connection to your blog but now i know this can only mean one thing: we are kindred spirits of the fashion blogging kind.

    peep my version here:

  • you are so hilarious. i don't know why i was not keeping up with your blog earlier.. well you have a new (real) follower!!! love the evil eye bracelet as well!

  • I'll take one of these over a Facebook poke any day. PS. how many men do you think these shorts repelled? –>

  • Man, I need to dig out all of the bracelets I made in highschool. At these prices, I can finance my next house with the proceeds.

  • Oh so nice! I wear the arm full of brazalets from all my friends and special people 🙂
    I love it x)


  • Man, everything really does come back full circle. I remember making these as a kid and giving them to friends. I definitely didn't fall into the selfish asshole category:)

  • The only reason I don't wear that many bracelets is because they bother me when typing…seriously does anyone else like that? I wonder because there are so many women out there who do type a lot, but like jewelry, but I find they can get in the way or maybe I'm just odd like that?

  • SO in love with those!

  • love to pile on bracelets! these are gorgeous photos with all the colors!

  • this is absolutely one of my favorite trends. it definitely takes a concerted effort but i love it.

  • Frieda & Nellie's ones are OMG… yeah, I've turned that to an adjective.

    This post reminds me…American Eagle Outfitters has been selling f-bracelets forever, and they are always a decent price 🙂

    Peace, Katricia.

  • ooohh.. I love all those bracelets!! Great post 🙂

  • totes lurving the bhati beads studded version, though freida & nellie's stuff can have my heart any day of the week. I just started making friendship bracelet-y stuff and recently put it up online- have a looksy!!


  • toally agree about friendship bracelets!
    think they are such an amazing way to spice up an outfit!!

  • Except for the sparkly ones, these kind of bracelets costs 5 dollars in Brazil.

  • This post just reminded of that episode of Friends in which Joey gives a bracelet to Chandler to demonstrate their friendship. It's just ugly and he hates it and calls it the "woman repeller". Was that an inspiration to the name of your blog?? Love it, by the way!

  • oooohhhh HELL yeah. I handpicked those Tommy Ton shots on my desktop because of how obsessed I am with arm candy. The little girl kind, with expensive crystals. I saw these over winter break in an independent boutique, and FREAKED OUT!!! I've been meaning to learn how to make my own. You should look at TeenVogue magazines… they've been using these kinds of bracelets FOREVER!!

  • you are wonderful.

    xoxo lillie

  • Loooooooooove friendship bracelets. I make my teenage cousin make mine.

  • love the accessories so many bracelets love it!

    giveaway on my blog!

  • Anonymous

    One of my fav posts to date!~

  • Anonymous

    will you be my bff forever?

  • genius idea when they upgraded the simple the simple DIY friendship bracelet.

  • I wanna take this trend one step further into the land of repelling….friendship hair wraps. So middle school. Its totally gonna be the new feather, man.

  • I find these for two dollars down in mexico. Its funny I see them for sale for like 12 and its rediculous but there are some SUPER cute ones! always a lover of this look

  • Piling on colorful bracelets for the summer seasons is always fun so of course you should share!

  • Aww just like the good old days where I use to braid bracelts for my bestiess!

  • Blogger bling! 😉

  • I'm 5 seconds away from buying a bedazzler+studs+rhinestones and then taking a trip to the flea market to get some south-american-hippie-made merch and making my own Freidas and Nellies!

  • this is such a cute post!! i actually did the same(ish) one yesterday! But I love the Frieda and Nellie bracelets, havent seen those before. too cute xx

  • Hmmm. Digging it on other people, but not sure how it would look on me…

  • My friend will love this post! 🙂
    She sports an wrist full of bracelets that she got the worst tan mark from them.
    She made me one with a love tag on it


  • I love friendship bracelets, I had about 20 in the summer, but my teacher made me take them off as soon as school started 🙁 They're gorgeous though, and your *virtual smack*! Well, you asked for it. You're welcome!

  • you are so funny, i love girls who aren't afraid to be fun!! this is a great blog! xx

  • love this trend. so whimsical.

    january, x

  • So glad friendship bracelets have made a comeback! They are vividly beautiful.
    much love.

  • I learned to do them in high school ! I will have to give it an other try. Great post !

  • Anonymous

    Definitely repellant. So precious and childlike on grown women, sure to make men recoil.

  • that miu miu clutch is amazing!

  • Anonymous

    Are you Jewish my love? Married? My son is a lawyer and I'd love to introduce you two. I'd love to have a daughter in-law to go shopping with at Marshalls and Woodbury.


  • Emi

    I can't believe these are in again. I don't think I've worn one since I was 13. Have to go rummaging around and make some again now. Particularly love the plastic star bead one.

  • i really like the idea of mixing them in with other glam bracelets. boho-glam just like i like it.

  • MJ

    Sorry that this is a bit off-topic, but does anyone know who makes the bag with the tassels? I would love to own it, but I need to know where to find it. Thanks! Also, Leandra, love the blog!

  • I see you are that friend who keeps the bracelets for herself? I used to receive BFF necklaces, but I always felt like I was cheating on my friends by wearing multiple necklaces. Stupid 7-year-old mind of mine introduced guilt to me…

  • beatiful photos, everyone styled them so well! pairing with different metals/enamels is definitely the way to go

  • love it!

  • I guess I can say that friendship can be a little heavy sometimes… LOL

  • love them, right now im making some… for myself =)

  • Wow friendship bracelets are really making waves like that ?! I use to make them in grade school. Just for kicks and shits. Never for profit but now I see its a lucrative turn to it! hmmmmm * the wheels in my mind are moving .. now thats always scary lol !! * Dope post!! Thanks for the inspiration!!
    ( love love LOOVE your blog btw ) !

  • Anonymous

    That is the easiest DIY ever, so I like the look. I could even sell them…I might even make money at those prices.

  • I used to make these all the time when I was little and sell them at local craft sales! LOL Cant wait to make myself some!


  • oh YES, thaaank youuuu, man repeller. you just saved me from spending way too much time thinking about what to get for my best friend that isn't overdone/cliche or way too pricey!

    friendship bracelets! too sweet.


  • Fuck. This renders all my glossy skinny enamel bangles totally uncool. And I totally bought a gold watch to match.

    There goes my hipster cred. Fail.

  • zozo

    hey! trim it! wax it! ….

  • According to the pages of Jak and Jil and Streetfsn, which only document the coolest of the oozing cool kids that ooze at fashion weeks, friendship
    bracelets are a wildly important pop of color and interesting arm
    accessory to keep the wrists happy while they lug around clutches,
    invitations and various mobile phones.

  • Bolo Kurowo