Repellers on a Budget, Unite! (No, Really.)

I know I’ve already summoned budget stricken Repellers to unite last week when I divulged news about the super Marni sale at The Outnet. But those prices were still kind of high for those us really trying to get a bang for our good ol’buck(s). So I found a better solution. And when I say better, I mean potentially more detrimental to the state of your sex life. Now I give you, Mikkat Market.

Mikkat Market is a new e-commerce site based on the West Coast, founded by repeller-in-training, Kat(herine) Kim. This speaks lengths about the market name, me thinks.

She hosts a directory of swoon worthy pieces set at wildly reasonable prices. I’d say there’s a definite Helmut Lang x Alexander Wang flair running through many of the garments. And as you should know, those are two of a proper Man Repeller’s most covet-worthy brands. So I was impressed. And then I became more impressed. See below.

Here are some detail shots of an Alexander Wang-esque slashed sweater running for only $48 dollars on Mikkat Market. Sweet, right? It gets sweeter. 

You may be questioning some things. How would you wear the sweater? How does it look once on? No sweat. Lady Kim brilliantly models her own inventory just below the product details paired with other separates from the site, available for purchase on the spot. 

Like a personal style blog, but better. Because everything is available at your disposal instantly, in real time. (IRL! IRL!) In today’s edition of Fashematics, we learn the following: Blogging x Mikkat = Mikkating.

So I tried my hand at Mikkating and this was the result.
pants: Mikkat Market, collared tunic: Mikkat Market, fur collar vest: Mikkat Market, leather jacket: Forever 21, belts: Hermes, shoes: Christian Louboutin, birth control glasses: Warby Parker, the brand that give back. Photos by Naomi Shon.

In true MR-spirit, I couldn’t stop at just the Mikkat pieces so I layered some of my own shit onto the outfit. Once complete, the woman behind the lens remarked, “this is pretty Fashion Week-y.” I suppose she was right.

But now let me ask you this…
Is this “Fashion Week-y?”

Tough question, something to think about, I know. You don’t have to answer right away. Instead, why don’t you seek refuge in the mere fact that there is a mustache around my neck…

And I’m holding it up above ma’lip! (Thanks, Claududy. The best belated birthday gift I’ve received in decades.)

Ultimately, my point is to say this: looking like spermicide don’t gotta cost an arm and a leg. In fact, it can cost just one little pinky finger nail.

Let Mikkat help you unleash the sartorial celibate manifesting within, without requiring you to put a mortgage out on your home. Shelter is good, though cardboard pants are better.

AND OMFG BEFORE I FORGET: You still have 24 hours to win the naked dress and turn it into vagina dentata.

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