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I really very truly do not mean to get all Narcissus on your asses but because last week I posted a small bit chronicling the details of wardrobe during Fashion Week and the general reaction was “more of this!” I thought now would be an opportune time to share with you: more outfits! This is from a shoot I did with Time Out New York just before Fashion Week. It went into an issue called “The Most Stylish New Yorkers.” The outfits are okay. I’ve been getting a lot more sartorial credit that I deserve. I’m not complaining, though. Here you go:
Dress: Leila Shams. Plaid shirt: Fremont. Vest: Polo. Booties: Proenza Schouler.
This outfit was built around the dress, I’m pretty obsessed with anything I can call a mullet. It just so worked out that I ended up channeling my inner ’90s kid—Angela Chase, anyone? My brother says I look like a retired art teacher. I kind of see what he means. Do note the plaid on plaid. I thank two of my brothers for facilitating the outerwear portion of this look.
Jacket: Veda. Blouse: Kimberly Taylor. Skirt: Peter Soronen. Belt: Hermes. Necklace: Fallon
I’m such an asshat. This is what I told Time Out: “I’m really into taking fancy pieces, like silk runway skirts, and turning them into dinner-friendly get-ups. If I have to stop in at the local synagogue on my way out, voilà: It’s Jew-friendly, too.” Unfollow me now, I understand.
Accents from the previous look. That krazy kool kuff is by Young&Ng.;
More accents from another look. Look into my eyeballz!
As you can see, sock, sandal and general outfit repetition is the name of my game. Living in a world where you can only wear your favorite clothes a limited amount of times is no world at all. Take a look you love and fucking run with it, sister. Wear it everyday if you want to.
I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to love anything–or one–as much as I do these boots. Except my mom, duh. 
The photo portion of this post now comes to a close, you can read an extensive interview here if you want to lose brain cells or peep some small excerpts documented below:

Her personal style: “Alexa Chung meets Hamish Bowles.”

Her inspiration: “Lately I’ve been taking most of my style cues from animated Disney movies, like The Lion King, Peter Pan and Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

Her signature garments: “For the last few months it’s been a selection of my red, metallic green and black velvet hair bows. Otherwise, I’m usually known to sport two watches on one wrist, often if not always set to incorrect times.”

How her style has evolved: “Things have basically come around full circle. I wore chambray blouses with floral-printed tights and little Peter Pan-collared smock dresses as a child, and I still do it now.”

How do you know if you’re a man repeller? “If a woman is a man repeller, it’s pretty obvious. She’s likely to always opt for a turban on her head over a ponytail, brogues over stilettos and Alexander Wang over companionship. People often tweet me about their outfits. The higher up they button their shirts, more prints they mix and jewelry they pile on, the prouder I am. I’m not sure I started a trend as much as I just recognized and exploited something that’s already been going on since, oh I don’t know, Yohji Yamamoto showed his first collection? Either way, every season Fashion Week almost assures that it’s here to stay. Sorry, boys.”

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  • you're so beautiful. I love those last shoes!

  • cute babe love it youre awesome

    much love from hollywood ca
    where the vintage earth angel meets the big city fashionista
    shea marie

  • i would repell johnny depp for that golden cuff!

  • honestly i'm obsesed with your blog, i'm really happy that you won the award on bloglovin because all the other blogs that where competing with you were the same. but yours justs rocks my world

    thank u and keep up he great work.


  • It was so great to meet you at NYFW and I heard about your fab feature in TONY. Congrats!! Keep up the greatness darling!

  • absolutely love your jewelry girl! always impressing me.

  • you really gotta stop with the beyond amazing footwear. like srsly. And that Hermes belt makes me wanna lala, to quote the great ashlee simpson.


  • @serena in my own defense, it's the same two pairs of shoes every time!

  • that bracelet is SICK! Love ur blog!
    I will have a great give away in March, please check out my blog and follow me!

  • Hey sis: Totally lovin your footwear too much!

    But one Q: Are they comfortable?? Esp the Proenser Schouler booties … they look to be uncomfortably high/angled. What kind of sock do you wear with them (if any)??


  • The dress from the first outfit is AMAZING, and so are the boots! ..and the cuff too!!

  • i love a long, full silk skirt, and making it flirtatious, fit for any evening out on the town.

    really coveting the gold watch as well.

  • I look forward to your posts not only because of your style but just maybe because you make me laugh out loud – is that wrong?

  • Awesome. I too should start taking inspiration from Disney movies…maybe I'll go for a Toy Story esque inspiration some day. PS those bracelets at killer.

  • oh!!! i know how it feels! i'm LOVING the long long skirt look here in Milano, but when i take with me home to israel i'm being constantly accused of being a "dossit" (nice religulous jewish long ugly skirt girl). so unfair. our people are so small minded

  • lovely maxis, great accessories

  • LOVE THIS!!!


    Le Kiss Kiss- Click Here!

  • Your blog is fucking hilarious. Loves it.

  • This is funny. While you were checking out fashion week I was walking the tradeshows in Vegas. There is this brand company called Cotton Treats that makes really cute bow ties. Seriously had your name all over it. They hit the stores in the fall. You can check out pictures of there bow ties here

    oh yea they even had leopard print ones

  • asshat indeed! Keep it up!

  • I think you've convinced me I need that Veda trench… Groceries Shmoceries.

  • Don't worry you could never get too Narcissus on our asses. You are 1000% adorable. More than your style even, it's your personality that makes you stand out above all other bloggers and makes everyone love you.

  • You are my inspirational style icon.
    I have never met someone who can so flawlessly mix leopard and plaid!

  • Anonymous

    you are so damn funny!! i saw a lovely cuff the other day made of snail shells and buttons you should definitely check that shit out it would really accentuate your wardrobe!!!

  • Anonymous

    Found you after an article in American Vogue and have been reading ever since. Your inspiration comment 'Alexa meets Hamish' made me comment to tell you how awesome you are! Keep up the good writing, there is so little of it on the internet.

  • pau

    congratulations! amazing pieces

  • I must admit, the day after I saw your post with the red American Apparel bow in your hair I went out an bought one in another color. The following day my parents visited and my dad made fun of it. Guess you really do know what men don't get! Anyways love this post, your outfits are awesome.

  • Loving the cuff and those wedge booties.

    Confessions of a Purse-a-holic

  • Anonymous

    love this xO

  • MG

    I've decided that I need to procure more fuzzy things. Thank you. My bank account is flipping you the bird and I'm smiling.

  • I really dig the Proenza Schouler boots, and the Jew friendly combo floor moping skirt and hunter jacket. This outfit is a leopard short of perfect, but i guess the sandals may be lurking down there.

    Hey, I recently wrote a piece on that encephalitis-inducing blog of mine about the difference between beautiful and desirable. Needless to say, the MR concept is a major reference here. Why don't to come have a look? If nothing else, because I call you there "the rising star in vagina-looking clothes". Which you totally are.
    If tou get bored, which I may understand, just zap to the Zappa picture. There you are.

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