Lucky You, Another Horn Toot
I think I’ve definitely exhausted documentation of the Lucky Magazine March Blogger Spread but this is my blog, I can paint it any color I want. Today I’m painting red on red for repetition. Hooray! So here I stand before you once again, tooting the horn that represents my ego. (That said, did you catch the title’s Lucky pun? I slay myself.)
As I said while getting dressed in the below “boy meets girl” ensemble on the day of this shoot, “I look like a chic Middle Eastern version of Ellen Degeneres.” The stylist looked at me dumbfounded, perhaps somewhat insulted. I so obviously meant it in the most complimentary way possible. White Stella McCartney separates? If they had gentials, I’d consider symbiotic procreation.

Before I continue, a special thank you goes out to Lucky Magazine for dubbing me “one of the most hilarious voices in fashion.” If you think my voice is funny you should take a look at my gesticulations. Talk about a knee slapper. Punny.

And…moving on. I’m not usually one to wear much make up so this was an interesting experience for my eyelids and I was quite pleased with the results, if only because the man behind the blush brush kept squirming in his Italian accent, “I am the makeup artist of Anne Hathaway. Oh may Gohde! You looka juste like her!” ‘Twas a highlight indeed.

More fun tidbits from the shoot included getting really well acquainted with Jane of Sea of Shoes, Kelly from The Glamourai and Rachelle from Guest of a Guest.

Jane, Kelly and I spoke granny panties, latex, banana swirl fur and spent a great deal of time trying to figure out if anyone knows what The Knight Cat looks like.We hear you’re beautiful, Cat. Please show yourself.

Take a peek at the rest of the spread here.
AND OMFG! Don’t forget to enter the Rebecca Minkoff Fashion Show Ticket Giveaway.

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  • te amo leandra

  • Anonymous

    Haha! The better part of my closet can be classified (at best) as man-repelling, and one time one of my friends remarked that they don't see many Middle Eastern women in fashion, looked at my sequined drop-crotch trousers, nude platforms, and feather cape and mused, "but maybe there's a reason for that." (I'm half-Iranian)


    – Naz

  • Love!!! I voted for you on Bloglovin. Obviously you'll win. The rest are total chumps.

  • You look great!

  • Looking fab in white, you make me wish warmer times were here already!

  • Lauren Helen

    You look amazing! 🙂 And, of course, I completely agree with your status as the most hilarious voice in fashion.

  • so, a not-so-discreet hoo-haa inspired dress.

    sao paulo fashion week.

    you're awesome.

  • I love this outfit, you look fabulous!

  • looking fab. p.s. your knight cat link is wrong. thought you might want to know. or you could be misleading people so that we are forced to read only your words of wisdom…which is cool, too.

  • Anonymous

    you look so hot that you should stop calling yourself man repeller and renew your contraceptives. and btw i'm reporting you to greenpeace and so on that the enviroment's degradation is all your fault cause all those flowers ur gettin!

  • Christa51

    "I'm loving oversized shirts and structured blazers." Seriously. Could magazines quit using that line on people? It's like every chick they quote in Lucky is "loving" two disparate-therefore-perfect-together clothing items. There's nothing repellant about that ruse and I'd be shocked if you told me you actually said that (you didn't… did you??). They should have just quoted you for real. THAT would sell magazines.

  • Love this outfit & how you styled it…couldn't agree more with Lucky's statement about you 😉

    XoXo-Kelli K

  • Wow .. that's quite a lot of makeup! But you do look great either way. Some of us just scare little kids when we wear no makeup ( D: ).

    Fernanda Lucila

    PS. that's a compliment to you, because you don't scare little kids… just men… but that's on purpose.

  • I heart your look, blog and hilarious voice..You inspired my "slightly cute but also freaky wierd dork glases" real quote, and my headache inducing outfits.. Mring is soo much fun XD
    15yroldMR——xoxo Brie G.

  • Middle Eastern Ellen Degeneres…with snazzier shoes? hahaha~
    Your makeup looks great in this shoot btw!
    loving your blog, & your lingo~

    xoxo fan love~

  • flip, you are hilarious! i really love reading your posts.. they put me in a real good mood! i love how you told the stylist what you thought of your look, you really hit the nail on the head. with that one. but i love it! you look great! amazing look!

  • Really enjoy your blog. So true that men and women don't see eye to eye when it comes to women's fashion. Your look in this shot is great.

  • I have been thoroughly entertained by your blog so when I saw this post I laughed and thought of you.

  • Hilarious comment to the stylist.
    You look like the kind of smoky eyed eyed odalisque I've always wanted to be

  • I love the make-up! Looks so great on you, and the way you quoted the makeup artist is hilarious 🙂

  • wow. you look AMAZING! i love the make-up

  • Get out of town. Not that you don't always look good, but damn gurlll you look fucking amazing!!! Loving the white!

  • You look so cute – a lot of makeup, I understand it is a magazine – but seriously, so cute. Congrats on the WIN!

  • You definitely are one of if not the funniest voice in fashion!

  • The real question though, is did you get to keep the clothes??

  • Anonymous

    I am not repelled.

  • You look beautiful and you are very funny! I voted for you, too.

    – Meredith

  • A.E

    Wow! The eye make up makes you look very very DIFFERENT. Not in a bad way, just…different. You look like you're about to hit the bowling green. What could be better? 🙂

  • amaaaaaze city. you are definitely my favorite voice in fashion. xx

  • waaaah perfect suit – looks deadly on you!

  • Amatoria Clothing

    Leandra, You look so different with all that make-up on!!! You look great, but I enjoy your natural look 😉