OMFG, Let’s Talk Marc Jacobs

There were aliens on the runway! Aliens, I tell ya. Aliens!

In the most highly anticipated show of New York Fashion Week, Marc Jacobs proved the ever-famous “men are from Mars, women are from Venus” theory incorrect. Reversed, even.

With the first look — metallic trouser pants, a white turtleneck sweater, and what looks like a plastic beret at the tip of the model’s head — the collection promised that we women are likely the breed from Mars and not the other way around. To take it a step further, the intergalactic runway just added one more element of certainty to the hypothesis. Lucky us, it’s one hell of a stylish planet.

We worship Sir Jacobs and quickly devise plans to get the look and accept with glee the truth that date night is but galaxies away. A man will be distracted by the neck-covering top and the metallic pants and question the motivation behind wearing a peewee-size beret off the tip of your head. “It won’t keep you warm,” he may say. Never mind that. He’ll never get it. You shouldn’t care. Let’s work on investing time in someone who understands the art of a plastic beret.

Are you familiar with the polka-dance?

…How about now?
There are alien-inspired polka-dancing fish too, how nifty.

Clicky, clicky. Ready, ready more on The Cut HERE.  
And may Marc’s force be with you.

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  • Loving the polka dots and scaly-like skirts.

  • I can see that last look on every blogger next season! Love Marc Jacobs. Thanks for sharing this.

    xo L

  • oooo aahhhh, polka-dot madness, I adore

  • LOL u're just so funny!

  • The show looks like it was amazing! lucky you were there

    xx Cristy + Duda

  • So very unique…

    XoXO-Kelli K

  • Man repelling, but gorgeous 🙂 Love those skirts so much!


  • Hip hip hooray for the cookie monster coat! as soon as the first images of this show popped up on the interwebs I was drooling on my keyboard, and strangely craving cookies. Does anyone know what platform the Marc Jacobs rocket launches from? I'm so there.

    xoxo kat–i–

  • I love your reviews! You can find these pictures online anywhere but your comments are precious!
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  • OMG, those metallic pants and the polka dot ensemble with those plastic-y sleeves!!! Love!
    Did you see the metallic skirts and pants at MbMJ too? He's on a roll!

  • oh helloooooo… i'm about to do a little dance

  • I often feel like guys see me as some sort of scaled monster, so those skirts are just perfect.

  • Anonymous

    That shit is fugly

  • Loving the polka dots!

  • All the metallic and scaly skirts are LATEX (he teamed up with House of Harlot)! LOVE IT.

  • Polka dots are beautiful!

    xx, Monse.-

  • Too good! You are a beaut!

  • I saw this the other day and I really like it. The silhouette isn't new, but I love the textures and fabrics he used. Very wearable or unwearable depending on whose loins your trying to detract.

  • I really liked your blog! Very original.

    I'm following you.

  • MG

    Polka dots and metallics? Be still my effing heart.

  • Love your blog. The content is brilliant. Congrats for your Bloglovin' Award. I'm following you.

  • I love your blog (:
    if you want take a look of mine
    and start to follow me (:
    keep in touch xOxO


    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  • Love the second pic. The furry arms and tiny hat remind me of the flying monkeys from The wizard of Oz.

  • Polka dots are huge trend…. love them.this collection is so MARC JACOBS

  • They're like a totally desexified cast of Barbarella.

  • My favourite collection of this FW. And I am not usually a big fun of him, although, a big clap for those great creations!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  • The polka dot suit is BRILLIANT.

  • Mad respect for Marc Jacobs but almost all designers just get a little out there sometimes… I guess if you are afraid to push the boundaries styles never change…
    BUT I'm so glad your blog exists because SOMEONE needed to point out the occasional ridiculousness of the fashion industry and you do it in such a clever, well-worded way.

    Thank you.

    PS: ever looked at Catalog Living( (it's the best interior design catalog basher out there right now)

  • Holy cow! Mr.Jacobs designed with man repellers in mind!

  • i looove this collection!

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