These Are Some of My Things
sweater: Rebecca Taylor, blouse: D&G;, pants: Proenza Schouler x J Brand, purse: Reece Hudson

This is my body, these are my things. I’d tell you more but it will likely ruin a Guess the Blogger Pose post slated to run Monday. So I won’t. If you can guess who I’m emulating in this early stage, I will tapdance and simultaneously try my luck with flammable batons.

In other news: Happy Sunny Saturday, motherchuckers!

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  • The purse look crazy !
    Fresh colors

    La Bise

    MCH from Paris

  • Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

    i wanna see you try your luck with a flammable baton!

    love all the bracelet accessories!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

  • love the look of the heavy hardware bracelets with the men's inspired watch…. my guess is the glamouri, she does that pretty frequently.

    sunny saturday, finally! spring!

  • Such a Blonde Salad pose…

  • Oh LOVE that purse!

    Glass of Fashion

  • Dude. That bag is totally effin' epic.

    xoxo Kat

    P.S. I have some flaming batons (because i am that rad) if you wanna try your luck.

  • love the colors! great mixed of accesories!

  • are you emulating Susie Bubble? Love your watch btw.

  • Karla of Karla's Closet??

  • that clutch…I die! So amazing! I love the various textures and rigid form. and all the layers of clothing + jewelry compliment it oh-so-darn-frickin-well~~~ xo Diana

  • My guess is Karla'a closet as well.

  • looks kinda like a garance dorรฉ post…

  • Ara

    Love the watch together with the chains.

  • Love the detail!

  • Fantastic purse!

  • I sooo love the clutch!

  • i cannot stop looking at the pants, oh the color and the texture. the clutch looks phenomenal. it is so hard to find the perfect clutch, they are always too small or too… this one is perfect because of the exuberayting prints, so many different textures combined in one bag

  • Daria


  • Ur a fucking genius.

    x Je suis Sophie

  • Im thinking the Glamouri too…she does this a lot. Either way I hope you tap dance and twirl batons!! BC that would be awesome motherchucker!!!

  • Anonymous

    definitely glamouri…love love love the proenza

  • Ooo ooo, Karla of Karla's closet! She always holds clutches as so!

  • That envelope clutch is a real looker, and so is the print of those fascinating Proenza Schouler x J Brand pants!
    much love.

  • Love the purse! And can't wait for the mystery to be unveiled…

  • The name of the post makes me think its Cupcakes&Cashmere; (5 things)

    That clutch is gorgeous!

  • some of my favorite things as well! what great photographs. i love it.

  • Ash

    You should show us your tapdancing w/ flammable batons talent! Where are more of your hidden talents?

    (oh and. GIMME YOUR PURSE)

    Jill sans Jack

  • I bet it's Karla, she's all about the clutches/arm jewelzz

  • ooh, fun! is it Atlantic Pacific?


  • I think it's Jane from Sea of Shoes

  • ohmygod. i'm obsessed with reece hudson bags/clutches/accessories of any sort at the moment. beautiful detail shot
    january, x

  • Katie S.


  • great your bag and accessories!!

  • I have no idea who you're trying to be here but the sneak peak of your outfit looks amazing.

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  • Anonymous

    As soon as I saw it, I though Carolina Engman from Fashion Squad.

    Love you long time and you don't even know it.

  • Love your "things" haha!

  • Kelsey

    I think it is Atlantic Pacific! The oversized clutch and watch and jewelry!

  • Anonymous

    My guess is Sandra from 5 inch & up??
    Love the pants!

  • I loooove the watch but I have to say I just adooooore the purse!!!!
    kisses from greece!!!!!!!!

  • I would think Tavi… because of the pants… or chiara because of all the watches and bracelets and clutch.

  • Anonymous


    Awesome purse!!

  • Anonymous

    The oversized clutch plus patterned pants has to be Karla's Closet

  • Kelly Framel… that's suuuuch a Glamourai look

  • Love love love the bag its too good! Is it Rumi you're emulating?

  • this entire look is beautiful!

  • I'm diggin on that chunky knit sweater. Can't wait to see the rest of this look.

  • Anonymous

    omg cant wait to see the rest of your look
    i totally dig this

  • I was going to say Jane from Sea of Shoes because of the style of the accessory shot….

  • Emma C

    cupcakes and cashmere definitely!

  • It has to be Karla! I only ever see her with a clutch.

  • Andy @ style scrapbook? Something about the watch screams her? x

  • Anonymous

    This is a ubiquitous blogger pose, I can think of a dozen off the top of my head who look exactly like this!

  • ddferg

    Judy Aldridge, Mother o'Jane. I'd know her anywhere.

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