A Lesson in Color Blocking x A Monday Giveaway

Mondays are a drag, that’s why I’m giving you the chance to turn that frown upside-mother effing-down and win a color-block-bag from the fancy flamingos behind Be & D. 

When speaking of blocking, you see, color and cock are interchangeable. Why so many colors? He may wonder. Because the runway said so, you will retort.

As it happens with giveaways, there can only be one winner, but you’re all winners in my heart. So in addition to potentially acquiring a brand spankin’ new bag, I will also bestow immeasurable knowledge upon all of you. And money can’t buy you that shit. Below you will find a step-by-step photo tutorial to help you master the art of successfully cockcolor blocking. Many can color block. But can you repel while doing it? Let’s begin.

A disclaimer about these photos: Chuck and Naomi, the usual photo stars responsible for my images couldn’t make it over this weekend due to a bad case of the hangovers. Sue us, people. We are, after all, still in college. In any case, my other drunk friend Amelia offered to take some photos. So she did. Night had fallen, resolution is crummy. And while taking these photos she sang dumb songs. All in all a painful experience.

Step 1:
tank: T by Alexander Wang, shorts: Cynthia Rowley, flats: Chanel

Find bright funky shorts that wish they were Prada. Put them on.

Step 2:
blouse: Equipment
Swap out the plain old white for a punchy bright. Equipment’s spring collection offers many a successful try at emulating the Jil Sander color palette so get on it, sisters…and brothers. 
Step 3:
tights: Hue
I got an e-mail on Friday that explained the multitude of ways I remind one devoted reader of Jimney Cricket. Jimney Cricket, ey? 
Step 4:
socks: Hue
…Jimney Cricket with blue feet. As you can see, sometimes I smile like an asshole.
Step 6:
necklace: Fallon, shoes: Miu Miu
Add some sandals because if you don’t, you’re doing a disservice to your socks. Button your collar way up-top and wear a fun necklace to double as your female bow tie.
green purse: Chanel, rings: YSL, TomTom, bracelet: Giles & Bros

…By golly, you’ve done it. Now we’re both deflecting weeners far and wide. No really. I know I’ve dared you to go out and try and find a date in previous outfit renditions, but this one is Offen-sive. Captial O for dramatic effect. So…I double dare you. And now, for the giveaway.

 Sweet bag. And it can be yours! The rules are simple.

1. Follow Be & D on twitter.
2. Tell me you love me.
3. And then here below this post leave your name, e-mail address, and twitter handle (if you tweet) with a short note. Share an unusual fun fact about yourself. You know so much about me and I want to know more about you.

The winner with the weirdest knack will be announced Friday on twitter at 11AM. (This suggests you should probably follow me too.) I’ll show you a good time, that’s a promise. 

Go on now, block away. 

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  • I love you. Even if you didn't tell me to say it as part of the whole entering to win the bag deal, I'd still love you.
    Liz Connors
    Twitter: @LIZDUHSHIZ
    Unusual fact…hmmm. How about…I own more leotards than pairs of jeans. Or maybe that isn't unusual. It definitely shouldn't be, in my opinion.

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  • LOVE.

  • Nadine Younis, nadine.younis@hotmail.ca, twitter: younisn
    Instead of an unusual fact, I'll tell you a joke:
    What do you call a black pilot?
    A pilot, you racist.

  • LOVE! sorry no tweets for me… but i do love to color block.

  • 1) following Be & D on twitter!
    2) Not only do I love you, I love your blog! I don't comment much, but I've been following for a while πŸ™‚
    3) Tiffany; fraukuech@gmail.com; @fraukuech; I worked at a Boy Scout camp for three summers! πŸ™‚

  • Mary Shelby
    Twitter: MaryHappily

    My most favorite fact about myself is that I met Bob Barker when I was 11 and got to spend the day on the set of the Price is Right. Yes, I spun the wheel and it is very heavy! The best part of that trip is that I met Rod Roddy before he past away and during soundcheck he called me to "COME ON DOWN"

    Jessica, jesksa@gmail.com
    I almost drowned in a pool back ages ago because I refused to wear those arm floaty things… and manged to get to the deep end. WHOOPS.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  • I never enter contests, but I am doing this only so I can tell you, I love you.
    That's right, love. Can you feel it beating through the computer screen? I hope so.

    Creepiness aside:
    Polley (polleyp@gmail.com)
    Twitter: baxbaum
    Short note…. I just laid my heart out for you, that's all you need to know

  • Sazanka

    I love you!
    Sazanka Idris
    twitter: @sazankaa
    unusual fact: the first thing i notice about a person even sometimes before their face is their shoes. errr i dont know if thats unusual but i hope its good enough : D

  • nadia (nadiachristina@gmail.com)
    twitter: @laviesucree

    i have a seriously uncanny knack for winning giveaways. it's creepy. last week i won: two tickets to a movie premier, a super cute tote bag. totally unfulfilled. need color block bag!

  • Man Repeller, I love you.

    My name is Caroline Albers…alber316@umn.edu twitter: thatssocaroline

    I invented a hula hooping drinking game and IM NOT EVEN 21.
    okay, and i could say the ABCs backwards when i was 3.

    i love you.

  • 1. check
    2. check
    3. @zooeyloves
    Something weird about myself. I don't like the way I look in symmetrical outfits haha.

    Cute color blocking ps.

  • Good morning. I love you.
    I follow everyone in the world. (Or, more specifically, Be & D and you, my dear.)

    But, on a more serious/butt-kissing note, you're probably the only big-time style blogger who's not annoying. I guffaw like a nerd at every post, and your wit is rather biting.

    My name is Tierney. (pronounced Tyranny. It's Irish. The Irish actually spell it out phonetically as Tigernach, which is 2394023 times a cooler way to spell it. I've been trying to get people to call me TIGERNACH instead of my real name, but it's slow to catch on.)

    A random fact about me, besides having a baller name, is that I let my iPod shuffle make important life decisions for me. Like, if I'm not sure if I want to eat burritos or sushi for dinner, I hit shuffle and let Sebastian (my iPod's name) decide. If Ricky Martin's "La Vida Loca" comes on, I know I'm supposed to have a burrito. But, if Gorillaz "Dare" comes on, I should have sushi. (Because, you know, Gorillaz are cartoon and kind of anime-ish, and obviously anime=Japan=sushi.)

    Uhm. The end. Oh. My email is tierneykain [at] gmail [dot] com.

  • Just tweeted that I love you before I even read these rules! Man Repeller = woman attracter, it would seem.

    Name: Sparkles

    Email: StyleDisco@Gmail.Com

    Twitter: @sparklestam

    My weird fact is: I used to live in Papua New Guinea… also I'm generally a massive weirdo if that helps.

  • colour block = cock block in true man repelling fashion. love it!!


  • Anna

    I love your blog, and although I am unsuccessful at man repelling (I have a boyfriend), I still try to emulate your look – sometimes causing my boyfriend not wanting to be seen in public with me πŸ™‚

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  • not a fan of the green tights, but like the look just before that addition! thank you for sharing. love the red shirt and purple shorts.


  • laura marie
    ellemarie86 (private eyes, they're watching you, for corporate reasons)

    i have a fish hook / lambda shaped scar on the top of my left foot; oceans can be dangerous. my knees are rather beat up as well, reminiscent of my tom boy days. scars are rather repelling, though i cannot condone anything overly self-inflicted.

    roses are red,
    or can they also be blue,
    tennessee williams thinks so;
    oh, and i love you.


  • Sending mad love from St. Louis. You're a force, Leandra. A repellant force but a force nonetheless.
    Name: Cary
    Email: CaryRandolph@gmail.com
    Twitter: @caryrandolph
    Fact: I just moved to St. Louis from New York City, and there is no culture of man-repelling (or chasing wacky fashion) here, and that makes me so, so sad. So now I have all these boner-defying fashions and nowhere to wear them. And the weird part of it is – that has more than once made me sob uncontrollably.

  • hahha I LOOOOVE this!! πŸ˜€
    I followed them on twitter with Closet_Fashion
    I totally love you
    Megan: aclosetfashionista-blog@yahoo.com
    and a fact…hmmm….today is the first day I have actually put on makeup with foundation (normally its mascara and lip balm :p but I went all out today….but it doesn't look like I have makeup on)
    that was a long, and dumb story, but whatever

  • Sydney

    i have a freckle between my two little toes. i play drinking games to settlers of catan.

  • Hahah this is taking color blocking to the max.

    Love the equipment shirt.


  • I want to win!!!

    I became a follower on Twitter.

    Brianne, brianneoneil@gmail.com, http://twitter.com/#!/brianneloneil

    Random fact…. Cottage cheese scares me. I can't look at it or watch people eat it.

  • 1. followed both twitters listed
    2. i love you like fireworks
    3.Naimah Holmes, naimahshezonthedancefloor@gmail.com, @Nisforneemah
    4. i'm nothing but strange fact, but; i have typrophobia and synesthesia

  • I love you and your humor!

    Rachel Smith
    twitter: @classyturtle

    If my life existence depended on doing a cartwheel…I would die. I am too tall and gumpy to hold my body up while twirling around πŸ™‚

  • Megan

    I love your site! I've been pushing the man repeller look here in the rural midwest!


  • Sam

    love you and love man repelling!
    @slammytee &sams.stupid.blog;@gmail.com

    Unusual fun fact: my friends and I like to "mom dance" when we go out. We take man repelling to a whole new level through the art of comedy dancing. Little do people know, dancing like your mother is fun and addictive, even if you look like a total ass.

  • Guenevera

    I recently rediscovered your blog – love it! It has reignited the manrepeller style in me that had fallen dormant in the face of adulthood, but screw that!


    Lavendar suede platform motorcycle boots.

  • I love your blog. Found it through my blogger friend, Amelia pontes.

    My name is Gazel.
    gazelma @ hormail.com
    twitter: gazelma

    everyone pronounces my name wrong πŸ™ its not gazelle! its gay-zul!

  • Rio

    I love you. I love you like Chanel S/S 11 loves sequin shower curtains. I love you like puppies love bubblewrap.

    I'm Rio, riomatchett@hotmail.com, @riomatchett.
    I know, super creative right?

    Interesting fact? God, I have a million. I have this strange bone thing where my bones aren't properly attatched to the rest of me, so they just kind of, move around if I dont excercise to keep the muscles to keep them in place. It makes me super bendy but also super freaky.

    One time I got stuck on top of a cupboard (dont ask) and had to climb down a Vicar, that was a funny day.

    I can get both my feet in my mouth – BOTH WAYS (see previous freaky bones explanation). Asin, I can do it with the legs in front of me, or my legs behind me going over my head. Now that, let me assure you, repels not only men, but humans and dogs of all kinds.

  • haha awesome i love how you somehow pull all those colors off. i do like the first image a lot though!

    <3 steffy

  • I love Man Repeller!

    twitter: @wearandwhere

    Fun fact: 2 years ago I had to get my appendix removed…I woke up with the scars on the opposite side of my body. Very shocking, but it turned out ok. Now i'm going back to school to become a nurse so I can figure it all out. πŸ™‚

  • love Love LOVE you're blog!


    I'm a twin, double the trouble, double the ridiculous wardrobe options!

    twitter @malloryv

  • I love you! (I really do)

    My name is Emma Frankel (emmafrankel@hotmail.co.uk) and twitter @missyukiko88

    ehm weird fact: I grew up in Sweden and therefore love pickled herring and bright coral caviar that you squeeze out of a tube. I also have a deep love of ear muffs as my ears get so cold….seriously deep love

  • Maggie (thehautehoosier@gmail.com)
    Twitter: TheHauteHoosier

    Fun fact: I used to be the king (yes, king) of all man-repellers. I refused to be called a girl, wore exclusively Umbro shirts with huge tucked in t-shirts boasting sassy sayings including "You talkin' to ME?" with visible socks, and my beloved Sambas. I dug for bones during recess and called myself an archaeologist. And I did all of the above sans stylish irony.

    Oh… and I love you.

  • 1. I'm totes mcgoats uncool and I don't have a twitter. So following Be&D; would be a little hard.
    2. I laaaav you.
    lol jk you're strange.
    but it's cool. i still kinda lav you.
    3. Uhh. I'm not unusual. I'm so hipster it worries other people. Oh okay got one: I'm way too cool for other people. which relates to my lack of friends. but it's cool. lol jokeeees i have no friends because i take your clothing advice. but its cool. your blog's cooler than people.
    in a non creepy way.
    . . .
    Diva; divam001@hotmail.com
    i know dudez. you can tell how creative i am with just my email id.
    i iz too coolz for schoolz.

  • Becky Peters – beckypeters89@hotmail.com
    Fun Fact: I've had 12 teeth pulled by the dentist and still have a full mouth. My brother sometimes calls me horseteeth.. I think it's an exaggeration.

  • love you & this blog. perfect example of creative outlet with an inspirational aim, after all man repelling is an art form.

    name is danielle lawne, which makes my email easy for me to remember, danielle.lawne1@gmail.com
    twitter: dlawne

    i'm lacking in interesting facts, except that as you can probably tell from my emails/twitter handle, i am incapable of remember creative usernames and therefore have to resort to using my own name.

  • I LOVE U <3

    @Athenouka on Twitter

    fun fact about me: i check your blog first thing in the morning and last thing before sleeping!
    Plus,my password practically everywhere is the name of my favorite baby doll which i have since i was 2!!! :$

  • 1. I don't have a twitter. πŸ™
    2. I love you!
    3. Jessica DeWitt jdewitt08@apu.edu
    And weird thing about me: I'm doing scientific research on termite genes. And I love to bake science-themed sugar cookies. πŸ™‚

  • 1) Oh look and that new and shiny follower Be & D just got!

    2) I think I may love you roughly the same (or dare I say more) than a street style photographer loves lurking outside shows at Paris Fashion Week

    3)Sonya Noronha, sonya.noronha@gmail.com, @SonyaWho
    I'm actually a wee bit afraid of wearing a single piece of bold colour. But rather, I prefer to wear 3584534 pieces of bold colour all yelling over each other and clawing their way to be the first to catch your eye (sorta muting each other out). I'm and all or nothing kind of girl, I guess

  • Anonymous

    Aiiiiiiiii Lurve Yew!

    I go by the name of : Kenzie D. Kingman (to all you lonely souls out there please refrain from be-friending me on facebook, Thank-ing you in advance)

    This can be translated into cyber language as: kenzie.kingman@gmail.com

    Twitter: don't have an account, but depending on the proposal popped that could change. Ok scratch that, just made one – @lovesikpuppy

    Fun Fact…sss… listed bee-low:

    a) I speak to my dogs on skype when IΒ΄m away from home

    b) When I was 8 I took my 3 pet turtles for a walk in the garden to stretch their little leggies and lost them all. It was this very day that I added the word ca-mo-flaj to my vocab)

    c) When IΒ΄m really embarrassed (which is quite rare if I may say so myself) my ears block up and I canΒ΄t hear anything for about 10 seconds.

    Over and out!

  • Hey! I'm Laura, from the wonderful Rome, and yes, I love you a LOT!!

    Email: allthethingsimloving@gmail.com
    Tweet @la_bertinelli

    Fun fact #1 My boyfriend calls me "banana", because my skin is really delicate and it takes nothing to get covered in bruises all over my body! A pinch = greenish bruise πŸ™

    Fun fact #2 I actually wrote a post about color-blocking in my blog, click on my name above and go reading it!

  • HAHAHAHA you're great!
    I can't stop laughing!!


  • My name is Makena Cahill and I have chronic matching disorder. I've been using your blog as a cure – because there is nothing better for chronic matching disorder than assailing your eyes with the combination of argyle and leopard. I, too, hope to one day mix prints (and repel men) with such confidence and grace.

    makenafcahill @ gmail dot com
    tweet tweet: @makenacahill

  • Just discovered you and lurve you so!

    Name: Janice
    (Couture and Crayons)

    Email: coutureandcrayons@Gmail.Com

    Twitter: @couturecrayons

    Weird Fact: I was born a leftie, but was forced as a child to use my right hand. Yes my mother has control issues.

  • KelZiemann

    I'm Kelly from the wonderful city of Chicago and I love your blog! My email address is kelly.a.ziemann and you can follow me on twitter at Kelziemann

    Fun fact about me is that I only see out of one eye at a time. I had crossed eyes until I was 2 years old and although they corrected it, I only see out of one eye at a time and when I get tipsy, my lazy eye gets CRAZY!

    Maybe if I won the precious bag I could carry some sunnies with me to put them on when I've had too much?

  • youre the first person i have told i love them without ever having actually seen them in the flesh. that's big. that's cyber love. that's real.
    darcy (a female one by the way), darcynicholson@hotmail.co.uk, @learnfromthis (incidentally you can check out my blog too if you fancy it: learn-from-this.blogspot.com yes i am 2 weeks behind, yes artwork is on its way) and so to my krraaazy fact… when i was three i was so in love with MJ that i had to be called michael. "darcy it's time for your bath" my mum would say, while i stared even harder at the tv, "michael! bath time!" she would try. "COMING MAMA!!" and boom, there i was, in the bath.
    so yeah. there you have it. nice talking.

  • – Following!
    – I Lourve you (because you're an artist of Man Repelling…get it?)
    – Meridith McTamany, mer1230@gmail.com, @MerMcTamany
    – Weird Fact: If I am ever unfortunate enough to have to unload the dishwasher in my kitchen, the leftover water that sits in the top of glasses and stuff makes me gag. If it gets on me or my clothes I have a mental breakdown and start yelling. It's adorable.

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Bianca Engmann
    what the girl above said πŸ™‚ kidding… i secretly go through your archive almost every day and read all your man repelling amazingness so energise my repellant stocks. an unusual fun fact, i can do the E.T. fingers )http://static.stickam.com/media/image/converted/original/1736/7315/9/20d03534-38ba-11db-a635-97917b7a70e1.jpg) with my toes on my left foot. its not the most attractive ability but i am sure as hell amused by it.

  • Eliana

    Love is a very strong word. So i'll use it. I love you and I love this blog.

    Unusual (fun?) fact: I have to eat all colored candy in order. Not necessarily a specific, order, I just have to finish all of a certain color before I can start a new one.
    Hence, I am an expert at any and all color blocking.

    Eliana White

  • Anonymous

    lbrenner @ thisismkg dot com
    Weird fact: I wanted to be a boy in the 3-5 grades so I wore a bun tucked under and only green. Yep.

  • Following, but more importantly, loving this man repelling outfit {and that gorgeous color block bag of course} – on multiple occasions I've worn my green tights and been compared to Peter Pan so Jimmeny Crickets not too bad πŸ˜‰

    Fun weird fact? I've won {and by won, I mean like pummeled the competition} every single food eating contest I've ever entered, including but not limited to {respectively of course}: pie, hot dogs, bacon, buffalo wings and a double extra large pizza in its entirety.
    And I'm beyond terrified of robots.

    xo Sarah
    @RavingFashion; sg@RavingFashionista.com

  • MR, I love you like I love leopard print.

    I'm Alayna Carberry: carbe010@umn.edu and @alaynasays on the twitter.

    I have eleven toes. But actually, I do.

  • Molly H.

    First of all… you are brilliant. and thank you for allowing me to embrace my state of being perpetually single….cuz I look good doin it! love love love

    Molly Hoarty

    unusual fact? hm….welp, dont know how fascinating or just weird it is, but I own about 40 bottles of OPI nailpolish….and know the name of every single one. and yes, i can tell the difference between Elephantastic Pink and Strawberry Margarita.

    Please pick me! I'd do you proud πŸ™‚

  • Love you! Thank you! I've been wanting to learn how to embrace my inner man repeller

    -Stacy Kim
    Email: stacy_thatsright@msn.com
    Twitter: @stacymkim

    I can get really angry at someone but the minute they say sorry and hand me a pastry, I forget it ever happened.

  • I follow via twitter your blog and Be& D by nick: mhenom.

    I love your blog and I love you for this great giveaway, love the block colors on you, so great.

    mail: caprichosdeana@yahoo.es
    name: Ana Gonzalez

  • Erin
    Twitter- @Nvrenoughnails

    I am an Irish dancer, so I regularly go out in public wearing a wig and a dress made entirely of sequins! It's pretty man repelling, human repelling even.

  • Anonymous

    Unusual fact: As a kid I wore head to toe medieval garb. Yes, all the time. Let's just say… the man repelling started fairly early.

  • Hi! I love you so much I accidentally sent my entire office your "make your own suspenders" post when I was TRYING to send it to a stylish (aka man-repelling expert) coworker. Whoopsies!

    Maureen H

    Freak Fact: I'm a 5th generation Seattleite, where man-repelling works the opposite way it was designed to work, because men here think Tivas with Orca monogramed socks are sexy.

  • eeek! I love you!!

    fun fact: well I have a scar on my forehead/eyebrow, kind of like harry potter, isn't that just neat! it totally adds some extra points when making wizardly inspired repelling outfits! πŸ™‚

    Magna RΓΊn

  • Anonymous

    1.) done!
    2.) I hate you!
    3.) unusual fact: i tend to say the opposite of what people want me to say, just because i have to. yes, i HAVE to!

    lots of love from vienna <3

    Yasmin Rosenberger


    fun fact: i have a fear of jello. like, legit. when i see it i get really nervous and my heart beats fast and i sweat and i feel like i need to be thousands of feet away from it. scary stuff.


    Sharli J

  • I set up a twitter account solely because of this contest!
    And I love you. This is one of my favourite blogs and that green Chanel bag of yours is beyond words!


    An unusual fact, you ask? Well I have scoliosis (my spine is curved) so I have to wear a back brace. It's a thick inflexible piece of plastic that covers my entire torso, from the top of my back to the very bottom!
    It looks something like this masterpiece by Hussein Chalayan except uglier and more medical looking:

    Sure my brace is uncomfortable and it makes bending over to pick up something on the floor nearly impossible and what not, but the biggest downside of it is that there are so many incredible clothes that I can't wear with it! When I wear it, I look more like a box/robot than a real person. Then again, it instantly turns me from a man repeller to a human repeller, which is alway a good thing! Another bonus? If you try to attack me, the joke's on you! People have tried punching the brace. I can't feel a thing but it kills their hand!


  • Emma G

    Am following BE&D; already!

    I will profess my love for you in the immortal words of G-unit, 'I love you like a fat kid loves cake.'

    my twitter is @aimond
    e-mail – emmaonthehill22@yahoo.co.uk

    Freaky fact: I have a mole on my forehead that is very bulbous (I love that word) it looks like a coco pop. Someone has actually said to me, 'excuse me you have chocolate on your forehead', but alas it was not sweet confectionery, just my ugly BULBOUS growth.

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Anonymous

    1) Following.
    2) Love might be an understatement!!
    3) Rebecca Garber- garber_r@hotmail.com, @rebeccaegarber
    4) I have a stuffed animal dog that I β€œmight” sleep with me every night. My friends totally torment me about it and when I was in university I would come home to find her in provocative poses- nightmarish!! Anyways, when I was younger and having a favourite stuffed animal was more socially acceptable, my best friend and I decided to give my pup the fall's must have. It was circa 2000, and Kate Spade purses were the SHIT- Im sure you remember. My friend and I spent the afternoon sewing a mini leopard purse. The finishing touches: β€œRebecca Garber” camp clothing label stitched across the front. Pooch Couture!!!

  • Indeed, I do love you; plus you look like my best friend from high school when we were odd musical theatre kids so…
    Usual Fact: I have a bizarre fear of certain patterns. Not like on clothes, like think 'when you dip strawberries in chocolate and then the chocolate shell dries. Just thinking about imprint of the seeds on the cooled chocolate is giving me the willies as a I type this : (


  • Amy

    I'm actually obsessed with your blog; you're definitely one of my style icons.

    Fun fact: I accidently wore my white maxi skirt to eat at the cafeteria at Hillel and an Orthodox Jewish boy asked me on a date because he assumed that I was also Orthodox. Also, that was the first date I got asked on in a year, so..


  • love u boo boo! i check ur blog more than i check the weather (which is tricky living in nyc seeing its 50 today and 20 the next)
    alex nunez
    artist,dj, blogger (abfabduo.com-shameless plug)…
    fun fact: i once didnt wear pants for a whole year. spandex queen!successfully repelling men since 2006!
    fashion first, nyc is the perfect place to let your freak flag fly!

  • Tathiana Spacek

    Your blog is so brilliant, i love you!
    An unusual fact about me… I have phobia of those first days of class/work where they ask you where are you from. You know why? Because I have no idea of where I am from. It's probably because my parents couldn't stay in one place only. And besides I'm called autist in class just because I have no fear of telling stupid things i feel like talking… Anyway, there're so many weird things about me and I don't want to write the whole day off, so that's it.

    PS: you're featured on Brazilian Vogue!

  • OMG!! I totally sported this look back in 1989!! SEriously!! I didn't have the satin purple shorts. Mine were purple suede. Unfortunately, the photos were destroyed by water. πŸ™

    PS Following on Twitter too.
    lesleyd at the gmail

  • Following

    After my classes are over, I find this site as some of the best comic relief and to be the best mood pick me up! I love what you do and seem to have a lot fun in whacked out outfits!!

    My twitter @meredithalisse
    email mereanm@gmail.com

    Fact: I told my mother when she said what I was wearing was horrible, that I'm practicing man repelling when out with my best (male) friend later that night. She called up her sister to tell her how worried she was for me and my choices.

  • I. Show me your tweets!
    II. I love how you smile like an asshole, I've been known to smile like an asshole from time to time, also like a penguin.
    III. I skyped my dog for an hour and 14 minutes yesterday. No one else was home at my parents house but my lovely sister set up the computer in front of my dog's beddy before she left to go shopping at value village. Speaking of Value Village or Vagina village or VV I belong to an excited up and coming blog called thegreyestgarden where we post our great finds from this magical second hand store. I find our outfits can fall under the category of man repelling. Feel free to take a look.
    Keep on repelling!

    elizabeth rogers

  • Anonymous

    1.) done
    2.) I think I love you!
    3.) I started skipping classes in elemantary school because already then I hated everything related to school, but, and that's the wierd part, I managed not only to finish high school but college, too (Interior Design, of that's of interest). THIS FRIDAY. YAP. ME. I guess the bag should be mine, I deserve it!


  • Fabulous giveaway! And totally following B&D; on twitter.

    I freakin love you man!!!

    email- melrod1206@gmail.com

    Unusual fact about me: Old men is sweatpants give me the creeps!! I can't help the fact that you can see the definition of their package. I can't handle it. It's there and even if you don't want to look, you do because it's like it's starring right back at you. aye yayay!!!


  • 1. Done.
    2. Love you, want to be you, yada yada yada.
    3. Nami Kim; namikim00@gmail.com; @nycnami. I joined okcupid as a joke, sort of, so I could receive creepy/desperate/hilarious messages from guys, and snort my way through the day. On my profile, I wrote that a guy should only message me if he "appreciates a girl who wears leopard harem pants." I received no messages. You've got mail fail.

  • I now follow Be&D; on Twitter. And I love you. And here's my info/my digits, if you will:


    Fun fact: when I was a baby, I was in a post office with my mom and so was Robert Redford. He offered to hold me while my mom mailed something, and I wore his Ray Bans. I don't remember it, but my mom says he is a very kind man, and very handsome up close. That's my claim to fame!

  • Michelle

    1. done!
    2. I love you! And your style! And your humour!
    3. Michelle (or Pola Negri on Twitter), e-mail address is mnl471@mun.ca

    Fun fact! My knees bend backwards instead of forwards and they crack a lot when I bend them normally… so I always have my legs crossed when I'm standing! When I'm wearing a maxi skirt people think my feet are on backwards.

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Te amo chica linda!
    (I love you pretty girl)

    @brighteyesangie on twitter

    Thanks to you what I have been doing since about the age of 13 has a name: REPEL! So thank you for that! I'm 27 now and my life has new meaning!
    An odd fact for you: I will never get married and plan to be a cat lady. I have known this about myself since I was a child.

  • Tracy Le | tracyle100@gmail.com | http://twitter.com/#!/tracyleeeee

    The fact I feel I am the Asian/more in debt/ not as fashionably superior (superior in a cool way, YET) version of you, my love for you naturally climbs the snowy-styled peaks of wit and flair via admiration and the onset of stalking at a very rapid pace.

    An usual fact about myself is definitely not that I used to think men's Dickie's shorts should always match your tube socks and converse, otherwise one would just look way off…but that I have a knack for coming up with the seemingly perfect way to say a store's name–to an almost harmonious onomatopoeia effect. Yes, can be subjective, but entirely true. Kind of like cargo pants.

    Miss you though I don't know you,
    Tracy #contestlosingrepeller

  • I love you. And your blog.

    Kirsten Harris

    I used to live down the street from Bill Nye the Science Guy.

    He's probably one of my man repelling icons who reminds me my outfit is not complete without a bow-tie (or three).

  • I LOVA YA! Or to spice it up a bit I'll say it in Irish "Is aoibhinn liom tusa".

    I don't have that many fun facts about myself expect that I can write about the benefits of eating eggs for about 2 A4 pages.

    My name's Fionnuala Sweeney and my email's fionnualasweeney93@gmail.com

  • Suzanna

    – suzanna
    my right eye squeaks when pressed. sexy.

  • -Following, any Twitter friend of yours is a friend of mine
    -Not only are you fashionably pleasing but undeniably witty. J'adore.
    -@TheoryofShe….(I'm cool)

    Fun (creepy) fact : I follow well dressed people into subway cars.

  • I do indeed love you & this lovely site.


    fun fact: I've only broken one bone — unfortunately it was my cocyx. aka I broke my butt bone. Twice in 2 years. And had to sit on a donut pillow during classes. cute, right?


    My name is Jessi Reel, and I'm new to man repelling…since I'm married, this is steadily becoming a problem. But I want to be in the club too!
    twitter: ruthmarie86

    I'm a small town girl that loves fashion…also a problem. None of my friends have heard of Balenciaga or Proenza Schouler, and they think I'm a little nutty.

    PS-How does a college student afford such fabulous things?

  • Kat

    Kathie Nowicki

    I adore you.

    Fun fact! I work in a lab that studies mouse brains and I still try my hardest to repel everyday.

  • Man Repeller, I love you, will you marry me?

    Leizl Basilio
    twat me!!!! – leizlba

    FACT: You have found the art and science of man-repelling. I, on the other hand, have discovered the how-to of woman-getting. Think it's the same thing? Just don anything reminiscent of Jil Sander's spring line and VOILA! Immediately men go flacid and it's lady boners every where? WRONG. Dress like Justin Bieber!!!!!!! No seriously, this is my unusual fun fact…The only time I ever have been attracted to a girl was when I saw this lesbo dressed like Justin Bieber. She even had the voice down <3 ahhhhh

  • I love you and your blog and because I work in fashion, I get away with reading it as "research".

    I sometimes find that that when my outfits are not repelling enough, I can seal the deal with insult. While dressed to the Nunny nines, I once tried out for Jeopardy and during the recording I told Alex Trebek that his mother was a whore. He didn't get the SNL reference and certainly didn't like it. Repelling a gameshow icon-check.

    Jen Schelich, jenschelich@gmail.com

  • i love you, and you are seriously my hero.

    Valerie Chiang
    I don't tweet πŸ™

    Interesting fact: i can burst clouds apart with my mind. you can too, if you focus intently on a cloud and imagine it bursting apart.

  • Um, how in the hell could I not love a cock blocker like you?!

    Emily Hanhan

    I had open heart surgery in the third grade. Lemme tell ya, a long scar down the center of your chest (from collarbone to belly button) is the PERFECT permanent man repeller!

  • Fine, now I'm on twitter, following Be & D. And The Man Repeller. But I don't intend to tweet. My life is not that interesting.

    I DO love you, Man Repeller! I DO! Which is really, really strange b/c I am not your demographic. A) I am old: 38. B) I am not a man repeller; well, not intentionally. My husband would say I sport some outifts that qualify as man repelling. The guy is not a fan of prints. Or bright colors. Or chunky jewelry. He's cute, though!

    Here's me: mjpilgrim@msn.com

    Here's a weird fact about me: My husband told his college buddies he was going to marry me BEFORE he'd even met me! Even though I was probably sporting bleached-out Guess jeans with ankle zippers, a purple cropped Benetton sweater, and, sigh, loafers. Honestly, if that wasn't man repelling, what is?

  • Lyse Cook

    Fun fact: I'm obsessed with going out to eat to nice, sit down restaurants… by myself. And then ordering whatever I want and taking a million years to make a decision. the end.

  • Anonymous

    I love you Man-Repeller!!!!
    Name: Laura Rodriguez
    Email: isacevi@gmail.com
    Twitter: @isacevi
    Unusual fun fact? I just saw pinocchio last night so the jimney cricket reference made my day… Hhhmm actually the color block purse could make my day even better…

  • Ohhh yeaaah!

    Name: Sam
    Email: samantha.carow@gmail.com
    Twitter: grlsgotstyle

    Fun fact: I posted a photo of myself wearing a bow necklace on your FB for good measure, so I really feel like this bag should come home to papa.

  • Rosa


    You are loved my me, immensely.

    I really like eating pineapple chunks with cottage cheese. Could this be a cousin of color-blocking, unconventional food-blocking perhaps? I once ate it on a first date and the man repelling side effects were stupendous.

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Barbora


    @barborawrites on twitter (following Be & D)

    I love you so much, I am reading this blog and being a terrible intern at ELLE Magazine (in Canada) while my editors are behind me…shhhhh!!

    Also the fun fact…

    A few weeks ago when wearing my most repelling (read: stunning) ankle length white fur coat (think CHANEL FW2010), I walked past a homeless man and his dog.

    The dog lurched for me.

    "No Rex! That's not a giant chew toy!" He yelled and pulled him back.

    I giggled and winked at him, grateful for the compliment.

  • ahhhhh man! wish i could join the contest but i dont have twitter! mannn o well! i got a grade A lesson on color-blocking! thank you for that!

    follow me at:

  • Nancy Taylor

    I love you, you taught me that it's okay that I haven't had a boyfriend in years because one cannot dress to impress(the ladies) as well as have a man-friend. Thank you πŸ™‚

    Fun fact?: I sleep with one eye open.

  • you're style is fantastic πŸ™‚
    little known fact – I won't set my alarm on 5s or 10s

  • 1. Following BeandD on Twitter
    2. I love you, te amo, je t'aime etc.
    3. Michelle Clark, clark45@illinois.edu, @seashell23

    Short note: Have been following you for a couple of months now and all I can say is WOWZA! You put a 5 year old girl who just raided her mother's wardrobe to shame.

    Fun fact: I am a broke college student whose only income is to steal tips people leave at the bar. This purse will provide a home or all those dollar bills.

  • Yessss, amazing tutorial, as always!!! The lime green tights are my favorite.

    1. Following on Twitter! πŸ˜€
    3. My name is Allison! (hello! :D) Email is curvygirlchic@gmail.com, and my Twitter handle is CurvyGirlChic.

    Mmmmm, unusual fact about myself…I take better care of my bags than I do my kids. Just kidding, I don't have kids. Because that would involve a man (at some point), and that just hasn't happened for me yet. I blame the bags. But not really, because I love my bags more than I could ever really love a man. Not really kidding about hat, and I don't know if that's a good or bad thing.

  • Carole

    BONJOUR! πŸ˜€
    Yes I'm french and I have to admit your blog helps me to improve my english! And most of all your are hilarious just like Louis CK (best compliment ever!) πŸ˜€ (and because I am french words like asshole sound very exotic to me, how nice! ^^)

    My twitter is http://twitter.com/#!/coolingloo
    (stupid name I had no inspiration!)
    So I'm following both of you!
    Email adress : summerdoherty@hotmail.fr
    (stupid too I had no inspiration bis!)
    (God it seems I'm so boring! >< )
    An unusual fact? well it's hard but I would say that I can't shut my mouth in a party for example and I will just tell everyone about shamefull things about me, how weird is that (such as… when I was 8 years old I created a website about ponies) and I just tell the story to everyone as if I should be proud! This is a vocal manrepelling thing truly!

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  • 1. Following!
    2. I love you and love to live vicariously through you. I actually said to myself after getting dressed the other morning, "Man Repeller would be so proud!"
    3. Megan Younce, megosaurus@gmail.com, @meganyounce, formerly known as @hitrayaledi (which so happens to be a very loose Russian translation of "Foxy Lady").

    Funusual fact/party trick: I can write simultaneously with both hands, but in opposite directions. My left hand will be writing the mirror image of whatever my right hand is writing! Oh the fun things one can discover when bored in college Spanish class.

    ps. I met a girl recently who said my shoes gave her a "lady boner", after apologizing for nearly hitting me with her car.

    Naturally, I gave her the link to your blog.

  • Donna

    Fun fact: I randomly decided to start going by the name Donna in 3rd grade. I hated my name so I wanted to change it. Where did I get Donna from? The grocery check out lady at Meijers. And I've been Donna ever since : )

  • Anonymous

    o man repeller, how i love thee
    name: paloma martinez
    email: palomamartinez02@hotmail.com
    twitter: alas i do not tweet..perhaps i should?
    fun fact: my high school superlative was most likely to own 5+ cats. 'nuff said.

    this winter in the confines of denim, my legs have been wonderfully hairy and unshaven and this bag would be the perfect vehicle for summer repelling. men beware.

  • 1. following
    2. I love you! I wrote about you and your blog for class last week.
    3. Lyra Smith

    Interesting fact:
    I am 22 and have never owned a purse; I would really like my first to be special.

  • Why hello!
    I'm Kate- and started following your blog/tumblr a couple of weeks ago when I Found it.
    I love it, and YOU! woo.
    My twitter is Kate_Louuu
    My email is klblock4@gmail.com
    And my unusual fact ( I'm unusual all around so it could be a forever long list…)
    but I have extremely strong toes, so therefore when my boyfriend asks to thumb wrestle, I whip the toes out instead. (At first this was weird for him but now he deals… ha!)


  • allo'
    love your stuff.
    pairing odd and seemingly unflattering items into a gloriously off-putting yet cohesive look takes practice.
    welps, I'm lindsey.
    twitter: lindsey_larson (totally uniquers.)
    unusual fact: I create art that combines fashion, graffiti, illustration and dead/dying/misused/rare vocabulary. (I finally found a way to incorporate those myriad interests into art.)

  • I Love you ;D Even more then I love chocolate, fruit and Johnny Depp!

    A fun fact about me? Well that's tough cause I'm sooo funny ;D haha, no. I always peel my apples before eating them. I just don't like the skin, and we don't eat the skin on oranges, so why should we eat it on apples? XD

    Mail: tykke_tilde@hotmail.com
    Name: Caroline Gudmandsen

  • 1. I follow Be & D on twitter.
    2. I love you. And more importantly, my boyfriend HATES the outfits I wear inspired by your genius.
    3. Elizabeth D, haveyourcakeblog@gmail.com, ElizHYC
    4. I have some odd affinity (that I rarely admit to myself, let alone to others) for seeing just how close I can cut it when flying. I think my record is arriving 21 minutes before the departure of an international flight and 8 minutes for a domestic.

  • jess

    I lurve YOU!!

    Jess, hause.11@buckeyemail.osu.edu, @jesshause

    I am a full time fit model for a children's brand…and I'm 24 years old πŸ™‚

  • Ok first of all: I love you.
    2. Megan Erickson, aeafho123@gmail.com
    3. interesting fact eh? I learned how to blow smoke rings at age 5, I just blew them under water without smoke. I also wore floral print leggings to kindergarden everyday without fail.

  • caroline

    love you, love the bag, LOVE the miu miu's.
    caroline lafferty carolineplafferty@gmail.com
    currently wearing: maroon paige's, chambray equipment blouse, fur vest, 3 necklaces, 2 giant rings, alexander (no)wang bag, leopard coat. i have been well taught, man repeller.
    coveting: lime equipment blouse

  • ahhh! soo much love for this blog πŸ™‚

    Name: Sarah Mele
    Email: s.mele13@gmail.com
    Twitter: @Singinsarah913
    Awkward Fact:

    … I currently have an extreme neck-ache from whipping my hair back and forth.. baadd badd idea. it man repelled AND punished me. If only i had a beautiful bag to ease my troubles and man repel minus bodily pain!

  • Shlove ya lots.

    Jessica Gilbert

    Fun fact: My dad won a car on Wheel of Fortune. Thank god it was a station wagon (extra man repeller points, yes?) to lug all his chirren around.

    Now gimme that purse. K thx bye. xo

  • 'Ello guvnah!

    I believe I love you. I also love Be & D, seeing as I only follow those I love on Twitter.

    My name is Miriam, my blog, should you experience boredom or a desire to be entertained, is MirReflections.wordpress.com, and my email is Miriambernard@att.net.

    I are very speshul because I reject cupcakes, cookies and sweets of any kind like a champ, but put a bowl of green olives, peppercinis or pickles in front of me and I morph into a ravenous beast. Dirty martini? No thankkksss, just the olive juice please.

    This is my most potent form of Man Repelling, as just two nights ago my husband and I were getting frisky and the moment he smelled my salty condiment-laden breath I was banished to the bathroom for a good teeth-brushing.

    Love to you!

  • I ruff you Leandra.

    Samantha Crowell

    Fun fact: I'm doing costuming for a play at my college, and I included lady bowners as homage to manrepeller

  • I love you more than you know [not in a creepy way, but if you like it like that then by all means..heheh]

    Name: Michelle Huynh
    E-mail: michelleesque[at]gmail[dot]com
    Twitter: @mahalmichelle

    Let's see. My sister was lonely so she asked if she could have a sibling – then I was born. How sad, right? I was born because someone wanted play with someone. Once I was born, I was named after one of my sister's favorite character on Full House played by the Olsen twins.

    I guess I could say I dress like the Olsen twins. Hobo, flannel shirts tied around my waist, clothes too large that they hit the ground that I walk on, does this earn man repeller points?

  • Here's to swooning from innumerable lady bow-ners… and to even more repelling than a bag full of printed knee-socks!

    Laura Voskamp

    @lalalalaurav on TWITTER

    Fun fact? My first crush was Disney's Aladdin.

  • Jessica A

    I love you! Luuuuurv.

    Jessica Allen

    Fact! I hate astronauts. When I was a kid one dissed my dad, and I've never been able to forgive. All astronauts are asshats!

  • 1. Check (X)
    2. Ich liebe dich, Man Repeller!!! This past week I have discovered you and your blog, read all of it, and changed my style forevaa!
    3. My name is Jenny Heck (like "what the heck?"); jnny_heck@yahoo.com; @jnny_heck

    UNUSUAL FACT: When I was in 8th grade, my best friend and I themed our outfits. One of my favorites was floral print day:

    Note the girls in the background. We have been human repelling for a long time now..

  • I just followed both you and Be & D on Twitter!

    jessycow.blog (at gmail dot com)
    Twitter: jessy757

    Unusual fun fact? I have lots! haha I like to collect different kinds of hosiery..fun patterns and such. I like to pluck & tweeze hair…even on other people. I don't like ice cream, which EVERYONE thinks is weird.

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! Can't wait to see who wins. : )

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  • Anonymous


    I am obsessed with any type of olive… yummmmmmyyy

  • I love you.

    I hiccup about 20-40 times a day. Doctors don't know why and said it's 'just a bit special'. The only treatment they suggested was a diaphragm pace maker which would give me little electric shocks and stop me breathing for a few seconds..

    I decided to keep the hiccups and stay special!

    Anna Appleton

  • pam

    love love LOVE YOU!

    following you & be&d; on twitter.

    tweet me @lastylemama

    when i was preggers w/ my 1st kid. people thought i was a teenage mom the way i was dressed… and i was 32.

  • I love you, your blog, and all you COCK blocking ways (with or without the color).

    Fact: I spent $400 this weekend on 2 new shoes
    Tweeties @katskull

    Kat Skull
    ktskull (at) gmail (dot) com

  • 1) following Be & D and you on twitter!
    2)Love you!
    3) Dayna; dayna.doman05@gmail.com; @ShoeInvestor;
    When I was 6, I lied about a new guinea pig being a boy as part of a grand scheme to get my girl guinea pig pregnant. It totally worked.


    Fun fact: I've never eaten meat but I could care less if other people do. Also people ALWAYS ask me and my brother if we are boyfriend and girlfriend, which I suppose isn't fun, but it's still a fact.

    Rebecca Huber

  • Pilar

    1. Followed and followed
    2. I just considered putting my hefty thighs into green tights after seeing these pics – if this isn't love, then you need to see my thighs in color tights
    3. Weird fact…well the ones that are actually weird probably shouldn't be shared here and I doubt you were referring to those when you asked for an unusual fact so let me give you a regular weird one: I (obviously) have this crazy annoying habit of saying even the simplest things in about the longest way possible. (corny that I used that after the long sentence huh, w.e.s)
    maria del Pilar Casal (I know long name huh)

  • i love your twisted and perverse humor and style.

    everything that's supposed to give people energy or a temporary boost actually puts me right to sleep–coffee, red bull, etc etc. its like instant narcolepsy. (need to get tested for it actually)


  • Of course I love you and not just because of the bribes.

    Kat; kat.mceachern [at] gmail.com; @percetblog

    I went to the zoo frequently as a young girl in Florida and my life goal was to be a manatee feeder (they are not trained, merely fed) but now my sole goal is to man repel.

  • As you said a few posts earlier- this is toterly kewl!

    First of all, and be sure I imagin you breaking your teeth trying to pronounce it, Ani Ohevet Otach! (which, of course, means 'I love you' in Hebrew).

    Now for my fun fact- i live (and have lived all my life) in a kibbutz, which is basically a small community who's living far from the big city, sustaining on her own resources, follows its own rules and shares her finances equally to all members of the kibbutz, so basically- commies. That's right. (though to be honest, it stopped being communist a few years ago but still…)
    How awesome is that? Think of all the clothes I had growing up with 50 other boys and girls who shared my clothes?! F-u-n

    My email is nivi_co@walla.co.il and my twitter name is Nico238, thanks for the great giveaway  xxxx

  • 1. Followed.
    2. I totally love this blog. I'd also like to add that it's a personal ambition of mine to run into you on the street so you can compliment my top-knots, color-blocking, and maxi-skirts in person!
    3. wharton.angela@gmail.com; @politika
    Fun fact? Last week I got hit on in Bryant Park and promptly RAN to Zara for some man-repelling garb. Thankfully the incidence hasn't been repeated since!!

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • I'm following Be & D on twitter @cadrommy!

    My name is Ying and I LOVE you. I really do.

    Fun fact: Watching people brush their teeth on tv gives me goosebumps and chills. Thus, I hate toothbrush and toothpaste commercials.

    email me when you pick me to win that sweet bag at khang.ying@gmail.com

  • Je t'aime… duh

    Sarah Weir

    tweet tweet: @sarah_weird

    Fact: I consume more hot dogs on a daily basis than is deemed physically possible… on campus.. while usually wearing a turban.

  • I'm not gonna lie, those green tights are pretty uggers mcgee. But I do lurve me some color blocking and am looking to conquer this trend in a very man-repelling way πŸ™‚


    I once wiped ice cream off President Bush's shirt… he dipped his elbow in a bowl of vanilla soft serve. Go figure.

  • i LOVE color blocking. this outfit is one of my faves you have done.

    fun fact: i teach music to kids. i play music when i am not teaching.


    Man Repellers unite!

  • 1. Following!
    2. You have the best blog! Love it! Heard you speak over at Hearst during Social Media week and gained a lot of good insight into the art of repelling.
    3. Email: Kristen@alinetoz.com Twitter: @alinetoz
    4. Fun Fact: When I was an intern for Focus Features a drunken and disheveled Joaquin Phoenix kicked me while wiping his boots off on the red carpet at the Reservation Road premiere. He did not apologize. So honored to have received a taste of the taxing method acting that went into his riveting performance in "I'm Still Here."

  • I definetely do not love you.
    I adore you. plus you're FUNNY which makes me laugh to tears after your posts. duh.

    Daria Nifontova

    GOSH there is nothing special about me for the exception of fact that i am HEALTH FOOD FREAK and i can kill a man who will eat mayonnaise. yup.

  • following you both on twitter. duuuuh, i love you – maybe too much though and you might have to take out a restraining order on my super creepy lurker self. Let's tweet, @meesow00.

    Oh and interesting fact? I repel both sexes with my love for my dogs. HAAA

    Michelle Elaine


  • 1.Now following

    2. There are alot of fashion blogs out there of people who post the same pretentious pictures with a slew of designer names underneath, and that can be deathly boring after awhile. So thats why I absolutely love you and your blog, because of you entertaining and mocking commentary of your own sense of fashion.

    3. Ranna266@yahoo.com, twitter @TenshiRage

    4. When I was 13 (no, I did not have my first love), I wanted to be a make-up artist and haute couture dress designer (the idea of designing normal clothes absolutely bored me). Every year during movie awards so season, I would pay close attention to the dresses of the stars, which would inspire me to design my own dresses. I would bust out the notebooks and color pencils and scribble away. I did this for a few year til I realized that I completely lacked the artistic ability to draw well, because my drawings were actually quite shi*tty. Now I just content myself with reading fashion blogs.

  • Susie

    I am no longer ashamed of my combat boot, socks with heels and bow-tie wearing, man-repelling nature. I LOVE YOU.

    By the way, I'm:

    And I'm terrified of birds, although I do own pieces of clothing with birds on them. Just don't make me get too close to a real one.

  • 1. Followed B&D; and you
    2. I love you!!
    3. Asma Arayan, @pangaea99, pangaea99 at yahoo dot com
    4. I broke my leg coming home from the gym and then drove myself using my broken right leg to my apt to feel the break first and then drove to the emergency room. I refused a wheelchair when I got to the hospital because they take too long to get them and then walked about 2 blocks (took about 10minutes) inside the hospital to the to the ER. There I waited 3 hours before they saw me and confirmed my broken leg. Currently awaiting broken leg to heal.

  • I've decided it would be best to express my love for you in the form of a haiku:

    I really love you
    More than my shoe collection
    Platypus are rad

    And a weird (but not too weird that you just find it disturbing because who wants to give a disturbingly weird girl a cute purse, right?) yet fun fact about myself? Hmm.

    This one time, I was dueling my father, except I didn't know it was him, and he sliced my hand off. But it was okay, because I had a robotic one made.

    Okay. Yeah–so that might have been part of the plotline to Star Wars. Maybe.

    For realsies now: I can sing the fifty states in alphabetical order. With jazz hands–for much needed pizazz. Also, I live in Canada. Not that it would be any cooler if I lived in the US. But still.

    xo, S.

  • Anonymous




    I love you, I really really do.

    Fun fact:I once broke my leg irish dancing in a parking lot, while wearing clogs. I later showed the same prowess in a high school play when I tripped and fell off the set and face planted onto the stage while wearing a sequined unitard.


  • my god I love your style. and those shorts, gotta love them too.

  • Anonymous

    Fun Fact: My toes are so long they look like little fingers. I can't wear peep toe shoes because my middle toe seeps out of the toe hole sort of like how an eel smarmily waits for it's fish-prey half way out of its sea cave. Great for picking shit up off the floor though!

    Love You!

    Brandy Huffman



    I make the most authentic horse noise in the world. If I win I promise to send you a recording that will knock your color blocking socks off!

  • I'm new and I love you already lol.

    Name: Sabine
    Email: SabineOh@gmail.com
    Twitter: @_FknBeast

    Fun Fact: I'm a huge crime scene/criminal/prison/law show fan (criminal minds, law & order, without a trace, cold case, csi, beyond scared straight, lock up, etc). If I wasn't trying to pursue a photography/fashion career I would become a behavioral analyst or forensic psychologist (I just may do that in the future actually lol).

  • Andrea

    Hello, Man Repeller. I love you. I love your blog. I love this giveaway.

    I didn't really care about fashion until a few years ago, when I began working with marine mammals. I got so tired of smelling like fish all the time, being sweaty and covered in manatee poop- and only wearing huge t-shirts and mens swim trunks and tevas. I quietly rebelled against this indignity by learning more and more about fashion through fashion blogs such as this one, and by being the only one not wearing flip-flops at a work related social function. The horror!

    Arghyematey is my twitter name.

  • My Monday has been brightly made better by you. Thank you!
    I love you!

    Name: Jodi
    Email: jbuell@pacificu.edu
    Twitter: jbuell523

    Fact: I have been known to run for the restroom after reading one of your blog posts. FYI, this is frowned upon in my office- not running or reading blog posts, but wetting yourself.

  • obsession is one word, you make my day.

    Name: Nicole
    Email: nicole.rae.eisenberg@gmail.com
    twitter: @coleeberg

    you make me think that its possible to be creative and do what i want for a living. fun fact: i make jewelry. Check out my etsy page.. circleringgirl. Only the ring is up there now, but im working on putting more up. Let me know if you want one!

  • Veronica

    1) Following Be&D; on twitter
    2) I love you & stalk you man repeller !!! (jk bit do lov u))
    3) I dont need to repell guys since my dog does, he barks at the opposite sex if they get close to me (seriously), its a plus aside from man repelling clothes.

    veroxxxx_92@hotmail.com & twitter: @RoseChic123

  • Lucy

    1. Follow Be & D and you on twitter.
    2. I love you, ζˆ‘ηˆ±δ½ οΌŒje t'amour.

    Name: Lucy
    Email: inmymusicbox@gmail.com
    Twitter: @solstromx
    Fun fact: I have the ability to spread my toes out really wide… πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    1. Done.
    2. …like a fat kid loves cake. I also love cake.
    3. Margaret Stolfi, mstolfi@gmail.com, @stolfs

    Fact: I once, for a brief time, served as a backup dancer for the children's singing group (and now Disney sensation) Imagination Movers. My favorite song was about brushing your teeth, and I still know every word. B to the R to the U-S-H….

    If giveaway victory is achieved, I will donate the purse to my good friend Shannon, who I've watched beautifully pull off the manrepeller style for years. I can only hope that one day I myself will achieve true manrepeller status as well.

  • Anonymous

    Love you.

    Sarah J

    I can only sleep on leopard print sheets

    Olivia Wallwork unionolivia.blogspot.com
    I was born with six toes, the sixth of which was removed, and now the fourth and fifth are sewn together.
    Unfortunately don't have twitter!

    Olivia, x

  • Anonymous

    i sincerely hope that a major magazine buys The Man Repeller as a monthly column. you are a fantastically creative writer!! you deserve a spot with the big guys xx

  • Laura

    one: done.
    two: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0alkpQEtvU
    three: i'm german. hahahaha. not weird enough? well, i also nibble holes into the bottoms of plastic bottles and drink the content trough them (glass bottles, of course, frustrate me.

    Laura McFarlane

  • you're color blocking abilities are quite impressive – the purple and tomato – ingenious!

    anywho… i already LOVE BE&D; (and you, of course) on Twitter of course

    Kate is my name πŸ™‚

    Fun fact: I've been a black belt in tae kwon do since I was 11 and set the record for my age group by breaking the most boards with a sidekick at 10 (it was 6in btw). I may be a tomboy/athlete at heart with the 5 knee surgeries to prove it, but I'm a sucker for fantabulous fashion and great photography.

    Happy Monday

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  • 1) I love your website, thank Lucky Mag/ everyone else for reminding me how much so. Never apologize for green tights either, I get peter pan references all the time and I dont care!
    2) Elisabeth (with an "S")Zuerker, Ezuerker@gmail.com, @ezlistening
    3)2 fun facts: a.I'll be using some of my very little vacay to do spring break with my sisters/parents in… NYC (from Dallas) on 3/11 so convenient for me to just pick that little purse up from ya or whatever- no shipping required! At a public location of course- I'm not a bad person but I figure you might be hungover again and coffee is helpful. b. My face is at least 40% titanium, I sometimes set of metal detectors when going through airport metal detectors which makes traveling all the more fun and I think I am on some TSA list so I always get a little extra search loving. Plus my sister has Mono, we are going to be the most fun people trying to get into NYC πŸ™‚

  • i said a little too much in my last comment, but umm yeah I loooove you and I don't have a willy!!yaaay πŸ˜‰
    florie mwanza

    fact: when i cut my hair off I sewed all my left-over weaves and hair pieces onto my teddybear Omarion's head.. he's a metro sexual now



  • Aliss

    Alis Gorman loves you
    My fun fact: I walked to work last week and wondered what the odd clunking sound was, I looked down and realised I had odd shoes on, one flat the other with a small heel making the clunking noise, shoes were different colours as well…I think traditional man repelling,just get up late and throw anything on…..alison@gormanmail.net

  • bethany j. cissel
    twitter: misscissel
    i do not know you,
    therefore how can i love you?
    fun fact: i only buy articles of clothing
    that smell of old ladies, have cig holes,
    cat hair embedded upon it,
    don't fit perfectly,
    are too big,
    are out of style,
    not in this decade,
    and are still on the rack for a reason.
    i whole heartedly adore taking something,
    by definition, not beautiful, and
    gracefully wearing it with confidence.

  • OH my I do love you Man Repeller, you are awesome, I have gotten all my friends addicted to your site.

    My name is Jill Jeffries

    Strange Fact: When I was born my mother decided it would be best to name me after nursery rhymes. My first name is Jill ( Jack and Jill went up the hill…etc) and my middle name is Piper (Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers..etc) I think Mother Goose might be my Moms hero and I feel as though a color blocked purse would look fantastic on THE nursery rhyme mascot (AKA me).

  • Suppy Man Repelly πŸ™‚
    Im Keighty Gallagher

    Luhhh you long time

    Here in Portland, if you have a wiener and are pro, Its likely you'll have a ho. So I took this valuable insight and applied this concept to my little hobby, razor scooting. Its been 5 months and i think my pro status on the scoot is making the men run. whatever. what do you think? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moTaNz0MTwI

  • Hi i love u hahahaha cause your a funny πŸ˜€
    Fun note : my cousin pass me her doritos to take a couple but i going to eat the whole thing wuajajajja

    name: Pierina
    email: pierina_andujar@hotmail.com

  • one i love you, your blog, and your hysterical comments as do the many who follow you.

    two thanks for the chance at this giveaway.

    and three I recently made out with a rockstar at his listening party for his new album. the next day I found out he was engaged. whoooops. #whatadouche

    twitter: BohoChicago (bohochicago.blogspot.com)

  • marissa

    i love you.
    marissa hopkins
    twitter: marissajhopkins
    fun fact: when me and my friends ride in the suburban, we pretend i'm the mom.

  • well, hello … I think I love you πŸ™‚

    ann nugent / annnugent@gmail.com / @girlinthecityG / don't point and shout at me, but I used to be in a Steps tribute band called Stairs πŸ™‚

    a x

  • 1. Following
    2. Blatant plea for love, how could I NOT love you.
    3. eyeliah, eyeliah (at) stylesymmetry (dot) com, eyeliah on twitter.
    Unusual….crap, I used to wear looney toon baseball jerseys in middle school, very man repeller.

  • My Name: Anne Rushton, My E-mail: annefrushton@gmail.com and my twitter: arushie1

    Now, for a fun fact or two. First, I went to circus camp when I was younger. This included "trapeze", rolling on top of large wooden balls, and dressing like a clown. I have also become rather proficient at making balloon animals and hats and the like. So I potentially have the chance to become a very stylishly dressed human-repeller (because nothing is more human repelling than circus people and clowns)

  • Lena

    I got my courage to wear a turban because of you. My boyfriend laughed and I felt like a man-repelling goddess. So not only do I lurrrrve you, but you are, like, a self-cock-blocking mentor.

  • I follow them on Twitter and I love your blob!

    Fun fact: I like to call blogs blobs. Try it. It's fun.


  • Following @staceykuo!
    starstacey at gmail dot com

    You are adorable! I didn't know you were in college! Don't fashion people just never age? That's what it seems like to me, so I just overestimate ages. I love that you embrace dressing for yourself rather than guys. Oh and I really like your eyebrows.

    My weird fact… er… life.
    Being a Man Repeller and a Nano-Engineering major is AWESOME. There are only ~3/50 girls in each of my classes to start, and I stick out like WHAM BAM among the other engineering girls… [and SoCal girls in general]

    Help me stand out more!! Hehe. I LOVE my major. <3 <3

  • Anonymous

    Oh hay. I lurv your bod. And your repellerations.
    My name is Hannah (hannahsiklos@gmail.com), I've been following you for a while, and resulting from your uber sweet giveaway and general twitter-minded-persistence, today now find myself participating in the realm of 140 characters. I hope to engage you and be&d; in some mildly inaproppriate tweet based 'relations' – get ready.
    As for unusual- today is my birthday! Its hardly strange but exciting to me nonetheless. Im turning 22. Much less thrilling than 21, but my plan is to colour block my bod, get saucy with some pals and lay in the snow so everyone can see how well the colours pop. Here I come hypothermia!

    Thanks to you and BE&D; for the great giveaway!

    P.S. can you tell I'm Canadian by the way I spell colours?

  • I love you.

    I am Kat George.

    My Twitter is http://twitter.com/kat_george

    My email is katgeorge@kat-george.com

    And a fun fact is that I repelled at least 2 men this week. FO REALZ.

  • I LOVE YOU!!!

    Sarah Haege

    fun fact : I've become a blob. For the past day I've sat on my couch in my miu miu shoes (no pants) and watched netflix all day eating cookies.

  • SOMETIMES i click my patent oxford heels together three times and close my eyes really tight "Theres no place like Anna Dello Russo's closet, Theres no place like Anna Dello Russo's closet,Theres no place like Anna Dello Russo's closet, Theres no place like Anna Dello Russo's closet…"

    Just to be clear, there is definitely a place for that Be&D; bag in my closet. Repel we shall, and wont let you down.

  • Hi my name is Clare. Email is clareforan@gmail.com. Twitter handle is @ckmarie and a fun fact about me is that I can recite the names of all 50 states in alphabetical order in under one minute!

  • AMAZING POST. You are such a freaking inspiration. The more Man Repelling, the better. Bring it on. I heart you, Leandra.

  • Jac

    I luv you and totally understand the Jiminey Cricket reference. You're our conscience guiding us towards the good (MR fashion) and away from the naughty (boys and the things they would want to do with us if we weren't MRs).

    Jacqueline Marquez (that's my name don't wear it out)
    email: jacquelinemarquez1@gmail.com
    twitter: drtyshinyprtty

    This is just one of the many "interesting" facts about me, well actually my family. Don't know if it will interest or intimidate you, but if it helps me win the bag I'm ok with either. JK I'm not down with intimidation nor are any of my living relatives, if you catch my drift. My great great uncle Joseph "Iron Man" Ardizzone was the first recognized Boss of the LA Crime Family and was "disappeared" in 1931. Since my great grandpa viewed his brother's connections with shame we were told very little about him. Then a few years before my grandpa died he shocked us by saying he knew who offed his uncle but then refused to name the person only revealing that it was a family member. What really happened continues to remain a great family mystery to this day.

  • Anonymous

    Hi!! I'm already following Be&D; on twitter, so I'll proceed to step number two I LOVE YOU!!!!! haha My name is MarΓ­a, my email is maria_santarini@hotmail.com and my twitter handle is @scmaria. As for the fun, unusual fact, I used to eat crayons when I was little, my sister told her friends recently and some of them now call me "crayon-eater", see? I've always color blocked, on one way or another…

  • Hey-

    In the words of David Cassidy – I THINK I LOVE YOU. I think you a filling the void of wit without the 'I just like to wear clothes- insert hazed light- insert- self promotional awkward side overhead photo'. You provide context… on top of your content. If nothing else, you provide a much needed affinity to under-rated accessories.

    My name is Jenna… Email jenna@jennaelizabethstudio.com Twitter jennaelizabethk Tumblr: http://jennaelizabeth.tumblr.com

    My fun fact is my first job was in film restoration. I restored the entire James Bond collection. How many people can say they have picked dirt off of Ursula Andress' breasts? If nothing else, Ian Flemming and Bond at large is worth an entry. You could give new meaning to The Bond Woman – sport the ultimate tux whilst having a dirty martini. (Long live) John Barry echoing behind you…


  • sarah

    my name is sarah! email: sarahls@uga.edu, twitter:sarahlsterling
    unusual fact about myself: i didn't know that my real name is in fact amanda (and not sarah) until i had to get a copy of my birth certificate in order to get my driver's license. i've been called sarah since birth, but my name is actually amanda lynn sterling (amanda lynn… as in "a mandolin"). and oddly enough, i lived with both of my parents and neither felt the need to inform me of this.

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  • LOVE YOU SO MUCH (and I followed them on twitter)

    Name: Mamie
    Email: asquaredplusm@gmail.com
    twitter: @asquaredplusm

    Unusual fact: when I was little I would make the lobsters we were having for dinner race before we cooked them. I promise I'm not a sociopath.

  • you are absolutely bombtastic! love the blog and love the color block story. My name is Les from LA. lsun86@yahoo.com. I have funny toes! my fourth and fifth toes are swapped… on both feet! If I win, I promise to send a picture!

  • i don't really have something clever to say to let you know how much i love you and your blog… just know that i do.
    name:jess rehs
    email: jesslr12@sbcglobal.net
    twitter: @jess_rehs
    …. gosh i'm so original with usernames.
    ANYWAYS unusual fact about me, i'm 6'1" (no joke, check my facebook page) and i have never played basketball, volleyball, or modeled. i'm also terrified of heights. the irony of my life never ceases. i like to think my amazonian height gives me more room to mix prints.

  • Sara

    Is that sky blue nailpolish? I've been following your blog (sneakily, I'm a Finnish ninja with birth control glasses) since your Smurf nails post. That makes me feel kind of nostalgic.

    I don't tweet, so no chance with the lovely bag. I'll share a fun fact though: I can squeeze my whole fist in my mouth. It's my man repelling party trick of choice.

    Much love <3 <3 <3

  • your awesomeness is an understatement.

    you actually reek awesome

    name: Christian
    email: camaral@uoregon.edu

    … unusual fact? My entire name is asexual. LETS GET IT MALE REPELLER
    -Christian Ashley Amaral-
    a set up for me to do whatever the hell I want to.

  • Anonymous

    I love you and your Proenza Schouler booties. If I ever met you, I'd probably
    steal them off your feet.

    Molly McBrien

    I've broken my heels twice. The second time, I shattered my right heel and the
    doctors had to put 8 metal screws and 2 metal plates in my foot to hold my heel
    bone together. Recently, one of the metal plates shifted and I had to have all
    the metal removed (I am sickly good on crutches). Ironically, I can't wear
    flats. Wearing heels takes the pressure/ weight off my actuals heel bones so
    they are much more comfortable. Often, I am caught wearing heels in the most
    inappropriate situations (I challenge anyone to a race in stilettos). Sidebar,
    tear that I cannot partake in flatforms. Also of note, the first time I broke
    my heels I was jumping a 16 foot fence to go skinny dipping. The second time, I
    was in Czech Republic and I jumped out a window to get to a rooftop (FUNNNN
    plane ride home). I love you and am living proof of man repellers with game.

  • Anonymous

    P.S. my boobs are nicknames Mary Kate and Ashley

    <3 Molly McBrien

  • So bold! You make crazy look good.

  • I am in love with you and this bag (see my tweet)! I was just saying I am on the hunt for a bag with a tan and honeysuckle combo and there is not one to be found. I have been playing on the B&D; site for hours now! Ok, sorry, back to what you asked for…

    Lacey Maffettone

    Unusual Fact:
    I now live in Washington, DC and have been trying to bring Man Repelling to our Nations Capital by writing (my blog) and leading by example (color blocking — I literally just wrote about color blocking on my blog too), mixing prints, and buttoning my top all the way up). Although this may not seem unusual to most, it is VERY odd in DC. People truly in love with fashion are few and far between, and I quite often feel like I am the only one. I would LOVE to rock this bag in DC and show them how it is done!

    Man Repelling-ly Yours,


  • Mariel

    name: Mariel
    email: shoppinggirl411@yahoo.com
    twitter: @mklein100
    i love you dearly and i procrastinate by looking at your blog and other fashion blogs every day…in fact that's what im doing right now, as fashion clearly comes before school
    ..however, im a sophomore in high school (no, I am not old enough to get my license) and im taking AP calculus (really hard math) which is kind of a fun fact, minus the fun.
    i can also bend my wrist really far forward so my fingers touch my forearm, which my friends find quite entertaining.
    i am also obsessed with balsalmic vinegar, and i have indeed drunk it from the bottle before.
    i hope ive thoroughly weirded everyone out! hehe…

  • E

    i enjoy this blog and have been following it for quite some time. I feel you take it to far sometimes (a lot of the time). I love practically everything as a solo piece, or with 2 or 3 other crazy/different things; but what is the point in making it go from looking uniquely attractive, to ugly, repelling, and often painful to look at?? Most clothing articles that us women, who are knowledgeable about fashion, are already "man-repelling" solo. 6 of these articles put together just gets repulsive (most of the time). I love to mix and mismatch my clothes; but they still reflect my unique, artistic, classy, pretty, feminine, and fashionably conscious style. AND trust me, the men scatter.

  • Kathryn Emery

    I'm perceived as the man-repeller of my high school and I'm 16 going on 17. The "best dressed" girl at school is known for wearing the shortest and tightest dress, rather than my sweet combat boots paired with leopard harem pants.

    I've been a hard core coffee drinker (no judging) since I was 3, when my grandfather introduced me to my secret obsession, yet I still manage to be 5'7 and (hopefully) still growing.

    You're my favorite!

  • Jordan

    First things first… I love you! That trumps all the other info that I am about to leave.
    Name: Jordan
    Email: jkeller2590@gmail.com
    Twitter: jkeller2590

    Random crap: When I eat carrots I twist them between my teeth to make them really thin in the middle and I do that all the way down the carrot. You should try…?

  • saidd…

    Je t'aime.
    Ti amo.
    Ik houd van u.
    Ich liebe dich.
    Eu tu amo.
    Te amo.
    and if you were confused, I love you!

    Name: Elizabeth Allensworth
    E-mail: eaallensworth@hotmail.com
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/eaallensworth

    Something interesting about myself…
    Hm well first off, I obviously speak all of those languages. How else would I repel the men than saying mushy sayings in a variety of languages when I first meet them?
    I find it entertaining to keep a running count of JUST how many strange looks I can get whilst walking around campus, and last night I had a dream about a unicorn…obviously the magical colors combined will do glorious things for the future unicorn inspired outfit.

    You're rad, and are doing great things for the reputation of Jimney Cricket.

  • I love your blog oh so very much!
    I work at a vintage retail boutique in Washington, and your fashion tips have inspired me to take stylistic leaps I haven't yet explored.
    Totally rockin' the wedge sandals and sock right at this very moment…and let me tell you there ain't a cock in sight!
    email : nicolekroehrig@gmail.com
    fun fact: Yesterday I saw a deep fried twinkie. Yeah. That exists.

  • Hi! I'm Sahra, EffortlessXCool@yahoo.com and EFfortlessXcool on twitter!

    Fun Fact? I have a 1 foot tall bright pink flamingo with a blue hula hoop tattooed on my hip! and he has green eyes.

  • you crack me up honestly i love ur writing its so unique and FUN =) in other words YOUR AWESOME U ROCK MAN…
    name: anna
    email: anna_hadjiantoni@hotmail.com
    unusual fact: im a travel junkie…ive been in 15 different countries..i leave with my parents in cyprus my mum is from russia…every single year my mum will visit home..i on the other hand NEVER been there.not because i dont want to…it just happen

  • Hi hi hi!

    1.) Much love to you, your blog, and your interestingly decorated house. Seriously mad props to that interior designer, I can see the influence in your creative repelling. Ah parents houses eh. My parents chose to go the las vegas hotel carpets with stainless-steel-everything and whimsical light fixture route. The ceiling fan in the living room looks like an old-timey small plane's propeller… it freaks me out standing under it when it's on.
    ANYHOO your blog cracks me up and I read it out loud to my roommates whenever they're around. Thank you for the belly laughs. Good workouts.

    2.)Fun fact about me: I've seen UFOs before and that shit was freaky. More relevant to the tasks at hand: repelling: in grade four, for most of the winter, the only outfit I would wear was a black long-sleeve long-legged leotard with one of three pink knit vests, neon socks, junk-jewelery necklace and bangles, and sometimes for extra flair a floppy poorboy jean hat. It was 1993 and going to the bathroom was a bitch in that outfit but I looked fabulous. I would only pose for pictures with my hands on my hips and a crazy bug-eyed grin. (I didn't want to blink so would open my eyes extra wide when I knew a pic was being taken.)I kind of want to resurrect this look.

    3.) My name is Karla. Email karlamummery@gmail.com

    4.) OMG that bag. drool.

    okbye! <3


    Geneva Gleason

    I'm obsessed with marching band (MOST man-repelling uniform in the world… you should do a marching band themed post!) and fashion (blogger and editor). Everyone asks me how I ended up with such polar opposite interests. I have no explanation whatsoever.

  • 2. Leandra, you're super adorable how can I not love you! (:
    3. Name: Jan
    E mail: Fashiondiplomacy (at) yahoo.com
    Twitter: twitter.com/fashiondiplomat
    Unusual Fact: Whenever I go abroad, I have a habit of collecting traditional scarves from the country that I'm vacationing in. Every now and then my friends would send me scarves from the country they are visiting too.

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • omg you dont know how much i love your blog.
    i honestly wake up fresh out of bed and check your blog EVERY morning…you totally inspire my everyday wear..no joke…unusual fun fact?
    yea that could be it..i dont know if its "cool,." kinda creepy if you really think about it.
    ..geez, anyways.

    this purse would go perrrfect with the purple velvet suspenders i made, thanks to YOU!..=D

    i love you, no joke.

    lupe from cali..=)


  • Anonymous

    Not only do I love you but I adore you.
    name:ilana katz
    twitter:ilanakarin (i have been trying to get you to follow me for ages)
    weird fact: i hate receiving hugs and I am unable to hug others.

  • name: Mariah
    e-mail address: mariah1@gmail.com
    twitter handle: mair15
    Unusual fact: I share a frightening number of life events in common with liz lemon from 30 rock – think crumbs falling down shirt while trying to eat in front of someone you want to impress, not realizing you have random stains on your clothes and a love for cheesy puffs and hot dogs. Not to mention Yeah I'm that cool – and i live in portland, or – so naturally there are birds on everything I own.

  • A) I love you.

    B) My name is Jamee Dyches, my e-mail is jamee.dyches AT hotmail.com and my Twitter handle is @jamee_dyches

    C) My man-repelling goes far beyond my Alexander Wang t-shirt, it's in my DNA as well. It's a scientifically proven fact that a hip to waist ratio of 0.7 is sexually attractive to men. I, however, am proud of my tiny hips that give me a solid 0.01 hip to waist ratio!

  • OK I love you.
    Victoria Y
    Twitter @aimer_victoria
    Fact: I love to wear boyfriend blazer so much to the point my mom asked if I am a lesbian. Still, it doesn't stop me from wearing anything I like!!

  • 1. followed!
    2. i'd tell you i love you, but then i'd havta kill you..
    3. hi, nice to meet you! my name is rebecca with a last initial of z and i can be reached at rivahenys@aim.com
    unusual fact? i studied for my last math test in the bathtub- and got my best grade of the year.

  • Meredith

    name: Meredith Esquivel
    email: meredith.esquivel@gmail.com
    twitter: meree603
    i had a childhood fixation with Salvador Dali. i called him "the chicken man," and made up a song about him. Maybe I'll share that with you later. Anyway, like Pee Wee Herman, he is excellent man repelling inspiration.

  • 1. followed.
    2.i love you.
    3. kirsten e. lander.

    in the vein of man repelling, i'll tell you about my childhood man repelling tendencies. while a man-repelling toddler is actually probably a good thing i've realized that i'm no further in adulthood to attracting real life fellas, probably because of my early childhood. my most favorite accessory was wearing my food in my hair. the process is somewhat difficult, comparable to looking like a stylish beach bum (looks simple but in reality takes much honing of skill), but involves the steady rubbing and building up of cake, pasta, potatoes, jello, peanut butter and other tempting treats. after that had been accomplished i'd put on my woolen onesie and zip it down to just below my belly button. i'd slick my hair back just a bit more and walk around pretending to be elvis, a man that wasn't even around when i grew up because i was only born in 1990. i know, such a poser. whatever. i do what i want.

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • you are my absolute favorite. i love you.
    name: sara
    email: canihasit @ gmail.com (no spaces haha)
    twitter: iomoo

    unusual fact about me: im half chinese and half persian πŸ™‚ ooOoOoOoOOOOo so weird! πŸ˜€

  • Kat Seymour
    twitter: katseymour

    fun fact… sometimes i purposely get dressed in the dark so i can't see what i'm wearing til i put the light on! ( i usually end up changing though πŸ™ )

  • Man Repeller, I love you.
    So much in fact I gave you the honor of my listening to your 140 character "tweets". I also followed Be & D on twitter.

    name: Katherine
    e-mail address: katherineelisem(at)gmail(dot)com
    twitter: @katherineelisem

    I make balloon animals. No no, not just your measly dogs and cats. I make dresses, skirts and…people.
    I made a sculpture of YOU!!! You can see it here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/katherineelise/5507169173/
    Now I get to have my own lil' man repeller to sit on my dresser!

  • Dear Ms. Man Repeller,

    I love you, and you won't ever repel me (probably)

    Name: Bella (but not like Bella from twilight. That girl is a whiny bitch)
    Email: bellaarias@gmail.com

    I am, at the moment, boycotting pants, because of this I now own almost twenty pairs of tights. I can create the rainbow with them. Its. Great. And who gives a shit if this turns me into a class A man repeller? Defiantly not me.


  • EEp! I luuuuurve that bag!

    Name: Martha Carl
    email: marthacarl@gmail.com
    twitter: @marthacarl
    Fun fact: I am getting married in 2012 under a whale skeleton! Because nothing says ever lasting love like a big dead whale! If that isn't HUMAN repelling, I dunno what is…

  • As many a repeller before have said, I would tell you I love you even if you weren't doing a giveaway, but since you are…i love you more. In fact, I probably tell people to read your blog on the daily. but they aren't interested in man repelling so they usually ignore me. such is my life.
    I'm Danna. I get email delivered to drose321@gmail.com and my tweets come from the exact same name (@drose321)
    As for a quacky fact. I have many, but I will just say that living in the midwest many people find it odd I won't go sledding. Most think it's because I'm scared. FALSE. Really it's because when I was 7 I wore white pants to sled and they were ruined. The end.
    P.S. you're "I'm only human. Psych. I'm dancer" quote in one of last weeks posts caused me to about pee my pants with happiness..at work. in front of customers and coworkers. it was fab

  • 1. Name: Yaela
    2. Email: yaelahalper@optonline.net
    3. Twitter: YaElleAhh
    4. DONT WORRY i am already following Be & D on twitter and trust me i love their stuff! your style is absolutely sensational!!! pretty much I LOVE U!
    5. Fun Fact: gosh there are so many fun facts about my life…hmmmm… let's see, oh! i have one…my back is in the shape of an S. Yupp, believe it or not i have extreme scoliosis, with only one hip curve! pretty nifty right?

  • Sofie



  • Margaret Young

    Email: margaret.young43@gmail.com
    Twitter: margo_christine
    LOVE: your blog pulls at my heart strings daily and indeed you have inspired me to blog myself. your humor, your skill, your wardrobe – unparalleled. you rule the interwebs, man repeller.
    Fun Margaret Fact, as it were: I once convinced my dad that owning two miniature horses would cut down on his ground keeping costs. Once he realized they were more a terror then a eco friendly solution, they were returned πŸ™

  • Yaela

    there's not much to say besides for the fact that i pretty much LOVE U.
    1. Name: Yaela
    2. Email: yaelahalper@optonline.net
    3. twitter: @YaElleAhh (FOLLOW ME!) and oh yeah already following Be & D, no worries.
    4. there's so many fun facts about my live….hmmmm let's c….oh i got one! My back is in the shape of an S. Yup, believe it or not i have extreme scoliosis and yeah my spine is an S. pretty nifty right?

  • Anonymous

    so first off, girl i love you like woah.
    i absolutely am in love with this blog, and I think you are so inspiring!

    so my name is Sarah
    twitter: Surrahhhhhh < -yes, 6 h's hah
    e-mail: sldonahu@student.umass.edu

    and something about myself, is that I am really into camping and the outdoors. Once or twice a year I go on a 2 week camping trip in Maine with my family and friends, and we stay in tents, go canoeing, fish, and all that outdoorsy stuff haha. it's such a great break from the real world.

  • LOVE your blog. I think sometimes my apartment neighbors can hear me laughing out loud while I peruse your blog.

    Fun fact: I am an elementary-school teacher who often wears weird things to class just to get reactions out of my students. Fur, animal print, head-to-toe sequins.. you name it. Education first, absolutely. But I'd never let fashion fall by the wayside, not in my classroom.

    name:Jessica Deitcher twitter:fashionbynight email:jessica.deitcher@gmail.com

  • Larissa Cancellier

    Heyy,I found out about your blog some time ago and I'm can't get enough of it! Amazing! Love your style! =D
    Name: Larissa Cancellier
    Email: lcancellier@gmail.com
    twitter: @LariCancellier

    And a fun fact that I can remember now is that I fell down in the middle of the office in my first day at work. Tried to pretend I was dead, but didn't work. Did not get fired, though!

  • 1. Following! @acciohagrid444
    2. I love, love, love you!
    3. I play the ukulele! Fun fact!


  • LOL! my husband walked in as I was reading this. I wish you could have seen the puzzled look on his face. haha. don't worry, I get that same puzzled face just about every time I get dressed. I carry my MR torch proudly!

    1. Anyway, I was already following you. Now, I am also following Be & D on Twitter.

    2. I love you and all your man repelling fabulousness!

    3. Fun Fact About Me: hmmmm I am an expert at the hammer dance! Seriously, an expert! My hammer dance is a fail proof cure for a crappy day. It's true!

    Eboni Ife'
    The Fashionista Next Door

    Eboni If

  • You're the bomb. And even though bombs aren't all that cool, you are. If that doesn't sound lame, I don't know what does. (Hopefully that embarrassing statement sounds like an 'I love you,' because it is.)
    My name is Jessica Godfrey, my e-mail is jessica.k.godfrey@gmail.com (creativity just seeps out of my pores), and my twitter is @jessicakgodfrey (again, just SEEPING).
    Fact: I come from a small-ish town in Canada (South of Whistler, north of Vancouver), and it is one of the most beautiful places ever. Despite this, though, it is hard to repel men and get away with it. I do it anyway. I also thing my ex-boyfriend dumped me because he just couldn't handle the weaponry that is my jewellery.

    Oh and I followed all that stuff on Twitter, too.
    Have a lovely day!

  • I loved you before I met you. Seriously, I worked at a library. In high school. Teenage man repeller extraordinaire. Four years later and still as man deflectingly chic as ever.

    Name: Bailey
    Email: Bailey370@yahoo.com
    Twitter: BaileyThomas

  • 1. Am now following Be&D; on twitter
    2. Clearly I love you. Why do you need to ask?
    3. I am Christina at berniceinmilwaukee@gmail.com and @berniceinmilw.

    Fun fact about me, I'm working on starting up a fashion blog that will celebrate and promote fashion here in Milwaukee. Guess the name. You're right – it is 'berniceinmilwaukee.' Posting will begin on 3/21. Winning that amazing bag will really enhance my streetcred for the blog. Plus, I can promise some related tweets (pic included) and even a blog post in a couple of weeks. Are my bribes working? πŸ™‚

  • who doesn't love you?! I totally love you.

    name: Celeste Rybicki
    email: celeste@celesterybicki.com
    twitter: @celesterybicki

    My father is the 3rd generation owner of our family's funeral home. My brother and I both tried to help out and were funeral directors/apprentices in our early 20s. Dress code was pretty professional but my favorite fashion memory was dressing up as my brother when we had to work together on Halloween. Pinstripe pants, bright button down, completely different color sweater, mismatched socks, magic marker tattoos (covered respectfully with long sleeves)semi-birth control glasses. My brother also has great fashion sense, and I love him too!

  • Greetings, mother man repeller!

    This is Xizi from Eye for Detail (http://xiziluo.wordpress.com/) and I am a teen fashion blogger/reporter. My e-mail is luo.xizi@yahoo.com and you can sing a long to my tweets at @XiziLuo.

    An unusual fact about me? I read your blog religiously, which shouldn't be too unusual considering how hilarious of a writer you are!

    But besides that, I think the strangest fact about me is that I have eaten a LOT of creatures. I've had shark fins, bird's nests, fried scorpions, silkworm cocoon kebabs, maggots, crickets, camel toes, cow stomachs, duck tongue, fungi-inflected worms, ear-shaped fungus that grows on trees, hair-like desert plants, dogs (yes, I've had a taste of man's best friend!), pig blood in jelly-cubes, either crocodile or alligator, chicken feet, pig ears, sea cucumbers, cactus pears, lotus seeds, grilled snakes, and a quite a few other things that I can't remember.

    I enjoy eating raw (e.g. frozen salmon straight out of the bag) and I like to constantly expand my epicurious appetite!

    I am also a member of PETA.

    But above all, I WANT THAT BAG (!!!) to carry extra-large tampons that I can claim is for art projects. Gotta ward off those teen boys!


    I LOVE YOU. πŸ˜€

  • love your witty style!!
    name: janice li
    email@ janicecyli@gmail.com
    twitter @blueskiesxj
    next UBC fashion show producer… but studying nutritional science. OHHHH trust me. I can talk food as much as I talk fashion. love the Fs!! fashion, food, family & friends!! <3


  • numero uno: i do love you. not because you told me to.
    numero dos: i was supposed to be a twin, but i ate all the other one's food as a feotus…. in a way it may have been a good thing, i don't think anyone could handle two of me.

    email: hello@jessicajanuary.com
    blog: http://www.jessicajanuary.com

    january x

  • yummy and man repelling!

  • Name: Becky Smith
    E-mail: RebeccaSmith1993@gmail.com
    Twitter: @rebjansmi

    First, love you. Second, both of my parents work at the school I attend, as well as my brother and sister both having graduated from there. "Too close for comfort", "smothering" and "excessive parenting" have taken on a whole other meaning in my life since the time I was 4.

  • i love you? i love you
    twitter cshayb

    I have a dog named Puppy.

  • Lisi

    When I was about 7, my brother was 4 and we liked to swim like fools in our backyard pool. My mom didn't let us keep food near the pool because gd forbid we get it in the pool. So you can imagine my surprise when my mom asked me to pick up the "popcorn" in the pool near my brother. I swam over to my brother in my gold lame one piece with the belly cut out and tied on the sides. I grabbed the "popcorn" and swam to the edge of the pool. I took a closer look at what my dear mother had asked me to pick up and could you believe it, it was POOP. Shit. POOP. Shit. Poop. I picked up my little brother's shit from the pool and held it in my hand. And if you made me share that horrific story and don't gift me a bag, I'm gonna go all sharpie on my Kooba bag from a few years ago.

  • Name: Becky Smith
    E-mail: RebeccaSmith1993@gmail.com
    Twitter: RebJanSmi

    First: love you. Second, I attend the school my parents work in as well as the school my brother and sister graduated from. "Too close for comfort", "smothering" and "excessive parenting" have been a part of my everyday life since the time I was 4 years old.

  • Anonymous

    1. love this blog, it's brilliant.
    2. i have a purple thumb, i swear. i have never gotten a mosquito bite. my outty belly button looks more like a baby boy's private part, not a nice image in your head, i know.
    3. @crzycatlaydee- ceepy name for an 18 year old girl, throws everyone off.

  • Anonymous

    Love you!

    Name: maia ks

    I was born on a farm on Molokai and the first thing I learned to drive was my dad's tractor…at age 5. Now I work in entertainment in LA. Polar opposite lives.

  • erin

    te amo! for realsies.

    i'm erin patterson.
    email: e.patterson@ymail.com
    twitter: @ohlanta

    andd my unusual fact: i have an uncanny ability to retain useless information. really trivial stuff, like, stuff that doesn't even pertain to me. and the people it does pertain to probably don't even care about it. hahaha! for example: natalie portman has a callous on her ring finger because her engagement ring is too big. and thats just one example of the trivialities in my head.

    name: Miranda H.
    email: mhuang16@gmail.com
    twitter: @mirandahhhh

    I look and act nothing like my super Chinese family. I look Philipino and even Philipino people ask me if I am. My family used to joke and say I was switched at birth, but now I really believe it! But the only way I'd want to find out is if Oprah had me on her show and hired an investigation team to find my real family haha

  • name: Allie!, email: alexandra.kokesh@gmail.com, twitter handle: allieko

    short story: I used to temp for a network late night host, facilitating with audience load and spill. and to be a member of the audience, our American guests had to wait upwards of three hours to watch a live taping. so, to pass the time, and keep the crowd in remotely high spirits: I told stories. to whoever would listen! and without fail, our patrons would exclaim that I was JUST like Ellen DeGeneres. or, given my short haircut, Brooks Brothers pants suit, oxfords, and the sweaters I inherited from my grandfather that peaked out from my blazer, they would mistake me for a young boy.

  • name: kaitlin e.
    e-mail: kaite1225@gmail.com
    twitter: kaitnerickson

    Now, I don't drop the l-bomb often, but yes I do love everything that you post, wear, say (type?)…etc, etc.

    Now for a strange fact.

    Well…from the ages of about 10-14 I performed "Cats" at Madison Square Garden with my dance company and would proudly traipse around NYC's sidewalks in full cat makeup, a silver wig with furry ears, and a unitard with a tail. I also enjoyed tying my cat wig away from my face from my favorite velour, leopard print scrunchie from Limited Too. (Still have and love that hairpiece btw…) There are photos still online to document this event, thank god I don't plan on running for office. Embarrassing.

  • Name: Paula Russel
    E-Mail: pvrussel (at) gmail.com
    Twitter: pvrussel

    When I was in fourth grade, I was Annie Hall for Halloween. Nobody got it except for 10% of the parents at houses I got candy from.

  • אני אוהבΧͺ אוΧͺך.

    Je t'aime.


    Π― люблю тСбя.

    Te amo.

    Will that suffice?


    twitter: @gagby

    An unusual fact, huh? Well, at least 1 out of every five people I have EVER met has made a comment that I have a name right out of The Great Gatsby. Ginger Agby, I suppose I see it. ONE OUT OF FIVE. Weird, huh?

  • Amy

    1) why, certainly.

    2) grab a mirror, look only at your lips, then pretend they're mine while mouthing the words: "olive juice." get it? cool, creepy, or maybe even…*gasp* repellent?

    3) unusual fact: i like mini toiletries. okay fine…i hoard mini toiletries.

    LUMI is an acronym my friends and I made up. It means "Love U Mean It" and can be transformed into all sorts of gooey sentiments, like MUMI (miss u mean it) or even RUMI (REPEL YOU MEAN IT)
    but onto the fun fact: I went to Astrocamp for 5 years in a row. Wanted desperately to be an astronaut until I realized I needed to take physics, etc.

    Jill Mahoney
    Email: jillmah@gmail.com
    Twitter: astrocouture (my aim name from 5th grade…a combination of my two loves)

  • Amy

    whoops, forgot something. and now i've commented twice. does this mean i doubly love you? maybe. or maybe it's a case of the mondays and i should have color blocked my outfit today.

    twitter: humerousmaybe

  • Name: Georgia Gleason
    E-mail address: georgiaglea@gmail.com
    twitter: georgalala
    obviiiiiously I RUV you.
    Unusually fun fact: to kick off mardi gras this saturday, I gave up vegetarianism after 3 and a half years. I didn't get sick and enjoyed the meat…for one night only. I'm now back to my tree huggin' ways.

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • i love you (and your blog)

    name: tracy
    email: tracy.brickman@gmail.com
    twitter: @tracybrickman

    fun fact: for my senior thesis i am writing about blogs (because when they tell me i can choose any topic i want, you know i'm not choosing psychoanalysis) and your blog is going to be a part of said thesis in a BIG way

  • I love you and your man-repelling ways!
    Name: Anna Naim
    E-mail: sansaab@yahoo.com
    Twitter: I have one but I don't really use it other than for following people, can I give you my blog? http://www.annaonthehighway.blogspot.com.
    Fact: I know from experience that it takes 10 stamps to send a coconut. And I've been told they make good anniversary gifts, but let me tell you now, some menfolk do not find them grand (in other words, they repel the men without a sense of humor. And no it was not me who discovered this on my own, but a group of us, who received in return a lovely "what the hell is this" and firm placement into the friend zone as a group). Also, it took so much strength and thought not to write the date and my class period after my name. I am so clearly in Hugh school. Which of course means that when I dint spend enough time dressing to rpel, mama nature is there to help.

  • Man Repeller, I LOVE YOU.

    Name: Hannah Heath
    Email: hannahrose08@hotmail.com
    Twitter: @HannahHeath (noticing a theme here?)
    Short Note: I attempt to be fashion forward in a tiny town of 7,000 in the middle of Alaska. I stick out like a sore thumb, the lone man repeller in a sea of middle-aged, flannel-and-carhart-clad grizzled wilderness men. Honestly, I LOVE IT.
    Unusual Fact About Me: I can fit my entire fist in my mouth. Yes, I would be happy to provide pictures.

    P.S. I love that colorblock bag so hard, it's painful.

  • First things first, could you seriously be any funnier?! I truly do love your blog (and you!) – your posts as well as your tweets crack me up!

    Second, I have scheduled a day strictly for color(/cock)blocking in the near future – can't wait to put this trend into full-force in my wardrobe!

    twitter.com/ @daniicalifornia

    Is it unusual to be an extreme lover of both Hanson and baby dinosaurs? I hope so, because that's my fact!


    LOVE! <3

  • For starters…
    Name: Sarah-Corinne
    e-mail: sarahcorinne9989@gmail.com
    Twitter: @GarahSoddard
    AND oh goodness do I love you! Hot and heavy, apple pie, chocolate candy, Jesus Christ! Ain't nothin' please me more than you, miss I-rock-Miu-Mui-animal-print-sandals like a boss. What's not to love? Eh? Eh?

    Weird fact about me: I am bad at eating. No no no…it's not what you're thinking. I live for food like…I think I can probably eat my entire body weight and then go back for seconds + a beer. I just get so damn EXCITED about the whole business of eating that food tends to sort of…get places I did not intend for it to get. I was unaware of just how disgusting my messyness was until my best friend and her boyfriend equated the way I eat to the way the foxes eat in Wes Anderson's "The Fantastic Mr. Fox". If you've seen it, you'll understand. Also, I got lasagna in my eye the other day. Point made? Alright.

    Basically, that badass little bag should be mine because I take man-repelling to a whole new LEVEL. Yeah, of course I love socks with sandals, giant bows, and mixin' those prints, sister. But if that wasn't enough to chase the men away, you can be sure that A little salad hanging out of the old pie hole on a date seals the deal. And when I say "the deal" I do not mean the sexy deal. The deal is that no man hands will try to get inside this utility shirt and I'll be going home alone, with a stomach full of deliciousness.

  • Jas

    I love everything about you and this blog. It's the only blog in my bookmarks πŸ™‚

    Name: Jasmin James
    email: elaine.jasmin.mac@gmail.com
    twitter: elles_editorial

    Uhm… i like to sniff the pages of a fresh magazine. (it's weird, don't judge)


  • I recently just discovered your blog, & can i say how lovely it is ? it's exactly the type of fashion drug i need daily. I love your blog & the individuality style you have.
    My email is hawaiiangyaru@gmail.com and my name is Anna Ye. I don't have a twitter but i follow you daily regardless.
    An unusual and quirky fact about myself is that everytime i remodel my closet, i like to lie out all my clothes, especially the pieces i love the most & adore them looking at them from head to toe, admiring them really. It is really weird but I tend to do it without being too aware of it.
    I love my clothes

  • 1. done.
    2. love you!
    3. my name is elizabeth but i've also been known as liz, betty, hiawatha, and simone, at various stages… email elizabeth.cutrone@gmail.com, twitter @_elizabethkate but i don't use it that much. erhm, cool fact… there's a movie coming out based on the janet evanovich novel, "one for the money", with katherine heigl as stephanie plum… i'm not in it, but the exterior of my apartment building is–it's used as the exterior of stephanie's building. i watched them film a scene from my bedroom window.

  • Anonymous

    following be & d… So doneee
    I love you man repeller, you have allowed me to embrace my inner repeller and I am overjoyed that there are others out there like me!
    Name: eva alt
    email: ealt12@gmail.com
    FACT: I am a ballet dancer (true life), my obsession with rodarte is taking over my life, and not going to lie i totally love you and im pretty sure we would get along super well <3

  • Now that I am following Be&D; on Twitter I'll profess my love to you; I love you.

    My name is Caroline.
    My email is caroline_nelson@verizon.net
    My Twitter is @CarolineNel

    Hmmm interesting fact about myself. . .
    I have been known to talk in my sleep in perfect french, even though during the day I can only speak a few words of the language. I am also allergic to Ugg Boots. I'm not saying that in a sartorial sense; I actually suffer from allergic reactions when I put them on. Therefore, I am an Ugg repeller.

  • Tae

    I. Love. You.
    Name: Tae
    Email: teekaysuh@gmail.com
    Twitter handle: @teekaysuh

    Sometimes before a test I pretend to sneeze just so I will be blessed. (And get sad when nobody says bless you :()

  • name, e-mail address, and twitter handle (if you tweet) with a short note. Share an unusual fun fact about yourself. You know so much about me and I want to know more about you.
    i love you! i'm caitlin power, powercaitlin@hotmail.com, and i play the flute quite well

  • I love your blog so much, I'm jealous of your lifestyle!

    Name: Lisa
    Email: i.am.lismar@gmail.com
    Twitter: @teacupdrugs

    Facts~ I'm 16 and I've been repelling since I was a little. I'm only five foot and I had to teach myself how to wink on a road trip to Tennessee so when I could catch the eye of the lead singer of Leeland I could wink at him.

  • valerie_k@live.com
    twitter @vkundisova

    just declared my love to you via twitter, which should really mean something given that it's my 3rd post since 2009.
    i admit i have a boyfriend, though he is 100% pro man-repelling since it ensures that he is the only one who knows what's "under this." he does, however, think it's weird that sometimes i'd rather amorously ogle at women in strange outfits than hang out with him. go figure.

    – a very happy "manrepelling" camper

  • annie w.

    1. done.
    2. i lurve ya.
    3. nombre: annie w.
    emailz: awarner@ma.org
    the twitter: jenkinpendragon

    I would love to call you my biggest fashion inspiration, but that would be a lie. mah grandmotha has got that covered. i keed, i keed. i do love your blog. i'm also a massive suck-up.

    fun factoids:
    i can lick my elbow. it's supposed to be physically impossible. so basically, i'm a mutant. like x-men.
    it is also true that some (read: most) of my outfits are inspired by superhero attire. because neon blue and yellow jumpsuits with giant "x"es across the front are both metaphoric and man repellin'. alliteration.

  • Anonymous

    Obv i love you n your blog- someone told me i was man repelling today and said its the best compliment ive ever gotten….

    Rebecca Romagne

    weird fact- i can wiggle my ears. hows that for man repelling? does wonders for my realistic approach to wearing animal prints

  • my boyfriend hates your effect on me.

  • LOVE YOU man repeller, and your quirky written ways.

    Kelci Nienhuis
    kelcitaylor on twitter

    Fun Unusual Fact: I own bright blue tights and have only worn them once…this post is making me reconsider that. You inspire.

  • I love you and your blog. OBVIOUSLY. The one 'interesting' fact I can think of, is that I have eyes so big, bush babies would feel insecure.

    name: Kate
    email: kate.aenlle@hotmail.com
    twitter: @franceswho

  • M


    I love you, but only platonically, because if it were the other way, neither you nor I would be repellent.


    And I love fashion, but I'm also a rocket scientist. I actually work on Mars Sample Return. And I'm the most stylish rocket scientist in the business (well, female one…because my friend Bobak is the most stylish male one, except he has a fauxhawk. Which probably makes him repellent, too.)

  • You're toadally fantastically nuts!! Love it.

    Peroxide Blonde

  • 1) Followed Be & D on twitter

    2) I <3 You

    3) I've already been following you on everything follow-able(and no I'm not a stalker)…

    4) Name: Nivedita P
    e-mail: hummingbird01@ymail.com
    twitter: @Nina_P

    5) My life has been a timeline of embarassing events. I've walked into a mens washroom and asked the guys there what they thought they were doning in a ladies restroom before I realised my mistake. I have also been chased into a pond by geese. And a lot more. So yea, its horrible…

  • Thank you for giving me courage to man repel in the South. In Tennessee wearing anything besides sperry's and something with your initials on it in case you forget who you are because you are dressed in varying shades of everyone else is considered insane. If you came here, I'm pretty sure you would be detained in the airport. Thank you for giving me the courage to wear my fur, patterns and leather on a daily basis.


  • Not that I love you… I adore you!!
    Name: Sanja, e-mail: sanjasladic@gmail.com, twitter: SanjaSCM

    Weird things about me… well where to start… I have gigantic hallux (so imbarassing) and I still wear peep-toe shoes haha.. trust me it's soooo men repelling… and I get embarassed a lot when someone gives me any kinds of credits, compliments me or my work… I still haven't figured why… I guess I'm pretty weird πŸ™‚

  • Jaclyn

    1. Done
    2. I'm in school for fashion design. Everyone at my school loves you and thinks that you are hilarious.
    3. Jaclyn, hernamewaslover@yahoo.com, HotHouseBlossom (Twitter)

    FUN FACT: I never wear my glasses, so sometimes when I am walking down the street I will start checking out a hot guy. Then he walks closer to my eyeballs and I realize that he is A. Decrepidly Old or B. Homeless…or C.Both. OUCH. What does that say about my taste in men?

  • 1. Be& D= followed.
    2. I love you and your man repelling blog!
    3.name:Jennifer Lee
    e-mail: Jenni4L2x@gmail.com
    twitter: JENNL33x
    fact: I created this blogspot JUST FOR YOU! So that I can comment on this post to enter in the giveaway! call me desperateee. hahaha

  • tweeted, i followed and i loved !!




  • Elizabeth

    love your style!
    elizabeth, misaomeimei at gmail
    fun story…when i came back from a semester abroad in japan, in the immigration line, the workers there kept asking me "are you a citizen? are you a citizen?" apparently they thought i was a foreigner who was standing in the wrong line. i attribute it to my purple tights and blue skirt (color blocking!), straw hat and shiny shoes. i guess the look was too japanese street style??

  • As H.G. Wells said in 1908: "I am pleading the cause of a woman, a woman I lurve." Lady, you get my lurve.

    Amanda Satchwell
    AmandaKatherine on Twitter.

    Fact: I talk most about your blog with my (small town) pastor. The dialogue is neither professional nor confessional–I also cried to my mother when my idol feminist columnist Myspaced me when I was 15. We were vacationing in Branson, MO and just watched Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede.

  • Anonymous

    1. Done
    2. I Love You!
    3. Name: Helin, email: h3llu@hotmail.com
    Weird facts: First of all, I live in a small country which nobody knows about (Estonia, population 1,3 million people) and that makes us endangered species. Secondly, I love bags, but I own only 2, because all the bags I actually like and would wear are way too expensive for me (like that gorgeous bag up there) and third – this is my first comment I have ever made in a blogger world πŸ™‚

  • You Love Me! (was that it?) or I love your blog (said this instead, as I find it odd to say "i love you" to a stranger and its bad enough am being suspected as a lesbian, not that I hate them..am JUST NOT ONE OF THEM.

    Joy Anasco laughingams@gmail.com, @GamsLaughing
    unusual fun fact (not fashion related) but I do find it amusing that roaches doesn't burn, although they die of heat though *go try it *now i hope you don't find this creepy *okthanksbyenowidisappear


    Name:Rachnadeep Kaur(You can call me Rachna:D)



    My fun fact:My fun fact is that I repel men with my uber chic style so much that my mum only lets me buy girly clothes such as skirts and silk blouses. I mean what's wrong wearing a bowtie? I am proud to be a MAN REPELLER.

  • i love you. and my weirdest knack is that i never color block and now is as good a time to start as any! also im probably the only norwegian who reads your blog… except for ONE other that I know of, we're the only two people in this whole entire country… screw it, my weirdest knack is that im norwegian…oh and you'll love my name, thanks mom & dad!

    inger marie nord johansen
    email: imarienord@hotmail.com
    twitter: dagensoutfit

  • I would tell you I loved you but we have only just met you see and I have intimacy issues……….

    I tweet by the name of IvoryCrush
    I answer strange requests at ivory.crush@yahoo.co.uk
    Strangers shout 'Flick' at me on the street so I guess thats my name

    1) I have a fear of odd numbers (yes really) everything has to be done with an even number including the amount of garments/Jewelry I wear

    2) I have developed my own language that I use to converse with my two year old chihuahua. No one else understands it and I like it that way…

    3) My sister used to force feed me soap when we were kids

    4) When I hear 'Holiday' by Madonna I have an uncontrollable urge to stand on the nearest table and pull moves you have not seen since 1983…

  • Caz

    I know that looks like ass mitten. it's supposed to be As Smitten. fuck making things all one word πŸ™
    Fun fact, other than my ability to live with the twittername ass mitten, issss, I have metal in my leg. Nothing repells harder than a magnetic leg and some badass scarring πŸ˜€

  • I love you for your creative man-repelling powers!

    name: naomi
    email: callmenaomi@gmail.com
    fact: I have an odd personal belief that take-away coffee, or thermal mug, makes a fierce fashion statement, and holding one in your hand, strutting your way somewhere, is the finishing touch to a "I'm so hip/cool/popular/busy/dont touch me" look. Due to my clumsiness I have coffee stains in clothes that are expensive to dry-clean.

  • though I've only recently started following you, I've already fallen in love with you and your lovely quirkiness

    as for my name, it's Emily Chen
    email, chenchen100591@yahoo.com
    twitter, @chenchen1005

    and an unusual fact about myself, well it'd probably be that, as a child, i used to sleep with my face in my pillow and my butt up in the air (like so: http://www.flickr.com/photos/matsiltala/2595425155/) and if you can believe it, on occasion i would fall off of my bed from this position and still be sleeping til the next morning or so.

  • I love you and this blog and also have found a new passion for repelling men.
    Name: Andrea
    Email: andrealynnpappas@gmail.com
    Twitter: a_pappi
    something interesting about me is that I'm a scientist, total nerd and I try to repel all the men in lab.


    Ana Solinap
    tweet, tweet: anasolinap (…how original)


  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Hi my name is Katarzyna
    my email: kdulinska@gmail.com
    tweet: katedulinska
    Love you for your hilarious blog! (Really, I even go gay to get this bag, errr I mean for you of course)
    Unusual fact about me: I was suppoused to tell you how I almost killed my landlord with a saucepan, after he knocked at my door while I was watching japanese horror movie (it should explain the fact why I am changing appartments so often), but probably for everyone in here more unusual will be that I am coming from Poland. Now, hands up who knows where the Poland is :)?

  • 1. done.
    2. how inflated is your ego after hearing everyone's confessions of love? Well in case you're not at maximum inflation… your blog is my first destination in the morning; even before my morning tinkle. #truestory
    3. Lady bowner has now seeped into my daily vocabulary. So much so, that I mistakenly dropped the colourful noun during a really important client meeting. Awkward silence ensued. I thought I'd lose my job. So I followed up with the client by sending a link to your "I never met a bow tie I didn't like" post and apologizing for my colourful language. I'm still waiting for a response…

    Also, I'm really (really) good at teen jeopardy.

    Name: Foujan
    Twitter: @fouj

  • I will start saying "Mi gusta bo blog masha hopi" that is I love your blog a lot in my native language papiamentu.
    I follow on twitter name on twitter farrielle2
    soemthing you might not know about me , I speak 5 languages and a lot of times when I am out shopping I always end up helping to translate at the cash register for customers that do no speak english, I love it though gives me an opportunity to explain where I am originally from.

  • Rachel Aksman

    LOVE your blog!

    I'm a lawyer and my favorite t-shirt is a vintage tee that says "old lawyers never die, they just lose their appeal". I also have a closet full of 100s of vintage dresses that I rock to work on the reg.

  • I love your style it's so hip

    twitter: @zelicious

    an usual fact about me: I'm allergic to fruits and veggies but I still eat them lol.

  • i am definitely enjoying this post — I love any chance to peacock color block (yeah, I just rhymed AND compared myself to a male bird.. BOOYAH) πŸ˜‰

    Patty Perez
    patworfka143@aol.com <
    Twitter: PattyHATEStwtr < < I'm don't drink Hater-Ade, I promise. FF/ Fun Fact: Being that I am likely comment 3,756, I guess I have to spice things up for the next thousand comments you have to read. I was kinda a tomboy teenager and volunteered to help my dad trim our treehouse tree. I mistakenly transformed a branch into a missile that landed on my ladder and sent me flying into the air and onto the ground, breaking my two wrists. I don't know how I didn't pass out. I didn't feel any pain– I just couldn't move my hands at all. Ever since the surgery, my wrists can do this funny cracking noise if I move them the right (or wrong) way. I can dance to them. It's like I have maracas for wrists. Or do I have Moroccan wrists? EEEP, do they have a passport? πŸ™‚

  • Name: Karolena Greenidge
    Email: Kgreen915@gmail.com
    Twitter @ Karobeanah

    Unusual fact about me I don't wear jeans and I man repel in my sleep. All day everyday.
    I follow you on twitter but you should be following me!
    Love you boo!

  • Of course I love you. I only read shit I love. I do follow you on twitter.

    Sarah Moran
    twitter: scmoran

    I have a lot of tattoo's but I don't look like I should have tattoo's. I'm like the shy, librarian type, yet when I open my mouth I cuss like a sailor. One other weird fact about me. I used to want to be a nun. Seriously. I thought it would be awesome to live in some convent and not have to worry about anything except praying and sleeping. Not now though. I don't do religion.


  • 1. I love you
    2. Lindsey
    3. email: lstaffo1@gmail.com
    4. twitter: theglitzblog
    5. fun fact: I love pickles so much I have been known to drink the juice from the jar

  • Lindsey Raskin

    Although not as bold as you, I repel more than the rest
    Occasionally clad in sequin hats, I scored the almost man-repelling on your test
    And while I don't tweet, I figured I'd give this a shot
    Because that color-blocking bag would def only attract twat
    Being that you are one of the only blogs I religiously follow, my love I will confess
    I'd like to put you in that bag as an accessory to my dress
    Now that may have sounded creepy, and poss a little lezzy if you will
    An interesting fact about me is I can beat any boy at bowling-it could drive men to kill


  • my name is bea apple, email is rob_bea@msn.com, twitter is @bapple1979, and my weird fun fact is i pushed two humans out of my body, and i have also competed in the world yoyo championships in hawaii!

  • Name: Anna Marquardt, of the Milwaukee Marquardts
    Email: anna dot marquardt at gmail dot com
    twitter: @ajlobster

    This is how I'm weird: When I first created my email address back in 1995 or whatever, I had read some article that was like "YOUNG GIRLS ON THE INTERNET, BEWAAAAARE" so I didn't want to make an email with my real name. I was really into lobsters at the time (I still don't really know why), so I used my first and middle initials and then "lobster." Little did I know that this would condemn me to a life of being the girl who gets given shit with lobsters on it, FOREVER. Name a thing, and I probably have one with a lobster on it. Hat? YUP. Shirt? YES. Huge enamel platter? MM-HM. Cheese knife? YOU BET.

    But now it's my twitter handle so I'm into it. Also I am into you.

  • Leila Saad

    Dear Man Repeller,
    I wish I knew how to quit you.
    Fun Fact: I have been known to eviscerate chickens in heels. Nothing is more man repelling than pulling a chicken's gizzard out through its ass. (fashionable farm girl)

  • I am following both BE&D; as well as you on Twitter. My handle is @glattebyjamie

    Of course I am a huge fan of the blog which means I have nothin but love for you! πŸ™‚

    Fun fact: I'm too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts πŸ˜‰ Does that mean I'm not a man repeller?


  • Kate

    Name: Kate Newman
    Email: kanewman@butler.edu
    Twitter: katersgonnakate

    I can fold and throw a paper airplane using only my feet. I assume I get the strength from the omnipresent coat of glitter nail polish on my toes; that seems like the logical conclusion.

  • erin

    "you had me at hello" – well not really, because you've never actually said hello to me, but you had me at the awesome colour blocking combo that my inner 5 year old yearns for. followed Be & D (AMAZING bag btw)

    name: Erin
    email: erin.m.ocallaghan@gmail.com
    twitter: eo_c
    fun fact: I went bobsledding with the Latvian olympic team last March in Latvia. Probably the single coolest, most exhilarating thing I've ever done.

  • Dru

    LOVE! you are the antidote to the overly precious, twee little fashion blog. i tip my turban to you.
    name: dru hilty
    email: druhilty@gmail.com
    twitter: @dliana47
    factoid: i can fit my fist in my mouth. which does me absolutely no good, as my collection of vintage turbans assures that i will be showing no man a good time.

  • Anonymous

    Ok- I love you.

    And I still sleep with a "stuffed" bunny rabbit who now looks like an old sock. I am 24 living with my 32 year old boyfriend and cannot get rid of this thing. it is HIDEOUS. it has no ears, no arms and half a leg. it is seriously something out of a scary movie. but i absolutely cannot sleep without it. wont. will not. no way. my bunny is #1 in the bedroom (too much?).

    Name: Claudia
    email: opserc810@yahoo.com
    twitter: sandbox_studio

  • Anonymous

    NAME: annabelle loudon
    EMAIL: annabelleloudon@yahoo.com
    TWITTER: @bellavee
    UNUSUAL FACT: i was almost born in a chinese food restaurant approximately 21 years ago πŸ™‚

  • If you were on a McDonald's dollar menu, you'd be McAwesome. Serious love for you.

    And a serious love for fun facts:
    In 1992 I was the top seller of Girl Scout cookies in the United States. Yep, I peaked at age 5 and it's been downhill ever since.


  • Hi Leandra, we're soulmates. Not that I can prove it or anything, but whatever, neither can you. I love you! I can smell your brains from here! If I weren't broke as shit I would take you out to dinner long time.

    I'm Kaye. One of my favorite feelings in the world is when you drink too much or eat too much soup and you swish around and can hear the fluid sloshing about in your tummy.

    em@il: subdirigible@gmail.com

  • Anonymous

    1. Done
    2. I love you (brief and true)
    3. Nanna Lauridsen, nanna_lauridsen@hotmail.com, mahoutnanna
    And a fun fact? Naah, don't have any, but I love cats. My cat is named after the x-man (from x-men) called Bishop, cuz he got a V in his forehead as the x-man

  • i do, really love you–you are the highlight of my day.
    kendall stowell

    *fun fact: i tweet at you ironically hilarious things sometimes and you do not respond…it makes me sad. maybe not a fun fact as a sad fact.
    **fun fact (for real): i think we would be really good friends if i lived in nyc…or i guess you lived in atlanta.

  • Something shifted. I feel it. Nothing is the same since I discovered this blog. Colors look different. Sounds are more beautiful. The wind feels like it is kissing me.

    Mostly, I just want that bag.

    I'm Emma. My classics professor calls me Ima…
    Email- emmaka331@yahoo.com

    I wish I could just give you a compilation of all my go to facts. I play a lot of ice breakers.

    I don't know if you are vulger and crude… I am vulger and crude… so I'm just going to let you know. Last night I watched the best S&M; documentary ever. I learned about rubber fetishes and submission. I think I may have found my career– dominatrix. Mom doesn't need to know that I am not applying to law school.
    Oh and I am attracted to movie stars in their old age… like Christopher Walken. So tasty. So classy. He is my man. I feel like the two facts go together.

  • My name is Mariana Shtukina and I recently heard about your blog from my fashionista friend here at Scripps College. You are an inspiration to us all, we go to a woman's college and man repelling is what we do best. A fun fact,hmmm, im currently rehearsing for the Vagina Monologues where I play a Russian ex-lawyer turned lesbian dominatrix. I am from Russia so it's easy to pull of the accent and Eve Ensler (the author) just signed the whip I'm using in the show.


  • V

    Dear(est) ManRepller,

    I love you, and am IN love with you.

    Not only do I repel men with my clothing, but with my secret hobby, which is playing Dungeons and Dragons. My character is a 12 year old girl named Amy Smith who's an ace with a bow and arrow and who can talk to plants and animals. Oh, and she/I/cries with lonliness has a snake familiar named Biter. Also my previous character, a sorceress named Mila, got her head bashed in by a flesh golem.
    So yeah, if that's not interesting, at least I should be rewarded for estranging the last bastion of the man-repellent…the internet.
    Love forever,
    Vanessa Di Palma/Amy/Mila

    email: vdipalma@gmail.com
    twitter: Nessie_D

  • Anonymous

    Enni Pentti, lollypop93@hotmail.com

    I do know this might not sound nearly quite as interesting as making lobsters race before they are cooked, but I discovered I can lick my elbow the other day. Blew my mind, at least πŸ™‚
    Also, the movie Madagascar makes me laugh until I cry every time

    i love youu

  • OF COURSE I LOVE YOU. You never cease to crack me up.

    name: Kathryn
    email: kathrynhcunningham@gmail.com
    twitter: khcunningham (and of course I already follow you. duh.) and now I follow Be & D!

    fact: When I read British Vogue, I do so in a British accent in my head- or out loud. Makes me feel more cultured. Plus, I've always wanted an accent like that.

  • Name: Malia
    email: ivywifey@hotmail.com
    Twitter: @ms_malia – it took me forever to come up with that!
    Fun Fact: I heart candy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I know, super unhealthy but it taste so good!

  • Ashley Gravel
    Fun Fact:
    I hate men.

  • I love you, honestly. And I love the bag.
    I'm Kate, hailing from the Great State of Vermont (where nearly anything "fashion" is repellent) and you may send me congragulatory notice at rohdenburg.k@gmail.com. Also antics being posted with @dancinggrapes. My funny story is that I neither dance nor appreciate grapes. (Have you noticed there are a lot of weird toe people following your blog?).

  • bonjour! i am a newcomer to this wonderful blog (thank the bloglovin' awards)
    name: charlotte
    email: charlotte.irvine@hotmail.com
    twitter: @charstarl

    my unusual fact is related to the last post about getting metal shoes through airport security. i wore marc by marc jacobs pumps with metal heels on my way back from singapore once. they definitely set off the metal detector at airport security. not my smoothest moment.

    lots of love

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • I do believe I am on twitter, but am quite tech unsavvy so I will try to show you love by following you.
    Email: msykes2477@gmail.com

    Unusual fact: I just broke up with my boyfriend of 4 years and in order to make myself feel good about myself I took your advice and began to wear socks with all sorts of platforms and wedges.

  • Anonymous

    I love you. Can I call you mommy?
    Noor, noorvs.ummich@gmail.com, @elnoorE
    I live in Orlando, FL where flip flops and Abercrombie is pretty much everyone's staple uniform. Needless to say, I clearly look insane walking around wearing every leopard print article in my closet. But thanks to you I now know I'm not crazy, I'm just man repelling.

  • Anonymous

    karolina czossosnkowy@gmail.com

    I consider scrubs and lab coats a perfect excuse for wearing hoodies/sweatpants (you cant see them anyway and gosh, before 9am i cant think or dress)

  • Love you & your style! I'm now following Be & D on twitter (@daydreamincolor). I'm Connie (daydreamincolor@gmail.com) & I have an obsession with all things colorful. Our eyes lock & I simply cannot be withiout it!

  • Anonymous

    So since it is such a beautifulo day, i thought you should know that i love you. just like everyone else in the entire world, apperently.
    name: Lina
    Email: Corben3000@gmail.com
    Fact: I'm terrified of fish touching my feet. wouldn't let em to save my life.

  • I love you!

    Name: Brittany
    Email: brittanybathie@aol.com
    twitter: @blbathie

    I can write with my toes. My foot's penmanship is better than what my boyfriend writes with his hands.

  • ManRepeller, I love you. There is nothing that makes high-fashion accessible like wise cracks.

    <3 Shannon
    twit: shannonandon

    Unusual Fact: despite being fearless in many ways (dressing like a rainbow every day, moving to England without ever visiting, regularly buying shoes that will, in all likelihood make my feet bleed, etc.) I carry the flame of fear in my heart for one thing. MOTHS. Like tiny birds of death, made of beguiling and sinister powder, that are attracted to human scent and will eat your most loved clothes. They are evil, EVIL.

  • following Be and D…
    and why…yess..i love the man repeller..YOU:D
    ..fact–i have three birthdays…all in the month of feb…23,27 and 28th….reason–because the hospital i was born in wasn't exactly foremost in their birth handling…(a small town in india)..plus my superb mother…doesn't remember…oh and did i say..i have 6 siblings..:)

  • Lindsey
    twitter: theglitzblog
    Fun Fact: last thursday I wore a red, fully sequined, crop top with shoulder pads that I found in my mother's closet from the 80s

  • Dana

    1) Following Be & D on twitter!
    2) Love you and your blog / print articles / jewish/yeshiva jokes.
    3) Name: Dana email: danadrori@gmail.com twitter: @danazoedrori
    4) Fun fact that I'd like for you to know (regardless of bold handbags): I work as a model, and despite having both a mother and sister in fashion (or perhaps because of it), I never had any style confidence (I appreciated the art of style but never embodied it) — until I started reading your blog. Now I never leave the house without at least three layers (not including coat), love mixing patterns (did double floral today which i'm still not sure is cool but i liked it) — and I swear I'm taken more seriously in the industry because of it! So thanks!

    [also, when my eyebrows were bleached for a shoot, i kept them because i loved them even though several men told me that i looked like an alien.]

  • Anonymous

    Tsivia Finman

    I love your attitude and blog because
    1. I had to wear a mid-calf pleated polyester/wool blend navy uniform skirt until I was eighteen and even though I hated it, I also loved it because it was so bad, it was good. I feel you can relate.
    2. I made it to the high school dress code handbook for those tattoo-wire necklaces that were popular in the late 90s. After me, they were banned.
    3. My grandmother gave me a pin that a friend's husband said to me in all in-credulousness, "that is the most hideous piece of jewelery I have ever seen." It is silver and huge and depicts a carp jumping out of the water. The carp looks like it's in agony. It was handmade in Mexico in the 40s.
    4. You give me confidence to wear the stuff I love that the general masses don't understand.

  • your blog is bomb, love you!
    Shirley, s.weixin.jiang@gmail.com, @shrlala
    FUN FACT (all caps because that's how fun it is): I met a 18yrs old French billionaire, heir of the French chain grocery store, all because he liked my floral jumpsuit covered butt sitting at the curb on the street drinking straight out of the wine bottle because we were poor American exchange students at the time. That floral jumpsuit rescued me and my friends from the street corner (literally!) and got us unlimited drinks that night.

  • Lastochka

    I'm Kristina πŸ™‚
    Loooove this blog and you of course! Fun fact: I love sleeping outside on my porch/balcony in the summertime. Something about the stars, fresh air, and awesomeness of being under the open sky is totally fantastic! Also, LOVE wearing what I want and trying my fashions out on the world.


  • i love you, despite your neediness that requires me to tell you so. (i keed i keed)

    my name is carrie fussell

    hmmm…in 3rd-8th grade i used (almost exclusively) the word, or variations on the word, "garoo" (pronounced "gar-ew") to express any myriad of emotions i might have been feeling, actions i might have been performing, things i wanted/loved/hated. i also enjoyed digging with my hands contorted in reptar-like shapes on people, objects, pets, etc. i never realized how weird that was till i typed it out..

  • I'm Brigid Hogan (hogan.brigid@gmail.com//@br1gid). I once wore a silk crepe, patterned full-length jumpsuit to a bris (and I'm not even Jewish).

  • I love you. I heart perforated edges. And I abhor bellybuttons. Pick me! @WhittlesG

  • Anonymous

    I follow you and B & D on twitter, love you of course, I'm following your blog aren't I? I've told many a man and woman about your blog and frankly a lot of them don't get it, but that's when i roll my eyes, walk away and assume that they are probably repelled by me anyway, their loss.
    Fun Fact: My parents have always let me pick out my clothes. 1st shirt: hot pink, with a cat on it that read "Do The Watusi!" Everyone asked me what "The Watusi," was and I didn't know, nor did I care. Needless to say, I spent kindergarten chasing the boys around the playground and not vice versa. That year my parents gave me $100 and let me choose my own gift. I chose a white, faux fur coat, what else! They should have known they had a little man repeller on their hands. I was also sporting the tights as pants trend around the same time, way before the gaga. See the link for a photo, and yes, that is a smurfs shirt, always in style. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?id=201406657&aid;=2180205#!/photo.php?fbid=638093719925&set;=a.633546223145.2180205.201406657&theater;
    Heather Jones
    & on twitter @Miss_Priss_101

  • ami

    I do. I do love you. I bow before your skills of colour-blocking.
    I write songs about my cat. If that doesn't isn't the strongest man repellent one can think of, frankly, I don't know what. I often do it wearing socks with sandals, to boot.

  • I love reading your words. Thankyou for glittering my life up with so much color and enthusiasm. You are the repelling like a virgin madonna of today.

    Jamie Howard, Jamiemariehoward@gmail.com
    twitter @jamiemariehoward

    I like to play godzilla and destroy tiny towns ive created out of origami.

    I use google for spell check.

  • okkk so pretty much i love you and ur style. i wake up in the morning EXCITED to read about the crazy and exciting fashion trend for that day.
    Name: Yaela
    Email: yaelahalper@optonline.net
    Twitter: @YaElleAhh
    Fun Fact: gees there are so many ridicouls facts about myself…here's one for ya: my back is in the shape of an S. Yup, believe it or not, it's true. I have extreme scoliosis so my spine is an S. Pretty nifty right?

  • Anonymous

    Elizabeth de Luna

    1. No twittah πŸ™

    2. I love you. My friends love you. ITS JUST ONE BIG LOVE FEST, YEAH?

    3. In sixth grade I met my true love. His name was Patrick, he had red hair and was so intelligent I just wanted to listen to him talk all day. Part of me strongly believes that if he came back to find me today, I'd let him sweep me off my feet and take me anywhere. But anyway, the fun fact is what I wore back then to accompany my braces and frizzy brown hair that resembled a yield sign from the back: lace bobby socks with white k-swiss sneakers and a glorious Catholic school uniform. Can you say #Manrepellerposterchild? Not sure what part of that decision was mine and what was my mother's. Nevertheless, we do learn a lesson from the strange conglomeration of articles I decided to clothe myself with and it is that no matter what level of man repeller you currently prounce about upon, there will always be someone you will fall in love with… and who will fall in love with you right back.

  • okkk so pretty much i love you and ur style. i wake up in the morning EXCITED to read about the crazy and exciting fashion trend for that day.
    Name: Yaela
    Email: yaelahalper@optonline.net
    Twitter: @YaElleAhh, and yes i am following Be & D on twitter=]
    Fun Fact: gees there are so many ridicouls facts about myself…here's one for ya: my back is in the shape of an S. Yup, believe it or not, it's true. I have extreme scoliosis so my spine is an S. Pretty nifty right?

  • 1. check.
    2. leandra, i love you.
    nomnom: swong
    email: sarahkatewong(at)gmail(dot)com
    twit: @wooong

    fun fact, i have extra bones in both my feet that i will show off when the more persistent men overlook the socks/sandals repeller combo. "hey look what'll happen if we procreate, bad idea, right?!"

  • I love you.
    Love, Ashley
    Email: stylecurrent@gmail.com
    Twitter: @stylecurrent
    Fun Fact: I grew up on a pig farm.
    That's real life.

  • Im already following BE&D; on twitter and you

    Oh I do love you, and that love has probably grown since you were smart enough to find a way to make hundreds of strangers tell you how amazing you are. Clever, very clever.

    Name: Margot
    Email: msbchic@gmail.com
    Twitter: @MargotSweet (don’t judge, Sweet is my real middle name)
    Fun Fact: For my Bat Mitzvah I begged my mom to purchase over 100 copies of Sisqo’s album that featured β€œThong Song” so it could be part of the giveaways offered. While I am sure that this did not go with my β€œTiffany & Co.” theme (I know, yet another embarassing fact about this coming of age story) I was totally convinced that this giveaway item would defiinitley make my Bat Mitzvah cooler than the other kids at my Temple. Obviously, I knew how to repel men from a young age, snobery and poor taste in music. πŸ™‚

  • Just started following your blog a few weeks back, and have been so entertained that I've read through all the archives. Absolutely adore it all.
    name: Vashti
    email: vashtim9@gmail.com
    twitter: vashtimchan

    Keep the fabulous posts coming, oh, and random fact:
    your post today inspired me to wear my stubbs and wooten slippers with some fabulous cute shorts. I always wear them with skinny jeans, but I am excited to switch things up!

  • I check Elle horoscopes daily. They are creepy accurate. And now I sound creepy b/c I check my horoscope daily, great…

    Name: Amirah
    Email: thestylerealist@gmail.com
    Twitter: @TheStyleRealist

    p.s. i <3 u

  • Laura Tucci

    Hey therr I'm Laura and my super adorable kiddie email is chocoholic4774@aim.com and my oddly boring twitter is LauraTucci
    Interesting fact: On my last vacation a few weeks ago, I was en route to sneak up on a wild donkey when out of a hole pops a tarantula! I screamed and spooked the donkey who then ran away as the tarantula crawled back into it's hole. Talk about repelling nature… I belong in New York… Home sweet home!

  • – Marcia, marcia19971025@gmail.com(my pathetic excuse of an email) and @mwong1025
    – How can I NOT LOVE YOU :O? Your awesomeness kick ASS. But here it goes: I HEART YOU, ILY, I <3 YOU, I LOVE YOU β™₯
    – Unusual fact about maself 0.o: hum let's see, when I'm totally bored I stared at my Tumblr dash and be a low-life. Then I complained out it more. And more. If you ask me why I don't KNOW. One second I complained about guys then about how awesome they are.(As hard as I tried to be a man repeller: I can't, guess I'm a failure.

  • Anonymous

    When eating at ANY house i tend to eat on the floor right nxt to the sofa. And everyone is like "why not the sofa 0_0" I think its weird EATING ON THE SOFA!

  • I love you! I just found your blog and I think it's amazing!
    Name: Christine Breaux
    email: crbreaux3@gmail.com
    twitter: @crbreux3
    I'm a second year 10th grade English teacher in Mississippi, and some random quotes that I have accumulated over the last two years are:
    -Ms. Breaux, will you come check my transformation sentence in my essay?"
    "I think the word you're looking for is transition…"
    -β€Ž"Ms. Breaux, you look just like my grandmother, like you'd be seeing a reflection if you looked at her."
    "oh really?"
    "yea, I mean she only 30.
    -β€Ž"How YOU get a A on that quiz?" -student 1
    "cause this is my third time takin this class!" -student 2
    -β€Ž"Ms. Breaux, why you ain't put no hot sauce on your popcorn?"
    -β€Ž"Have you ever seen a movie that is about King Tut or ancient Egypt?" -me
    "Ummmm….what those blue people movie? Oh yea, AVATAR?!?" -student
    -β€Ž"Ms. Breaux, Imma do your wedding one day. I'm thinking of a brown and green dress for you, those are good colors on you." -student
    "What about a white dress?" -me
    "White? Ummm, you sure YOU can WEAR white?" -student
    -During a discussion on Helen Keller and Anne (Sullivan):
    "I didn't know Anne Frank knew Helen Keller!"
    -tudent 1 to a hefty student 2: "If you ever get stabbed you goin have Twinkie juice commin out."
    -β€Ž1/2 of my bell ringer today said:
    collie : dog :: ______
    "mrs. Breaux, what a collie be?" -student
    "collies are a type of breed of a adog." -me
    "mayne, why you just didn't use pit bull? I know that be a dog!" -student

  • Anonymous

    first off, LOVE YOU! (now that just felt creepy..)

    name: Lauren Colbert
    email: lauren@insight.rr.com
    twitter: laurencolberta
    fun fact: or not so fun…talk about man repelling, I have a lazy eye. Sadly blessed with this from birth, i have been repelling men from day one. Luckily i can control it and the beast only comes out when i'm tired. Although i hated it growing up, i kind of appreciate the weird now.

  • hola i'm gabby and if we ever met, i would probably give you a hug. if we met drunkenly, i definitely would.

    my favorite recent fact is that i spent an entire summer locked in a room reading/filing autopsies for pay. talk about human-repelling.

    (gpeterson09@gmail.com) (@gabspeterson)

  • IΒ΄m actually loving you and your blog more and more as the days go by πŸ™‚ love the rebel in you, ha!

    about me: I've always wanted to blog about fashion/interior design but have done it…
    twitter: @laguera73

  • hi, i love you.
    and my dad was in Kenny Rogers band for over 20 years

    Name: Bethany Struble
    Email: bethanystruble@yahoo.com
    twitter: @bethanystruble

  • 1. Followed
    2. I do not just love you. You are basically my god.
    3. My name is MaryKate
    e-mail: mkatem1991@gmail.com
    twitter: @mkmeath
    unusual fun fact about myself: once, my friend Tierra shit her pants and then used my friends phone. Then I used the phone, and ended up with Tierra's poop on my chin. Yes. I'm not lying. I've had a person's poop on my chin, and not by choice. Therefore my nickname is "poopychin." Do with that as you wish.

    If you don't think that's unusual…I'm not sure what is.

  • Liz

    I love you. A lot.

    Creepiness aside, I followed Be & D on twitter and I have an intense fear of throwing parties. I'm always terrified that no one will show up/everyone will be bored. But, I LOOOVE going to parties.

    To summarize, I'm a party go-er not a party thrower.


  • I love you in all your man-repelling glory and it has caused me to become man-repelling too. Today, I came to the revelation that my baggy harem pants looked like a diaper. I had a flash of insecurity and quickly ignored it as I thought, "What would the Man-Repeller do? Well, she'd OWN that diaper." Anyway, you are a huge inspiration to me and all my toes on my feet are the same size (except the big toe).


  • You are sooo super super super hilarious! I love reading your blog and then using your posts as actual reasons and excuses when my boyfriend questions my wardrobe choices and this color blocking post is extra awesome for spring time! green pajamas and pink shoes? = cock block supreme!

    name: Alexandria DeVaux
    email: ayddev@yahoo.com
    twitter: treedaughter

    an unusual fact about me is that collect human teeth. this is something i think generally isn't done by people who aren't dentists or serial killers but what can i say? there is nothing more cock blocking than carrying a bunch of some unknown persons teeth in your purse…

  • The name is Sandra sandyeatsface@gmail.com. Obviously, I love you and the blog.
    I've noticed a correlation between how well I'll get along with someone and whether or not they eat their finger food the proper way. How dare you bitches eat your wings with forks…and don't even get me started on people who cut their fries.

    **disclaimer- this correlation also applies to cilantro. What's so bad about it?

  • Emma

    First, I have some SERIOUS love for you. SERIOUSLY.

    Second, I'm a lesbian! So doesn't make me the best man-repeller? …Or the worst? I'm woman-repeller, regardless.

    Name: Emma
    Email: emarjoriedavidson@gmail.com
    Twitter: @emmamarjorie

    Unusual fact: I have a completely irrational fear of Bigfoot. When I was little I watched this TV special about Bigfoot and it scarred me for life. For years I had reoccurring dreams where I was lost in the woods and Bigfoot was a-comin' for me and there was nothing I could do. Plus, I live in the Northwest, so Bigfoot is like a THING here. And several years ago I took the train from Montana to Seattle and it travels through some really remote areas, and all I could do was stare out the window and think, "Where are ya, buddy?" Furthermore, whenever I am camping and hear a strange noise my mind immediately jumps to, "Bigfoot?!" I know that it's COMPLETELY irrational, and I actually don't even believe he exists, but I can't help the crazy.

  • Man, so many things to love in one post — Be & D is pretty rad, and you, Man Repeller, are absolutely the bee's knees.

    Now about myself: I spent the majority of my childhood Saturday mornings at the local skate rink because I was (wait for it…) a synchronized ROLLER SKATER! Leotard? Check. High bunchy socks? Check. Scrunchie? CHECK! My favorite routine went to the song "Do Re Mi" from the Sound of Music — gangsta!!


  • I'm Sophie, and I love you. My e-mail is pir8chic@sonic.net, and my Twitter is @sophalophagus.

    I wear a scarf to school… as a skirt. Nothing like a peacock shawl wrapped around your ass to challenge the dress code and cause some head-scratching. Also, my middle name is Bradford. I mean, it's like my parents set me up for a life of repelling right outta the womb.

  • sarah gorney
    i'm afraid of stickers! and tape and anything sticky, really. but i'm definitely not afraid of colorblocking.

  • Ash

    Be & D: followed!
    And who doesn't love a man-repeller? (except for those jealous men. Maybe they should start a women-repeller blog & we could get together & blog about our not-so-peaceful meeting!)

    Name: Ashley Yu
    email: denimandcotton@live.com
    twitter: @denimandcotton

    Unusual fact: I purposely wear weird combinations (denim shirts and metallic skirts is the "norm") to a) bug my mother and b) bug just about everyone else. Oh and c) satisfy my inner man-repeller
    And… I'm a mere 8th grader. How's that for unusual?

    Denim + Cotton

  • Name:Kristin Eichenberg
    Twitter: @kristin_eichenb
    blog: k-eich.blogspot.com

    Weird fact: I have a crazy black girl afro (blond hair) even though I'm 100% white. 95% of the time, i can easily convince someone i meet that I'm some weird ethnic mix…

  • Name:Kristin Eichenberg
    Twitter: @kristin_eichenb
    blog: k-eich.blogspot.com

    Weird fact: I have a crazy black girl afro (blond hair) even though I'm 100% white. 95% of the time, i can easily convince someone i meet that I'm some weird ethnic mix…

  • Anonymous

    You are the cheese to my macaroni. And I really love me some macaroni.
    name: Lily Harper
    email: lilyelizabeth.2113@gmail.com
    twitter: @field_of_lilys

    Fun fact: My collection of stuffed animals is named after indigenous peoples of South America and Mexico. Eg: Olmec, Axtec, Inca.

  • First, here is an extensive, verbose explanation of how much I adore you and your blog (for the record, I love me some SAT words almost as much as I love a good Navajo print): I'm working on getting a blog started at the moment, and as a general rule I try not to read too many others so that I'm not tempted to copy them and can instead let my own uniquely stupid brand of humor shine through. Oh Man Repeller, you are the exception to my policy. I can't stop reading! I may have to work extra hard so as not to subliminally copy you, but it's worth it!

    Name: Claire
    email: ceberoni333@hotmail.com
    twitter: Nah, as you can tell I need way more than 140 characters just to answer these questions.

    Want to know something TOTALLY KOOKY about me? Is the fact that the only thing I've ever slept with is a security blanket (tell E.E. that Blankey and I said hi, by the way) significant man repelling material?

  • mel

    twitter: milyncha
    i am a bundle of contradictions: i'm a meticulous calorie counter who loves butter chicken (the indian food), a pre-medical student who hates biology and an aspiring poet who watches Family Guy religiously.
    nice to meet you πŸ™‚

  • I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! and i didnt just say that because you said to! haha! πŸ™‚ you never fail to make me laugh with your euphemisms and overall personality!

    email: meggo@telus.net
    twitter: @Em_ytK

    hmm… something strange about me is that my tonsils are split in half, so in order to scare people (or even do my own creative man-repelling) i can make them connect and disconnect.
    oh and i have also gotten spaghetti stuck in that gap between my nose and mouth before.
    im quite sure that is the weirdest thing that i can think of about me.

  • name: samantha primack
    tweeterr mee!! prisamack
    email samcp25@gmail.com
    most fun fact: MY FIRST WORD IN THE ENTIRE WORLD was the most important person in world…………OPRAAHHHH. oprah, the queen of tv and the world had the most impact on my tiny brain, more so than the people who gave me life(mom / dad) or even favorite foods(cookie).
    other fun fact: i have raided my childhood fashionistas–my american girls dolls, and i currently rock Samantha's doll size bow on my human sized head, man repeller tested, bowner approved

  • Carolina Mariana Rodriguez
    carodgz @gmail.com // carodgz (twitter)

    If you must know, I once ingested half an Uno card when the babysitter wasn't looking. Okay, and some play-doh in elementary when the teacher was distracted. Happy?

  • Cody

    Fact: I constantly win giveaways full of men's products from beauty departments because I'm a girl with a conventionally boyish name: Cody. I think they just keep pulling entries until they find one that sounds like a guy. But like any good man repeller, I have no gentleman to pawn all that free stuff off on. Now I just have an unnecessarily large supply of unused cologne. E-mail: codysolem at gmail dot com. Twitter: @codysolem.

  • Anonymous

    I love you!

    name: jenny
    email: jennyrinman@gmail.com
    twitter: @jenny0i

    funny fact: despite many rigorous training sessions, I can move only my right ear while my left sits still in defiance. However, both are pointed enough to earn me the nickname of "elfie" in 4th grade and inspire deep envy by all lovers of lord of the rings.

  • Catherine
    twitter :DebbDowns

    Fun Fact: I know every word to This is How We Do It…while it has nothing to do with fashion it is a man repeller in itself.

  • Eileen


    I only recently started reading your blog, but I have fallen hard and fast for you. Keep man repelling! πŸ™‚

    1. Done!

    2. I love you as much as anyone could love someone else over the internet, without it being creepy.

    3. Name: Eileen Li
    Email: neelie.meister@gmail.com
    Twitter: remindereileen
    A fun fact about me is that I've seen a Harry Potter movie (major fan) in the cinemas on three different continents.

  • fashionfille@fashionfille.com

    i have an extraordinarily sensitive nose! i can walk into a house hours after the people have eaten and accurately describe the exact meal just based on what i smell. πŸ™‚

  • Kat

    I love you and your fabulous blog. I read it every day, and on days when you don't post something new, I cry myself to sleep. True story.

    name: Kat Pearce
    email: klpearce@yahoo.com

    And a fun fact about me: In my formidable years as a pre-teen, I showed dairy goats. I was a goat showing champion, and I have the trophies with little gold goats on top to prove it. Whip that fun fact out when speaking with a man friend and consider him repelled. As if my extensive collection of brightly colored tights hasn't already done the trick.

  • RBetesh

    Twitter: Rbetesh
    your blog is apart of my daily routine. Some people read the news paper, I read your blog! Truely am inspired by your style and intelligence for fashion
    weird fact about me: I will only make my room all white because I get sick of things fast,there for when I get bored of the color thats in my room I can change it so easily! who wants to be bored of their room, change and add up color! maybe the next color will be the peachy/pink of the Be&D; bag!!!

  • Lisa B.

    Twitter: both.

    Love Declaration for both you and the bag: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JWTaaS7LdU

    Name: Lisa, lisabillen@hotmail.com, @PetitChaperonR

    Unusual fact: well, i have plenty. Two of my weirdest:

    1. My last name is Billen. which means literally "ass" in dutch (my native language). i've got the name of my mother, the last name of my father is Voeten, which means literally "feet". talking about being born for luck.
    2. I've had this weird habit. when i was younger, i talked in pairs. That means that every word had to be even, like "coat" is ok, but "skirt" isn't, since there are five letters instead of 4 or 6. I can tell you, at that time, having a conversation was a real challenge.Especially since i can be a real chatterbox.

  • Esther

    Of course I love u! Plus with this giveaway!!!!
    I just made a twitter account for this giveaway!!!!

  • Done / Duh / K / houstonienne@gmail.com / bloggoggles

    I only enter online contests that ask something clever of the entries (as opposed to the random draws), because I'm not afraid of a challenge. Also, I'm currently wearing a velvet turban.

  • 1. I follow them…and you, now.
    2. i must love you, i actually opened a twitter account. i'll tell twitter to send a thank you card.
    3. so i think i deserve the bag, because let me remind you of an awkward email conversation we had last week. you replied "OMG now that is something special" to the picture of my senior thesis (the head piece, ya – that one)… i then, as you may recall, wrote back telling you it was yours! get this, although i may or may not have begged you to wear it, you could have seen it as winning a contest of mine! no? no? ok, maybe i did seem like a creeper at that point then (hence, no reply), so in that light maybe you should pity me and give the bag to me so that at least i can say "hey, i got a purse out of it" if you actually think i'm a creeper and for the future humiliation of you potentially mentioning how creeperesque that email was like you did in that one article about the guy who asked you to marry him via twitter? or was it facebook? either way, i think you gave him a bag. i know it.

    if that isn't sufficient, i give you my best fun fact: when i was little i could do arm pit farts like a pro, a literal pro. i could recreate any known fart: short ones, loud ones, putt putt puttering ones, juicy ones (ya, i said it) or a combo of them all. i could do pitches and get this, i could also do it with my KNEES! ya, you read that right. KNEES. my mother said if i continued to do it i wouldn't find a man.. a little man repeller from the get go! and i know you're probably wondering if i could still do it, maybe not, but if i win the bag i will send you a video. YES, a video. that'll just add to my creeper-ness? at least it'll all be a good story, right?!

    do it.

  • p.s. you probably have my email .. but it's emsherm@uw.edu just in case you already blocked it.

  • 1. Check
    2. I obviously love you. It's obvious because what is not to love? I follow both the Man Repeller and Leandra Medine on Twitter. Can't get more creepy than that (unless I sent you a lock of my hair — to far?).
    3. @Engthusiast, shaun.engstrom@gmail.com. So this weekend I saw Karl Lagerfeld in Colette in Paris. It was the highlight of my life. It was even more outrageous because I was unintentionally dressed exactly like him (white shirt buttoned all the way up, black pants, black blazer and bolo tie). Couldn't remember enough french to ask for a picture but I did follow him and his assistant down half a block until he got into his car.
    Unusual fact: An earwig crawled into my ear when I was 10 and hung out there for about a day until I yelled "I love you hostess" at a hostess truck driving by and it crawled out. I blame that little bug for eating up all the man getting parts of my brain. Although, to be fair, the bolo ties may have something to do with the lack of peen in my life.

  • S

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Love you. Like, a lot.
    email: Ariespiritu@gmail.com
    twitter: ariespiritu
    Fact: When I was 6, I was in the Broadway production of "Carousel" and in the playbill, I had this to say about myself: "My only goal in life is to live glamorously". Then, a six year old with ridiculous standards. Now, a twenty year old, just ridiculous.

  • email: tm0200a@american.edu
    twitter @tmatsdotcom

    You are pretty wonderful. You've inspired me on many occasions to adorn myself in man-repelling turbands, birth control glasses, and various DIYed and questionable accessories.

    Now for a "fun" fact about myself: On the rare occasion that I'm speaking to a guy, things get awkward FAST and I tend to ask if he'd like to see a picture of my cat. I don't have a cat.

  • Hiya,
    I love you, je t'aime, ich liebe dich (which, incidentally sounds like the opposite of man repelling. Those crazy Germans.)

    Name: Anna
    Email: intotherealms@gmail.com

    I have a phobia of condiments. Not even kidding. Mustard, may, ketchup, they all FREAK me out. Once a friend's boyfriend accidentally got mayo in my hair and I had a tantrum and had to be taken home.

  • email: fashionisms@gmail.com
    twitter: fashionismsblog

    I once spilled espresso on a white tank, so I brewed enough to caffeinate a small village and dipped the entire tank in it. I now wear it as a caffeine-enhanced boho DIY project. It still faintly smells like the bean. It both repels AND attracts.

  • Hillary

    Hey! I like your blog because it's a good read – plain and simple. I'm a recent transport to NYC and have developed a new-found love for street style via Bill Cunningham, Scott Schuman and now you, Ms. Man-Repeller. You've got a great eye and I look forward to reading about (and getting) lady boners everyday!


    Unusual fact: I believe that left handed people are inherently cooler than right handed people. I'm not left handed. I also participated in a dance-off against a little person on top of bar last weekend. On my knees…

  • Anonymous

    1. Not on twitter but I will join to follow Be & D and wonderful you!
    2. Love you. Love love love you. I hope that's not creepy but I'm ok if it is.
    3. Name: Shoshanna
    e-mail address: sholevine@gmail.com
    twitter handle: nothing yet, sorry
    unusual fun fact: I live in NYC and won a trip to NYC this past weekend…so I get a free trip to where I live. That's the first thing I think I've ever won. I think I need a fabulous color-blocked win to up karma.

  • Name: Maggie
    Email: maggiepointe@hotmail.com
    Twitter: @mjpappas

    Unusual fact: I have 2 different thumbs. They look like they belong to two different people. One is short and wide and the other is longer and narrow. It's really weird.

  • Veronica

    1. Following Be&D; (check)
    2. I love you and your witty blog! (check)
    name: veronica mars
    twitter handle: @vlmars
    fun(?)fact: I am a singer in a grindcore band, called Buried at Birth. Last week I got clobbered in the mosh pit by a flying girl (yes, an actual person flew through the air) and broke my front tooth! That is a whole different kind of blocking…

  • :: I LOVE YOU ::

    I love talking to my cat, I created a facebook acount to her. She's so glamourous, and I think she's going to participate on a competition for the most beautiful person in my town.. (humans)
    you can be her friend πŸ˜€ http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002195853504

  • In order to attempt to win a purse
    ("Pick me!," this sonnet screams, I need that bag!),
    I write to you in Shakespearian verse
    Because if I lost it would be a drag.
    My name is Ally and I love you so,
    So much that I'm inspired to write you this.
    Oh Man Repeller! Do not cause me woe!
    If I don't win that purse, that's such a diss!
    Believe it or not, I am no poet;
    In fact, what I study's philosophy.
    Working on a thesis sucks, I know it,
    So, instead, I write pretty please! Choose me!

    Oh Man Repeller, your style is so great –
    With you around, I'll never have to date!

    …<3, allypeabody@gmail.com

  • Gillian

    I think of you every time I wear my BCGs and top knot to my spinning class.

    Twitter: gillianoz

    Email: gzweng@bu.edu

    Fun fact: I once threw up out of Steven Tyler's old bedroom window. Rock and roll.

  • Alexis

    Alexis Schwartz
    heh heh

    SO I was in Japan when I was 15 for a class trip. It was around 1am and I was desperately hungry. My friends and I couldn't leave to roam the streets for food so we decided to sneak into the kitchen of the monastery to see what we could find. We found some rice. There were five of us in on the scheme but clearly not enough food for everyone. We decided to make it a game: streak around the monastery grounds= rice.

    RAN INTO A MONK… our school has never been aloud to go back to that monastery but I didn't go hungry!
    Side note: I would do the same for this bag… and you clearly! (lady boner inducing, I know)

    as I reflect, I realize I hath no shame. word out. ^_^

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • i had sworn off twitter for life but i created one just to enter this contest, if this shows how devoted i am. i have been a follower of your blog for a while, but never twitter till now!

    name: Lauren James
    email: onfirewhenHespeaks@yahoo.com
    twitter: @fashionmedicine

    fact about me. I am a pre-medical student currently killing myself in undergrad and am applying to medical school in May.
    my two passions in life are fashion and medicine, thus my created twitter name that makes no sense.
    i am currently poor as hell but when i take out my huge loan for med school i am already planning to take out a little extra so i can start dressing like the fashionista inside of me.
    i will continue to look to you for inspiration so the day that i can afford it, i will try to look half as wonderful as you do!
    keep on keepin on and being bad ass.

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • oops. i didn't post anything unusual.
    one time in 5th grade my grandma gave me this expired gum and I was chewing it at a high school volleyball game and it turned to liquid in my mouth. when i told me mom i was going to the bathroom it started dripping out of my mouth and people started yelling to everyone that i was throwing up.
    i was so embarrassed i tried to tell them it was just my gum but it just made it worse.
    then when i tried to clean off my face it had dried and the paper towels stuck all over my face also.
    most embarrassing, moment, ever.

  • I adore you blog!* And I'm completely in Springish love with that beautiful Be & D bag!

    I'm Maria, from Oporto, Portugal πŸ˜‰

    About the weird things: despite always walking with my toothbrush and toothpaste everywere, I eat my soap with chocapic (cereals: http://www.hipersuper.pt/2010/01/20/nestle-investe-tres-milhoes-em-avanca-e-duplica-producao/chocapic/ )!
    & last but not the least, my favourite dish is "arroz de cabidela": chicken rice cooked with its blood. It's a very fancy dish in my country! (http://ementadodia.blogspot.com/2009/10/arroz-de-cabidela.html)

    Cheers! & bisou*

    e_ bluesayo@gmail.com
    t_ bsayo

    *Ps: I love you!!!!! πŸ˜€

  • I love you.
    i'm following be & D on twitter.

    and…i can't whistle.



  • Evie Alkin
    evie.alkin@gmail.com. Pretty whacky email, relax and take it all in.

    I don't have anything unusual about me, but I have a goldfish called Zac. (after Zac Efron as I acquired him (the fish, not the boy) on his birthday (the boy, not the fish) and it felt appropriate). Zac is unusually asshole-ish for a goldfish and throws rocks around his tank when I try to sleep, so he had to be relegated to the hallway.

  • Name: Tamara
    Twitter: tg0042
    email: guzmantam@gmail.com

    Fact: One of my family friends had JRR Tolkien as a professor at Oxford. HE also hung out at the same pub that Tolkien and CS Lewis had INkling meetings. Okay, so this isn't a fact about me, but just a fun fact.

  • I'm not a tweeter but I've been reading your blog since The Globe and Mail (in Toronto) said it was one to watch! You then hooked me with your claim that harem pants are the best form of birth control.. so priceless!

    Weird fact about me:
    I can lick my elbow (which is supposedly impossible). I was also on TV (Canadian!) proving this fact.

    Colour block me!

  • ****************@MsMaris87
    **********************you're the shit.
    ***********************************I take every opportunity to wear a mustache in public.

  • Crissy Rea-Bain

    I so love you!

    my unusual factoid… When I wear shoes that I love (which is most days), I always like to watch my feet as I walk. This creates two problems: I look like a fool and I run in to many a wall/door/person, which of course reiterates the first problem. But it's worth it.

    Crissy Rea-Bain


  • Ello!

    Catherine, thatsilhouettegirl@gmail.com, @_silhouettegirl

    Now that that's taken care of… I taught myself how to tie my shoes because no one else could teach me. I was in kindergarten, and my smartassness pissed the teacher off like no other.

  • I loooove you & your blog!

    I follow you on twitter @mskenyaf

    My name is Kenya F, twitter handler: mskenyaf, email: kfloveinme(at)gmail(dot)com

    A unusual fun fact about me is that I'm always bumping into clear glass doors. LMAO!! I kinda of embarassed admitting to that. SMH.

  • Anonymous

    Name: Lauren Renee

    e-Mail: lolo8888@yahoo.com

    Fact: My 6th toe is my instant man repellent. i now call it my "lady boner" Talk about a reason to wear layers…

  • 1. Following Be & D on twitter.
    2. I love you! And I love your blog even though I think this is the firts time I commented anyting. But you know… I'm shy… and I really like the bag. I promise I'll show my love more often.
    3. Daniela | zabaleta @ gmail.com | dzabaleta. Unusual fact: I sneeze whenever the temperature in the room changes… or my inner temperature does. That also applies on "hot" moments. Weird huh?

  • You're absolutely stellar and freaking hilarious, please be my life coach. I wish all college students were as fashionable as you are. I guess the flood of sweatpants and oversized sweatshirts that dominate my campus are man repellers, but…

    My name's Atira (atira.richards@gmail.com) and when I get really tired, my eyeballs squeak audibly when I rub them. I thought it was just an internal squeak that only I could hear until my room mates wondered where the loud squeaking was coming from. With the onslaught of finals week, it's become even more apparent–Spring Break come sooner.

  • Your blog helps me get through my horribly dull job where no one appreciates any of my fashion choices.

    Fun fact: I've taken man repelling to a new level today with the pink eye I caught from Mardi Gras on Bourbon Street and the entire bag of Pizzeria Pretzel Combos I just ate.

    Mari McMurray

  • I adore you. Sometimes, before we go out, my boyfriend asks if my outfit is "man repellent." To which I reply, IF YOU HAVE TO ASK THEN IT SURELY IS NOT, FOOL. And then I put on another watch (avec une calculatrice) or some confusing tights so there is no question about the ability to stifle libidos all around.
    get at me, girlette–that purse needs me.
    @TheUsualCk, catherinekast@gmail.com

  • Hey! I follow you on Twitter and love you! I'm rocking a bright orange mini and leopard print wedges to work, so that counts for something right?
    Name: Stephanie Levy
    Email: levy.stephanie.s@gmail.com
    twitter: @stephanie_levy
    Fun Fact: I "met" Lumiere (yes, the candelabra) from Beauty and the Beast when I was 7. My mom's best friend (z''l) was a theater actress who would move from job to job between St. Louis and New York. One time she was in a play with Jerry Orbach, the voice of Lumiere, and after dinner at my house gave him a call to chat. My mom convinced her friend to convince Jerry to talk to me and my siblings as Lumiere. Let me tell you, when Lumiere tells you over the phone that it's past your bedtime you go to sleep REAL quick! To this day it's still my most starstruck moment and solidified my love of that movie and Belle; I guess that explains why I'd rock a peasant shirt under a jumper πŸ™‚

  • Sarah Kinbar

    Okay, so you are an absolute riot!

  • so, i've heard many a good thing about you lately and finally visited your blog! and i think i'm in love. will be visiting often.
    + jen wong
    + simplyjenwong@gmail.com
    + @simplyjenwong
    + i too have a blankie, his name is lu tan tan (chinese for "deer blanket," because he has a giant creepy dear on him) and i recently made a silver sterling necklace to memorialise him. the necklace has a tiny cut out deer, and giant sharp antlers (rather dangerous and man-repelling, don't you think?) and slides open to reveal a secret compartment to hold bits of him that have fallen off. a bits of him wrapped around the chain. all hand made. with all the love i could muster. i could send you a photo if you'd like ..

  • Mo


    Name: Maureen
    Twitter: mkfm09
    Email: mometlen@gmail.com

    Unusual Fun Fact: my left foot is a whole size bigger than my right, which makes shoe shopping EXTRA exciting.

  • Name: Markus (boy's name, girl body confuuuuusing!)
    email: emkuzila [at] gmail [dot] com
    twitter [at] emkuzila

    Most unusual would probably be my aforementioned name (thanks mom and dad!). It really aids in my man-repelling.

  • Love your blog!
    name: Sara
    twitter: @sara_combs
    email: rossbachster@gmail.com

    I like to abbreviate things, even if they are already abbreviated. Why say gps when you can blend it all into one word- β€œjips” why say tv when you can just say β€œtiv”, and of course, sushi is too many syllables. I call it β€œsush”

  • I followed x2. I love your sarcastic humour.
    Inga O (aka THLB)
    I love food and fashion(in that order)mainly shoes really. I would rather not eat at all then eat substandard food & my fashion eyes are sometimes crossed but I try. I often soak my feet in expired milk.

  • Twitter: Dramanerdsteph

    Love you, and I would have to say one interesting fact about myself would have to be that even though I am almost 22 years old, I am obsessed with Hello Kitty.

  • Love your face.

    Brittanny Taylor // brittanny.lynn@gmail.com // @brittanny

    I've hated holes since I was a child. Like holes in walls and… basically anything. They freak me out. When I first went to my fiance's house I freaked because it looked like someone ran around with a hammer and nail and then another person ran around after them pulling all the nails out of the wall forcibly with their wild man beast hands. Yeah… I need therapy for this.

  • name: Christina
    e-mail: cri @ crilauren.com
    twitter: @crilauren
    Fun facts about me: I'm often mistaken for a high schooler, to the point where I'm often carded at R-rated flicks despite the fact that I'm 25 years old. My mother decided to make my middle name Lauren after Ralph Lauren himself. Also, I can pick things up with my toes, and my loved ones affectionately refer to this action as showing off my monkey feet. Oh yes, nothing sexier than that.


    THEA. theafrancesca@gmail.com

    Twitter: @TheaFrancesca

    I like my mango dipped in fish sauce. My style icons are Keith Richards and Suri Cruise. You give me lady boners. My ultimate dream is to be a jedi. Truth.

  • Hahaha Love you!

    Cecilia Landa
    @iclanda (twitter)

    Unusual fact? i think that i love to eat a strange combination, strawberry yogurt with sausages!
    and that i love leopard print?

    Saludos de MΓ©xico!

  • Sheena

    Following YOU and Be & D on twitter.

    Man Repeller, you are the reason I wake in the morning, just to laugh at the crazy shit you say. I have a huge girl crush on that brain of yours, but I think I might be more in love with your fabulous eyebrows. I envy.

    name: Sheena
    email: sheena8721@gmail.com
    twitter: SheenaBoomBoom

    Unusual fun fact: I was once a hotel maid. If I could sum up the best (and by best, I mean absolutely worst) of it, I had to clean a room infested with dog worms, a room covered in skin from a psoriasis guest, and a room where someone died…two days after my grandma passed away. Then, I went on to become the "Tray Girl" at a nursing home. My duties included getting prune juice and cottage cheese for the elderly.

    That's boner killer story telling at its greatest.

  • 1) Love you – the first time I read about you was in an issue of Vogue while on a plane and my boyfriend looked over and said why would any girl think that outfit was attractive – I laughed at how perfect his comment was – been in love with your blog since then.

    2) @IMaeBe, i.belobradic@live.com

    3) First, let me preface this with that I'm still at the office and not making much sense anymore because I haven't stopped working before 1am in about 2 weeks (very sleep deprived). One weird fact about me {maybe not super weird} but I love fashion but never seem to notice people's clothes unless they're amazing – what I do notice is amazing couples – I guess that's the hopeless romantic in me? But how great is a fantastic, adorable couple. I don't think it's that weird – but many of friends do considering how much I love fashion.


  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • following both
    i love you. srsly. i wanna be you. or be on you…no homo…but kinda homo…pretty homo.
    name: preethy
    email: preethy.s29@gmail.com
    twitter: @preee
    fact: i can't stick my tongue out. talk about man repelling

  • jamie

    1. done
    2. omgawd, loves you!
    but seriously. 8=)
    3. nombre: JAMIE CRAWFORD
    electronic mail: crawf313@msu.edu
    twit: lolzwaitwhat

    dude, i like to lay down in the shower. when i got to college, i realized that i could not do that anymore because that it is weird, would be gross and the [community] shower is a 3×3 ft. square. *sigh

    p.s. sorry the smiley in #2 looks like a dingy

  • Gurrrllll
    This week, while partaking in some extracurricular beverage consumption in my fabulous faux-fur vest (a.k.a. Bear costume) at the bar where I normally work, my manager took one look at me and said, "What the hell are you wearing?" I shed a single tear of joy.
    I have a strange inkling that this type of reaction is the reason I have been single for almost five years now….
    Oh Repeller of the Male Species: I love you, I love you, I love you, and where you go I'll follow, I'll follow, I'll follow, You'll always be my true love, my true love, my true love, from now until forever-
    And, scene.
    @ Lisapea1

  • Name: Lola
    email: letterstolola@gmail.com
    twitter: @dressupwithlola

    I LOVE you.

    Unusual fact: well, currently I am sitting at Milburn House at the Universtiy of Warwick, as well as having a love for fashion I am very passionate about Science. The two things go hand in hand, no? Anyway, I am kind of obsessed with the metal Osmium and in about 40 minutes time I am going have an attempt at some Osmium NMR. you see, Osmium has two nuclei which are nmr active but the 189 is quadrupolar and therefore yields a very broad signal and so for this reason I use the 187 nucleus. The 187 has a spin of a 1/2and therefore yields sharp signals over a very wide chemical range. But there is still a BIG problem, the 187 nucleus has extremely low sensitivity and therefore we have to use indirect detection via proton coupling–

  • 1. Totally love you- and tell all my friends to read your blog
    2. @danieladawson
    3. Spanish was my first language but have forgotten how to speak it (I can understand it ish more than I can speak… Its a travisty I know) but I still sometimes have dreams in spanish- and my heritage has def influenced my style over the years.

  • 1. Done.
    2. I said it out loud, but since I doubt you can hear that I'll type it again: I love you (or your awesome sandal/sock combos. Same thing.)
    3. And I'm Cimone, my e-mail is erisgoddessofdiscordia@yahoo.com, and my Twitter handle is wonderfinch.

    And as for my fun fact… I believe that, while drop-crotch pants and studded shirts are effective man repellers, unicorn skirts will also do in a pinch.

  • Emily

    Oh man repeller, I almost missed the deadline! I've been mulling over which unusual fact to tell you for a few days now, and I think I've finally found the right one. Here it goes: when I was a kid, my mom and I spent Christmas in Argentina. While we were there, we picked up a rather strange and mostly illegal habit…

    …are you ready….?

    ….. am I killing you with the suspense…..?

    Just kidding, I won't overdo it with the ellipses. That would just be rude.

    The habit is streaking! Every New Years Eve, Argentinean women wear a brand new pair of pink undies for good luck. If you're really gung-ho, you can also carry a suitcase with you to your New Year's party, which is supposed to ensure that you will travel in the New Year. If you're cray-cray like my mom and I, you can walk around the block carrying your suitcase and wearing nothing but your fab new panties and a fur coat. We’ve now extended this tradition to our friends, so every New Years, without fail, you’ll see a group of ladies walking half naked around my block. While this may seem like a staged and desperate man-getting event on my part, or a desperate cry to the New Years Eve gods that someone, SOMEONE might see my pink panties other than my mother who bought them for me, this event has in fact never snagged me a boi. Last year I did catch a cold though! It’s a start, I guess.
    With love,
    Emily Buck

    email: ebuck_4@hotmail.com
    twitter: gimmepurse (seriously, I made the account just for this occassion)

  • hey:)
    i love you, yes i do.
    my name is Eva, my email, or better my blogs email is muscovites.sky@gmail.com and on twitter i go with the name eva seljan

    um…unusual fact? i dont like windy weather, i love broccoli, i alwys think people will notice if i wear the same outfit twice and call the emergency, i save boxes of gadgets, shoes make up, as if i will ever need them again (but you never know do you?)as a proper man repeller i like to dress to drag attention even if it means some people wouldnt touch me with a stick. depends. xx

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE YOU! I believe the apocalypse is coming soon so it would be nice to own something pretty like this before the end of the world comes….. πŸ™

    and I don't have a twitter!

  • Anonymous

    batman repeller! joker colors πŸ˜€

  • OMG I love you Jimany cricket. Laughing out loud!

    I am now following you on twitter i am @foundrym

    interesting fact about me: I make wearable art/jewelry out of recycled building materials and found items. Nothing confuses a man more than building supplies on a necklace. Depending on the man he is either totally intrigued and wants to take you straight to his place from home depot or he says, "what? why?" unless he is Marc Jacobs then he does neither of these things but instead make your own nut necklace.

    I also blog: http://stylespice.blogspot.com/

    later, Emily

  • Anonymous

    I wrote a pretty good article on how to color block over on my blog using the Zara SS'11 look book to illustrate my idea. It consistently ranks on the top page of Google for guides on color blocking. Check it out!

    Nick Robinson

  • Anonymous

    Hate ta tell ya, but anything that shows legs (especially in tights) does NOT repel men!

  • 10 Aturan Bergaya "Color-Blocking"

    Tren fashion paling diminati pada 2011 ini adalah color blocking. Pekan mode untuk koleksi spring/summer 2011 menampilkan para model dalam warna-warna cerah, seperti terlihat pada koleksi Jil Sanders, Missoni, dan Diane von Furstenberg (DVF). Namun, bagaimana menerapkan gaya ini dalam penampilan sehari-hari tanpa terlihat terlalu meriah? Berikut cara memadukannya.

    Kombinasi warna yang tepat
    Tidak semua warna tampak pas ketika dipadupadankan. Anda perlu memilih kombinasi warna yang tepat untuk mendapatkan efek yang maksimal. Warna-warna yang bisa ditabrakkan antara lain pink dan ungu, oranye dan biru, merah dan pink, serta biru cerah dan merah. Koleksi Jil Sander untuk spring/summer 2011 bisa ditiru untuk mendapatkan kombinasi warna yang asyik.

    Semakin terang semakin baik
    Jika Anda mengenakan color blocking dari kepala hingga kaki, pastikan warna-warnanya secerah mungkin. Warna-warna pucat dan pastel akan terkesan nanggung, tak peduli sebanyak apa pun warna yang Anda tabrakkan.

    Jins selain biru dan hitam
    Item yang bisa dilibatkan dalam permainan warna adalah jins. Anda menemukan jins berwarna merah, hijau, atau pink? Jangan ragu memakainya. Apabila Anda kurang berani memakai warna-warna yang terang untuk jins, coba aplikasikan koleksi spring/summer 2011 dari Isabel Marant. Padukan dengan sweater polos atau t-shirt warna kelabu muda.

    Kombinasikan bahannya
    Agar warna terang yang Anda pilih tidak terkesan terlalu panas, pilih bahan sutra, satin, dan taffeta dalam warna-warna terang. Contohnya seperti pada koleksi spring/summer 2011 dari Diane von Furstenberg. Kombinasi bahan ini akan menambahkan kesan glamor pada penampilan Anda, dan memberikan kombinasi warnanya yang terang terasa lebih mewah.

    Satu naungan warna
    Jika Anda tidak cukup berani menabrakkan warna, Anda masih dapat mengenakan tren ini dengan memakai satu warna dari naungan warna yang sama dari atas ke bawah. Contohnya, Anda bisa memakai gaun maxi berwarna kuning cerah, pink, atau merah cerah, seperti pada koleksi spring/summer 2011 dari Michael Kors dan Lanvin.

    Padukan dengan "t-shirt" putih
    Show dari Moschino Cheap and Chic memperlihatkan celana panjang warna cerah dengan t-shirt warna putih yang simpel. Pilih kaos dari bahan katun dan sutra yang akan bertumpuk dengan baik. Bahan ini akan melengkapi celana panjang atau rok warna cerah dengan cantik.

    Aksesori berwarna
    Tak mau mengenakan pakaian yang serba berwarna cerah? Kenakan saja satu atau dua aksesori dalam warna-warna yang menyolok. Misalnya, clutch warna pink, sepatu warna kuning neon, gelang biru, atau belt oranya. Seru, kan? Aksesori itu akan cukup mencuri perhatian tanpa membuat Anda merasa tak nyaman.

    Padukan warna cerah dengan yang netral
    Untuk memberikan sentuhan yang lebih ringan, kenakan satu item dengan warna yang cerah, lalu pilih warna yang netral untuk sisanya. Misalnya, shift dress warna merah, biru, atau oranye pasti akan berpadu sempurna dengan sepatu wedge warna nude.

    Kenakan motif garis dalam warna cerah
    Koleksi L.A.M.B milik Gwen Stefani dan Marc Jacobs sama-sama menampilkan baju terusan dengan motif garis dalam warna seperti biru dan merah. Begitu pula pada koleksi Isabel Marant dan Jil Sander. Anda tinggal memadukannya dengan high heels atau wedges warna nude.

    Pastikan warnanya cocok untuk ke kantor
    Banyak koleksi brand kelas menengah, seperti Zara atau Topshop menawarkan koleksi pakaian yang warnanya menyolok tanpa mengorbankan keseriusannya. Agar tren ini juga bisa dipakai untuk ke kantor, pilih setelan dalam warna-warna yang cerah. Contohnya, ganti blazer Anda yang berwarna biru tua dengan warna biru yang lebih muda. Untuk mengurangi kesan colorful-nya, kenakan dalaman berwarna putih.

    Sumber: http://endangkonveksi.blogspot.com/

  • This is a amazing blog. (I just found it)
    Pity that I missed the competition.

    It would be great to win the bag.

    Rockabilly Clothing

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  • holahola

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