Getting Spring Ready with Pixie Market

…Referred to exclusively as Pixie no Dicksie Market going forward.

With winter weather slowly subsiding, I am pretty sure that we share one collective fear and that is: without the prospect of spontaneously layering copious amounts of fur, how will we successfully repel? Fear not, fellow repellows, I have your asses covered. Always. Before we dip our toes into spring territory though, I’d like you to welcome our new friend Pixie Market to the right hand upper corner of this here blog.

Upon questioning the decision to offer ad-space on my blog, I thought about what you would think because at this point, everything I do is about you. And I mean that. When I wake up some mornings I think maybe I’ll wear skinny jeans today but I stop myself and say, what will the repellows think? Harem pants, it is.

In any case, this ad seemed worthy of blog space as it does, after all, encompass the fashion super market. The online boutique stays painfully true to my aesthetic and is more on brand than I myself am and light of this, we circle back to my initial point about the fear of losing our ability to layer fur and now, seeking solace in knowing you won’t. Here, I’ve pulled for you ten looks to kick start your anti-mating regime for spring.

Spring is all about color blocking, try your hand, or arms, at it with neon sleeves on a boxy cropped trench. Lime sleeve bomber jacket, $144.
Perhaps the best alternative to traditional necklaces since nun chucks, I give you: the Jil Sander inspired detachable collar, Sherbert orange collar, $44.
Eating pistachios is cool, but wearing pistachios is cooler. It ain’t an outfit without a ruffle or two. Mint ruffle bouse, $69.
Which is why I included the shorts. Black ruffled helm shorts, $86.
Suspenders are certainly a spring favorite and these silk knickers bare a striking resemblance to the Muppet-inspired Kermit pants seen on 3.1. Phillip Lim’s F/W 2011 runway. A look for less in a timely manner, if you will. Long silky green shorts, $82.
And while we’re talking look for less, behold: the claw ring. If I didn’t know better, I’d say the piece had Pamela Love written all over it but because I do, in fact, know better, I will tell your wallet to shake its maracas, it’s only $62. And to the left, why wear cuffs on your wrists when you can wear them on your ears? Detachable jewels for the cartilage, that’s what’s up. Silver ear cuffs, $27 each.
Top every out with your wing-tip tassel loafers. Nothing says Frank Sinatra meets Audrey Hepburn quite like ’em. Denim and ivory tassel shoes, $179.
Five words: Peter Pan collar on steroids. I made sure to order this one before exploiting it on the interwebs because it is in two simple words: fucking awesome. Navy studded dress, $94.
What trends are you most excited to wear come Spring? Tell me about it, stud.

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  • Anonymous

    I love you.

  • that last dress is glorious. I've also been enjoying pixie market lately.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the mint blouse xo

  • Spring= Color blocking.. ur 100% correct

  • I've been eying that orange collar for a while now, but I dunno WHAT I'd wear it with. Teach me your secrets, Man Repeller.

    And I love pixiemarket.

  • MG

    Is the collar necklace this decade's dickie? I gots to know.

  • Anonymous

    pixie market is my favorite! definitely going for the pistachio shirt!

  • @Melissa Wear it with a plain t-shirt underneath as though it is the most mystical and amazing necklace to ever reach your thyroids. from the outside, of course

  • Anonymous

    That last dress really is beautiful

  • lime & sherbet… where have you been all my life. thank you man repeller, thank you.


  • Not going to lie. I think I love you right now just because of those ear cuffs. I have been looking for a basic pair for ever. I may have to get those. We will see if my cheap ass ways let me. (I hate spending money.)

  • OMG…I love it all, especially those shoes. So innovative and amazing. XO Valerie

  • Q.

    ahh look at those tasselled beauts. lovely.

  • Amy

    Yay for Kermit shorts! The muppets are my greatest fashion inspiration.

  • I rally love that mint ruffle top…its amazing and incredibly adorable!

  • i love pixie market but they largest size they ever seem to have or carry is a medium. what's up with that?

  • annnnd I'm convinced – I've been having a nagging I-must-return-to-my-late-80's-early-90's-jewelry-wearing-roots feeling & hence, craving an ear cuff lately… apparently it's in the air, so it's off to Pixie Market I go…

    MR why are we not, like, BFF's by now? we are clearly sharing a brain 🙂 xo

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  • love the sander-inspired collar. so sweet!

  • We need you, we want you, oh baby oh baby! Turban city awaits you at

    Where harem pants come in tie-dye and turban scarves in leopard sauce.

    Check your love note inbox….xx

  • SKT

    "Peter Pan collar on steroids." hahah you're so hilarious, I love everything you write!! this is a beautiful piece, love it! xx

  • Oh I love Pixie Market! For sprint I just bought a pair of floral palazzo pants which the bf dubbed "interesting." They seemed to do the trick 🙂

  • Is it wrong that I want everything?! And i want to wear it all at once?


    it's so right.

  • Pixie Market is such a great choice. I love everything about the selection you came up with, but I adore the mint blouse, the orange color, the wing tip loafers, ahhhh I love them all, darn it.
    much love.

  • I've always loved Pixie Market!
    That detachable collar is amazing :O
    Great post as always. You're so funny!

  • Love those silky green shorts…that collar would be even sexier without the shirt…maybe a strapless dress :P.

  • the fit on those black shorts certainly aren't man repellant, i think guys will be able to ignore the frilly circumference lol…

    oh and the detachable collar is genius..all the better to be ironic with..

  • Dude, I love that detachable orange collar and those ruffle-hem shorts! I can't wait to break out the punchy colors, light, airy fabrics and I'm paradoxically praying to stumble upon a nice little thrifted pair of flower-print denim cutoffs.

  • i want that collar… and those loafers are soo cute!

  • Haha this is awesome! I love the orange collar x Sushi

  • "When I wake up some mornings I think maybe I'll wear skinny jeans today but I stop myself and say, what will the repellows think? Harem pants, it is."

    -you are my idol

  • I love the green blouse too!

  • that tassel shoes is my fav 🙂
    i love pixie market too

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  • the bomber jacket is to die for 🙂

  • Liz

    ok, I love your blog but I've never written a comment (just because I'm too lazy). but I had to just say that I, for one, do not care or mind at all if a website I like advertises. you're great at what you do; make some money!
    p.s. you're brilliant!

  • i need that collar in my life… now. it's everything. haha 🙂

  • that COLLAR!! <3