The Runways that Ran Way: Recreating Chloe
Of all the runways that ran way deep into the substance of which my soul is made, on the way over, nothing tugged at my heart strings quite the way Chloe did.  

The F/W collection was colorful…

…Elegant (albeit slightly Amish)…
And generally scaley
But the look that took the cake for me…

Also conveniently looked like a cake! Yes, I’ve implemented this joke before. Whatchu goin’ do ’bout it? People are so keen on recycling tangible goods, what’s wrong with a little joke re-application here and there?  

And we’re back. This collection was everything. Everything, I tell ya. Pleats, bowners, hues of white and a very special shoe with a t-strap. A t-strap! So I did what anyone would do in the situation and dug deep into the contents of my closet to recreate the look. Below is what happened.

jacket: Tibi, blouse: Kimberly Taylor, skirt: Rag & Bone
booties: Valentino

I grew overtly excited by the nature of my skirt, flying high and low, far and wide, so I continued on my quest to do what anyone would do and…

(…This is fun!)
Twirled around like a little human cupcake until ashes to ashes, my ass fell down! So, are you smitten by how neatly my coat’s bow is tied? My mom did it. She likes tying things. In fact, I didn’t learn to tie my own shoe laces until I was ten years old and I speculate that is no oversight on my motor-skills behalf.

I digress.

I call this photo “Girl on The Run.” I wasn’t going anywhere. In fact, there’s no where to go. Except perhaps, into the full length window directly in front of me.

In another photo, I display inherent modeling skills.
As you can see, I was born to do this. Tweet me for bookings! Will model for sea shells.
And now I ask you: Who wore it best?
You must admit, my leg flexing while maxing capabilities are unmatched. To some minute degree.

…Are you going to recreate any Fashion Week looks? If yes, please send photos and tell of your tales. 

In the mean time, you can watch this mini silent film Naomi shot and breathe a sigh of relief because I didn’t fall off the balcony while simultaneously wondering WTF I’m spewing. 

Options of cash prize or peep show for anyone who guesses right!

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  • wow i love the dress and shoes your wearing ! really some amazing pieces at the AW11 ! i love the python skin !

  • S

    Love your outfit! That skirt moves amazingly in the breeze.

  • That is awesome! Good job recreating that look.

  • if betty crocker ever wants to sartorially update and repellerize their feminine cartoon construction, you would definitely be in the running. this outfit is incredible, and i am pretty sure i would wear that skirt on the daily if i owned it.

    speaking of "ashes to ashes," david bowie at least, when is the clown, marionette, harlequinn post coming? just an idea…

  • first collection has some serious man repelling going on. but you look adorable as always! i am loving that poofy skirt look.

  • gorgeous look!!

  • WAW love the outfit!

  • Anonymous

    I grew up around the Amish and trust me, none of those are Amish-like. Mennonite, maybe. Either way, gorgeous.

  • AMAZING look and the video is SOOO good!!!!

  • Your mom needs to do a tutorial on bow-tying, mine always come out like a knotted mess that would make a boy-scout cry.

  • Luvs it! The highest form of entertainment on my Google Reader. Hands down…

  • hahahaha oh my gosh this is all brilliant
    you definitely wore it better, you're personality shines through and the model apparently doesn't have one.
    where do you live/where are you??
    that room/balcony looks so elegant! I want to be there instead of this freezing library not studying for American Icons.
    so what I learned today: Chloe = color, Amish, scaley. got it.

  • I love the dress and the shoes! And yes, your bow is impeccably tied. The whole look kind of reminds me of Pride & Prejudice for some reason…

  • gurl you're beyond hilarious!! this post killed me! and btw– my co-workers and i (at the lovely have the best time, shooting the shit via email over your f-ing brilliant one liners. we dieeeeeeeeeeeee.

    and as for the look: it's so good. love the decadent bow at Chloe and your rag and bone skirt: it's love. pretty sure it's an interlude to repelling.

  • Stunning beyond words and modest too!! Great for my haute fashion blog for Jewish women. Can I borrow some pics?? Btw I worked with a friend of yours recently…
    check out the blog and follow?

  • amazingly beautiful!

    love your video too! nice moves

  • Anonymous

    you are amazing !!! your video is awesome… love, love, love it:)

  • pau

    I love how you recreate this look!!

  • I love this. Can we be bff's?

  • Windy Goddess! Love your bow.x

  • Mathea

    i adore this look! ♥ can i have it all? pretty please?

  • Love the look that u created, such an amazing skirt!!! Love ur blog

  • Love it. Neutral but there is so much to look at. Super cool

  • Hilarious as always, you make my day.
    Only problem with you being a model is that you are obviously too intelligent to be able to do the vacant stare.

  • I LOVE your look, you definitely wore it better!

  • those shoes are great!!

  • If you pulled that out of clothes already in your closet then I want a closet tour…it has to be like Alice in Wonderland in there.

  • J'adore!!

  • You wore it best. Amazing clothes that you already have in your closet! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • Anonymous

    definitely like your look… not even a comparison!! you are beautiful and smart and witty and creative and I can go on forever..
    love your blog and the video!!

  • you are amazingola!!!!
    From your # 1 admirer….

  • lin

    the beginning of your video looked mysterious and sexy…
    but then you ruined it with that hilarious little dance.

    more videos please! 🙂

  • Hahaha, I love everything, the runway looks, your look, your pics & modeling skills! 🙂

  • the vid..and yess…chloe is as chloe as ever:D

  • SallyAndree

    The shoes are a real work of art, exquisite. Interesting the texture contrast going on.

  • Hannah

    Leandra you're a gem!

  • wow ! Awesome post !
    and generally your blog is fantastic !
    Well done !


  • This look is amazing! I wasn't a huge fan of all of her snake skin prints, but I love the use of oversized bows and colors. XO Valerie

  • oh wow, i do love visiting your blog for a good old chuckle. hell i even got the boyfriend hooked and find him checking out your blog on a daily basis! you inspire me in every fashionable way possible. so if you ever decide to come to South Africa and would like to meet some fashion crazies on this side of the world, you know who to contact.

  • Su

    I prefer your outfit than the one by Chloé, although both are adorably …the super lace by chloé doesn´t fit in my Closet!!… and You´re really funny! Like this Post!

  • Amy

    Who wore it best?
    I'd have to say you did.
    Now if you'll excuse me, I need to find a flowy dress at the local Salvation Army.

  • dying over your booties! so elegant

  • love everything about your outfit. seriously. But the skirt just takes the cake(see what i did there lmao)

  • I vote for more videos!

  • Dude, that is one crazy, trippy vid.



  • Wow love your recreation! You look gorgeous!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  • Anonymous

    love the nails!

  • pretty funny like the Recreation of the look and you're much more alive as a model ! good job !

  • these are just brilliant, gorgeous prints. loving your version too

  • it was relaxing watchig that white translucent fabric moove! really like the video! love to see the movement of the dress! congrats for your shoes they are amazing!

  • You look so cute. I love the outfit.


  • "Will model for seashells." Haha, that is great. I really like this Chloe remake on you, it's a softer and more delicate look, which is very pretty. Really like the outrageous bow, too. You totally wore it best, of course!
    much love.

  • ohmygod you did it better than chloe. i am the opposite of man repelled. mostly because i am a lady. you look amazing and i love that coat. it's beautifully tied. your mother has talent, she couldn't let your learning get in the way!

  • E

    Yes yes yes! how you manage to combine humor, fashion and real substance, I will never know.

  • Love those Valentino booties. They look faboosh with the long skirt.

  • Love love love your rendition and the original look. This is incredible. Adore this post.

  • Leandra!!I love your dress and how it 'flys' in the wind! Plus you are really cute in that video! Coincidentally, I recently did a post on some of the runways pictures that have also been featured on your blog. Do drop by if you have the time!

  • Han

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE This outfit, absolutely incred!!!

  • I couldn't tie my shoes untill I was 8! And I thought that was bad enough. Congrats, you've done it again, having that little something more that makes you somewhat super-human.

  • cute outfit! i love long skirt

  • My god I love that video, it is the essence of what twirling in a dress is. Uh-mazing.

  • Your outfit was absolutely stunning, you definitely know how to work the maxi skirt.

  • Ohmygoodness, I LOVE those shoes! SO ADORABLE!!!

  • Anonymous

    please please more of this….

  • I love this video! The dress and the shoes are amazing.

  • You wore it better!!! Never thought a long skirt would look so good! Video is awesome too (especially in the beginning :P!
    I plan to recreate some Michael Kors S/S 2011…will keep you posted!!

  • Wow, think you actually have a perfect summer look going there. Way nicer than the runway look 🙂 Beautiful dress and those shoes are to die for!
    By the way, loved the movie.

  • I love that you took a runway look and put it into your own way so you can wear it during the day.

  • why learn to tie laces? Velcro is the way to go when you're talking rubber soles. jaja

    styling looks amazing, well done


  • You crack me up, it's great to come across a fashion blog with a ton of humor!! It is so true, many of the fashion trends we follow are male-repellers…my mom has always said that women dress up for other women, not men, because they don't usually notice (and when they do, it's usually a bad thing, lol) !!

  • Great job recreating this. The attitude's a bonus. Cheers!

  • loooove that look the best myself!! you rock it as well haha, you have so much fun i love it!!

    love your dress!
    & t-straps are the way forward!! 🙂

    january, x

  • Now THIS is what I aspire to be in 40+ years 🙂

  • cool recration! ypur shoes are to die for!