Trendspotting: Sumo-Style Top Knots

Holy sweet buns, the topknot. In the most recent installment of Trendspotting, we’re looking to the official ‘do rocked by models worldwide. This translates to respected, replicated, and coveted by us, the mortals.

Have you, however, ever asked a man what he thought about a topknot? Me neither, but many have divulged their opinions regardless and the general consensus has either been, “Man Repeller, you look like an alien” or “Man Repeller, you look like an emaciated sumo wrestler.” I suppose I should note my general response as well, “You’re just upset the knot at the top of my head is bigger than both of your peewee-sized testicles combined. But thank you for the compliment on my physique.”

In any case, the following photos will expose copious takes on the infamous topknot. Let’s pay special attention to any un-human-like tendencies the topknot may suggest while keeping a sense of girls rule, boys drool instilled within us.

Ready, set, street style.

below images via StyleSightings

Lily tops her knot because that’s what models do: they top knots, while wearing several black fabrics, just roaming around Paris, looking for photo ops. 

I think I see the sumo.

See what I mean? Fine, she proved my hypothesis about the black incorrect but Paris? Check. Topknot? Check. Photo-op found? Check.

And off on another continent, this dapper Dan (I think I can say that, she’s in loads o’menswear) didn’t stop at the XL yellow denim shorts and bright red sandals with socks, oh no. And so, the topknot. Stats as of 2/2/2011: Street style: 1. Sex: 0.

I’m seeing the alien tendencies to the left in this Siamese equation.

Here said alien tendencies reveal themselves again a la Denni Elias of Chic Muse. I commend the plaid use and more specifically matching it to that hue of red lip. Are you with me?

I’m throwing this one in for good measure to exemplify the vast levels of topknot one can aspire to achieve. This is more a midknot but look at those tapered pants and Ann Demeulemeester kicks. Her facial expression suggests: “the things I do, or rather don’t do for fashion.”

Hey, whose that Spartan in my TeePee? It’s me! It’s me! Here at Paris Fashion Week circa Fall 2009, I rock the flop knot and garner attention from none other than Caroline of Caroline’s Mode. As you can see, my inner Man Repeller has been manifesting within long before the blog came to fruition. (And, in case you’re wondering, that moto leather jacket is from Forever 21. One of the better deals of my day.)
Finally…it ain’t a topknot post without a cameo from the queen of bobby pins…

Susie Bubble! Duh. And an epic outfit it is. Leather paneled leggings underneath a full fur skirt and a double fabric sweater belted at the waist make the outfit an immediate repeller. Her hair is just quite literally, the cherry on top. 

I slay myself.

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  • I love topknotss. Alas I just had all my hair cut off so I'll either have to find a clip on one :S or just view the brilliance of them for the time being. How is it possible for Susie Bubble to pull that off !!! She looks brill amazing, where are those leggings from? I love themmmm xo

  • damn girl. this is my kind post. I pay tribute to the top knot at least 2 times a week. Lets be seriously, its ridiculously LOW effort. And looks killer. xo, Kim

  • Anonymous

    Im rocking my knot right now with my my fiancee refers to as my "Hilary Clinton" pants (so… they have a tapered leg and a high waist, sue me!) I love to top knot esp if its a little messy! Oh, and @ouestladiscoteque I bought my leather paneled leggings that Im in LOVE (they have POCKETS!) from Illia boutique on Abbot Kinney in Venice, CA — they will ship anywhere!

  • I love it. I've been rocking the top knot as my default style for some time now, after realising that the crazy hair configurations I employed to keep my hair off my face while doing my make-up actually looked pretty awesome. I was thus stoked to see it become a actual fashion trend, with the stamp of approval from off-duty models, no less.

    And come to think of it, I've had several compliments from girls on it. But none whatsoever from any boys. Score!

  • great minds think alike. i just blogged about my bun obsession last week.

    jessica stam's bun might be my favorite… i have a picture on here my blog!


  • i think it helps to be seriously young or beautiful to carry this off and not look like a sickly spud; great post made me smile…

  • I love top knots… I also especially love susie bubbles furry skirt… priceless.

  • Wow, these are the most perfect top knots I've ever seen! Would love to be able to do my hair like that, but since my hair is curly and doesn't want to be straightened (extremely frustrating) I can't pull one off… Love the post babe.


  • Oh, I know how I'll style my hair tomorrow! 🙂

  • has anyone tried spin pins. they made the top knot EVEN EASIER. YES.

  • I love putting my hair in a top knot! I live in the Caribbean and hardly ever let my hair down (since it's so hot!) so it's usually in a top knot. Most people say I look like a Japanese wrestler or a geisha, I think they're just jealous 😀

  • i just cut my hair short and hate it. i rock this top knot every single day. im sure im repelling some men, but oh well i love it..

  • Arguably an alternative to the lowley face lift if the top knot is pulled up tight enough and high enough …..

  • Oh how I love a good top knot! I usually start out with one and after a few hours – thanks to my super fine hair – I've got a flop knot. Great post!

  • In Norway we refer to this hairstyle as the 'Lykke Li', named after the Swedish singer/songwriter. She started rocking it around 2008/2009 and for a while you couldn't throw a clog in any city center without hitting a top knot.
    It's the only hairstyle that really make me second-guess my pixie cut.

  • Al

    It really reminds me of Japan… There al,ost all the girls wear it and they look so good…As it looks good on you, Susie Bubble (I think the top knot is at its best with bangs)and so on…

    I wear it too sometimes, but on me it's just repelling… Man- and Fashion- :p


    -The Red Dot-

  • Anonymous

    I love "flop knot"; it reminds me of Charlotte Casiraghi's hair. Flop knot would be a good gateway knot to the more adventurous knots you showed in this post.

  • Don't forget eat.sleep.wear, I always see her sporting the sumo top knot! I definitely do not have enough hair for something like this…

  • Ahhh love the top knot. Can't get enough. When will I tire of it?

  • I'm totally rocking the top knot today! Yay I'm in total man repeller style for once … let's see what my boyfriend has to say about this one!

  • eM

    I like it! I love sumo-style 🙂


  • flowknot love.
    man repeller. you're not working.

  • Anonymous

    Oh I LOVE top knots, but the first one looks definitely like a nice pile of dog poo.

  • ha. i named my blog "le topknot". check it out?. its about music and fashion, and i just did a fashion post on SNOOKI. really. hahaha.

  • love love love this post. susie is the queen.

  • I saw a video the other day of how to do the really cool large ones using a donut that most girls use in the ballet. I want one now otherwise my hair is way too heavy to hold up there on it's lonesome. Anyway you must have been doing something way cool before your blog as well to be at Paris Fashion Week.

  • KK

    I think the first few models are just all coming back from the same show, I can even tell you which one– Louis Vuitton Fall 09… I think you're a little behind on the trend

  • This has been my go to look for ages, love it.

  • Liz

    ohh, man repelling indeed 🙂

  • I love this; so in tune with the whole ballet craze. It's definitely a man repeller as it reflects a "hungry" ballerina. LOL. XO Valerie

  • Anonymous

    haha i wear that top bun all the time, and I convince myself it looks cute. i could always just have sex with myself. ha.

  • Bre

    I love the look of top knots, but with my Chewbaca hair it would never stay upright. *le sigh* I remember the episode of "King of Queens" when Doug was bashing Carrie wearing her hair in a bun. Apparently guys don't like buns. Who knew? Maybe "Black Swan" is helping the cause of the bun.

  • top knot!
    classic asian girl hairstyle, but they like their's with some bang action~

  • i ove your blog!


  • Anonymous

    Is there a good topknot tutorial out there somewhere? I have watched a few on YouTube, but the knots demonstrated there didn't look nearly as messy or as high up as the beautiful looks featured here. (Yes, I am hairstyle challenged.)

  • @fashionslap Naaaaa,just acting entitled and sneaking into shows, etc.

  • think Denni pulls the top knot off best! love that girl!

  • PS: 'flop knot' = totally hilarious!

  • Anonymous

    Okay, so first off let me say that I love this blog. BUT…am I the only one who's not sure rather Rachel is supporting man-repelling or laughing at all of us who actually kind of dress like this?

  • Ana

    Oh my, you are hilarious!! I just came across your blog (apparantly much later than the rest of the world) and am thoroughly enjoying every word. I'm a new fan.

    come visit:

  • Wish I could do this with my own hair..x

  • elena

    you gotta love a good top knot! i just started reading your blog and i love it! you are so hilarious!

  • i can't wait for my hair to get a little longer so i can rock a top knot!

  • A.E

    Top knot?? Unfortunately, a lot of the time topknot= posh knob. I will not be knotting, but i will be enjoying them from a distance. YUM. 🙂

  • The sole reason I miss my long hair… the sumo top-knot. Saving these for inspiration!


  • Anonymous

    i hate i hate i hate the top knot!!!! seeing it EVERYWHERE THOUGH!

  • Anonymous

    Help! Does anybody know what the buckle shoes are in the sixth photo down? I think that I need them. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    So someone already mentioned spin pins, but I think they need to be taken a little more seriously. Not a single bobby pin needed!!!! For everyone who's asking how to get your top knots to stay, this is how. For reals, my hair is super thick, fluffy and curly, and my spin pins make the most secure top knots. GET SOME

  • Anonymous

    stop showing photos of susie please! i've just had dinner

  • chicasit
  • KRF

    top knot-ch

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