DIY Your Own Suspenders
…With none other than Erica Domesek, crafting queen behind PS I Made This. And myself, resident dick deflector known far and wide. (Or at least by the measurements of this here bedroom.)
Inspiration struck while I was conceptualizing ideas for a geek-chic post (one that coincidentally ran this past Tuesday) so I called my home-slice Erica to help craft my own suspenders. I had the idea of perhaps gluing several different printed fabrics onto standard suspenders. Erica looked at me like I was some sort of alien from the Marc Jacobs show outerspace. I understand why though: how does one glue fabric onto elastic material? I guess it’s good thing I don’t pen a DIY blog. In any case, peep the suspendspiration that came later below.
Edward Scissorhands was perhaps our most notable source of inspiration. And onto the DIY portion of this post…


Ta da.
Erica formally unveiled the collaboration on her blog yesterday and while she was generous to note that the suspenders were a collective craft, she’s lying. I ate fresh mango, drank coffee and played in her crafts mobile (really, it moves)
…while she did everything else. Though I did hold the organza and silk fabrics up against a white board and in doing so folded my body into very interesting forms previously incapable of achieving. It was buttloads of fun and the outcome was better than I thought it would be, and I thought it would be bomb to the ass, bomb-ass. 
Should you want a run down, the specific directions are pasted below in simple 5-step formation:
1. Measure and cut two pieces of ribbon and/or material. The “front” material should be longer than the “back X”.  We chose a wide satin ribbon and delicate organza combo.  
2. Find the center point of each, and slightly overlap, creating a “U” shape. 
3. Loop it. Slip it. Knot it.  
4. Throw over your shoulders, keeping the “X” in the back and secure by tying knots to the belt loops on your pants. 
And finally, emulate Saturday Night Fever, throw your thumbs in the air, give Urkel a run for his harness.
(photos taken by PS I Made This)
Before I send you off into the wild world of craft, it should be noted that I do not endorse the wearing of leotardz. Erica made me do it. She made me! For photo purposes. Now, go on. Try it, share photos and tell of your tales! Happy suspending.
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  • so awesome. i pass a couple of fabric shops on the way to school. will be walking into one of them today!!


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  • Your creativity is SO refreshing! We need MORE of things we don't see everywhere to spark real expression in fashion! Thank you!!

  • this is freaking awesome! i love it!! great post

  • Love your glasses! So cute!

    x tessi

  • what an amazing idea! i love those thick ribbons as overalls. they are sick.

  • These are great!

    In the beginning of my DIY days I had to throw away many-a-project due to similar ideas. Elastic is a feisty mistress.


  • Awesome. I just stole by father's old ones b/c my craftiness has limits, but it's a bit awkward as he's 6'4 and I'm 5'1. Sweet.

  • I love the whole idea! and I want a crafts mobile! hah

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  • you have the coolest blog and style I've ever seen.

  • MG

    the total sexified, fashionable, female (obvs) version of steve urkel.

  • definitely going to be crafting this weekend!

  • Jac

    How can you not be a fan of the leotard? 😉 It's basically a chastity belt. There is absolutely no panty dropping taking place in one, especially when paired with suspenders and jeans.

  • for someone who is absolutely not crafty (cough,cough) this looks pretty easy. I could totally do this. it's funny because earlier today i came across how to polka dot shoes DIY. Gonna look sweeeet this weekend!! 😉

  • Dude I swear you are the most f*cking funny person on planet earth. LOL every single time I visit this site.

  • Anonymous

    Leandra, I'm going crazy for your necklace!! Is that a Van Cleef Alhambra necklace? Vintage? Seriously, going nuts. I would love to know!

  • Happy Suspending haha very cute! Craft corners are so much fun to explore I'm so glad to read this post! And I have been wanting to don some suspenders this may be just the motivation I need!

  • I love ribbon DIYs. I've actually made a few DIYs using ribbon. Love this brilliant idea.


  • ah just found your blog on Bloglovin!
    i love your blog!


  • Wonderful post, I must say I am a leotard fan. Sorry! The third picture shows you hard at work 😉

  • Such a cute idea! Love!

  • Anonymous

    amazing and smart

  • Like the DIY organza and silk combo. Makes the suspenders so fun and flashy. Love how Erica has a "craft mobile." Sounds like a blast!
    much love.

  • so crafty, the back is awesome

  • Anonymous

    the back detail is stunning

  • Anonymous

    Where is that beige sweater from? Love it!!

  • No more buying $10 suspenders for me…here I come thrifty-like suspenders!

    And props for the dedication to post this at 6AM…I barely have the dedication to roll out of bed at 6AM

    Denim + Cotton

  • Those are sooo cute!

  • Wait… I am very concerned about your lack of leotard endorsement. Please reconsider. I wore one last week with a cropped tux blazer and could basically feel the waters being parted for me to walk through.

  • cool idea! very creative.

  • @anonymous The sweater is H&M.; Fairly new, go on and get it!! x

  • C

    I bought that H&M; sweater in black and i see it everywhere in beige now!! Did i make a mistake??!!

    I love you style and your voice!

    check out my blog

  • What brand of jeans are you wearing in the pic?

  • @MB the jeans are seven for all mankind

  • please please tell me what kind of what you're wearing? it's soooo perfect!

  • oops what kind of "WATCH"

  • we should boogie. i would totally wear your suspenders.

  • Yesss. St.Patty's Day celebration is this weekend and in honor of our leprchan friend I'm going to attempt this DIY project and make some green suspenders. Wonder if they'll make through an all day drinking binge.

  • Wow, this is awesome. Though I'll probably find a way to fuck this up somehow, I love this and will attempt to the best of my ability.

  • sooo sweeeeet

  • Hey, those jars are from IKEA! (Yes, I am Swedish)

  • All the above pics are looking very nice i really like that …
    Vertical Jump Bible

  • How would this look with Hermes scarves? Awesome, I think!