In the Details
Here are some photos that have emerged from my iPhone Instagram album. I’m having a moment when I’m not really sure why I deem this sort of thing worthy of blog space, but in any case, I’m sharing. That’s the thing about being your own editor. You can overrule your better judgment and shit. You can also end your sentences with phrases like “and shit.” Also though, I don’t discriminate against non-iPhone, non-Instagram users. Maybe some people want to see these photos. So without further adieu, images of various body parts decorated by cool jewels and other things of similar sorts.
necklace: Kimberly Baker

For those of you that were confused about the whereabouts of the Bronx Zoo Cobra, he was mating on my neck. 
…Layered on with these kitschy little budget wins that hail from Lucid New York. I am all about novelty neck wear. 
shoes: Valentino. I called this one “like mother like daughter.” I copy everything my mom does. Can you guess which one is me? I’ll give you a hint, I am not wearing the coated J Brand skinny gray jeans. For a change.
The day my lady boner met it’s version of Viagra. Hello, eleventh object.
I like layering everything. Rings are no exception. Pack to stack, that’s my motto. (From bottom: Rachel Rachel Roy, TOMTOM x 3 and an old eternity band my mother gave me. Thinking about it now, it is fairly unusual that I’m running around wearing a ring my father gave to my mother in an effort to express his love. Something Freudian is happening.)
Once again from the treasure chest that is, a perma-stacked ring.
And what I did to it. Fore and ring-finger rings by Fallon via Shop the Far Out and TOMTOM.
Oh look, some more fancy fingers. Art deco ring is YSL and the cocktail ring with the little froggy on it is from Lucid New York. 
Once upon a time the sun still shined. And when that happened, I spent a great deal of time perving around the Meat Packing District with my main squeeze, Danielle Snyder of Dannijo. She’s the Danni, Jodie, her sister, is the Jo. In the above photo, Danni(jo) eats my finger, adorned by her Jacinda ring in a shadow.
blouse: Equipment, jeans: Rag & Bone. Monochrome is everything. While yes, the aforementioned is a sweeping statement of sorts, I intend to pay forward explanation to the public in a meaningful way. This is foreshadowing a post that will appear in the coming two weeks. Talk about insider access, roight? Roight?
This is a photo I took of myself in a taxi cab while sitting in perpetual traffic that made me want to kill myself. As it happens, snapping photos of oneself is a fantastic alternative to suicide.
My new gilded patio furniture inspired wedges by Proenza Schouler are perfect for sitting on gilded patio furniture. 
And finally, meet my insides.
  It’s good to know ya, hunks.

On an unrelated but equally important topic…tomorrow, I ombre. What do you think? Without your seal of approval, I can’t do it.

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  • the mother daughter photo in the Valentinos is my fav. chic-ness apparently runs in the fam…i love that.


  • I rather love your insides. Enjoy sitting on patio furniture – just be wary of patio-furniture-thigh-and-bum-print. Though, who knows – perhaps that works as a man repeller. New idea discovered? If so, know where you heard it.

  • nice rings, you should see mine 🙂

  • LOVE these detail photos!!

    GREAT jewelry, and LOVE your shoes as always!!


  • Great detail pictures..Loving all those rings!!!

  • i love all of these, ultra fab and delicious.
    i'm relentlessly jealous of your shoe collection!

    ps. ombre or bust.

  • Anonymous

    love the scissor and bike pendants!

  • OMG! You never cease to amaze me. That shoe closet is the thing dreams are made of.

    & that Kimberly Baker ring?! Thanks for adding something ELSE to my WANT list!! <3

  • ombre. ombre. ombre. do it do it do it. nothing repels like a few different colors in your hair.

  • Anonymous

    agree with @fivethings!

  • um, the kimberly baker ring and the snake necklace and those proenza wedges…I die. love.

  • Loving the pix, sis: Keep posting !

    p.s. I know more about your shoe collection — worn by some random blogger I've never met — than I do about those worn by my friends/coworkers that I see everyday.


  • looove the pictures! really like the one of your shoes closet! great!!!
    1915 xavier del cerro vintage

  • Ombre please! Ombre for the love of God. I only ask you to so that I may live vicariously through you (once again).

  • Go ombre if your heart so desires, though I think your dark hair is very striking.

    Also–love your Kimberly Baker pieces. I own a couple of pieces by her that I wear all the time. She makes the classiest skulliest things ever.

    Your closet is faboosh, too. Great shoes and organizational skills you have, my dear.

  • Anonymous

    I fucking love you.

  • I absolutely love aaaaaaaaaaaaaaall these pictures!!! I always take photos of every thing so i can see you point! especially this photo with the 2 shadows is great, i do it all the time!
    kisses from greece!!!!

  • Wowwie. Better watch out for that amazing shoe collection of yours, I'm tempted to snatch it.


  • Anonymous

    That shoe collection is amazing! And the MATCHING!? Valentinos you guys have…. I'm happy if I even get to borrow my moms designer heels.
    Does your mother work in fashion? Or where do you get all these wonderful in season designer items?

  • Ded

    Hi, I don't know if you already know, but your blog was in the brazilian Vogue. I had already visited your blog before and now I'm very happy that more people from Brazil can now visit your blog.
    Kisses, Débora.

  • Anonymous

    What does ombre mean when referring to hairstyles??

  • I would totally be cool with that kind of patio furniture…gold gilded Proenza Schouler…heck yes. And your rings! Words cannot express, especially the novelty ones.
    much love.

  • I for one was very interested in seeing these pics.

  • love all your accessories!! I wish I liked wearing rings more~
    you & your mama b so cute together!!! matching shoes…AMAZING~ And your shoe collection…I die~
    xo Diana

  • Jac

    Can I come vacation in your closet? I promise not to bother you I just want to spend a few days trying on all those amazing shoes. Also, really love the Tom Tom and Dannijo rings.

  • how rich are you? totally jealous. nice photography and shit, btw.

  • Your "insides" are to die for..!! LOL

  • love all the pieces so amazing! great photos!

  • Kim Cee

    Ombre, do it.
    Also this is kind of odd but if you'd like you should post your instagram name… this sounds creepy but I want to follow you. Just a suggestion!

  • Anonymous

    I just went ombre and I love it.

  • holy crap
    gimmie some of your shoes.

  • I think the ombre will turn out well. Take a leap of faith 🙂 And please post more like this! Especially the shoe closet…so great!


  • Madame LaZ

    I would love to follow you on Instagram, too.

  • Girlfriend, you're hilarious. In this day and age, appreciate MUCH:) Lovin your closet and most importantly NOVELTY NECKWEAR. Keep 'em comin…

  • Grace

    I want all of your shoes! Size 7? Feel free to pass them along to me when you're done with them 🙂

  • I love: the fact that you and your mum have the same VALENTINO shoes, the way in which you layer your rings, the green shirt + green jeans (hello inspiration!?) and your amazing wall of the most perfect shoes.
    That is all.

  • Anonymous

    love love love these shots!

  • Anonymous

    The first necklace is so nice. Went over to site, she has such great things

  • YSL and cocktail ring is my favorite photo. They look great together might have to buy both =D

  • Anonymous

    More of these more of these

  • I prefer these pictures to anything taken with a profesh camera. They have more character to them 🙂
    you've got so much nice jewellery! x

  • Anonymous

    don't think you should do blonde ombre… dark red/burgundy maybe

  • Anonymous

    you are funny. finally someone who doesn't take themselves too seriously…

    dig instagram….would love to follow.

    and yay with the ombre….i've had it for over a year now and i just updated and went way more blonde to try to get in the springtime mode…

    what's up with this ny weather? crazy!

  • oooh I've been in love with the ombre hair look for a while now. You must do it. You must! I will have to check with my boyfriend (as I do with all your posts) to double-check and ensure that it is man-repelling though.

  • Love the Valentino shoes! I wish my momma would wear stuff like that!

  • I see your green shirt and jeans with your pink?purple? fringed louboutins. DO ITTTTTT 🙂

  • love your taste in jewelry… inspired my own blog:

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