Personal Lookbook: The Chronicles of My Wardrobe

While surfing the interwebs, I located three of the outfits I wore during fashion week. These are their stories.

pants: Rag & Bone, booties: Proenza Schouler, vest: Adrienne Landau, specs: Warby Parker
I’m just kidding you nutheads. The outfits don’t have stories. This isn’t the intro to Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. There are descriptions though, here they go. In the photos above, I get in touch with my inner-Yeti on top while the astronaut manifesting itself within starts to show down below by way of two wedge booties that show no sympathy for my ankles.
jacket: Ralph Lauren, skirt: Rag & Bone, socks: Hue, shoes: Marni
While cruising the streets of Downtown New York in the Mercedes Benz Fashion Force car, Senor Kyle Reinford snapped a photo of my ass. Not literally my ass, though. I speculate he liked the use of sock and sandal to complete this look. I for one would have been more content with the outfit if my scarf were beige…look at the Things That Look Like Vaginas possibilities presented here with all those neck ruffles.
via Getty Images
tee: T by Alexander Wang
And because I know you must be dying to see what went on beyond the black vajeen, the answer is: a white t-shirt. This was last Friday, just hours before the Rag & Bone runway show. On this day I thought it appropriate to wear my team face and skirt and decorate my legs in a runway look from Spring. I am particularly partial toward the skirt because like me, it is transparent. 
And finally…

via Refinery 29
jacket: Veda, jeans: Seven for All Mankind, socks: Polo, sandals: Miu Miu 
One last summoning from Refinery 29’s Street Style Round Ups, I give you: my wearing more fabrics than I ever have before. Let’s count them. Utility fatigue, check. Leather sleeves, check. Denim legs, check. Satin stripe, check. Argyle knit socks, check. Pony hair leopard print, check. Python purse, check. Cashmere sweater, check. Cotton tee, check. Fur neck piece, check. Plastic sunnies, check. And man friend? NEGATIVE! Mission, repelled.

OMFG and I’ll show you this, from the same day, too:

This photo is important because numero uno, I look like Frida Kahlo when wearing red lipstick, and two, this is what I was wearing when I conceptualized the idea of brother jeans. I tweeted this, but some of you don’t use twitter and it is somehthing important to address to all members of the tribe: Man Repellers don’t wear boyfriend jeans, oh no. We wear brother jeans.

And now, before I send you off, a blogger poll: Did you like this post or did you hate this post? More like this, or less like this? It’s my duty to please your booty so you just let me know what you don’t want to see and I will pay it forward, in cash.
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  • I FUCKING LOVE This post!

    I also want you to know that I took my MAN to Warby Parker for his own non-birth control glasses. He actually got hot, sex-pot man glasses. Sorry, I'm failing you.

    But I enjoy you!

  • Love all your posts and really love those suede leggings!

  • ~*~*~*GOOD SHIT*~*~*~
    speaking of shit, transparency is it.

  • Ummm LOVE this post. How could I not enjoy you describing yourself as a yeti astronaut?

    Also, I'm obsessed with those crimson suede pants and the leopard shoe/argyle combo. Keep it up, lady.

    Also, also…saw you speak at the IFB conference and you were great. Wish I had the balls to come say hi. πŸ™‚


  • love this post!! i love seeing your outfits and reading your hilarious descriptions!

  • Ahahahahahah.. BROTHER jeans, loving them, loving this post, loving this blog, loving you!!

    No, a part from kidding MORE of this! πŸ˜€

  • you are fucking hilarious. i love the fur scarf.

    <3 steffy

  • i love it! My favorite is your white skirt. I love theose first shoes too. You have great style. I love your writing too. I was just thinking of Law in Order when I read the first lines too! lol

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  • loving the white t and sheer skirt…so fresh for spring

  • Holly

    You are so bloody funny. Im not even being sarcastic, actually hilarious.
    MORE posts like this.
    Because we all need someone who reminds us of Esther from The Bell Jar
    And I mean that in the best way I possibly can
    Besides from being full on mental she was also a dandy man repeller, whether she knew it it not
    Love your blog and you wit.

  • Anonymous

    nice SVU shoutout

  • so loving this post!

  • love the post. Really like your fur tan scarf.

  • LIKE. i mean seriously…brother jeans?? FUCK TO THE YESS.

  • "Man Repellers don't wear boyfriend jeans, oh no. We wear brother jeans."

    obsessed. and oh so true!

  • Lauren Helen

    Love all your posts! πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    I CANT WAIT to wear sox'n sandals this spring.

    Thanks for being the patron saint of Repellas, SIS !

  • i absolutely love your long skirt look. beige and white always looks great together. i also love the boots in the first picture. i have a pair of wang shoes that are very similar.

  • Martin

    Thumbs up, I liked it!

  • Your posts are awesome. I tell people all the time that I want to be you with your humor and fashion sense. I asked a colleague what she would do if I showed up to work one day in socks and heeled sandals. She didn't understand. And I work in a middle school.

  • Love the leopard heels with the socks!
    Please check out my blog and follow me!

  • Love it. But am gnashing my teeth. There may be rending of hair as well because I *want* those ankle-unfriendly wedge boots in the worst way, but I am 47 and am cautiously negotiating the shoals of grizzled kittenhood and even if I could find them, could I *wear* them?? Shall live vicariously through posts like this πŸ™‚

  • EMMA


  • my roommate and i specifically tried to create man-repelling outfits in honor of valentines day. but we ran into a little trouble when she said, "i don't think your outfit is that bad. oh wait, i think that's the point…"

    anyway, thanks for constantly validating our bizarre sartorial choices! we love them oh so much.

  • M.

    Love this post, love those wedges.

    but beware, your legs look pretty sexy in them.


  • I loved it. But not because I'm trying to kiss ass or anything.
    And I especially love those jeans with the black stripe.

    I just started reading your blog and am already channeling my inner repeller. My man friend is actually not hating it so far. He's crazy though and prefers when I go out in something that is almost 100% from his own closet.

  • Naz

    ya gotta explain the sock-removal … is that a new repelling technique?

  • must have some info on the suede pants boot combo. where from?

  • Anonymous

    my favourite posts are man-getter to man-repeller!

  • MORE OF THESE POT, PLEASE! (Uuuh, yeah totally meant posts. Your posts are my pot.)

  • Love this post! Your perspective is so hilarious and fresh. Looking forward to the next one.

  • The burgundy color on those skinnies is amazing.
    and LOVE the wedge boots.
    More of these posts & more of the others πŸ™‚

  • Big thumbs up! Keep! Like!

  • LOVE this post. Especially love the leopard heels with the socks and skinny jeans. Seriously love.

  • LOL brother jeans. always love your posts! and i like the sheer white tee with sheer cream maxi skirt look.. uh oh i might lose my bf

  • LOVED IT. Definitely – gives me some great ideas for more layers than one can imagine wearing. Also, am hooked on your blog. Thanks for what you do!

  • omg i LOVE this post. you are too freakin funny, and you're great at making fun of yourself. so entertaining.

    please help me be the next levi's girl!

  • i read the brother jeans on twitter and i remember sharing pants with my brother since the sweet age of 12, he was a thin 15year old, i was a bit bigger for my age… ta-da!! thus started the trend to the faka-named-trend "the boyfriend jean" hahah

    xx @dotlightdot

  • Anonymous

    LOOOOVEEEE posts like these!!! you are hilarious and humble so there's none of that incredibly annoying vibe of narcissism that most bloggers exude.
    A+++ post!!
    Besides, it's refreshing to see your take on fashion… Lady boner!
    What bag is that? So weird looking, I love it!!

  • omg.
    Ummm… hello!?!?

    First pic's wedges.
    BY WHOM?!

  • like it

  • HAHA awesome. love it. your writing style is so witty, paired with awesome outfits… well it equals an amazing blog post

  • I love this!! Love to see what you wear… You have great style and your writing keeps me scrolling to read more.

  • Your style is spot on – EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

  • Do not change a thing! A SINGLE thing I tell ya! It's an ORDER lil lady! Your posts are AWWWsome just as they are!

  • if there's one thing i loved more than this post in it's entirety, it was the Law and Order reference. huge lolz.

  • love all your style πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Where is the white skirt from? Need.

  • Loved it! It's fun to see what you're wearing and you crack me up.

  • it's literally mind blowing how quickly your blog grew. Like utterly mind BOTTLING. I remember when I was the only commenter.

  • Steph!

    I LOVE THIS POST! And can you answer a question for me pretty please. Where does your white t-shirt come from (the one you wear with the pleated skirt)? It's the perfect V I've been searching for……..

  • I love this post! And the shoes!!!!!!!<3

    <3mvv {stop by and say hi?}

  • For poll purposes, yes, more of same please!

  • steph

    where are the socks in pic two of last outfit?

    did they end up in the washing machine? that's where my socks go (not generally when I am wearing them though… hmmm)

  • Kimberley

    Love everything, and as a semi-repeller with aspirations to greatness, I need all the helpful advice I can get! xx

  • Q.

    like this post. more like this. check check.

  • Beautiful!
    The first one is the best, I think. I didn't like the white one tough, because your shirt is picking from below…

  • Meg

    More posts like this PLEASE!!! those pony hair leopard print shoes are to die for gorgeous, and i love them with little argyle socks, never would have thought of that.

  • Yeah, I may come and steal your utility jacket there…
    fantastic post, I would love to see more of these xx

  • moremoremore!!

    xx Cristina

  • Complimenti per la vittoria.

    l'ultimo look Γ¨ stupendo..le calze a rombi con le scarpe maculate sono incredibili e la giacca Γ¨ davvero molto particolare.

    see you on RP

  • hey girl
    I know you're not that much into answering comments (and there are so many of them), but wouldn't you pleaaaaase tell us what are the gorgeissimous wedges of the first pic?

  • Those pants in the first picture are WONDERFUL! All hail the 'brother jeans'! You are just lovely.

  • To answer some questions: @Steph! The t shirt is t by Alexander Wang

    And the wedge booties are Proenza Schouler. I got them super on sale on Shopbop a few months ago but I THINK they may still have a pair or two lingering around

  • Love this post! Just started reading your blog a few days ago. Your blog has made me realize that I can totally liberate my inner man-repeller… as my man is already married to me! (I come from one of the only two countries in the world without a divorce law so he has no choice.)

  • I love it.

  • veronica!

    my favorite is when you do the transformations from man-getter to man-repeller! but mmostly is how your way of writing though, that makes it so funny! and the face you make are HILARIOUS as well!!!! love the 3rd look is sooooo man repelling with the nude scarf!!!

  • awesome

  • The Straight Leg likiee this post, and kindly requests more.

  • that maxi skirt and the fur scarf are pretty much some of the most perfect things ever!

  • Anonymous

    looooove the leather sleeved utility jacket!!!! could you tell me please who makes it? Thanks!

  • You just have a way with clothes! I love it all!


  • I enjoyed this post always. Love the outfits pictured here, too. In particular the one with the wine-colored pants.

  • Love it. Just discovered your blog via your Bazaar article.

  • Anonymous

    I love Law & Order! And this post, too. Wish I had a brother to steal pants from… Instead I have a boyfriend, who just won't leave no matter how loud my outfit screams "stay away". Men-repelling-mission failed, I guess!

  • absolutely fabulous look, total gorge sheering maxi skirt

  • You always get me laughing!! πŸ˜‰

  • I love this one specifically because I actually do steal my brother's pants, never a boyfriend's because they don't exist. lol, you nailed it with that one.

  • loved the leopard heels with those cute vintage socks. Genious, I have to say.


  • LOOOOOOVE the utility jacket with leather sleeves! Where did you get it?
    And the leopard heels?

    More posts like this pleaaase.

  • Your outfits are just amazing and those leopard sandals love them πŸ™‚

  • MG

    Big big fan of your utility vest. Get it girl!

  • Definitely love posts like this. I like seeing what you venture out into the world wearing. Love the white tee and organza skirt look. Simple, and yet still offensive to the male species. Bravo.

  • Sister, you are having way too much fun. More power to you. Don't stop.

  • Anonymous

    Love this post! You are unique, and I love the way you dress!

  • I think I just fell in love with those Rag and Bone pants— what a RAD COLOR!!!!

    I Live For It

    Xx. Jewls and Liza

  • Anonymous

    loveit. easy

  • You make me laugh, you are so clever and hilarious! I throughly enjoy this post, and can I say I am quite enamored with the maxi skirt, but the argyle socks with the leopard heels? Hello, heck yes.
    much love.

  • awesome post! and lovely outfits~ you pull them off with such charisma~
    enjoy your posts & humor :DDD


  • Love. It. All.

  • I like how the shoes went with socks and without socks. I'm assuming at some point your feet got cold. On the other hand I love love love the shoes in the first pick. The height they give you is amazing for a wedge.

  • Thank you!

  • Ally

    LOVEd the post! Who wouldn't?

    As usual, I love your style, and that it's accompanied by your "second-degrΓ©" (French for removed, ironic) self-aware sense of humor.

    You might the first person ever to be involved in a streestyle-papping (the -razzi, not the -smear) who doesn't treat the proceeding with a quasi-papal solemnity. Bless you for that! (My metaphor wandered about a bit, but I kind of connected it at the end there. And I don't usually riff o paps in comments, but you go there routinely, so I followed.)

  • those crimson pants are <3

  • Franny

    Who made those 'brother jeans'?? I must know! I'm feeling too attractive atm..

  • RM

    Omfg…more like this! Love you!!

  • Ana
  • I'd like some cash in my hand please. Other than that, this post was just swell. You may continue.


    You are freaking amazing!!!! Love your outfits and have totally ordered myself the Rag&Bone; chiffon skirt and burgendy pants. AMAZE!

  • l o. l o. l o. l o v e. l o. l o. l o. (sing to ashlee simpson)

  • Anonymous

    i LOVED this post. Do more! I especially loved outfit number 2 and 3. That very same white T. by Alexander Wang just so happens to be lined up for my outfit tomorrow!

  • I loved your comments, they made me laugh! Also, I appreciate how much the booties in the first picture must have hurt your ankles :S

  • Love all your posts!!! You never seem to disappoint!!

    p.s. the leopard heels are amazing!!


  • I love the ending, so typical, I have quite a lot of shoes that I cannot wear but they're there for me when I need them πŸ™‚

  • Great post! More like it, yes please! I hope "brother jeans" becomes a thing. I laughed out loud. Ha! Can you go to all the fashion weeks please? Also love love love the Miu Miu sandals with those great socks. Yay!

  • Anonymous

    ahhh the eliz and james sunnies. they're so good on you!

  • Arielle

    Love! Great inspiration Man Repeller extraordinaire!

  • Danielle

    Love it. As usual. Keep up the good work.

  • Laura

    LOVE LOVE LOVE …. your all kinds of amazing! keep it coming!!!!

  • i do yet like the rag and bone white skirt together with black . everything else- agree

  • Love this post! I have been silently reading your blog since it's conception (ironic phrasing, yay), so this is my first comment. I love everything you do, but since we don't always get to see how you're covering your own arse, this is great! More more more..thanks : )


  • I think I love you the most, out of all of the interwebz. No, really. You inspire me! (or at least, you gave me an excuse for the following:) I wore flared, stretch candystripe pants with a calf-length leather jacket and pointed ankle-boots to school last week.

  • love it.

  • Anonymous

    love –
    the white tshirt on white skirt outfit you wore to rag and bone – where are your necklaces from??

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  • Love the leopard heels with the socks!

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  • Carole

    Oh dear. Just discovered your blog. The clothes descriptions mostly sounded too flaky or too esoteric for me (I am, after, a *shudder* working mother, although surely living in Africa gives me some street cred) but I really enjoy the witty writing, freedom of tone and ideology in your posts.

    So I was absolutely shocked and dismayed to discover your outfit choices and find I really liked them and indeed, would gladly wear them if I were skinny and lived where it’s cold. Great coolness.

    More power to you, and thanks for brightening my day and encouraging me to be me.