Holy Man Repeller, it’s Like Summer Camp!

New York Fashion Week be here. Wednesday night at Kimberly Taylor’s presentation I was talking leather bow ties and birth control glasses with Andrew Mukamal and Becka Diamond when it dawned on me: this is fucking summer camp but with better clothes and deadlines! And high heels! And turbans!

Photo via MyFBD (vest: Adrienne Landau, blouse: Equipment, pants: Rag & Bone, shoes: Proenza Schouler, birth control specs: Warby Parker)

As you can see, I take Fashion Week as the Olympics of Man Repelling very seriously. I should also note that I have 20/20 vision.

In any case, I’ll be blogging for Shopbop and NY Mag’s The Cut all week so while I will be providing your sweet asses links from this here URL, I will also most likely be spending loads of time redirecting you to different websites. Don’t get mad, get glad. I have an exciting round up slated to run next Thursday at the end of Fashion Week exclusively here for exclusive flamingos. Like you.

We should give you a nickname. I guess flamingos will do it. Always remember deep in your drop crotch that I love you more than Martin Margiela.

Let’s start right now with a little teaser to the first post I wrote for Shopbop: A Recap from Kimberly Taylor’s F/W 2011 Presentation.

photos by Naomi Shon and Chuck Grant
Well, the Olympics of Man Repelling are finally here and what better to kick of the festivities than to indulge in a little recap that includes copious leather bow ties, eh? 
Kimberly Taylor held her Fall presentation last night at Dopdop Hair Salon on Mercer Street. The designer’s aesthetic usually ventures into man-getting territory: plunging necklines, cinched waists, hot pants, yikes. This season though, she opted for tapered pants, clean silk white oxfords, collared mini dresses, full skirts and loads of leopard to dominate the collection. In light of this, she commissioned none other than the woman behind the turban (insert horn toot here) to style her presentation. Combined with sweet jams from scenester DJ May Kwok, the end result was glorious: socks, sandals, sounds et al.  
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