Street Style Takes a Cue From Portlandia

If you like laughing, this is good way to get down get deeper and down (Spice Girl ref, anyone? Anyone?) on the floor rolling and laughing and doing others thing of that sort. Your belly button will hurt and it will feel worth it. Or maybe you won’t find this funny at all. Make your own judgment. It’s your life, not mine. I can’t tell you what to like. But I could bribe you with free jewelry, dresses, turban tutorials and the like.

In any case, here I give you: Portlandia.

Thoroughly funny, I know. Fred Armisen is a modern day Man Repeller style icon. Suspenders: check. Polka-dot bow tie: check. Bright red blouse: check. The man is on trend like drop is on crotch, top is on knot.

And back to the point the title of this post intends to make: in a series of unexpected events, Scott Schuman snapped a photo of the below woman during New York Fashion Week who was seemingly taking a cue or two from Portlandia herself.

“What a sad little outfit, I know. I’ll put a bird on it.”

That’s all I had to say. That’s it. That’s the whole thing. If you want to stay tuned though, you can, because there is a Milan Fashion Week recap slated to run at some point today and it is good. I’m talking Pilgrims at Prada, Big Bird and Fendi and chickens on the head at Moschino.

You know what, because it’s so damn relevant re: Portlandia and the street style photo above, I won’t make you wait to see just one of the more lucrative gems from Moschino:

Yes! Put a bird (and a bib) on it! Here’s to you, Coco.

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