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Man Repeller x Shopbop: Almost at The Finish Line, Another Trend Recap

In partnership with Shopbop.

If this round of New York Fashion Week has taught me anything, it’s that man repelling will always be in style. And while I understand that this blog may very well have a shelf-life, I’m just happy to note that fashion will always be about tailoring the collections to fit the preferred aesthetic of a strong woman–whether I’m commenting on it or not. In turn, this may leave you single forever. No fear, though. With abundant offerings from Jen Kao, Karen Walker, Tibi, and Marc by Marc Jacobs, you’ll have that void filled in no time. [Read the full recap on Shopbop here.]

Let’s break it down. Starting with Jen Kao.

With the metallic nature of the Austin Powers in Gold Member maxi dress next to what looks like a velvet cape directly out of Harry Potter fashion week, we’re prone to speculate Jen Kao may have taken a bit of cinematic inspiration in designing her collection.

At Karen Walker, lentils were worn as hats. Just kidding, those are beanies. But I’m onto something, aren’t I? In any case, leather accents continued to rule in a more feminine and flimsy manner while combining one of fall’s biggest emerging trends: bright color. In orange, no less. Conversely, there was still a bit of menswear and print mixing thrown into the collection, with button ups and pants leaving but little interest to the male peen.
Ruffled necklines and fancy lush shades of red starred in Tibi’s runway show, where a bright red onesie stole my heart, and a kick back to the ’50s refilled the aforementioned void, literally and figuratively. Because it’s not in my nature to leave elephants-in-the-room unaddressed: yes, I am thinking what you are thinking: aunt flow seems to have paid a visit in the right look. Can’t wait to emulate.

Here I write a love letter to Marc by Marc Jacobs and his radical flashback to the ’70s in all its glam glory. Wave hello to the duty-length silk skirt, printed in the official colors of the man repelling tribe (leopard print) and full corduroy-on-corduroy pantsuit. I remember a time when Sex and the City’s Miranda Hobbes reprimanded poor ol’Steve Brady for opting to wear head-to-toe corduroy. Who would have thought we’d be emulating that look several years later?

I did, actually. Steve’s got style!

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  • Whoa! The leopard print dress from Marc Jacobs looks like liquid silk. Lucky model…(P.S. I swear she looks like a younger Carine Roitfield- who is she? She's popping up in a lot of the Fall 2011 runways…)

  • man repelling at its best. jen kao takes the cake. clothes were truly hit.

  • Those blue leather pants on the first pic are super cool! 🙂


  • love it.
    I would wear those blue pants. hahahah

  • love the 70s meets safari look marc by marc is going for


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  • uuugh marc by marc jacobs is taking my breath away. loving your reviews for nyfw.


  • b

    ch-ch-check it out! badger fur vest from mikkat market; thanks so much for featuring that place!

    loving the nyfw coverage- I found your analysis of The Row especially inspiring, and that collection especially beautiful.

  • The orange dress with black stripes is so Charlie Brown!

  • I love the look on the 3° picture

    xx, Monse.-

  • I was thinking the same thing about Aunt Flo! And I know bright colors are the thing for spring but already I'm sick of all the orange. Bleh.

  • i agree! man repelling will always be "fashionable".

  • Its funny bc I just watched a throwback episode of early Project Runway…their challenge was to create looks based on dated "has been" looks…yeah all but 2 are back in style as we speak. Awesome.

  • gimme gimme that leopard skirt

  • I need the leopard print skirt stat.

  • Ahhh yes Man Repelling will always be in style. I must say I think I like the shows better at the end of the week than at the beginning.

  • Brightly colored metallics. More 70s. More capes. Praise the Lord!

  • haha i just saw that sex & the city episode, ohhh how i've always dreamed of a full corduroy suit

    –la vie en BROKE–

  • I NEED that red jumper!! Absolutely gorgeous!!!

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  • I love the leopard print like a hipster loves bacon. I would definitely wear an outfit like that Marc one to work.

    I'd make the skirt just an inch below knee-length for myself, though. This man-repeller rides a bicycle to work.

  • Also, I have a full corduroy suit…in orange, no less!

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  • Those blue leather pants on the first pic are super cool! 🙂