The Runways that Ran Way: Recreating Tracy Reese
As evidenced by the last installment of Recreating Runways and what will follow today, pleated maxi skirts were a big mother freakin’ hit on Fall runways.  

  runway photos via

This obviously induces a whole bunch of excitement into my pants as yeshiva stars are all the rage in Manhattan. But what with the cold weather finally finding a back burner and the warm weather starting to creep up through our spines, only to beg that we nix the tights and don our hairy legs, what good are Fall runways now?

With a little help from your friend, me, pretty damn good is the answer to the aforequestion. Because I’m not only going to show you how to get this look with budget-conscious repelling in mind, I’m going to give it a little spring update. And by update, I mean upd8. Spring is here, let’s ring it in.

…Or we can go streaking. Your call. In any case:

sweater: H&M;, belt: Hermes, skirt: American Apparel

I liked the use of burnt orange at Tracy Reese, so I followed suit on that trend, but as far as silhouettes were concerned:

I was all about the opening look. The rich silk fabric on the yeshiva skirt complimented the chunky knit that lives atop in a way that screamed: “I don’t need this dead skunk on my neck to disappoint the male eye but regardless, I’ll wear it.” Someone wants to take home the celibacy award tonight, eh?

And not for anything, I’m going to streak my hair to match my outfits, too.

In my recreation:
 sweater: H&M;, tank top: Club Monaco, belt: Hermes, skirt: American Apparel

I gave the look, as promised, a springy-ting-a-lingy flair mc’nair. While the knit is still considered “chunky,” it’s light and transparent. Instead of wearing booties, I chose an old slingback sandal with a fancy little bow at the toe. Foreshadow? I think yes. In one final effort to springatize, I rolled the skirt a few folds so to reveal some of my sexy little ankles.

Crack them, I dare you.

shoes: Valentino

And just a short note about this skirt, way back when I hosted a Rebecca Minkoff fashion show ticket giveaway in February, the winner came to New York baring the gift of all gifts: this pleated maxi skirt from American Apparel. Thanks, Amber. Your heart is made of gold and acid wash.

So guys, wasn’t this fun?

Try it for yourself and then share the wealth!

Happy Monday from Turban Town. 
all images by Naomi Shon 

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  • i fear your springitizing has come a bit premature; snow once again up here in the northeast.

    love your innovatie re-creation, as always; keep rockin' it, and cock blockin' it, girl!

  • Oh girl, I hear the need for spring. I adorned each nail in a different bright spring color, leading one male friend to call it 'creative' Needless to say, we left the party separately.

  • Oooh love this!! Perfect recreation! I really need to get myself a maxi skirt 😀

  • love the outfit. i just discovered ur blog. and u have actually inspired me so much. thank you

  • Love your outfit! I'm a huge fan of pleated skirts deff need to pick up an american apparel one. Love the color of yours.

  • how i LOVE your snarky remarks… i fear if i ever meet you the world will collapse and crumble, since you're me – albeit from a different country and different parents and different shape altogether… but you get the point. people often get offended by my ironic statements, but you are PERCEFTION. lots of love from a brazilian stranded in barcelona.

  • Totally love the outfit and the inspiration behind it.

    I was sure you wouldn't man-repel, but your last pose might do it. Though, check out those legs 😉

  • Amazing skirt and you totally rock this outfit!


  • Anonymous

    grt shoes!

  • You are so creative and hilarious and your writing is a breath of fresh air. Repel on.

  • Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

    ha! i JUST cut off my full length pleated skirt last summer that i found at a vintage shop to make room for the hot summer days here in toronto.
    boo, too soon i did it i guess! haha

    back to the vintage store and see if i can find another one and i'll leave it maxi length this time.

    later gator

    Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

  • what a great recreation! i did love this show. you look amazing

  • I'm dying for the pale pink pleated maxi skirt from AA, I love this trend for spring! I want this skirt in every color actually…


  • you look great in that color!

  • you are awesome and look fan freaking tastic! i recently thrifted a pleated maxi skirt for R15!!! (divide 15 by about 8 and thats what is works out to in dollars) it's fab skirt too

  • Love the pleats – you look great.

  • A pleated maxi holds a much different shape than a, let's say, jersey maxi. A pleated one is more man repellery. All maxi's are not created equally. And I love the recreation. Spot on.

  • You look beautiful! Really like how you redid the look from Tracy Reese. And your comment, "or we can go streaking. Your call"–haha goodness.
    much love.

  • I have been searching for a pleated skirt in a fun color for so long. This AA one you featured might take the cake…

  • Anonymous

    love the skirt and the shoes

  • That skirt is amazing! Perfect for spring.. Adding it to the "To Buy" list!

  • Every time I walk past one of the many AAs in Chicago I see the pleated skirt in the window and I think to myself how ugly it is, but in the best possible way. Like seriously, it takes major fashion skills to make a skirt this man-repelling.

    Love how you paired it with the Hermes belt, always a classy touch.

  • love that skirt! the color is amazing definitely wish i had one!

  • Haha your sexy little ankles really flourished in this skirt!
    Lovely colours. Man repelling never felt so good x

  • I hope you never change your writing style and wacky-er versions of your photographed self! Happy Monday indeed!

    visit me here:

  • I love the Maxis, but American Apparel??? Errrr that brand drives me nuts.

  • Normally I am a very nice person, but if I ever see you on the street in those shoes, I will knock you down and steal them.

  • Hi!
    I'm Brazilian and I read about you on Vogue.
    I loved the blog!


  • total chic, loved these pleated maxis

  • That last photo is EPIC. IN love with it. Great post. Every skirt is PERFECTION!

    Much love,

    I Live For It

    Xx. Jewls and Liza

  • I love this outfit! I will admit though, I kind of wish you hadn't rolled the skirt up. Not that you don't have super sexy ankles, I just like the skirts better when they're grazing the ground (picking up dirt everywhere you go – that's gotta get some repelling points right there, right?)

  • great, now i'm actually going to have to go and get this skirt…even down to the color!

  • I die for that Hermes belt……

  • wow that so stunning. they should make that skirt into pants as well!


  • Love the look Leandra. Who's gold watch are you rockin'?

  • Leandra, where oh where did you get those Valentino shoes? I know this post was about pleated maxi skirts and all, but I'm really digging those shoes. Show me the way…

  • Love it. The colour combo is great, neutral top with the bright skirt…so on trend! The belt is amazing too, I want!
    Looking pretty good for a "Man Repeller" 😉

  • Anonymous

    I want to shake you and squeeze you because I'm obsessed with you. I've been reading your blog for almost a whole year now and I like it better each day! You would be proud how weird my closet is now and how people look at me like an alien in Georgia! I owe all my success to you.

  • I likey likey. I have a great sweater from H&&M; that I got for a maxi dskirt as well BUT it's not pleated, blah. I like your put together. You are convincing me that I should go get the AA skirt (tan) because my ankle can also be sexy 🙂


  • Amazing! I love it!

  • girl, i love it. classy, chic, repellant. check check annnnd check. perfection. xx

  • LOVE THIS LOOK!! so perfect for work


    Le Kiss Kiss- Click Here!!

  • i love you blog, your style, and how you write and express yourself.
    i'm from brazil and read about you on vogue brazil!

  • AA is so on the money releasing that skirt right now.

  • Ash

    Now I feel that I'm have the need to springatize my wardrobe with man-repelling maxi skirts (insert huge grin here) and use springatize in my vocabulary from now on.

    Denim + Cotton

  • i've been thinking about buying that skirt from AA but in nude and/or green!


  • can't wait till I'm back strutting the accordion to the NY repelling rhythm- hopefully with you!!

  • love the skirt, and this new "man repelling length" that we're seeing everywhere? I love it.

  • i can't believe i'm JUST NOW reading this blog, i feel so painfully behind the times. ick. anyways, this outfit is adorable. that shade of safety barrel orange is killer.

  • This is both lady-like and classic. The color combination is right on trend too!

  • okay, i think im obsessed with the shoes!

  • I am so loving Yeshiva chick and am representing it in Melbourne for all us MR's over the other side of the 'pond' (yet we all bond in man-repelling sisterhood i know)

  • Very good, loved it. I am Brazilian, I met your blog through the Vogue Brazil, and you very funny and very stylish. Congratulations.
    visit my blog? I am a student of Graphic Design

  • Molly H.

    loooooooooove this look!!!!!! i wanna go right out and buy everything you're wearing!

  • the long accordian skirt is my FAVE man repelling outfit:

  • I just discovered your blog and it is the epitome of pure style indulgence…lush and marvellous…what is not to love

  • Anonymous

    She is 60 years old.

  • Love pleated skirts! Lovely outfit!

    Luiza from Lifestyle Philosophy

  • The AA skirt looks fantastic on you – great color. And sometimes its cool to rock the Yeshiva look. Half my friends think I'm orthodox because I wear so much clothing. I think it's the bubba in my head telling me to dress for a blizzard (I live in Miami.)

    xox Lexi
    Glitter & Pearls

  • love the skirt and the shoes