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Tory Burch Celebrates Generational Repelling

In partnership with Tory Burch.

…Because I come from a long line of women who have trained their respective male counterparts to look at and admire what goes on beneath the clothes.

This is getting awkward, I’m talking about my grand/mother here.

I thought about how I would celebrate Mother’s Day on le blog but before I could get too deep into the conceptualization process, Tory Burch’s team did the work for me. They thought it important to capture the generations of repelling that came before me. It seems like just yesterday I was but the twinkle in my mother’s eye when my father exclaimed, “Please don’t wear that cat suit Can I take you for a drink?” And so a good idea it was, Team Tory, as I am quite literally nobody without the woman to my left, who bore me and even more so the woman to my right, who bore my father, without whom, my mother’s eyeball never would have twinkled.

On my mom: Tory Burch dress, Valentino jacket. On me: Tory Burch dress, Tibi jacket. On my grandma: Tory Burch Jacket, Valentino blouse, Armani scarf.

Here we stand, on my grandmother’s terrace, giggling because, you know, I am funny as shit.


You may not know this from looking at these photos, but my mother is wildly prim, proper and elegant. Everything I am not. My grandmother, on the other hand, a huge ball of funny and awesome. A catalyst, at best, she kick started my perpetual love affair with shoes at an early age.
I am scared of her stink-eye though, see below.
And as for my own mother, oh dear, my mom! Drawing from examples driven straight from my parents fruitful relationship, she’s teaches me nearly everyday that husband repelling is fun!
Overall though, I think we’re equally nutty and there’s something to be said about that. I’d tell you more, but I’d rather you just read the coherent interview on Tory Burch’s blog here. Among important quotes referenced: “water is for washing, always drink champagne.”And that’s just a small peek.
An early Happy Mother’s Day from our generations of Repellers to yours.
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  • omg you and your mother look so much alike! so cute

    Glass of Fashion

  • awww..i agree with ofelia 🙂 love the outfits
    im following you,will you follow me back please?

  • Shy

    WOW you look SO much like your mom…cute family 🙂

  • how fun. you guys are both so beautiful!

  • Now I can see where your sense of humor comes from. There is so much joy in these photos!

    Thank you for sharing!


    p.s. Loved the Tory story you did <3

  • What a fabulous family you have!!!


  • Very sweet post!

  • this is so cute, I love it. you are hilarious and your family looks great! xx

  • Your cousin Suzy showed me this and I was like awwww she's so lucky to be featured on Tory's blog!!! Congrats! you and your mum look like sisters, she looks young!

  • She get it from her momma.
    Your grandma's stink eye is the best.

  • You are adorably unique and such an inspiration. It's wonderful to see grandmothers and mothers and daughters get along so beautifully! Thank you.


  • Beautiful! Happy Mother's Day in Love & Joy!!

  • I can very much relate to this! If it weren't for my mother, I'd never discover my love of fashion! My dad doesn't understand us though. Just today we took my dad shopping and he almost had a panic attack!


  • What a wonderful post! I'm so jealous, because mine are both gone, but we used to have moments like that too. You all look so beautiful and happy, a real joy to see.

  • So adorable! Definitely a strong family resemblance.

    –Megan//The Martian Tide

  • Yay for mothers! I posted about my mum today too! It's so awesome to see three generations of fierce ladies! You all look GORGEOUS and so fun!


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  • Anonymous

    you all look so beautiful and cheerful
    Happy mother's day

  • Your mother and grandmother all look so gorgeous, as well as you of course. And congrats for training the males, that's what they're there for!

  • So fantabulous!!! Love this! And your mother could be your sister!! Stunning and your grandma…wow!

  • aw this is sweet!

    january, x

  • You have a love of taking photos while standing dangerously close to thin balcony railings, at a very high altitude…
    Anyway, fantastic orange dress & necklace that you're wearing. You and your mama are twins!

  • ADORABLE, all 3 of you.

  • My goodness, beauty clearly runs in the family! Lovely photos!

  • love the photos so adorable together and you look just like your mother! you all look amazing!

  • i loved this post!

  • Grandma is the youngest of all!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You guys are stunning, I love the colour of your Tory Burch dress.

  • Stop it… I loved this.

  • Such heartwarming and playful photos of you ladies. Your grandma's stink eye makes her so adorable.
    much love.

  • I really wish I could be a fly on the wall (in a Tory Burch coat presumably) when this whole thing was going on. You all look so cheery and excited!

  • you and your mother do look so much alike!!
    what a wonderful post!
    thank you for this.

  • gorgeous photos! they look so "capture-the-most-esque"
    you look so much like your mother, and all three of you are fabolous!

  • Laura

    "Water is for washing, always drink champagne…Trust everything Hermes." Your grandmother is winning at life. Send my love.

  • this is the best photo i have ever seen of you, because it is so honest, sincere, true, and it is about love: the love for each other and fashion. you girls are glowing. i know where my fashion sense came from and my biggest critics were/are my mother and grandmother. this is a photo you should treasure and you cannot stop looking at it because it is such a true photo. i love the purple, the red and the boucle jacket. so you girls look amazing and you are glowing. your girls sitting on the sofa, well that is pure sophistication in a very fashionable way. i love the interior decoration. and it such a picture perfect with the 3 of you sitting there. i don't know everything fits so well together.

  • You and your mom and grandma are gorgeous. And Mrs. K is right. These are the best photos of you to be posted so far. Great job by photog and models!

  • Anonymous

    you are all so playful and sincere… what a beautiful 3 generation picture of 3 beautiful people.
    happy mother's day, may you always bask in their love!

  • Anonymous

    love it!
    Happy mother's day

  • love your photos so beautiful all of you 🙂

  • very pretty pictures.. you look so much like your mom!!! lovely post.

  • hahaha, you're hilarious.

    though you're a rich-bitch, thank god you're funny as shit (reference to what you wrote in bold, duhhh)

  • awww you have a beautiful family! I'm glad you got to do this spread! I love your blog! Your ma and gma must be soooo proud!!

  • I adore this post! I'm about to check out the interview. You all look so great in Tory! Are you also wearing her flats?

  • Beatiful picturesss nad the view looks amazingg!! Congrats girl!

    Here I have a RueLaLa invite:

    Gilt invite:

    Does anyone have an Ideeli invite code?
    Thanks 😀

  • Nice family! your mom and grandma are Fab ladies…
    forever young!
    much light in your life

  • HOW CUTE!!! I love Tory Burch flats…I go through them so fast. Great pictures, you look so much like your mother.

  • soo pretty- u all have the same great smile!! soo cute

  • You are quite the inspiration!! I mentioned you in my blog…because you are pretty amazing and your concept is so freaking true!!! Thanks for being such a lovely dame!! Congrats on the growth of your blog – you truly know how to work it.

  • I love love love love this!!! How amazing are the two ladies in your life? Your grandma looks amazing and your mum is just beautiful. I am very envious that this is where you get your genes from! Amazing shots 🙂

  • your mum and grandmother are stunning!! i wish my asian mother had style like yours!

  • Beautful ladies!!

    xo Charlotte

  • Madame LaZonga

    I laughed so hard I cried. That "stink eye" thing, like man repelling, is an art form that only gets better with time. Judging by you ladies, laughing does indeed keep one young. All of you are stunning!

  • Love the looks…U look a lot like ur mom 🙂

    A Girl's Next Best Friend

  • how nice! these are great photos

  • Wow! Three totally beautiful women… and well-dressed. Natch.

  • Lucky you, you can look forward to aging VERY well!! Beautiful family 🙂


  • hifalutin

    Aww you guys are having a laugh riot! You're right though, your gran's stink eye is some serious shit. I was scared for you in that pic.

  • This is such a wonderful post! You all look fabulous. Laughing with family is the best!!! xxx

  • Anonymous


  • you ladies are so beautiful!

  • holy cow! could you all look more alike? what wonderful photos, i am sure you will always treasure.

  • Anonymous

    amazing pics… I am so jealous, wish I had such pretty mom and grandma

  • Anonymous

    They must have both started very early producing children!!!
    How young are they??
    beautiful post and pics

  • Your mom, grandmother, and you are all VERY cute (except for what you're wearing). And I absolutely love your eyebrows, which are beautiful (seriously). It's difficult to be repelled by such beauty!

  • gah! look at all these beautiful women!!! you guys sure have some mighty great genes!

  • I am semi-new to your blog. I loved these pictures – it is all kinds of awesome. I hope to have a photo shoot like this with my daughter and my mom!

  • Aww, cute pics! You come from a long line of lovely ladies, obviously. Love Tory Burch, good call. 🙂

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  • coal

    I agree with you!

  • They look like they’re related to one of the Real Housewives. I can’t remember her name though:

  • edible

    Wonderful celebrations and it looks cute really.

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