Staying Single: 1 Piece, 3 Ways

In the newest of installments to sprinkle my blog: 1 Piece, 3 Ways. Today’s edition calls forward an aspirational nudge at dear ol’ mother nature as I feature a purple floral print strapless cropped blouse. If ever it stops raining and treading the 45 degree mark, I promise that I will wear this. And it will be offensive. 

Below you’ll find three different styling techniques to take the pretty top from flirty to dirty. No sexual connotation included. I just wanted to rhyme.
1. Print Blocking 

blazer: Zimmermann, blouse: Amanda Uprichard, shorts: Forever 21, shoes: Christian Louboutin

Look #1 features three different types of floral prints which essentially means I am monochroming. That is pretty awesome. More awesome though that the swing shorts that look like a skirt and the blazer that looks like a curtain from your grandmother’s house upstate, are the shoe. My little pony goes drag. And look what they can do.

Rrrriba! Skin tones are changing! This is awkward!

…There they go again. As you can see, this outfit ceases to exist without the purple insert beneath the blazer. And while I don’t mean to give my mother a heart attack because she prefers no one stand on this balcony, 26 flights up, look…what…I…can…do.

I am thrilled I didn’t plumment down to my death, more so that my face made this fantastic gesture to warm all your hearts. 

And…moving forward.

2. Layers, layers, lots o’naysayers.

dress: Jay Godfrey, yellow sweater: Dallin Chase, trench vest: Fulton, shoes: Alexander Wang

In this look you see, I layered the blouse over a strapless dress. What’s that? You don’t believe me?

See? See? I would never lie to you. This is something you should learn now. 
art deco right: YSL, cocktail ring: Lucid New York

Look, the frog matches my nails. It’s the little things. Like ceramic frogs. 

And finally, last but not least:

3. Offensive Jeans: This look is a sort of way just to demonstrate to you how offensive one little ol’ pair of jeans could be.

jeans: Bel Air, sandals: Proenza Schouler

I bought these in Paris, which should explain a lot. They’re high waist, they’re harem and for the sake of social experiment I should note that it was not until warmer temperatures subsided in France and I was no longer permitted to wear the pants that I started interacting in any capacity with men that were not my French teacher or creperie owners. This is true. As aforementioned, I’d never lie to you.

They’re my favorite. This one represents a crouching tiger, hidden crotch of sorts.

And this one represents how cute as a button I am! Just kidding, judgmental Jerries. Don’t get your granny panties in a twist.

Ultimately, this post is intended to acknowledge and celebrate the multitude of ways you, me, everybody could style a simple little baby blouse and let it unleash it’s dormant repelling skills. 

Because let it be known, everything has the power to repel. Except Kim Kardashian probably.

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  • I have to say the first one is my favorite! Patterns upon more patterns upon MORE patterns! And those shoes are killer… to all the males out there. Which mean I love them. Thank you for writing what no one else will. xo


  • Love the first outfit, I honestly think it's cute, that can't be a man repeller material outfit 🙂

  • Amazing! The first look is my favorite, such a lovely mix of flowers! I love your layering too, and those Alexander Wang shoes are perfect. nice green nails!

    –Megan//The Martian Tide

  • Really love the first outfit too. And not gonna lie, something about that top makes me actually like the harem jeans (oh god, did i really just say that?).

    Love your blog!


  • all three shoes are incredible; so beautiful, and so offensively repelling when paired with the layers and the melange of colors, patterns, textures, and attitude. hilarious.

  • Your nails are really pretty! And look #3 is my favorite. Nothing says celibacy like pants that make fupas.

  • you are awesome, and those pink shoes are awesome and that's all I can say.

  • Mostly want the pink Louboutins and the green nails. With those two items alone I could repel, which is impressive as I'd be butt naked.

  • Love the last two looks. Those Louboutins are insane. And who are we kidding here, not rain in NYC? I don't think so… get above 45 degrees here… DEFINITELY not 😉

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  • I love all of these! You look so amazing 😀

  • My new favorite thing to do: layering blouses over strapless dresses! I would have never thought to do it, but it's instantly quadrupled my wardrobe. Not ALL combinations are man-repelling, but in this case, what they don't know can only help me.

  • The first look is my favorite!


  • so much for flowes + fringe: sizzle or singe! HAHA. I don't know how some of these would repel… they are juuust so amaaaazing.

  • Absolutely LOVE your fuschia Louboutins! And am a big fan of harem pants — jeans or otherwise — except as a leg-length-challenged person, I don't get to wear them often.

    I'm missing our NYC apt. looking at your photos =)

  • you look adoooorable gal! i love it 😀

  • You me dear are why i am currently smiling on this otherwise dreary biotch of a day in the Northwest. Who would have thought that sassy little blouse could be so "offensive"…i was not offended at all…in fact, all three looks were perfection! especially loving the Alexander Wang wedges!


  • LOVE the last look. Simple and chic.


  • the first outfit is amazing!! already put those shorts in my shopping cart at F21!

    Le Kiss Kiss- Click Here!

  • Lovely top… 3rd look is not so man repelling… 🙂 You look great in those jeans…


  • i'm digging the little yellow sweater – green nail combo..

    ..and that view from the balcony is gorgeous!

  • all the looks are great, but personally i love the last one! you are so adorable!


  • I prefer the 3rd look and also the first!

  • Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Beyond true, Kim Kardashian couldn't repel even if she tried.

    I LOVE ALL THOSE LOOKS! Print-color blocking FTW! It's like a fashionation overload, but smorgasmically done. Layers are a MUST, and offensive jeans <3 The fact that it offends makes me happy.

    Love you, man repeller!

  • I love all of these! And I truly love how you could rock them with no shame and with the utmost confidence (it shows through the photos). You inspire me to make more "repelling" choices :DDD (which is a work in progress ;p) awesome post & cute top~ And those fuschia Louboutin's…OMG, I die! OBSESSED!!
    xo Diana

  • Hahahh I love 'em! I am so going to try the print blocking! Thanks for these.

  • I love those pink fringed shoes and the faces you're pulling while wearing them! Such a stylish lady, I love reading your pieces.

  • You should NOT be standing on the balc with those Louboutin's…someone might push you off and steal them off your feet…amaze.balls.

    Pink Chinchilla

  • I stopped reading and stared and the louboutins for a little while…I'm in love with those shoes I think they need to cheat on you and come to me ha seriously though I wish I could afford Louboutins sooo pretty.

  • Fun post. I loved your fuchsia shoes. I'm really excited about your ombre post. When may we expect it?

  • Haha…fashion and comedy should go together more often! I love wearing dresses as skirts too! xo

  • Oh, those pink shoes are killer! They look so gorgeous, so painful, and so confusing to men.

  • i get nervous anytime you take pics on your balcony!!!
    love all the looks, especially the "mom-jeans" look!!
    Love the ysl ring- so fab!

  • OMG! you alwayas look amazing, don´t matter what you wear. I love your blog.

    XX; Monse F.-

  • I love the first look the best!! Print blocking!

  • love the contrast of not wanting to like it and then loving everything you put on. you're a genius!

  • Hi!

    I love your looks/style. You are mentioned on my new, baby blog today! Please follow me, I'm starting to get things going, and I've enjoyed following your blog for quite some time now 🙂

    <3 Madison

  • the first outfit is amazing!! love the shoes 😉

  • Anonymous

    Love the green nail polish! Also, I can see the window to my apartment in one of these photos, creepy but cool! 🙂

  • What a great remix…gosh those Louboutin shoes are to die for, and you are truly lovable in a true "man-repelling" sense in those high waist harem jeans.
    much love.

  • Jo

    You're the coolest person on Earth. I love you.

  • You are fantastic. That is all.

  • meche

    haha poor kim

  • OHMYGOD You need to show off those Louboutins more often! SO GREAT!

  • Love the pink Louboutins!

  • The looks you have created are great! Somehow you make it look amazing, and if I were in this, it would be a mess!!

  • Man Repeller! Please be careful on that balcony! We would be crushed if there were no more Man Repeller!!!

    Otherwise, we think the floral mash up looks swell!

  • Hanging out with you must be such a blast! Great job with the man-repelling post! …..The shoes are to die for!!!

  • haha..LOVE all of them!!

  • A fly attacked my labtop screen while I was reading your post. It either loves you or wants to hurt you. I can't decide…

    I love your second outfit! Especially, your Alexander Wang shoes. You should mail those to me. *wink wink*

  • Anonymous

    how do you afford all of these nice clothes and shoes?

  • I actually texted a friend this morning when I read this post. "OMG to to Man Repeller…I love this woman" I have major shoe envy…

    Offend and offend often.

  • Love the 2nd outfit best! You make even the weirdest poses and facial expressions look natural! A rare gift indeed. Share some? =) Amazing blog!

  • Interesting how you work a balcony for an outfit post. Love the barre pose.


  • I love the pants, why do such great things have to repell men, dont they know how long we search for these things!! 😉

  • OOhhh wooww love the first one outfit just perfect!!

    I invite you to know my new Boüret collection! I would to know your opinion!!


  • Love that little bandeau! I prefer the first look.

  • amazing love the first look the best
    but surely love all of them!!!

    check out my photo diary pt. 1 and promo code for jollymay @

  • Anonymous

    You come out of the pictures… your lively personality inspires me, I am addicted to your blog…
    Please more of these

  • Anonymous

    Those pink shoes are "to die for"
    I love the first outfit the most…. spring is in the air

  • Anonymous

    love everything, wondering…the top looked short in most photos….but in the last photo it looks very l-o-n-g…whats the real story with the length? need to know so i can replicate this & be you!

  • Great! Wouldn't think about that top this way. Gotta keep this in mind!

  • This is a glorious post, primarily because there are some truly hilarious pictures of you. Love them – very cheering!

  • Love this, love your blog!

  • Gahhhh, those Louboutins are to DIE for.

  • My favourites are the first two…so cute!

  • your view of the city is unbelievable!!

  • um im so absolutely obsessed with all of these looks, especially the first of all florals!!! so fabulous
    and let's just say, you were the inspiration to my outfit today (and most days)

  • love the way you put together these outfits so amazing!

  • love how much you pattern mix! so fun.

  • Love your blog! Hubby and I were looking at the balcony pics and realized that our apartment building is in the background! We live in the white building behind you on Roosevelt Island!
    Keep rockin' awesome man repelling styles!! xoxo

  • all are very cute & lovely..

  • i DEF agree about mixing prints


    you're rocking it.

  • Hey there just discovered your blog and added it to my blogroll! In this post I noticed that you have the YSL arty ring, I really want to get one but I'm worried that it might easily tarnish-what's the quality like? Hope you can let me know if it's worth it. Thanks!

  • im new here(as obviuosly indicated by the time im only commenting in this post of yours..) anyway, IM A FAN!!! so been doing a catch up with all your post for 2 days now.. haha. love your style (given, haha) but above all love your candid posts, most especially on the 7th pic.. goes to show your a real human blogger and not the typical im-dressed-up-that’s-why-i’ll-smile-daintily-and-do-a-robotic-usual-post-for-the-camera.. haha. xoxo!