Twitter Round-Up: 2/5/2011

This week in twitter, you substantiated an early theory I had that while yes, it is I exploiting trends that look like vaginas, the inner-perv within all of you was just laying dormant until I outted the lady flowers. See below.

RT @renoncule @ManRepeller seaweed + vagina = mermaid ladybits dress

I’m glad that I’m inducing a lesson in fashematics. 

RT @websteh @ManRepeller – file under: TTLLVs? fabric mixing? (she’s wearing fishnets!) ‘No peen for me, please.’  

I for one, am delighted by knit hot pants. They take the sex out of sexy and just leave a Y. As in, why would she do such a thing? To fend off that pesky ol’Y chromosome of course. As you can see, this makes a lot of sense. 

RT @bayleerina I wore phillip lim tonight. no one hit on me. #thingsthatlooklikevaginas @ManRepeller  

Unkempt pocket trim, sweet.

RT @carriesnotscary @ManRepeller things that look like vaginas 

…And on an un-anatomical note, here are a select few of some other tweets that had me stop in me’tracks.

RT @breeynmccarney @ManRepeller @dysfashional One of you must have something to say about these. My god.  

Metallic knickers on steroids x seemingly detachable ruffle waist win. You can’t spell Marni without MR.

RT @marketpublique @manrepeller just manrepelled my hubby w my suede shorts, textured tights and platforms -“great. I married an alpine boy.”  
You had me at Alpine.

RT @moirakelley @manrepeller the opposite of your philosophy:  

…Said the androgynous woman in bowl cut.
RT @ eo_c @ManRepeller for your new beach look?

Flippers! With Heels! Yes.

RT @emy_w @ManRepeller are these man repeller worthy?  

Litas covered in what look like my dead ends shaggy horse hair. It’s alarming that you even have to ask.

RT @harpersbazaarus We asked fashion bloggers including @garancedore @bryanboy @susiebubble and @manrepeller for their #NYFW prep routines:
…extra! Extra! Read all about it. #shamelessplug 

And in the most exciting twitter news this week: Adrienne Landau is hosting a twitter giveaway through Monday. All you have to do is tweet a photo @Adrienne_Landau wearing your favorite AL fur and you may become eligible to win yo’self the vest of your dreamz. 

Should you be anointed winner, I for one recommend a proverbial trip to Mongolia. You know, to rock the Black Sheep as best you can. 

Until Monday…tootles!

OMFG AND P.S THE WINNER OF THE REBECCA MINKOFF GIVEAWAY IS: Holy moly me oh my, picking one winner was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. Worst than high school calculus, two hour American history classes, and having to wear Uggs due to inclement weather conditions. I imagine making this decision can be comparable to the exhaustion and perils Meryl Streep faced playing Sophie ca. Sophie’s Choice. But, the winner is: Amber Bembnister.  

While girlfriend’s last name is not easy to type, she won this round with her Jil Sander inspired maxi skirt, bright red bow tie, combination of leopard print and plaid x BCGs, temple topper and dead raccoon inspired fur. The banter was witty, too. I couldn’t have done it better myself.

To the rest who participated, going through your photos was outrageously entertaining, some of you are Funny with a capital F, while others Krazy with a capital K. I appreciate your existence and so, if you didn’t win, no sweat my pets. There’s another giveaway slated for Monday. WHO NEEDS SANTA CLAUS WHEN YOU HAVE ME?

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  • What a hilarious post! 🙂
    You see vaginas everywhere 🙂


  • I wish Santa Clause had your humour!

  • Alex R.


    – Arica & Alex

  • Love your blog <3

    xx, Monse,.

  • haha awesome!

  • Anonymous

    oooh! another giveaway? what kind?

  • please tell me where those hotpants come from, i think i need them!

  • Liz

    Loving the Marni! And those flipper heels are pretty sick too.

  • my fave new blog!!

    makes me LOL daily!

  • Joy

    Why are you just so incredibly funny yet crazy at the same time? Love the Man Repellin'. Maybe that's why I go to an all women's college…

  • Not only are those flippeels (flipper heels) man repelling, they also look incredibly unsafe.
    I think if you matched them with that seaweed dress- just wow.

  • A.E

    Look what you have inspired! Whoever sent you that picture of the FLIPPER HEELS, i am eternally in your debt. They are brilliant. And when i say brilliant i mean….brilliant. 🙂

  • this was AWESOME!!! Thanks so much for the hysterical laughter…Oh, Man Repeller…if only you were….a man hahaha 🙂 Rock on with your bad self!


  • If you loved the knit shorts, you're going to love this!


  • Excellent !
    so funny 😉

  • Anonymous

    pssst… francoise sagan was a woman…

    but very funny!!!

  • I love this blog..I like to dress for girls not boys and I love knit hot pants too! the flipper heels are a riot. u rock!

    XO Lisa from Sweetie

  • flippers with heels, what will they make next

  • This made me laugh so hard! Love your blog.

  • my dear i just clicked on your blog and i have to say, you have made me laugh so hard, within the first few lines, that i had to continue! you are divine in your quest of man repelling! i applaud you for commenting on the rising trend and hope you never stop! definitely checking back for more!

    sincerely your newest fan,

  • the knit hot pants are delightful and everything marni is delightfuL!

  • oddly i usually love most of the looks but those flippers with heels are just repllers indeed!

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