From Man Getter to Man Repeller: Saucy Suede

So, how ’bout them Oscars? Though I thoroughly appreciated Anne Hathaway’s tux and Cate Blanchett’s decision to wear an immaculately designed beaded Givenchy toilet seat, this blog post has nothing to do with that. I just feel like it’s wrong to disregard the Oscars the morning after. Worse than disregarding a one night stand the morning after, even. JK, what do we know about one night stands?

And onto other things: in this week’s installment of From Man Getter to Man Repeller, I Benjamin Button like it’s nobodies business. What’s that? You don’t understand? Read on.

suede dress: Dallin Chase, shoes: Christian Louboutin, photo by Naomi Shon

Holy moly me oh my! Boob cups! I see London, I see France, I see Man Repeller dressed as…a woman? Did I seriously just refer to myself in the third person? Do you suddenly want to date me? Hold your horses.

photo by Chuck Grant. I love her Hasselblad.

While I do quite adore the dress, the prospect of turning hetero-heads on a night out just seems so wrong. And perhaps, normal? I wasn’t going to have it. Normal is not my forte. I once retorted when a friend suggested I were crazy, “You aren’t wrong. But why be common when you can be crazy?” Something to think about, people.

shoes: Forever 21, socks: Topshop

I traded in the Louboutins for a pair of brogues and funky socks that feature clouds and thunder on them. Who needs a weather man when you can have my socks tell you whether or not you’ll need an umbrella. The conversation will go something like this. “So, Man Repeller, what’s the weather like today?” At that point I will answer, “talk to the foot.” You will comply. And we will both be happy.

For the top portion of this outfit:
necklaces: Jimmy Choo x H&M;, J. Crew, utility shirt: Charlotte Ronson, photos by Naomi Shon
I thought adding anything utility would suffice, I was right. But it didn’t stop there.

Circling back to my point about pulling a Benjamin Button, in an effort to get back in touch with my inner kindergartner, I added a vintage hair bow that my grandmother gave me. She bought it at a fancy hair-product store in Paris. Though you can’t see it up close and personal, it looks and feels like disco-dancing dinosaur skin.

…And to get further in touch with my inner kindergartner, I insisted on standing against a wall to depict the perils of a time-out while simultaneously giving you a look at the hair bowner.
Now I ask you, which look do you prefer:
Sexy Suede Woman of The Night, or Pedophile Provoker of The Tri-State Area?
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  • You got me a little nervous there in the beginning. But I started to relax when I saw the sock and shoe combo. That made the outfit muuuuccchhh better.

  • Oh my goodness, you are so freaking fabulous! I wish I had your style. I need to loosen up on always trying to look so put together. You look great, girl!


  • Anonymous

    That dress is AMAZING but when I click the link I don't see it? Where can I find it???

  • Loving it! I want that dress….

  • Loove this!! hahha 😀 I totally prefer Pedophile Provoker 🙂

  • that dress is lovely! looks even better with the shirt, brogues & socks though!

  • Niiice!!

  • oh that bow is horrendous! AMAZING! you are too cool for school cornbread

  • I've got to say this outfit is beautiful, i think you've failed massively if your trying to stop people turning heads… You look lovely x

  • Beautiful dress. The blue suede put on life.
    I loved it!


  • LOVE the suede dress. what an awesome color, it looks great on you! totally agree about the shoes, perfect for this kind of crappy weather.

  • I'm probably going to get tomatoes thrown at me but…I like the "Sexy suede woman of the night" look. 🙂

  • pedophile provoker!!!! oxfords make every outfit great.


  • I can't read this blog at work – I laugh too hard!

  • I prefer the first look, but for you the second look rocks 🙂

    XoXO-Kelli K

  • Hahahaha! I love the way you roll girl!

  • Em

    I think you look cute in both, it just depends on the occasion you want to wear it for. i think it would also look great with a straw trilby hat.


  • We love this outfit with oxford shoes! Such a cute combination.

  • "Pedophile Provoker of The Tri-State Area" so funny hahaha 🙂 I love the dress with that jacket, fantastic blog xoxo Abby

  • i LOVE every detail of this outfit!!!!! the dress is to die for, and the bow is so CUTE! i never thought i would see you in this, but it completely fits you!

    <3 steffy

  • Adorbs! I really need to go sock shopping. Wish you could come with me. XO Valerie

  • I love that bow! It adds the perfect touch to your outfit.

  • definitly the second look, I love your shoes and sock. And It gives your dress something more special ^-^
    (and I love the bow too!)

  • Anonymous

    OMG the second look is totally amazing – nobody does it better than you MR!

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful! Awesome! Amazing!

  • Lux

    So funny!
    You look fabulous twice!

  • I love both choices! beautiful dress! goes with anything!

  • In all honestly, I love both looks, but I'm thinking some platform sandals (wedges, of course, not only man repellents but can also be used as a weapon if thrown at people) would be gorgeous with it.
    And of course the disco dancing dinosaur bow, duhh.

  • hands down pedophile provoker! i love it!

  • LOVE IT!! haha- even the 80's style hair bow!

  • C.

    love the dress
    you look so sweet in it 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I'm a self-professed Man Repeller and sister of the avant garde, but when I see the two compared…I actually prefer the first, man getter look…what's become of me?!

  • LOL I thought you were going to completely cover the dress. You seemed to have been on a roll with starting with one piece and completely going in a different direction. This isn't bad though…a little too mod for my liking. I prefer the androgynous look personally or the I don't give a damn I'm wearing sweats today look.

  • Uh… I am going to say pedophile provoker… I kid you not… In high school I knew a girl who would wear an outfit similiar in concept to this and she would pitch woo to the DOT drivers that took us home from school… I am sure that at least one of the drivers 'caught' what she was throwing…

  • Oooh Sexy Suede woman of the night!!!! There's nothing Man Repelling about this pretty outfit!!! YOu look adorable and fabulous!!!

    Happy MOnday!!


  • I agree, with Kate (above).. but it is nice to see this dress dominate the outfit. I love the blue suede, it definitely is MR-ing as a fabric in and of itself, no? Unless the man in question has a fetish for women who feel like their dad's recliner to the touch (yum).

    I would love to see it ON TOP of a washed-out MIAMI t circa 1980. But, sox and shoes always a win.

    I give it an LUV.


  • I love both outfits but Pedophile Provoker of the Tri State Area is more eye catching 😀

    You are an inspiration!

  • that bow truly kills me… you have such great legs, but luckily, my phantom heteronormative boner cannot get past the cloud socks.

  • I would Bejamin Button my wardrobe except for fear I wind up wear floral leggings and an oversize shirt my mom custom painted with puff paint to be extra festive.

  • Those Louboutins are fabulous though, you have to make an outfit where you man repel in those! I don't know how that would be possible.

  • Anonymous

    what a great way to start my week!!!
    love both… you look amazing.

  • I love your creativity in making new looks out of conventional ones ;).

    – Angela

  • The dress being suede makes the dress amazing..the color just makes it that much better! Getting rid of the Louboutins and trading them in for the casual forever21 shoes was definitely a good look. Pedophile provoking outfit wins this round hands down!

  • lovely dress, fabulous colour

  • that dress + the top half + the heels? my goodness, that would look amazing. the brogues were so typically 'you', though, so I definitely can't hate.

  • Anonymous

    you totally ROCK with every look..
    Forever your follower

  • Haha, I think your caption writing skills are the best part of this.

  • First one is upper east side brat, second is Williamsburg shot and a beer. I like the second!

  • Your blog makes me laugh every time. Why be common if you can be crazy is gonna be my new mantra! 🙂

  • Haha. Even if the outfit were infinitely worse after you added everything to it, the name itself makes the second outfit the winner.

  • Cata

    MAN REPELLER PLEASE TELL ME WHERE YOU GOT THAT DRESS!?!?!?!?!? Seriously, I would love you more than Martin Margiela if you told me WHERE YOU GOT THAT DRESS. I need it in my life or I shall perish looking. At least if you tell me it is sold out I won't perish looking and I will still love you more than MM.

  • You definitely look like a vixen with the Louboutins, but the revamp is much more quirky, eye-catching and in a way, intelligent looking. The weather predicting socks paired with the disco dinosaur skin bow make the ultimate couple.
    much love.

  • Anonymous


  • I love your vintage bow and your time out stance. hilarious. great way to display it.

  • What a nice way to start the day. You had me in stitches, man repeller. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    The commentary is grt!

  • I'd do you either way.
    This (blog) brings me so much joy!


  • ahahah GREAT post.

    The first one is WAY to common, and totally would have the opposite sex all over you the minute you stepped out of your apartment.

    So do it up, love the shoe and sock combo. man repeller reputation still intact!

    Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

  • love your dress 🙂

    want to hear your thoughts on beso

  • Anonymous

    Cate the Great is fabulous!! she has talent and class neither of which you will ever have

  • Posts like this one are why I come back again, and again… and agaaaaaaiiiinnnn….

    Loved it

  • Pedophile provocateur , I am loving it! Ditch the heels and keep the oxfords!

  • Like always i love the end result…but that dress is amazing!!

  • J

    I need to get some of those socks. Makes unintentionally having odd socks that bit more fun.

  • I LOVE your dress! Any idea where to buy it online?

    xx Anna

  • I love it !

  • Well, at least your hair looks healthy and shiny?

    Great dress + Necklaces and final product!

  • you are funny 🙂 and oh so cute. best blogger. anddddddddddddd adorable socks.
    i could go on.


  • Love love love BOTH looks! So cute!

  • hahaha i LOVE man repelling but dang that purple dress is super cute

    Lydz xX

  • I love wearing colorful printed socks <3

  • You look absolutely stunning! I love the purple dress. very lovely.

    Grande Jewelry
    Grande Jewelry
    Grande Jewelry

    Hope to hear your thoughts on my blog.
    XxXx Melody XxXx

  • SKT

    that dress is GORGEOUS on you I cannot get over how perfect this is…and obviously i love the suspenders and everything else you say/do/wear

  • I prefer the pedophile provoker. It's very savvy.

  • i love the second look much better! not only is there more character but its actually more practical….lets face it, no one wants to go grocery shopping in sky high heels. or maybe thats just me…i spend half my time shopping the other half chasing a toddler. so yeah…i'm goin with the oxfords!

  • More posts like these pleaseeeeeee!!!


  • you're gorgeous!! love this post:)

  • this is my favorite post of yours. i want to see more of this.

  • Such a dynamic dress! I really love that blue with the mud color.

  • Uh, first of all you look beautiful- any way you dress up that dress. Second of all I LOVE that dress, the color, the cut, the material! Amazing! I'm on her website searching for it right now.

  • Ah, old school post! love seeing these pop up when commenting on your newer stuff.

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