How ‘Bout That Ombre, Hombre

This passed Monday I went where many a Man Repeller has gone before: to get my hair ombre’d. For those unfamiliar with this particular terminology, think of the hair treatment as a sort glorified way to frost your tips, tie dye your hair, add one more print to the equation that is your outfit. So, I went into the Bumble & Bumble hair salon downtown looking like this:

blouse: Acne, belt: J Crew, pants: The Kooples

It was actually in a topknot but looking back in hindsight, ironically enough, I was better off running around town with hair that looks like this for maximum repelling potential.

The skittles are actually not a product placement. I was just hungry and since there’s no longer gelatin in skittles, I’ve been riding the candy train day and night, night and day.

Can you see The Standard Hotel out the window? I did.
At Bumble and Bumble, I was greeted by Zoe, the colorist, later to become my simultaneous heterolifemate and hero. I’d never had my hair colored before and soon learned Zoe had an affinity for popping hair cherries. Later referred to hairy cherries exclusively. Generally speaking, it was a crass day of sorts, which is right up my alley cat. As you can see, we had buttloads of fun. Those are real laughs, real ones, I tell ya.
Holy moly, she’s concocting. It’s going in my hair.
Technically, I could have walked out of the salon, hair looking just like this.
It would have been pretty Alexander Wang S/S 2011 Runway chic. No?
 …And then Zoe washed my runway hair out. And then, it was multicolored.
At this point, a Bumble stylist called Sloane took the reigns, cut my hair and styled it. It should be expressed I have a serious problem with scissors coming near me despite the fact that I wear a pair of gilded ones around my neck. 
This is the fancy product they used to keep my ombre wet sand-looking and shiny.
The spray is an important ombre accessory but back to gold scissors and my hair: Sloane was cool, her hair was neat–so were her nails–and she was wearing a pair of Rag & Bone booties that I own with tights and cool shorts. Wouldn’t you let someone who looked like this do what she pleased to your hair? See below.
 Ultimately, I made the right decision.
 See. Ombre, hombre.
  BEST FRIENDS FO’LIFE! And then night fell.
all photos by JM Houle
Okay now. I showed you mine. Your turn, suckas!

Bumble & Bumble Downtown Hair Salon
415 West 13th Street
New York, NY 10014
t: 212 521 6500
Hair color by Zoe
Styling by Sloane

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