Innerwear as Outerwear Part II: Innerwear as Footwear
World, meet spring’s new brogue. 


image via Streetfsn

Yesterday, I stayed home sick so pajamas were a key player in the outfitting of myself. Naturally, I accessorized with studs, stripes and leopard accents despite my illness. Because how does one cure perpetual nausea? Ginger-ale. Counter prints. Duh.

In a very seamless and organic train of thought, the illness x pajama-party-for-one got me thinking about footwear and one other emerging trend that lent a pat to my shoulder this passed runway season: bedroom slippers. No longer just for the bedroom.

Jenni Kayne F/W 2011

Just a couple of months pre-show season, I invested in a pair of Stubbs & Wootton velvet slippers.

My dad has a pair, my older brother has a pair. It seemed ridiculous for me, their female offspring not to have a pair too. Just kidding about being their offspring, my dad and brother didn’t consummate.

…This is getting awkward. I’m going to change the topic of conversation.

And in the event Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s epic high end brand name and Jenni Kayne aren’t reason enough for you to invest in a pair of bedroom kicks, Alexander Wang sort of alluded to pairing his garments with the emerging slipper too.

Do you see what I see? Kind of? I might be onto something
My main point is to say this: brogues are cool. But it might be time to start thinking beyond the lace-up wing tips and indulge our little toes in some other capacity of predominantly male-footwear. And because I love you, I’ve included here the extended high-low of it, starting with Christian Louboutin.
Not a new shoe style in itself, but maybe you’ve been toying with the idea of skipping payment of this month’s rent to invest in a pair but just couldn’t justify it. Now you can.


I am particularly partial toward this brand because my lil Maracas-shaking amigos flock from the same factory. These were next on my list because I appreciate a craftsman that would pair and sell black and navy shoes together. Day and Night, people. Day and Night.


And then I came upon Del Toro velvet slippers. They’re just like Stubbs, but more reasonably priced. Shoes come with or without fancy little stitching on the front, and should you want to DIY your own stitch x color shoe, you can do so here.

I do understand though that these still might be steep prices for a mere pair of velvet slippers. Fear not.

For 75 buckaroos you can knab a pair clad in edible nipple tassel from American Apparel!  
Ultimately, the decision is yours. But why skip an opportunity to forfeit your license to bone while offering comfort to your feet, and giving this whole innerwear as outerwear trend a real bang for it’s negligee.

That pun was intended.

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