From Man Getter to Man Repeller: Turn Porn to Prunes

I’m just warning you before we start that the title of this blog post lacks the revelatory “A Ha!” moment. It doesn’t make very much sense now and will likely continue to do just that. I am however, a sucker for alliteration and I think porn is an underrated word. It rhymes with corn, after all.

In any case, in honor of Monday, Man Getters become Repellers and this sets the mood for an entire week of fashion do’s and fornication don’t’s, starting with what I will call the newest rendition of Kimberly Taylor‘s naked dress.

dress: Kimberly Taylor, shoes: YSL

I take my initial point back, porn does in fact play into the nature of this blog post right here and it’s staring you smack in the face. I have to say, I do love an overtly sexy dress, it leaves plenty of room for me to exercise my most flamboyant creative license and turn what could likely end a dry spell into the very reason one falls under this spell. See that, fashion is very paradoxical. 

In any case, here’s what I did to re-establish my personal style.

mint green button up: Kimberly Taylor, silk utility jacket: Rachel Rachel Roy, gold cuff: Young&Ng;, bolo tie: Alex + Eli via Of a Kind

In honor of spring: two layers of thin outerwear, for one thing. Heavy arm bands for another. And an adjustable bow tie to keep my hands busy. Metallic nails are optional though highly recommended.

black necklace: TOMTOM Jewlery

…It wasn’t enough though, I sensed an element of bowner was missingso I did what anyone would do in this sort of absence and added another bow.

necklace: TOMTOM Jewelry, additional bow: Shop Joy

See the thing that’s so great about this here bow is that I can pile it onto my bolo and be layering bow ties,or…

I can wear it in my hair and just be straight up cool. 
And now, for the final look, everything together, including myself, as one…
You don’t think I’d have left those YSL tribute sandals on? In true man-repelling spirit, I only ever bought them to wear with bell bottoms. We’re talking a 6-inch heel here, people. So here’s to a potato sack/cowboy boot hybrid a la Rag and Bone. 
booties: Rag & Bone

Such, such were the joys. You see that? I just can’t stop laughing. Man Repelling is so much fun. Get in on the party, people. Try a conversion for yourself, share photos and tell of your tales.

How ’bout that for turning porn to prunes?
All images by Naomi Shon. She’s my knight in shining armor.

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