Woman Repelling, According to You

Many of you have been asking about specific classifications involved with Woman Repelling. In the past few months, I’ve only just gently dipped my toes into the entire notion. While it’s true, Woman Repelling exists in excess, the trends that repel women aren’t necessarily the same high fashion trends that we preach to repel men. The two don’t seem taken in the same vein and because of that, the trends may not be as interesting dissect. It should be noted that Vivienne Westwood could certainly counter this argument, though.

In any case, just before Fashion Week started, I got to thinking harder about the things and garments that constitute proper Woman Repelling. Naturally, I tweeted this train of thought and the response was grand. In nearly 100 tweet-backs from you, the flamingos, we collectively culminated all the necessary meat to create an editorial post right here. The wheels of woman repelling are in motion.

It started with this tweet: “I’ve been thinking about what constitutes a proper Woman Repeller and pinky rings are high on the list.”

The flood gates then proceeded to open. Here are a few that stuck out:

RT @Miss_Content And Ed Hardy tee’s. 

RT @LTKozaki @ManRepeller I think another woman repeller is puka shell necklaces. 
RT @katybarnes @ManRepeller Pointy toed shoes, pool slides & socks and fleece jackets.  
RT @annielkozak @ManRepeller Those metal wallet chains.  
RT @jellison22 @ManRepeller Cravats. Some say mystical and alluring. I say rapist  
Rapist, Scott Disick…little discrepancy. 
RT @megan_nielsen @ManRepeller And pants that show plumber crack  
RT @LHigg13 Bike riding shorts, thin eyebrows, “man”dals
RT @CommuniquePRNYC @ManRepeller Leather chokers. 
Evidently, this PR gal mistook “man” for “subject of porn flick.” Or did she?
RT @StyleCaster Low V-Necks! I hate when a man has more cleavage than I do 
RT @navigatewstyle @ManRepeller and wearing your cell phone as a belt accessory! 
RT @ERINJEEN Flip flops & socks. 
 I call this one: “the symbiotic repelling powers of socks and sandals.”
RT @imakemedinner @ManRepeller bad shoes are a lady repellent *square-toed, with lots of top stitching. such a deal breaker. 
RT @theglamourai Thumb rings too
Unless they’re on Jared Leto ca. My So Called Life.
RT @lisa2bags @ManRepeller men who wear rings in general repel me instantly! 
Married women, take note. Lisa2Bags is not interested in sleeping with your husband.
Today let’s forget what repel the mangos and instead focus on what repels us. In the comments below, share and discuss.
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  • CARGO PANTS! also, those pants that zip off at the knee and instantly become shorts…. seriously? complete manifestation of laziness and frugal spending and poor taste.

    also hate the man-tank.


  • I could not agree more about the, well, all of this! Especially the bit about Ed Hardy. Actually, ANYTHING by Ed Hardy is a deal breaker.

    I have a feeling this won't be the last post about woman repelling – some guys are just SO good at it!

  • thumb rings are kind of a universal sign of the gay. like flagging.

  • sperry boat shoes. (if you live in a state with no boating, like nebraska.) excessively baggy clothing and jerseys worn while not at a sporting event are also disgusting to look at.

  • The SNEAKER-SHOE… guys, this is not a clever combo of comfort + business casual office appropriateness, it's just… WRONG. Suffice it to say if you are wearing a sneaker-shoe you might as well just jump in the deep end & wear those bad bowling shirts a la Charlie Sheen on 2 1/2 Men, & while you're at it go ahead & resurrect that soul patch.

  • Chocos. I'm glad you love nature, but don't wear those to meet me for dinner, even if it a casual place. Some things belong only in the woods.

  • Anonymous

    I have one word: Crocs

    Crocs and Socks might top it though

    I shutter at the thought

  • How about the Mankinis?? Emporio Armani 2011 anybody?


  • Two words: jean shorts.

  • would never go out with a guy that wore that low of a v-neck or socks and flipflops. AWFUL. i hate it.


  • Becckitt
  • Wearing athletic shoes when you're not playing sports. Jesus, if I have to wear shoes that pinch all day, so do you.

  • nose piercing. definite woman repeller for me.

  • My boyfriend works with a guy who not only attaches his cell phone to his belt loop, but pairs it with a fanny pack. Daily. He also wears a lot of sports jerseys. Sorry gals; he is taken.

  • JML

    I dated a guy for the past 10 months. We recently broke up. For ten months I saw him wear THE SAME OUTFIT. THE SAME EXACT OUTFIT EVERY SINGLE DAY. He was one of those philosophical-types so he thought he could get away with it. And I suppose he kind of did in a very existential way. I am looking forward to moving on to the next one with a little bit more of an eye for style. (But not TOO much style, of course. Wouldn't want to go from bland to Grand too quickly…)

  • Unless you are an NBA basketball star….four button suits.



  • marie

    the Jersey Shore guys

  • ilana

    lady lips

  • Pants that are so low and baggy that they're a hair's breadth away from falling off the man's butt. How do they stay on?? I want to pull them up and yell "Get a belt!!"

    And, in the opposite direction, pants/jeans that are tighter than mine. Where did you get those, the pre-teen girl section?

    I also remember when my boyfriend in high school decided to wear a white tuxedo to prom—> Fail. Not only that, it drew attention away from my fabulous dress—> Epic fail.

  • White athletic socks when you are not at the gym. Pants that are too short. Pleated man pants, specifically khakis or wide-wale corduroys, especially if they are too short. Dress shoe–sneaker hybrids. Anything with "Old Navy" written on it. Those shirts that have different-colored collars and cuffs from the body of the shirt (esp if French Blue). Ill-fitting suit jackets.
    That perfect ring-shaped goatee (aka "mouth donut"). Cartilage-level earrings. Dry, fuzzy hair in a ponytail.
    No wonder I'm single.

  • Anonymous

    If it makes him look like he likes men more than women, it's probably NOT a woman repelling outfit. Such irony.

  • aaahhh this post is amazing! Please start a series on this, its friggin brilliant!

    All of these are great. I think I'd add the baggy, wrinkly clothes and baseball hat look of high school. If you've graduated college, you are supposed to be a man. Act like it. I see Cher from Clueless in my head every time I see these guys haha.

  • Anonymous

    White dress shoes…..unless of course you're a pimp. Then, it's completely acceptable!

  • This may sound unbelievable, but I've seen a man don this combo within the past week:

    The Blazer-SlightlyFlairedLightDenim-Converse-WaxedHair look.

    So unbelievably disturbing. This isn't 2001 and you aren't in *NSYNC.

  • popped collars scream DOUCHEBAG to me. especially when they're wearing several polo shirts with all the collars popped… this never made sense to me.

    and pleated pants! dear god, i met a guy recently wearing pleated khaki pants and a polo shirt shirt with the collar popped and my head nearly exploded.


  • Wow there are so many good things listed already, especially puka shell necklaces (not cool after 8th grade y'all). I also hate when men wear diamond earings or those stupid shirts that say things like "I have a big package." I always assume the opposite is true.

  • agree so much about the Ed Hardy, please for the love of God no Ed Hardy. And flip-flops with socks I can't even begin to imagine what would possess someone to do that.
    Oh and someone above in the comments talked about the guys with their pants falling off, what's makes that even more annoying is guys who are actually wearing belts in their pants but for no purpose. Seriously, why are you wearing a belt if it's not their to hold your pants where they're supposed to be. I fail to understand, maybe some men should come on and explain it to me.

  • what about the token 'I'm in a boy band and I buy every item of clothing from allsaints' eg JLS. I actually saw two guys wearing the exact same low v t-shirt and bent little scarf combo from allsaints, just in different shades of shit!


  • RT @jellison22 @ManRepeller Cravats. Some say mystical and alluring. I say rapist

    Hilarious, in a i-wish-to-never-see-this kind of way.

  • AGREE on Ed Hardy Tees! (Shudder. I think of Jon Gosselin, and he's most definitely a repeller!)

  • Baggy clothes, specifically what I like to call the "nerd jean." Ya know, the one's that are light wash, wide leg, misteriously voluminous and probably puddled around the "nerd sneakers."

    Hate those things, instant woman repeller.


  • Anonymous

    Clothes from American Eagle/Abercrombie and Fitch, especially T's with oddly sexual quotes written in XL letters. Sadly, many boys in their mid-20s still find this to be fashionable here in the Midwest. Sick.

  • Anonymous

    This is amazing! Haha I agree with all of the above…crocs/flip flops are a huge fail, especially with unkempt toenails, nobody wants to see that
    Also ill-fitting clothes, blech.

  • My brain's response to this post is to just keep replaying the "okay, I don't want to be a traitor to my generation and all but I don't get how guys dress today" monologue from Clueless.

  • Aren't those suggestions simple mankind-repelling?

    I understand that Man Repeller may repel men, but I still find her attractive in man-repelling outfits. Nobody looks good wearing these Woman-Repelling outfits, they're just bad clothing.

    There's a difference between having poor judgement and being unconventional.

  • Stéphanie

    I agree with ALL OF THE ABOVE, but you girls forgot about the MURSE aka tha man-purse !!!
    I was waiting in line at the supermarket the other day and the man in front of me had a square brown leather murse under his arm. Woman-repelling x 10 !

  • Black leather 'smart' shoes and jeans. So very, very wrong.

  • I actually really disagree with most of the things posted on here. I tend to think of man repelling as a more high fashion statement, therefore shouldn't woman repelling be the same? Most of the things the mangoes have suggested are just plain bad taste. I submit to the jury: men in maxi skirts, bow ties, vests, flowy chiffon blouses, suspenders…. Not to say that these things repel ME, but they usually are an indicator that he wouldn't care if his fashion choices repelled- or attracted- any female.

  • I totally agree with ALL of these!

  • @andrea @anonymous there's a reason there's that disclaimer at the top. the two are not taken in the same vein. that's why i rarely delve into the topic

  • Torador

    i am repulsed by those shirts that have some variation of a wolf ( or other animal) in the forest with the moon rising in the back ground. whenever i see one i just think run from the crazy wood man before he stabs me with his collection of knives. actually these are foul on girls and guys especially over the age of 15.

  • Anonymous

    sleeveless shirts, most repelling if you live in the city and his arms look like shapeless logs.

  • Anonymous

    Anything with Harley Davidson written on it…

  • Oversized, below-the-knee shorts. They make any man look like a stumpy child.

  • gym shoes with denim, specifically light denim. SICK.

  • Anonymous

    Any kind of pants longer than the knee and shorter than the ankle.

  • Lol, OMG Ed hardy HIlarious!!! I use to work at their corporate office!! I have to agree on this one!! Hahaha.


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  • EmilytheStrange

    Exceedingly repellant:

    Velour ANYTHING…

    Printed tuxedo shirt (cute for 6 and 60 year olds, repugnant for anybody in between)…

    Neckerchiefs………even the name offends.


  • Gabriela

    Wooden bead necklaces. Short-sleeved dress shirts. Oversized suits. White dress shoes. T-shirts with statements on them which make it clear to everyone that they have never had sex. Sports jerseys. Man sandals. Oversized jeans, especially if they wear them below their ass. Those damn Adidas All-Star shoes. Skateboarding shoes, except for Supras. Ties worn at informal events. Leather jackets that are the length of a trench coat. Any type of hat, when worn by men who can't pull them off; particulary fedoras and newsboy caps. Wow that felt really good.

  • Anonymous

    skinny and/or trendy man-scarves! gross.

  • LOL if you ever see a guy in an Ed Hardy shirt you should just run away because he has no taste. In the mean time if you see a guy with a popped collar he might be good for a roll in the hay, but stay away from anything long term and if he is wearing pants that are so tight he can't get them up all the way well he's probably not gay, but he's probably killed all circulation to his penis and can no longer get it up so there is no point in wasting your time. Give me a man in a nice jacket and a button up any day and if he's more so into fashion and answers to the female persuasion great snap him up before someone else does.

  • man cardigans!!! they always look awk. can this trend be over yet?

  • Anonymous

    wedgie-inducing pants.




  • Ed Hardy tees attract a certain type of woman, though. Like, trashy ones who live in Florida or New Jersey and think The Situation is hot.

  • TM

    Short Sleeve Button-up Dress shirts.

  • Eve

    Deep v-necks on men make me queasy. Ditto cropped trousers worn with ankle socks. I've also always had a thing against short-sleeved dress shirts without quite being able to put my finger on why. They are just wrong. Also wrong: pink dress shirts (make a man look like an estate agent).

  • Two words:

    Mock Turtleneck.

    Shit or get off the pot, gents. Go turtleneck, or go crewneck. There is no such thing as a sassy combination of the two.

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  • I just can't agree more about Jared Leto in My So Called Life (or in my case I WISHED I could call it my life). Every day in grade 7, as I zipped up my Angela Chase plaid jumper dress paired with Dr. Martens and an oversized collared shirt, I hoped somehow JL would materialize in the hallway by my locker, and just lean.

    Oh, but on to men's woman-repellent apparel: chains outside the shirt, too much cologne, long skinny shoes with a square toe, crispy hair.

  • pants pulled up too high, shirt tucked in, facial hair, white goo on corners of mouth… what is with that? …long finger nails ahhhhhh

  • Denim Shorts. Espcially skater style circa 1998.

  • Anonymous

    Sweatpants in any context that isn't a gym. Also, Timberlands are really gross.

  • Nothing kills my lady boner like bad shoes! Square toes and super pointy toes are tragic.

    also: suits that are ill-fitting so the lapels gape open when a man lifts his arm – tailoring gentlemen. tailoring!

    and turtlenecks. please no.

  • Hear you on the turtlenecks above.
    Man repeller – great blog


  • This is amazing, it's like therapy. I couldn't agree more on the low v-neck t-shirts, PALE DENIM JEANS WITH BLACK DRESS SHOES and would like to add

    – the wide neck t-shirt that sort of frames those odd connecting muscles between the shoulder and the neck. ew.
    – mirrored sunglasses, aka pervert-makers

    At the high fashion end, anything that resembles a skirt (kilts being the honourable exception), especially when it's those goth looking guys with bald heads and big shoes who wear dresses.
    Anyone else feeling exorcised after this?


  • PINKY RINGS! this post made me laugh even more than usual! i've been having a shitty week so it's much appreciated. thanks!

  • Deep V NecK Ts – especially with chest hair sticking out, white pants, white dress shoes, jeans sagging below the ass, leather russian mobster jackets, ear piercings with diamond studs…also agree with most of the comments above…

    This post is brilliant! 😀


  • Anonymous

    The fact that you brought up Jared Leto made my fucking day.

  • Kim

    Dressy clothes worn with ratty, filthy sneakers. Polos and ties together. Diamond studs, especially with baseball caps. Cheap, indiscriminately worn fedoras. Any shirt obviously branded. Enormous novelty belt buckles. Dress shoes without socks. Tribal tattoos. Stubble that is clearly from being too lazy to shave.
    Sadly I see these all regularly at college.

  • Anna

    Fake tan – don't want to peal that orange!

  • White college team baseball hats that are never washed as a point of male "pride." Because you should be proud of your head grease and sweat.

  • AD

    Skinny jeans, but most especially on men with scrawny legs and significant pot bellies. I see so much of this in Seattle.

  • Anonymous

    I actually have a guy friend who wears his pants so low that one time a man came over, tapped him on the shoulder and said 'sir, your pants are falling down.'

    I'll have to say though, the combo of sneakers and ill-fitted faded denim is the ultimate faux pas.

  • i agree! with all of this! the post and the comments.

    i think the worst for me is a guy who wears pants that are like three times his size. and the socks and flip flops….. i hate those 100% hatred.


  • Anonymous

    The Ed Hardy one is soooo true!

    Sunglasses with white plastic rims or wearing polarised sunglasses when you are not playing a sport -_-

  • Haha, I completely in unison that socks with sandals, plumber's crack free for all, and Ed Hardy are completely women-repelling.

    much love.

  • Square toes shoes with Diesel over the top Jeans with over the top pockets, zips and "pretend" graff and Death by Zero T bbbbbrrrrhhhh.
    Did I mention the little shark tooth necklace ?

  • My addition to this would be baggy or cheap-looking, ill-fitting jeans, polos (extra repelling points if the collar is popped), anything from Abercrombie & Fitch, and tennis shoes/sweats/basketball shorts when not exercising! Also, I think it's funny that low v-necks are on the repelling list, because I LOVE it when my boyfriend wears them. I think they are such a turn-on, hah. Also low scoop-neck tees…that sounds ridiculously feminine writing it out, but I swear it looks good…haha.

  • P.S. Kim, you are SO RIGHT! I sat there nodding my head and rolling my eyes through out your whole list! Haha, people are amazing sometimes… "Dressy clothes worn with ratty, filthy sneakers. Polos and ties together. Diamond studs, especially with baseball caps. Cheap, indiscriminately worn fedoras. Any shirt obviously branded. Enormous novelty belt buckles. Dress shoes without socks. Tribal tattoos. Stubble that is clearly from being too lazy to shave. Sadly I see these all regularly at college."

  • Christa51

    Not sure if anyone outside of LA can relate but…

    Affliction t-shirts and those dress shoes with excessively elongated, squared-off, upturned toes.. looks like they're squatting on a rocking chair

    … which eliminates about 80% of the unmarried male population that bathes regularly

  • The humble fanny pack.
    White framed sunglasses.
    The evolution of "surf and skate" to mean "street", meaning most men that wear these irriating brands do not surf or skate, and just look like douchelords (NZ "trend").
    Trucker caps/gangster hats with gold stickers on the peak.
    Rings on any finger – or toes.
    Any form of jewellery that isn't a watch, actually.
    T-shirts with sexual innuendo.
    Most of all any guy with a poor attitude.

  • Baylee

    Men who wear running shoes…but like legitimate running shoes.
    Specifically, New Balance.
    Why would you ruin you almost nice physique with a pair of those bad boys? Your ass was looking great until I looked down and I noticed that you were already equipped to run away from me…finally I thought I found someone who accepted the fact that I don't show cleavage and I love myself a good pair of high waisted leather shorts.
    When I see a guy in new balances..I run faster in my loafers away from him than he ever could from me in his ripped, dirty, pointy toed, mesh, dr. scholl inserted New Balanced feet.

  • Anonymous

    tight faded denim, sleeveless shirts, short sleeved "dress" shirts, WAXED EYEBROWS so unbelievably disgusting they never ever look o.k. and make men look like rapists for sure, large diamond studs, sagging pants, matching pants and shirts especially in sherbet colors.

  • Anonymous

    I had to laugh reading this, because my boyfriend has his nose pierced AND wears a thumb ring (a trinity ring, actually), and I love it; but I do agree with most other examples, especially any kind of overly baggy clothing. And I'd like to add Hawaiian shirts, if they haven't already been mentioned.

  • Anonymous

    I could not agree more with the square toe shoe with stitching. Fossil/Diesel watches anyone? I just threw up in my mouth.

  • Hahaha, you're brilliant!
    I agree with all of the above… something instantly repelling to me would be sleeveless shirts, too many tatoos, poor hygiene… nose hair (!!!), waxed eyebrows…ooooh, the list could go on and on…

  • My girlfriend loves this blog, and I'll often read it over her her shoulder for a chuckle. A few weeks ago, in the spirit of fairness, I suggested the idea of a Woman Repeller to her. I'm not sure I thought along the same lines so apparent in those retweets, but the term "Ed Hardy" was certainly thrown around.
    I don't see why you should sell yourself short with that disclaimer. While Man and Woman Repelling could very well be in different veins, I think they both offer plenty of depth, and you seem very well qualified to tackle this most complex and clearly engaging issue.

  • Lets just say the ed hardy and sandals with socks are a check in the woman repelling department. how about crocs???


  • Anonymous

    I think it was so nice of Christian Audiger to create a line of t-shirts for douchey people in general! It's so easy to tell the douchey from the non-douchey now!

  • Oh man, Von Dutch hats!!

  • Jac

    These are the first three that came to mind
    1. Tight jeans that show your legs are skinnier than mine and that your dick is either playing hide and seek or fell off due to lack of blood flow.
    2, Gold chains although one is really more than enough to send me running away.
    3. The "shrunken" look consisting of too tight shirts and sweaters and too short pants. Sorry, but I'm not interested in Chris Hansen accusing me of trying to get on some pre-pubescent boy going through a growth spurt when I kiss you.

  • personally i'd take the vivienne westwood models over any guys dressed in the majority of the above! at least they look like they would have an interesting and amusing take on fashion (or are both colour and print blind and then potentially only you are amused by your date's outfit and wondering where you can get some of those pants). for myself, men who wear sleeveless 'wifebeater' singlet type tops (they seem to travel in packs here in Melbourne) and are usually on their way to some generic music festival that involves electronic 'beatz'. either that or there is a hard yakka convention taking place locally (potentially reference only amusing to local Australian gals). give me a guy with a satirical view on fashion any day! clothes are for everyone, style is for the brave …

  • All I have to say is Jean Paul Gaultier Menswear Spring Summer 2010- Denim Bustiers.

  • Baseball caps, sneaks combo–instant lady repeller due to lack of effort.

    I also agree about Ed Hardy and any other look that looks like it could have come off of Jersey Shore.

  • Haha, totally agre, I have another one: white socks with black shoes, Michael Jackson style, yuuuck!

  • Katie

    Guys who wear their farm clothes to school, socks with sandals, not-very skinny guys in skinny jeans, and long, obsessively straight-ironed hair that they have to keep flipping out of their face.

  • StareBear

    Agree with all! I think Courtney sums it up best with:

    "Rings on any finger – or toes.
    Any form of jewellery that isn't a watch, actually."

    This is at its worst in corporate environs – when grown men with executive jobs like to add a bit of "personality" to their ill-fitting suits…a pinky ring or (SHUDDER) a thin leather thread around the neck with a tacky cheap-as-shite sliver pendant attached. Just peaking out from an unbuttoned collar.

    Makes me want to vomit…

  • Tall tees. It's like a tee-shirt dress for men, usually worn with equally voluminous pants.

  • i don't wanna hate on men's fashion, cus i like it when a guy gets his shit together enough to put on something other than black pants and a blue button-up…but dear GOD birkenstocks have GOTS ta go!!!


  • Meg

    how about the casual sneaker? You know, those white ones with some sort of embellishment, usually adidas stripes. Ew.
    Also, half-zip sports jackets pullovers, body piercings, hair that takes longer to do than mine, mixing polo shirts or t shirts with dress trousers (not in a stylish way). It seems like some men have a general misunderstanding of fabrics in general, and find it ok to wear poly slacks and chenille sweaters. yikes

  • Men with ironic facial hair. It is so annoying to me, I keep fantasizing about attacking their face with a razor, and when that makes me seem too crazy I just scream in my head "JUST SHAVE ALREADY!!"


  • Anonymous

    The worst type of woman repelling is when a guy has a great face and a decent start to his outfit but ruins it with certain pieces i.e. light wash denim with a bootcut, any sort of bad shoes (there are so many i can't begin to describe), north face jackets pretty much of any kind says you're a junior in high school wearing what you THINK a senior in college wears…anything with a logo on it…these are the deal breakers with boys who really had potential at first glance.

  • women repelling? seriously i take the cake, as a straight male I have decided in my sartorial glory to dye my hair gray-blonde. The other day my outfit consited of a grace jones tee, with a bright red navaho print shirt (oversized for bonus vag delflecting) a leather biker vest on top of that ( with a safety pin design on back) with a military parka over that, combined with a feather necklace,and jeans that could be mistaken for a ladies, and my vintage fur hat yeah no ladies spoke to me that day or anyone for that matter

  • Mesh shirts – but to be honest I like seeing all these thing 'round town, kind of brightens my day to see mameltoe or jorts or any sort of ridic man-outfit


  • Anonymous

    Creative facial hair. Little billy goat tails sprouting from chins, that sort of thing. Example A: http://poorlydressed.files.wordpress.com/2009/10/awesome-facial-hair-p.jpg?w=500&h;=429
    If that doesn't say "F*** YOU, LADIES" I don't know what does.

  • Anonymous

    Old Man Pants – the ones with 8 inches of loose cloth flopping around the derriere; white salt-edged sweat stains on dark dress shirts. Brrr.

  • Anonymous

    Ed Hardy, for sure! Ewwwww. Also hair longer than 1-2 inches, CAMOUFLAGE (omg..), those terrible hippie hemp sweater things (http://mexicanthreads.com/ if you don't know what I'm talking about), shirts with the face of Che Guevara, CROCS definitely, white frame glasses, athletic shoes with dress pants, and ANY leather, unless it's a belt, watchstrap, or shoes (no jackets!).

    After four years of university, when I see someone of either sex wearing outdoors wear to school, I want to vomit. I don't believe you're going camping, because a) you look like you just bought all that stuff for the start of school b) your stuff is so expensive you wouldn't want to take it into the woods anyway, and c) you're SITTING IN CLASS.
    I don't really like camping, but I dislike these people even more.

  • Is it wrong that I acrtualy like some of these (fedoras, skinny scarfs, :gasp: puka shells, and the like). Here all this time I assumed that other females would find them stylish as well (certainly beats the guys wearing golf shirts and jorts), so I'm a little shocked and embarrassed to hear these things getting called up with things that most people would obviously be called unstylish.

    Really, I appreciate any man that at least goes to some length to look well-groomed and show a little bit of personal flare. I don't expect most guys to be seriously well-versed on high fashion, but there are too many men still around who just don't care period how they look.

  • I've never laugh so hard seeing the man in socks wearing flip flops…My Father In-law wears his white ass socks and black flip flops around his house all the time…and at first my jaw dropped in embarrassment that he did it and now it’s just funny (the old man is in his 70’s)

  • jackie

    boot cut jeans ( bad enough) with a crease down the center ( often slightly too short)

    also! very tight jeans on guys with thick legs… thats more than woman repelling, its vomit educing

    ps. disagree on the boat shoes, I think they're cute

  • LOL @ v-neck cleavage

  • Green teeth. Yellow teeth. Teeth that look like he hasn't seen a dentist in years. Chunks of food between teeth.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh. I echo the wasted potential comments.

    My dude is so ridiculously hot, but 90% of the time its impossible to tell. Seriously, he shaves, combs his hair, and puts on a Banana Republic suit – the ladies stop and stare in the streets. Strangers hand him phone numbers. Imagine a hybrid of Jon Hamm and a professional football player.

    But most of the time: scuzzy jeans, fraying tees, ratty old sneakers, leather jacket, and scruffiness. And the crowning offense: the UTILI-KILT. Women hold their purses tighter when he walks by.

    It's for the best though. If he could dress himself, my (often inadvertent) man repellingness would not have landed this level of sexy.

    Viva woman repelling – the only way our people have a chance at reproduction.

  • HAHAHAA this made me laugh so much!!!


  • high waisted light jeans + tennis

    such a turn off 🙁
    Im gonna make my boyfriend read this list, is amazing 😀

  • Anonymous

    I once walked by a group of incredibly hot men who smelled like they'd all showered in Acqua di Gio.

    Too much cologne, oversized jeans, badly fitting suits, Ed Hardy, too much hair gel, fake tans, t-shirts and shirts with that small peek of chest hair, oddly shaped sideburns, pants that are obviously two sizes too small and my personal un-favorite… Crocs.

    By the way, yay on the Jared Leto mention. The man could wear half the shit mentioned in the comments and he'd still look like sex on a stick.

  • I would say the only people allowed to wear socks and sandals should be men over the age of 70!

  • Board shorts + joggers – a combo rife in Australia.

    Gold chains.

    Any form of moustache.

    Boy band hair.

    Adida/Fubu/Ecko/Wu Tang baggy jackets and pants.

    Hair long enough to put into a ponytail.

  • Eva

    I love those looks by Vivienne Westwood. Maybe Man Repellers are attracted to Women Repellers? When it comes to being overdressed, quirky or outlandish of course!

  • fishnets, web shirt, transparency XD wtf, is not sexy in man, like 1980 gym suits too, stop!!! this is woman repelling, and gay attraction XD

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Black knee socks and flip flops make me laugh outloud!!!Hahaha 😀

  • Anonymous

    I saw that guy at the mall in black socks,flip flops look!

  • Anonymous

    1) Jewellery in general: rings, chains, beads, leather straps…just wrong…
    2) Hair gel/ wet looking hair…wrong…
    3) Thoes long lenght pants/jeanse with a band on the bottom… wrong, wrong, wrooong…
    4) And evrything as mentioned above… bleh

    This is a still living subject matter…I wont relent.

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  • White dress shoes…..unless of course you're a pimp. Then, it's completely acceptable!

  • craig-hartford

    I can’t believe people actually wear sandals with socks…smh

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