Leopard Print Nails? So On It

In blog years, I was but a peewee sized-fetus until The New York Times profiled me, and now? I am a fetus with legs so I can walk and wear shoes adorned by little Spanish men. 

You must be wondering how this relates to leopard print nails. It doesn’t, really.

But…about six months ago I tweeted to my humble and a half following (half because I follow myself from my birth-given name’s account:) “I hope someone asks me what my favorite color is so I can answer leopard print.” Lots of people retweeted me, so I learned my lesson: Not leopard? Not interested. I then went off and paired my leopard print vest with my leopard print tights and my leopard print blouse with my leopard print shorts. All to match my leopard print soul. This in turn induced fascination onto me’fingernails. 

A few weeks ago, The Cherry Blossom Girl posted a DIY about her dyslexic french manicure. Sure, you can call the manicure what it really is: a half moon, but isn’t it more fun to describe fashion trends using adjectives like dyslexic? Her results were glorious. 

She used loose-leaf paper hole adhesives to create the half moon effect and aptly paired shimmering green with shimmering nude. And sure, half moons in green skies are cool, but do you know what’s cooler?
Leopard print nails. Leoponails! Duh. Image via Move Slightly
 Oh, hey girlfriend.
Just last week, the crazy culotte behind Move Slightly, my own friend and perhaps the reason I’ve become so fascinated by top knots, Elizabeth Monson, posted a short bit about her leopard nails. 
I remember a time when I was fighting the urge to eat for the sake of a Jewish fast day while she mourned the lack of chicken in her tarragon chicken salad. She wore sleeveless oxford shirts and top knots when I was still riding the hot pant train, hair stringily looking to find meaning. Just kidding, I never boarded that train. But I came close. So close. Look how far we’ve come.
It’s a pretty good fashion week accessory and requires little care once applied. Elizabeth usedSally Hansen’s salon effect to perfect the ‘cure and had her cool beans man friend, Mark, photo-document the printed nail party, which I imagine, was butt-loads of fun for him.
What do you flamingos think about buying a floral nail kit and pasting that shit onto every other nail while leaving the others leopard print? We’ll be print mixing before having even gotten dressed. That’s a test of true man repelling, eh? Something to look into. More detailed instructions here. 
AND OMFG PART II: Vintage Vendredi makes a comeback next Friday and it includes bright colored suede. Loads of it.
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