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A Look Back at Kimberly Taylor’s Lookbook
…It’s not really a look back because the clothing hasn’t even gone into production yet, but in any case, here’s a look at Kimberly Taylor’s F/W 2011 lookbook starring none other than the wine-clad womango posing above. Tweet her for a good time, or if you’re her father: shake your head in dismay wondering where you went wrong. Hey pops.
Before I dig into the deep of it, let me explain to you what’s going on: Kimberly Taylor (pictured above modeling the latest in Amish tomato chic) asked me to help style her lookbook. I said yes because the bitch is one o’my best friends but also because it came with a catch: style five looks, extra man repelling that I would model. Sign me up, said I. So while I didn’t literally sign up, I had my hand at mixing prints, layering jewelry, sock and sandaling, and KT even had leather bow ties made to complete several looks. If that’s not real friendship, I don’t know what it is. And so without further adieu, I give you: Man Repelling with Kimberly Taylor.
In this look, I paired a leopard print cut out mini dress with a python print chiffon mini skirt. The patterns really compliment each other. As you can see, my outfit is the only space leopard and snakes can co-exist peacefully. The inclusion of her leather sleeved varsity jacket and my own American Apparel turband make me the bell of this single-sex ball. (Booties, Proenza Schouler.)
Here in look numero dos, I implement another one of Kimberly Taylor’s leopard prints and pair them with some black wool trousers. They have a leather band at the waist which is pretty sweet. Birth control glasses are a check. (Booties, Jimmy Choo.)
…But the real fun didn’t start until…
I tried to show everyone how flexible my back is. That was fun. But you know what’s funner?
Twirling around in a dress worn open as a coat over a puffy skirt and menswear-inspired blouse. I call this one: Little Red Riding Hood-chic.
I think the extra repeller points here are obvious. Spot them out, people. Come on. Make me proud. (Booties, Christian Louboutin)
In another look that involved a red hair bow:
You forget there was a red hair bow in the entire equation. It was overshadowed by the volume of this puffy ass halter dress. (Booties, Zara, cuff by Young&Ng;)
I wore a leather accented oxford crop top over the dress but you can’t tell because it’s open and looks like a sleeveless jacket. All jewelry is my own and the likelihood that I am saying something grotesque is high.
Taking a cue from the same color palette, I give you:
The aforementioned leather bow-tie. I clipped it onto the black and white oxford mini dress shown above and put over it a fun little vest that looks like it escaped out of a three-piece suit. Three-piece suits. Something to consider speaking of woman-getting. I love a sexy penguin. 
(Sandals, Miu Miu.)
Kimberly suggested I get a little hands on with the model so I did what anyone would do and force fed her a bow tie.
 Rico Suave. 
And finally, in one last look:
A navy x leather trim maxi-dress with that erection to the heart-inducing vest. The thing that’s so great about this look, you see, is that there’s a 90s slit down the right side.
So take your pick, party people. You can be a getter from one side, a repeller from the other. (Shoes, Chrstian Louboutin.)
Th-th-th-th-th-th-that’s all folks!
All images shot by Caroline Owens
Make up by Ariela Naparstek, Hair by Melinda Bouldin
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