From Man Getter to Man Repeller, The Naked Dress

Remember Carrie Bradshaw’s naked dress? She wore it on her first date with Big and then proceeded to fornicate with him on her bedroom floor. Classy. 

She blamed the nude dress for her act of promiscuity. I, on the other hand, blamed the effect of the bird  she had been wearing in her hair just a few short frames earlier. She was likely due for a trip to pleasure town.

While re-watching the episode last weekend, I took note of the enormous fur coat she put over the dress before finally making an attempt to leave her apartment, lady flower deflowered. Just like that, she had turned the epic man getter into a man repeller. Here today, I’m going to do the same because that’s what man repellers do, they imitate Carrie Bradshaw. But only when she’s not sleeping with finance men. Just kidding, then too. Those are the men with killer bow ties and super slim fit suits, which translates to: good for our closets, bad for their weeners. You see, a win-win situation.

And back to the point, let’s turn the consummation catalyst into vagina dentata!

dress: Kimberly Taylor, shoes: Christian Louboutin

Behold: The Man Getter. Perhaps my interpretations of “the naked dress” have become skewed since dubbing myself the Man Repeller. Even so, paired with peep-toe pumps, I’d say this isn’t necessarily chasing an entire gender off. Agree? Keep reading to learn how this dress could become yours!

In light of this, I voted the sexy peep toe pumps off the island and started layering various pieces onto the dress…

First an Hermes collier de chien Belt…hey little toes! You’re so cute and free. I think I’ll put a bird on you.


Then a slashed All Saints sweater. Talk about feeling...caged in.
While bare feet are cool, socks and sandals are cooler. So the next step follows that school of thought.

shoes: Miu Miu, socks: Topshop
See that smile?

Toes hidden, gingerbread men playing and leopard print running free. The combination has an everlastingly gleeful effect on the sole of my soul. 

While I may have already mastered the art of butchering fixing the dress, to make sure I was R2R (Ready-2-Repel) I did what anyone would do in the given situation and layered necklaces…

…And added birth control glasses onto the final outfit. The outcome was glorious.

The brand that gives back to those in need. Buy a pair of BCGs from Warby Parker and for every purchase you make, a pair of specs are donated to someone in need. Think of all the poverty stricken man repellers you could be helping. And at $95 a penis deboned for a pair of specs like mine, it’s really the least you can do for mankind.

AND NOW FOR THE GIVEAWAY: Because last weeks Rebecca Minkoff giveaway induced multi-layers of fun for my eyeballs, I’m hosting another giveaway!  

Think you have what it takes to turn the naked dress into a more successful repeller? Tell me about it and you can win it, just:
1. ‘Like’ Kimberly Taylor on Facebook
2. Comment below with your name, e-mail address and a brief description illustrating how you will turn the man-catcher into a chaser. Then…Ba da bing, ba da boom. It’s yours.

Contest closes Wednesday at Noon.  Ready, set, repel.

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  • hahaha, love this! the naked dress 'as is' you can take any man to bed! =P but with a belt… very classy. i like! the end result however….

  • LOVE LOVE the sweater.

    I would turn the pale dress into a man repeller by wearing a leopard print button down shirt over it (but leave it unbutton). A large and in charge chain feather necklace. Thigh high socks with the Jeffrey Campbell Multi Buckle Wedges.

    name: Heather

  • Al

    I'm not participating to your fabulous naked dress give away because I would never fit in it (you would really understand the meaning of "repeller" then ahaha)…

    But I think that if you add a Borsalino hat and some dark nail polish to the last pic you're done, repelling full power. I would also change the glasses with some dark ones, like wayfarers or something like that. In my boyfriend's opinion they're super repelling but I love them (of course…)

    And if you really don't feel like wearing hats these windy winter days, add the all-time favourite top knot and we'll love you even more!

    ahaha I loved this post!


    -The Red Dot-

  • Nothing repels men like loads of fabric. WWMK&AD;?

    I'd say add wide leg trousers in a bold color like red, layer on a slouchy but cropped cardigan with dolman sleeves, perhaps in a subtle black and cream print, belt that and keep those leoapard platforms.

    Now you are a slightly more colorful version of an Olsen twin.

  • Fantastic 😀

  • I'm obsessed with that belt. Turning a man getting outfit into man repelling, works every time!.

    The dress would be perfect for a wedding i have coming up. There will be men a-plenty, and it will be the perfect opportunity for this ensemble: I would wear it with a vintage leather belt with a big, gold animal (I'm going for Jane Aldridge) buckle. Layer it with a black orangutan hair (faux fur) coat. Think Dolce & Gabanna, Anna Dello Russo, fucshia coat, Fashion Week. That 4 repellers into one. Add my Charlotte Olympia Minerva pumps (they have BOWS!), and black and gold accessories, such as layered chains and bracelets. The man will run, the boners will break. Mission accomplished, repel away!

    Name: Ceci

  • I would wear it with these super opaque black tights (from Betsey Johnson … so they obviously have little flowers all over) and the Sam Edelman Zoe (because they're on their way to me, at last).
    Then, I'd belt it with a neon yellow skinny belt because I just like it and use it all the time.
    I'd put on a tan, suede jacket that has huge shoulder pads … when my friends are tired and I'm wearing that jacket, they use it as a pillow.
    And as far as accessories go, I'd use my Alessi Look No Hands! watch by Ron Arad because I love it (<3), my parrot ring, my little-people-fornicating ring and some other swirly ring.

    Fernanda Lucila

    PS. obviously, if it's cold (because the weather here is simply stupid), I'd wear off-white leather gloves. yayy hahahha

  • Jen


    I would turn the dress into a top and tuck it loosely into a pair of rust coloured satin palazzo pants from TopShop. I would add my fabulous black turband and long faux fur gillet from Zara. For accessories I'm thinking a big chunky multi-chain and peal necklace from H&M; and the gorgeous gold and pink YSL ring that's so coveted atm. Then I'd raid my jewelery box for some more rings, as more is more! On the bottom I'm thinking some brown JC Lita boots or some raffia wedges (raffia wedges totally confuse my male friends 'why are you wearing a laundry basket on your feet?') and then some red lipstick just to make sure not even the most desperate male would want me!

    Jen Lomas


  • Anonymous

    I would Canadian winter-ize this outfit to make it man-repellent. First, put on some long johns and then over that some thick cozy track pants under the dress. Put on some wool socks, and then some water-repellent, walk-anywhere Sorel boots. Cover up your top with a comfy hoody sweater and zip up (it's cold out there!) and then of course, thick knee-length (or floor length!) parka, scarf, mittens, toque. It'll be so man repellent they may not even realize you are a woman, and you can safely walk outdoors in the winter prepared for the elements! Because practicality is the most man-repellent of them all! (ie. birkenstocks, hiking shoes, track pants, etc)

  • It definitely needs a headpiece. How about a giant Breakfast at Tiffany's style hat? And for hand jewelry, a big glass Hello Kitty ring. I definitely love the socks with sandals look you've got going there.

    Name: Jessica

  • the miu miu pumps are fabulous.. I think the nude dress speaks for itself in the first photo and doesnt need anything else

  • Liked!!

    I can only imagine that the best way to repel a man with this dress is to ADD A BIG TUTU. Another lesson from miss Bradshaw, herself.

  • Haha, your posts make me laugh so much!

    Love how you're definitely repelled the boys from the tiny little dress to layers.. yes layers = weapon of mass great repelling
    I would take the dress and find a huge leopard print fur jacket (Carrie B inspired) and wear it over the top.
    Some black suede wedge lace ups, opaque tights & a nice little turban! Not sure of the colour but something insane for sure.

    Name = Ore Runsewe
    Email =


  • Can I just say you are absolutely hilarious! So glad I recently found your blog; it's fashionable & funny, which is a perfectly refreshing combo.

    So I would probably add some tights to the dress b/c it's freezing in NY this time of year; def black opaque. A thick, long cashmere cardigan in gray cinched with a vintage Judith Leiber multi-jeweled belt. I'd add a bright red vintage snakeskin clutch I just picked up from the vintage show, black Top Shop peep toe platforms (with gray socks if it's super cold that day) and a thick scarf wrapped round for comfort, i.e. repelling.

    Thanks for the fun challenge!


  • To really repel a man I'd wear a pair of furry leggings under that naked dress. You probably wouldn't need more than that– the illusion of a hot naked chick with yeti legs is probably enough to turn most guys off– but for s**ts & giggles I'd add a super-hipster-y-Cosby-Sweater/Grandpa Cardigan and clogs. When I say clogs, I of course mean clogs with wedge heels so it looks like you're clomping around on some kind of hooves like a satyr with your hairy legs. As further tribute to Carrie Bradshaw I'd top it off with a tiny hat, like the one that Berger called ridiculous because we know that turns men off for sure.

    I don't even want the dress. This game is fun.

    (P.S. Birth Control Glasses?! I am dying.)

  • Anonymous


  • That All Saints sweater is gorgeous. Love it!

  • haha love how you repelled it love you went from "sex in the city" to "session in the library" lol!

    I think i actually like the repeller better! its so cute with the leopard shoes and socks

    Vi from Cali

  • I find the whole Sex and The City Fashion thing interesting because in no way was Carrie ever overtly sexy. No she was more like a Man Repeller yet the whole show was really her being a man getter….interesting I think. Or maybe it's just because it was in NY and you can get away with a lot in NY.

  • Looking stunning my little man getting
    gingerbread wearing,
    hol-y sweater layered,
    geek chic loverpants!


  • I will Gaga the shit out of that mangetter dress. Fishnets with skyhigh studded shoes, black studded blazer with chains, dangerous jewelry (think talons & blinged out brass knuckles). OH! and of course some razor sunglasses & red lips.

  • I love each piece and how you have put this together! However I am by no means a manrepeller. I love my bf too dearly to scare him more than I already do with my fashion choices. Keep it up.

  • Anonymous

    In reference to your post: .hey little toes! You're so cute and free. I think I'll put a bird on you

    I had to share this clip! Love your site! xo

  • I would pair the dress with the bone leggings seen here

    Because as I walk up to a potential man friend, I want my date to get the same view of me as airport security. The naked dress just screams, "I've got nothing to hide." However, as an extreme man repeller going on a date, I'm sure he'd also like the leggings that scream, "I'm not hiding a box cutter in my vaga-ga, but i understand that you may want to make sure by x-raying me"

    This of course would have to be paired with a cane, bow tie, and top hat. Nothing makes a ween deflate faster than the idea of dating a skeleton doing the charleston. I love me a good theme, and the black kohl eye liner and exceptionally high cheek bones thanks to my extra application of blush can enforce the skeletal appearance.

    Sarah Liller

  • Mc

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  • I love your writing. Seriously. I wish I had been gifted with your humor! My boyfriend LOVES your blog because he feels like I have "finally found a reasonable voice". Haha. And I love it because, girl, you WEAR it! So see, it's perfect.


  • love this post!!!
    visit my blog<3

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  • It's so sweet and perfect for transforming!

    I'm thinking it would be best to make it sickly sweet- huge oversize bow from H&M;, classic repelling glasses, white lace tights with ivory knee socks, some miu miu mary janes, long white gloves, and a cape.

    Kind of like a modern day little red riding hood. Capice?

  • Emy

    If I had this dress, I would first add some creme lace tights (since it's cold out). I would then add a pair of grey/creme socks I got from UO. On top of my sock would be my beloved black Litas (I still haven't found a single man who thinks they are sexy). I'd add a black belt to cinch the waist, and I would top the look off with a terrible cropped faux-fur coat that my Aunt got me at a flea market 2 years ago (it looks like a dead tiger). To add to the repelling power, I would layer at least 3 watches on my wrist, and add some gaudy rings. Beautiful, no?

    Emy Williams

  • i like the outfit! layers galore 🙂
    I remember one of my bf's who HATED the color nude. And of course I LOVE the color nude, so naturally we broke up~

  • melissa Content

    I'd rock the nude dress with a fur vest, a couple (or more?) of skinny belts around the my waist (over the vest of course!) opaque tights w/ bright mesh tights over top, and platform wedge ankle boots!

  • Those shoes are insane!! Must have them!! I love the socks too!!

  • Genuinely life changing. That belt does wonders, as does that sock and shoe combo.

  • I love this dress. I'm pretty sure it fulfills a number of my fashion fantasies…

    First, I would add some acid wash jeggings to the frock. This would instantly cancel out all sex appeal. I would cover more skin with a 3/4 sleeve chambray shirt, and top that with a leopard print belt. Nothing says MR like a good jungle piece. I'd wear a multi strand black necklace with gold stones. Can't forget that gold, oversize men's watch. Back to the bottom, I'd wear my Ecuadorian wool socks sporting alpacas to peek out over my folded cuff nude booties. Finally, I'd add my brown BC glasses. It's a winner, yeah?

    Cami Waring

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  • you need a pair of black maurie and eve desert storm booties, a sass and bide chunky tribal pendant, a top knot, a beige fine knit jumper almost as long as the dress with extra long sleeves bunched up and tons of an assortment of bangles 🙂

  • A sexy nude number? There is only one thing that can save it from eliciting lascivious thoughts among those of the male persuasion: a hearty dose of the macabre. Well, and of course animal prints.

    I would throw some Aurelie Biderman accessories over that bad boy. I’m partial to the severed hand necklace and giant studded cuffs. Add a crucifix or two. And maybe a skull ring (or, even better, an animal skull ring.) Cause nothing cause a general southern trend in the trousers of surrounding menfolk like being into death AND Jesus.

    Under the dress let’s add some awesome leopard print leggings from, paired with some patterned socks. Preferably patterned with cats. Because, for real, death, Jesus and CATS. Might as well be wearing metal underwear. Complete the legs with some geisha-esque wooden wedges (a la Jeffrey Campbell’s 6” architectural wedges) and we have (no) liftoff.

    Add a cropped jacket of…wait for it…animal texture. How about a little alligator. In a pleasing dark green. With shoulder padding of course. And to top it all off, one would, of course, need a hat of the kind of substance as to not be overwhelmed by the awesomeness of the rest of the ensemble. A hat with the kind of shape and restrained grandeur that would make Indiana Jones weep at its beauty.

    I might also throw on some leather gloves. Y'know, if the mood struck me.

    Katia Heinzman

  • To turn that man-getter into a man-repeller, I'd wear it with white lace stockings, black kitten heels with leopard print bows, a bright purple beret, a teal morrocan scarf, and black librarian glasses, with loads of long pearls and a layered pearl bracelet. 🙂

    Beverly Gabbard

  • yes, I remember this dress and you should remember when you put it on without accessorizes your night would be very excited:))like Carry's night of course:))

  • i turned my nude dress into a man repeller just last week!

    cropped wool sweater and some knee grazing boots helped me keep the boys away.

    you can see my look here:

    the printed socks were a genius idea. 🙂


  • I would throw on my giant ruffle that's like a vest/bolero hybrid because you know nothing shuts down a peen as effectively as looking like Victorian English royalty. Since it's still cold here I'd layer some tights, socks, and clunky boots.


  • 1) I love the anonymous person that wrote a massive way he/she would wear the dress then left no contact details.

    2) This Little Nude Dress calls for the salvation of my hoofs (A.K.A my leather Jeffrey Campbell Pixie boots), my black shapeless topshop coat, with A LEOPARD COLLAR, because if it's not leopard it's not worth sh**. If that's not enough some sheep printed ankle socks and a classy mans belt should do the trick (don't forget the Tiffany keys necklace, because that makes it look like I already have a boyfriend, genius). And so the 'classy naked mole rat with leopard accents and hoofs' is complete.
    Officially ready to repel.

  • Would wear with high gray socks and my Chloe ankle boots with horseshoes on the bottom…which my brother tells me are "baby deer shoes" because they make me walk like a wobbly deer on ice and I have huge giant feet with matchstick legs.

    + mink vest + long sleeve collared shirt

  • Genius layering. I love the socks and leopard stilt contrast. Shamazing!

    P.S. I posted something about The Window on! Have you visited yet…to die! XO Valerie

  • I'd wear this lovely dress with my brown Deena & Ozzy leather harness boots, thick gray J.Crew camp socks (scrunched), my cream Frenchi cardigan with sides that go down past my knees, and a very large snood scarf in some fabulous print just to ward off even the slightest implication of "the goodies."

  • Angela Madathil,,

    I would pair this dress with lovely long pearl in layers. I have several J. Crew gold and pearl ones that would be fab. Then I would wear some leopard print shoes. I would top it off with a fake fur coat with brown/gold tones.

  • Stelan Mergenthaler,

    How to turn a naked dress into a man repeller? Easy peasy!
    Add a chunky beige sailor sweater (to lose the feminine and man attracting silhouette.) and roll up the sleeves
    Then add a belt, well why not two? Who said leopard print? Well yes, lets add a pony haired leopard print and another one, let's say snakeskin textured. Hurray, we man repellers love textures and mixing thousends of prints, lets make those weeners go far far away.
    Throw on some fur, the bigger, the better and put on a masculine fedora, add birth-control glasses if wished.
    But we still need something repelling…what could be the finishing touch? Some ankle-high socks and man house slipper inspired shoes (as seen in Tom Ford).
    And voilà, from man getter to man repeller in just a few tiny steps, why are you not repelling yet?

  • As someone who now lives in the UK (read the hometown of man repelling) I think I can add something to this conversation. Here is my London inspired take:

    1. Break up that leg! I'd throw on a pair of tights with my thigh-high wooly socks, topped with a pair of patterned knee socks, all crammed into my blue suede wedges. My love life may not be hot but my feet sure will be!

    2. Go grunge. As far as I'm concerned plaid is a universal pattern so I'd add my red-checked shirt on top. To keep going with the lumberjack look I'd slip on a denim vest and prepare to chop some wood (chop wood! HAHA! get it!?).

    3. There's no such thing as too much bling. I'd add some gold bangles and my fav blue cuff. Top it with a DIY turban and I'd be good to go.

    Keep rockin' repellers!


  • Anonymous

    If i had it, i'd wear it with my ridiculously long pearl necklace (one part around the neck and the second one reaching to my waist- my bf always tries to make me wear sth else saying its ugly beyond belief – oh, bummer. Under the dress, just to confuse the heck out of male species I'd wear a thin black sweater that covers my neck. To add some weaponery i;d add some spiked black turban and some spiked frotte on my left wrist ( oh yeah I/ve forgot to mention my delicate vintage silver watch on the other). I'd topped it off with black opaque tights and some lovely black Nine West's hybride between 3inch wedge and super chunky heel (my mediocre height of 5 ft 6 + 3 inch heel intimidates men in here, dunno why.) Then i'd need just oversized vintage clutch and I'm ready to rumble!

    I'd guess that not only my size 6-8 ass would never ever it into your dress, but also you wouldn't ship it internationally. Agh, sigh. Im leaving my mail just in case, but the creativity of it was a reward in itself. rusted [@]

    Btw my bf says that only ur glasses are hideous and you look kinda hot – that he can see your lovely long and slender legs and just adores those shoes. He's turning into a perfect women! He even knows who Lacroix is (not to mention Karl Lagerfeld obviously)

  • This lovely dress becomes a chaser the minute I winterize it with a turtleneck underneath and a short-sleeve blazer over it, with wide-leg pants and a BACKPACK – to repel effectively, I'd head to the library of course.

    I say a backpack full of grad school books almost reaches the level of birth-control glasses any day. AND if I was lucky enough to snag this dress, I'd have to wear socks with ballet flats. I'd just have to.

    Keep up the amazing work, MR!!

  • I feel like this dress could be the foundation for a study in manrepelling in neutrals. I'd throw on a pair of leopard leggings (what, tan and brown isn't neutral?), a hip-grazing grandpa vest in grey or black, and my favorite cropped fringed leather jacket with strong shoulders. Because I'm still in the throes of winter and even socks-with-sandals make me feel cold, we go to the manrepeller of all boots, over-the-knee, not fitted, slouchy black leather flats. Don't forget the giant tote made of faux fur, gargantuan sculptural rings, or the top knot on top … although my Jewgirl curly hair makes it rather *not,* so my alternate hairstyle is down (frizzy, because that's my hair's natural state) with a big white Alice bow on top…who doesn't like Alice? Time for tea!

  • i'd ruin it by layering an oversized grandpa cardigan, complete with pilling, over the dress. then i'd add a belt around my waist (under the cardigan) that was too big so it had a tail coming off the side. next i'd add a pair of slouchy socks and some nasty looking oxfords. to accessorize, i'd wear a turban style hat and have a broken in leather backpack/shoulder bag. but, to finish it all off, i'd wear a look that said, "i listen to bands you've never heard of because i'm a cool hipster, and i don't like my parents because they don't get me."

    danielle –

  • ami

    To turn this stiffie-stimulating frock into a wiener-wilting one, I would start by adding grey cable knit tights, wool socks and wedge sandals. Then I would throw on a leather harness and cropped printed sweater. Top it all off with a slouchy knit hat, bright red lipstick and my ysl arty oval ring (these two final items REALLY wilt my man friend's wiener), and voila! I am alienating an entire gender!

    Amy Blaxland

  • I like the dress (and the cage sweater), but the dress is too short for me. Give away something closer to the knees, and I will gladly participate.

    – Meredith

  • Anonymous

    let me paint you a picture:
    To the base ofthe naked dress, for, say, a casual brunch, I would add:
    a hot pink satin robe thing with huge padded puff sleeves, white pleather belt with huge gold rings that clink together with every movement, green polka dotted socks layered under some bondage reminiscent wedges, and (lest I forget to add yet another texture to this veritable stew of 80's eccentricity), a cropped faux leopard vest. Add a modest dash of accesories (I think I'd go with my gold cuff printed with angry lions, a big honking cocktail ring with a real scarab beatle encased inside, and a necklace that looks more like a breastplate) and voila! even my platonic man friends probably wont come near me. Guess that brunch will just be me and my Simon Doonan book after all…

  • ManRepelling would start by shifting the dress into a top by tucking it into my vintage high waisted bell bottom jeans. I also put on my bandeau lace bra, so I'm really flat chested. I would add a thick dark brown faux croc belt (also vintage) and put on chunky clogs that match. Since its still kind of chilly I will add my furry vest and top knot my hair. For accessories I'll wear my really big House of Harlow indian necklace and animal bracelets. I'll need a scarf, so I'll add my leopard print one. Lastly, cant forget my fringe blue suede hobo. The words high waisted and vintage remind the boys of Mom, so I'll be getting compliments from my friends and absolutely no free drinks. Janet Joplin inspired manrepelling!

    Courtney Beard

  • girllllllllll, that Hermes belt makes one SWEET chastity belt!

  • Andrea

    I would add nude tights, an oversized cable-knit cardigan, keep the glasses and socks, switch the heels for loafers, and add a tapestry bag. What is more man repelling than a grandma wandering around with her slip-esque nude dress flapping in the wind? Add a hoard of cats for good measure.

    Andrea Mycroft

  • Lauren Helen

    This is where I (once again) smash my head against a wall for not having Facebook. Why should a man repeller have a way for men to contact me?

  • Name:Kristin Eichenberg

    To turn this into a man-repeller, i think i would add a nice lumber-jack plaid, topped with a boyfriend blazer over that… then for sure stirrup leggings to cover up them legs. Tan oxfords for shoes with some grey socks. Lastly, i would either put a turban on my head-add some chunky cool necklaces..or better yet BOTH.

  • Anonymous

    what is more man repellant than denim? a denim jacket with leather sleeves. which is exactly what would be gracing the upper half of this formerly penile enhancing outfit.
    To top it off, a killer pair of lust reducing clogs a-la the ol' blogger go-to Jeffrey Campbell, and a tribal chunky necklace.

    Probs what i'll wear tomorrow night…
    Natasha Williams

  • MK

    Easy peasy. Throw on my go-to gray knit Club Monaco sweater, some repellingly thick Wolford tights and the Frye engineers that make me look like a biker gone horrifically wrong. Throw on an old Prada turban, my chastity glasses and voila, man: repelled!

    mkatewalker (at) gmail (dot) com

  • let's just start off with the fact that my yellow-undertoned asian skin will already make the naked dress look like i am wearing a pale white girl poncho (buffalo bill anyone? too horrific?! probably.) throw on a black and white flannel shirt and belt it with some studs/spikes (to fend off any man that has yet to be properly repelled merely by the sight). bottom up with a pair of military-inspired cargo skinnies and a giant black wedge. finish it all off with a top-knot, naked lips, and, oh yeah, about 10-too-many necklaces.

    more is more. (and it's freaking cold in Chicago) – so for going out i'd add a denim jacket with leather sleeves (and hopefully a fur collar)…just to tie it all together.


  • Madeline "Malrepeller" Malczewska

    I would make the men flee by first pairing the dress with Doc Marten's, which equals instant confusion for those paired with the XY chromosomes. I would wear my red lace-fishnet red tights that I procured from the glory of Costa Blanca, also known as man repelling central for the poor. I would wear my hair in a top knot and throw on some gold hoops and a gold belt, using the light rays to further keep men away from me. I would then end it all by throwing on a grey hoodie and my Mackage leather jacket. This look can be classified as 90s grunge/ghetto hip hopper chic. We don't need men to procreate! That's what we created sperm banks for!

  • Definitely pair it with two different shoes – the heeled flipper/scuba shoe on my right foot and a Leftie Jeffery Cambell Fur Lita (in electric turquoise to match the color of the flipper shoe). I'd rock the biggest birthcontrol glasses the world has ever seen. No one would get pregnant in 2011. Not even Tara Reid.

    Julia Hussman

  • First, add chambray shirt, belted with a skinny black double wrap belt. Then, add black tights and black clog boots! YES – clog boots. Layer a silver chain necklace with safety pins embedded in it. Then wrap a silk blue/pink/grey pucci scarf around my head as a headband. Finally, it's cold in New York, so throw on top of the whole ensemble a fur trimmed military style parka and add the Alexander Wang studded leather satchel.

  • I LOVE it~ looks too cute~ but i see how it can repel XD haha

    hm… how to repel the naked dress….
    i'd start with a sheer vintage black silk blouse with a stand up ruffle mandarin collar and super puffy sleeves~wear the dress on top, add a clip on bow tie in bright purple with yellow polk-a-dots, to cute it up =]
    wear some loud but monochromatic tights with white knee high lacey socks && pair it with some black mary janes =D

    have my hair in a top knot, SUPER teased though, some light contouring/ blush, nude lips, brown smoky eye && falsies of course!!!
    && i'm thinking i'll throw on some layered beaded belts~

    Stephanie N

  • I would layer an extra long sleeved white C&C; thinnest cotton tee under the dress, so the fabric is all bunchy at my wrists, wear it over a pair of great fitting MEN's vintage Levis 501s (I love how the bigger crotch area fits on me (or doesn't fit, depending on your point of view- I assume a man catcher girl would nix these), cuff the 501s, and wear my Pierre Hardy for Gap wooden platforms with any one of my pairs of Antipast socks. (If you don't know Antipast, the easiest place to get them is at Barneys, but since they have begun their makeover, they are now tucked away on the 6th floor in the lingerie dept.) I have a borderline addiction to these socks- once you start with them, no others will do. And they have a vast collection of wooly ones, all the better to do the socks with sandals thing.) Over it all I would layer my gunmetal grey cobwebby mohair Margiela capelike slouchy sweater which has 3/4 sort of sleeves (it's capelike). This seems like a good time to break out my black silk Prada turban from several springs ago, which I have yet to wear. I occasionally wear glasses for distance and reading, so I would wear my tortoise shell Moscots (sorry Warby Parker, I had these before you launched). I may or may not wear my collection of Victorian jet bead necklaces, but that may be a good touch. And my Hermes watch with my collier de chien bracelet in black. The metal on these is silver tone.

  • to repell with this lovely dress,of course you must start with knotting your hair in a chic "on top of head-bun" and instead of heels maybe a pair of borgues,a ring on every finger,multi-colored scarf and a cardigan as long as the dress it self!

  • I love the socks with the leopard! And the nude dress is adorable! I love how you mixed things up!
    Please check out my blog and follow me!

  • nothing repels my husband of 10 years like multiple layers of my handknit items. i'd wear grey cabled tights, with my big chunky charli clogs, and a big grey, turquoise, orange, and black shapeless native american sweater. for a necklace, i have a vintage gold owl pendant, a charm bracelet with different us states. oh, and to top it off, a big black slouchy knitted hat, gold feather earrings, my house of harlow turquoise locket ring, and giant sunglasses.
    – bea

  • Hahaha! You are awesome. I love this blog!

  • Love your blog and am so happy I found it. Great humorous break from the monotony!

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Well, first things first, that dress is far too short for my man-repelling tastes, so I'd have to layer a nice, ankle length pleated skirt over the top.

    Then, because no unbelted outfit is complete, I'd add a nice wide waist belt. With lots of bling. Possibly a few dagger-brooches pinned on?

    For my feet, fairisle print tights and ridiculously tall hiker boots.

    Top all that off with faux-Gorilla-fur jacket a la Urban Outfitters, and a studded turband for good measure.

    All this accomplished, your Man-getting days will be long over. Repel with pride.


  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Caroline

    What would I do with this dress?
    The question should be, what *wouldn't* I do with this dress.

    Step one, and always the first step, throw on a lovely American Apparel bra under that sucker. Just for shits and giggles.

    Step two, aquire disgustingly pastel, flower-printed tights, maybe a lace crinoline, and… Oh, joy of joys! Gray lace up wedges.

    Step three, add a wide-ass gray belt. This might give the illusion of a girly waist buuuuuuut-

    Step four (and my favorite part) throw on my denim button up, aquipped with zippers on the back (That do absolutely nothing but look kickass)
    and then, as a final touch, add a fuzzy-wuzzy white vest.

    Step five, because my hair refuses to be controlled by a topknot, rocking the fishtail. Top that off with the prerequisite birth control glasses and VOILA!

    Picture in my head=Lady boner-inducing. Love you.

  • I'd wear it with a long, open-front caftan, black harem pants, and several long, chunky gold necklaces. Just add platform booties (peep-toe, with trouser socks underneath), my brown plastic Valentino glasses, tons of bangles, and I'm set! If I weren't manrepelling, I'd belt it, but an hourglass shape is decidedly not manrepelleriffic.

    (anjeladancer ~at~ gmail ~dot~ com)

  • Aick

    I love your blog and you're hilarious but I think your main concept is a little flawed. Yes, what goes down the runway is often too over the top and rarely form-fitting or even remotely flattering, but runway shows are supposed to be a bit exaggerated. They should be shocking and provocative but in the end they just emphasize a concept, they're not meant to be taken literally.

    Hence, I think you're taking the easy path by claiming high fashion is simply man-repelling. It's easy to throw on a few bold pieces and declare your sex life a victim of fashion, what's actually challenging is finding a balance between being fashionable and still looking attractive at the same time. Of course just like in fashion, taking a concept to the extreme is what makes you stand out, and that's why your blog works. But in real life, the real winners are those who can do both

  • Jessi Reel

    Wear the dress with a buttoned up Oxford shirt underneath, throw on a grandpa cardigan and some rolled up khakis with keds. Then watch the men run!

  • smw

    OBVIOUSLY all leopard all the time.
    leopard swing coat, leopard pimp hat, leopard ankle boots, and chihuahua print socks from petco (thought i was going to say leopard print, didn't cha?) k.i.s.s. keep it simple susan.

  • Anonymous

    Man getter to repeller? I can do that.

    Let's start at the bottom.
    First, I'd add some black high top converse. No one does that anymore. Second, why just have socks when you can have KNEE HIGH SOCKS.I'm thinking leopard print, yes.

    Moving up, of course the dress, and about 3 or 4 assorted thin belts in… primary colors. sexy. Also, a plaid shirt, tied all cowgirl like with a knot in the front. On top of that, a lovely vest of some sort.

    Accessories will include long necklaces and grey arm warmers. I never go without my birth control glasses so those are a must. Hair down because well, my hair hates the top knot. I can only wish it was on my head.

    Please stay awesome and never stop this!

  • Catalina Gomez

    Add black patent spike-studded oxfords (I mean, spermintolerant shoes + heavy artillery all in one!?) proceed with furry dark green vest and peacock feather print scarf as a turban- my only "procreation" potential is now resembling mother nature . Add tie-necklace (gets the weird dissaproving stares every time, from dudes only of course!) some serious stack of lucite bangles and a rainbow manicure: that shit gets the machos running. In the opposite direction of course. Oh, did I mention the ponyhair red leopard print belt and purple fingerless gloves? x

  • coronaboomboom

    Just add the ultimate man repeller: Victoria's Secret pyjama bottoms!!!

    And I know this is going to lose the contest for me, but I so disagree with you about the BCGs.

  • The two year old boy attached to my hip is the best man repeller accessory ever.

  • soooo, here's my Man Repellin' version of this dress….

    1. throw on 2 pairs of black opaque tights…this is my secret to make them super opaque and to keep warm, but most importantly, to avoid showing off any skin that may attract gentleman callers…

    2. Layer a thin black long sleeved thermal underneath to keep warm and concurrently cover up any sexy arm skin…ESPECIALLY the WENUS (wenus is the skin on the elbow, I learned this from Dr. Oz)

    3. My worn to shit Michael Kors motorcycle boots, just to show I mean business!

    4. Layer a long, floor length sweater coat over this get-up…It almost envelops me like a blanket or (dare I say?!?) Snuggie, which just so happens to be the #1 as-seen-on-tv dick deterrent!

    5. I would throw a thick belt around this to create extra weaponry against any possible penis encounters (hellloooo chastity belt!)

    6. Then, to top off the shenanigans, I'd throw on my knit black turban from Oak NYC and by Derek Cardigan tortoise shell glasses to really show the world that I'm abstaining 🙂

    Olga "Turka" Yarlug

  • Jac

    I consider myself somewhat of a minimalist when it comes to style so I would only add two things to this dress to perfect it's man repelling capabilities. 1) A cross necklace because what man wants to find God when he's searching for tits. 2) My mini me man repeller aka my daughter. If the cross doesn't work a small child demanding constant attention is known to defeat the most persistent suitors.

  • Jac

    oops! Knew I was forgetting something. My email is


  • Anonymous

    Next month I'm going to the horse races aka boner central and not those pleasent lady boners we all love. And this dress would be to die for.

    Step 1: White button up long sleeve shirt (preferably mens)and uber stunning dress over the top

    Step 2: Check Ralph Lauren bow tie the bigger the better

    Step 3: Striped clown blazer minus the ruffles which also helps the single status

    Step 4: Vintage glomesh white clutch

    Step 5: Khaki ankle boots with luxe herringbone socks

    Step 6: Top knot for added non sex appeal

    Caitlyn Mason

  • Q.

    ahh, gingerbread and leopard are a wonderful combination.

  • Sarah (

    Add gray tights and black wedge booties. [Remember those studded Jeffrey Campbell Tick booties from a season or two ago? Those. In black. It's hard to repel-up a mini skirt but those booties do it well. Magical.]

    Toss in a long-sleeved American Apparel t-shirt underneath it.
    Wrap it all up in a big, loopy scarf. Leopard print? Stripes, maybe? Zebra? Yes, that's it. Zebra.

    Sans belt, please. No need to see my dainty waist.

    Garnish with a bunch of H&M; bangle bracelets and some big earrings. Something spiky or feathery. mhmm.

    Top with dark birth control glasses (I've been sporting them since 2004.)



    This dress would is begging to be paired with neon green above the thigh socks with huge ass mens shirt with a fur vest on top. also i would wear a turban with birthcontrol glasses, a must. shoes? alexander mcqueen SS10 shoes, of course 🙂

  • Hi kimberly!

    i would definitely take the first outfit and add a giant fur coat–ranging from topshop to the russian sable fur coat by dior, add some red wine lipstick with oversized sunnies preferably by karen walker, and replace the shoes with ankle strapped heels either by prada but nina ricci would be even better!

    thanks for the contest!

    rainie hwa park

  • Less skin will complete this manrepelling ensemble, obviously, and it'll keep your lady bits left alone.

    Lose the (bare) legs and add a pair of denim skinny floods. Also add a bird claw necklace – it's an always trusted manrepelling device. Shake well, and serve cold.

  • This dress just has so much potential! First things first – I would definitely add a fur collar. From there, your one belt is nice, but I think 2 more would really do the trick. Then I would add knee socks, combat boots and oversized sunglasses. I don't want anyone to see my eyes! To keep it classy – just add a temple topper. Voila!


  • JD


    One word: rollerblades. Or wait.. is that two words? Either way. Roller blades are always a sure way to make men run.

  • usually i might prefer a naked jumpsuit that i could embellish with my bejeweller gun salvaged from a 99% off bin at joanne's fabric (a la britney in the toxic vid) but a naked dress would do.

    especially because the gun is getting lonely. after my denim vest, le sport sac backpack, tube socks, tee shirts and even (dare i say it) a pair of pleather shorts have been turned into sparkling repellers of men (and my mother)… it's time it give it something a little higher class to work with.

  • I know you likely get a ton of comments on all your posts, but I wanted to add one more to let you know that I think you have such a unique point of view and just the right touch of highbrow/lowbrown humor in your posts. I always look forward to the hilarity.

  • Stephanie,
    I would add a long skirt under and and oversixed cardi and a million necklaces

  • Imma go with some info I know from personal experience with MAH man!

    I would pair it with hot pink tights to add a pop of color. (I once wore these and my hubbs said, "WHAT are you wearing? That's completely unprofessional." Bahahaha) I would cap the tights with black strappy platforms which should have gawdy glitter on them too.

    I would place a fluffy black faux (mind you) fur vest over the top of the nude dress and then add a tribal necklace to the mix.

    A colorful leopard turban should also accompany this lovely smorgasboard (spelling?). To draw attention to the leopard turban (because it needs it) I would include a set of lovely jewel encrusted earrings. Not the dangly ones that provocatively nestle around the curves of my neck, but the large studs that bring back memories of your grandmother on Easter Sunday.

    I think that should do it. Oh wait! No. Bright coral lipstick as well. No girl should leave the house without a touch of color on her lips.

  • I actually tried on this outfit last night using a pink slip in place of the naked dress, just to be sure of its repelling power:

    First, I'd start with the cropped sweater I just bought at H&M; — did I mention that it is a beautiful shade of burnt orange ("wtf is that?", my man friend proclaimed when I brought it to the register). I'd also pull on some silvery-black leggings, preferably with some sort of subtle snake skin print on them. Then, I'd layer my big ol' faux fur vest over the sweater, to be sure that any semblance of womanly figure was thoroughly disfigured. I'd probably slap on this random chunky wooden necklace that I have, because at this point there is no point in trying to be dainty with jewelry — or anything else for that matter. Next I'd lace up my awesome pair of cracked metallic oxford flats ("clown shoes", as man friend lovingly calls them), and top it all off with a wide-brimmed floppy felt hat which will obscure most of the face, repelling even those few men who give a shit about seeing the face. Et voila, the perfect Man Repelling ensemble!


  • Anonymous

    gimme that dress!!

    What I would do:
    – Add Chanel two-tone tights – men flee at anything odd or weird.
    – Layer a floral shirt
    – Add a large plastic statement necklace (such as Lanvin)
    – Glitter Miu Miu brogues
    – Turband
    – Orange lipstick
    – Fur collar black knee length coat

    ps. i want your sweater! perfect to turn any man getter into a man repeller.

    jess k

  • Erin


    OK so first, I would put a long sleeve black floral shirt UNDER this dress. The dress is a little low cut don't you think? I need to Mormonize it up. The shirt would definitely have to have a high neck as well, like mock turtleneck height.
    In the winter, my next step would be a faux fur vest, something nice and shaggy. Tights would be a must as well, I think my favorite argyle patterned ones would work well. While I love your choice of socked sandal, I think I would wear my black granny boots with their pointy/square granny toes.
    I would finish the look with my three-finger brass knuckle ring and snake earrings, because I love dangerous weapon jewelry, but I also love me some dangerous animal jewelry.

    Now for the spring, I would replace the fur vest with a denim vest. I would also replace the tights and granny boots with some leopard wedge boots.

    Both winter and spring outfits would be completed with a crazy high top knot and some blackberry colored lips.

  • Rae

    How to turn a "Naked Dress" into a "He's never gonna get you naked dress".

    As a serial monogamist, a challenge to turn a Man getter into a Man repeller always gets me thinking about the boyfriend and how best to guarantee a tiring night out dancing will end with HIS feigning a headache to powerful to overcome for a nightcap.

    First and foremost, the simplest way to detour the boyfriend's admiring gaze is to dress tonally. He doesn't know what that means, but he would guess just from the sound of it he wouldn't like it. An all beige outfit? My first fashion love, but certainly not his.

    This is best accomplished with a pair of high waisted trousers. Trousers in the opposite sex's eyes are for them and them alone, and "high waisted" for him sounds a lot like "mommy pants". Tuck in the front of the dress to reveal just how high the waist is and your pants will never be threatened with removal.

    Next find a matching animal to cover up those arms with. No sense in giving him the impression you actually have body parts when he is never going to see them. Much better to give the impression you may lift off in flight or perhaps pounce on the nearest sheepskin sale.

    For shoes, find the most opposite color of what your wearing. Extra points if the pair in questions involve more than one material or pattern. I would choose something blood red, a smoke signal that Aunt Flo may be in town, and with a wedge, since most men I know, including the boyfriend, just don't understand why you would take a "sexy pump" and turn it into a block of wood/cork/other material. Anything with laces is a bonus as well, since lord knows any possible mood would be broken if it took you fifteen to twenty minutes to untie your heels…

    Finally we come to accessories. I would grab my James Piatt "Persuader" machine gun purse, in a matching leather tone to the rest of my look, and throw on a necklace layered with bullet casings, in order to properly represent the victims of prior man repelling. Top it off with your favorite temple topper, birth control glasses and blood red lipstick to match the shoes and there you go… a "He's never gonna get you naked dress."

    In case you are a visual person, I made a polyvore set to better exemplify my vision:

  • Rae

    Um… I forgot name and my e-mail… Rachel,

  • Such a pretty dress– this'll be a challenge!
    I'd put on some big, clunky, trekking-across-the-tundra boots (high-heeled though– and yes, I've seen these kind of boots before, and nearly bought them), some yea-right-nice-try-you're-not-seeing-these-beautiful-gams tights, preferably in an old-fashioned rose pattern, a sheer long sleeved shirt underneath with the sleeves pushed up (just to tease the guys that I could, technically, be sexy, but have no intention to do so), an army vest with a faux fur collar (no animals were harmed in the making of this boner-shrinker), lots of gold and leather jewelry (piles of bracelets, a minimum of 3 rings, and enough necklaces to accessorize an entire village), birth control glasses (because no outfit is complete without them), and, of course, a top knot to top it off.
    And then I'd walk around the park on Valentine's Day, completely ruining the mood for dozens of horny guys making out with their girlfriends.


  • This blog has become the highlight of my workday!

    I'd kick this dress up a notch with thick scrunched heather gray cable knit socks under dark green, maybe velvet? platform sandals. Men never appreciate a good green shoe. Thin sailor-stripe long-sleeved tissue tee underneath the dress (what goes better with vertical lines than horizontal stripes?) and chunky gray open sweater vest over the dress. Thick brown leather belt to cinch it all in. Finish it off with loads of painted floral wooden bangles and a wooden tribal bib-like necklace, because nothing repells wood… like wood. (and folk art)

  • You are hilarious. I have a serious addiction to your blog.

    As for your challenge…

    The first thing I would do would be pair this darling dress with some kind of "chastity-like" thick belt, preferably black with gold studs. Not the cute little ones, but sharp ones. It would toughen up this little number perfectly, while subsequently giving off the message of "Look, don't touch or you WILL get hurt. Literally." But of course we can't stop there.

    Grab the closest fur vest you can get your paws on (pun intended), because you need to stay warm on those chilly nights. Motto for this outfit: the bigger, the boxier, the BETTER. Next pull on your high-thigh stockings. Not the sexy black ones, I'm thinking more electric blue or emerald green. As for shoes, well that's easy. They must be black (with gold accents to "match" the belt in a sense. duh.) lace-up above-the-ankle boots that look like a cross between a hiking boot and chunky sky-high heel. Any fur on this shoe is just a plus.

    We can't forget the jewels! Since we're channeling Carrie Bradshaw aka Queen Repeller (yet somehow managed to snag Big, but whatever), we have to take some notes from her- Remember the millions of tiny gold bracelets she had stacked up her arm at her rehearsal dinner? Well I think that would be the perfect addition. So you're constantly making a racket by clinging and clanging with every move you make. Even if it is just to pick up your cosmo. (Can you say audio-repelling?) Perfect.

    Now slick your hair back into the tightest pony tail possible (because we all want the back of our heads to resemble a horses rear end), add some giant gold chandelier earrings, and ladies don't expect to be hit on for the next oh 48 hours or so. (The men are gonna need some time to recover).

    Hope you enjoyed this little rant!


  • I'm thinking this dress needs some fringe-y shoes, a furry scarf, and some sort of oversized army jacket!


  • I would add a mongolian scarf with big black satin bow around neck – MAJOR REPELLING. Black tights and sky high Alejandro Ingelmo stripper platforms. For the last touches, hot pink polish and lips. Possibly super winged out liner.

  • Underneath the Kimberly Taylor dress, I'd slip an Elizabeth and James slip: sea-green silk with a smattering of black horse shoes, so the pattern peeks out from the hem of the blush pink dress. After putting on a base layer of solid smoky grey stockings, I'd layer a pair of Rodarte-esqe, cobwebby black tights over them. With feet shod in Miu Miu's Spring 2010 satin cat print mary janes, I'd tuck my hair under a vintage grey silk cloche. Before stepping out the door, I'd grab my Burning Torch faux raccoon coat, hands enveloped in red leather gloves with red lips to match.


  • A-duh. I would repel men in this dress with relish. Actual relish would also work, but I'd go with my vintage (Nana's) suede fringe boots, DIY light blue miu-miu collar (made from an old men's shirt with iron-on applique), thick gold rope belt, a frayed denim vest and the proverbial cherry on top– hair in the top-knotiest of top-knots. Mucho leather/gold jewelry and aviators (mainstream shoutout).


  • Nora Jane Holley

    If i had the pleasure of winning this dress, i would turn it into the man-repelling equivalent of my grandfather, a man whose entire wardrobe consists of various shades of beige. First i would put on black sheer stockings, then some grey thigh high socks. For footwear i'd add my beautiful clunky knee-high Jeffrey Campbell moto-boots. I'd layer on a studded tan cardigan. Then i'd add a cognac colored braided belt around my waist. For jewelry i'd put on my favorite earrings, big shimmery spikey ones from the Fenton/Fallon collection for J.Crew. And if i decided to venture outdoors, i'd throw on my vintage Eddie Bauer forest green cape along with a leopard print scarf. To top it all off, i'd add my faux-fur "turband" hat to sit atop of my sunglass adorned and rouge-lipped face.

  • Mc

    hahaha pure perfection! You are hilarious!
    I would wear it with my beloved green lace edging ankle socks (I have them since I was like ten), beige oxford shoes, camouflage printed and short sleeves parka, leopard pinted belt, little beige leather shoulder bag and voila! My very own argentine version of a man repeller outfit with the naked dress…

  • Anonymous

    Long sleeve cream colored knee length floaty dress underneath this lovely nude number…a bold colored obi belt, tan riding boots, a swirly colored turban and finished with some fabulous gold earrings and bangles. Voila. You've got yourself the best birth control fashion and money can buy you..which is good for me cuz I hate taking those pesky pills anyway.

  • Lisa Goetzke

    A literal armor of man repellent accessories is where I would start. My fave Carmelita Couture woven metal armor piece would hide any hint of lady bits and get the man repelling started. Just in case a man is still intrigued by my individuality I'll add to the medieval cock block with a few hinged armor/claw rings.

    To shield my legs from a disastrous man magnet moment I would throw on a pair of sheer panneled leggings in black. Even with the sheer panels my man repelling armor is in full force and will only become heightened by these "could have been man getting but were styled by a man repeller "leggings.

    And to finish off the look would be by a pair of leopard print Giuseppe Zanotti platform wedges. It would be my only cat-call of the night but would make a loud statement whilst in a sea of man getters.

    So maybe I'll be thrown to the back of the bar and be forced to buy my own drinks, but it would be worth it to stand up for man repellers everywhere!

    xoxo ~ Lisa

  • I would wear a striped collared shirt underneath, with an orange bow-tie. Over top I would put on a large houndstooth jacket (vintage from my mom's closet). On the feet maybe some cream socks with my suede Escada Peter Pan-ish booties, and on my head a fur headband, unprescribed birth control glasses and a silly grin.

    See a picture here…

    Although please note that currently the closest think I have to a Kimberly Taylor naked dress is a Gap black dress… this speaks wonders about how much I need to win this contest.

    Kendra Thompson

  • Anonymous

    Add my Haute Hippie roadkill souvenir aka;=sale-shopbysize-viewall

    and tell PETA i'd rather go naked(dress) AND wear fur.

    layer on a flanel button down. thats plaid.

    and multiple leather wrap bracelets.

    because you know, we never know when we'll need my hunting gear at our disposable here in brooklyn. hunting everything except men that is.

    Raquel Azizo

  • Leopard print furry vest, leather leggings, John Lennon glasses, lace up grungy boots. Best things about this outfit?
    1. leopard
    2. fur
    3. leopard print fur
    4. mom-approved
    5. get rid of those pesky birth control pills!
    Okay, this is starting to sound like an infomercial, I'm going to stop now.

  • Well my first order of business would be adding a nice layer of black tights, can't have too much skin to show. And adding to that, a short grey sock to pair nicely with some clunky heeled nuetral colored shoes. One must not add to much color or look to shiny, must keep to the basics. I would then pair with an oversized men's blazer in some form of nuetral/brown tweed – the kind that voids a women's natural shape. Clearly finishing it all off with oversized frames, an awesome top-bun, extra blunt bangs, too many chunky rings and an extra-heavy purse in which I will never locate my ringing cell phone!
    Sounds ideal to me!!


  • wow..i start my lovely layering with
    * my newly aquired rachel comey s/s long sweater with braided alpaca down the front that screams wolf pubes!
    * an amount of chains that would repel even mr. t
    * floral tights topped gingerly with nude fishnets
    * white leather loafers with parrots appliqued appropriately w/ cuffed socks of course
    * a jean purse that looks like it was made from george micheals underoos slung over my shoulder
    hmmm lets top it with a velour leopard print turban… ring made from monopoly house! done and repelled. yes! i promise pics of the end result that will rock your knee socks!

  • haha this is hilarious, and the dress is awesome

    so here is my exceedingly evil plan to burn the retinas of men everywhere:
    1.)don a pair of dark grey tights
    2.)don some crazy-ass, patterned black tights
    3.)nullify the girly feel of the dress with a full, mid-calf skirt. make sure that said skirt reveals not a hint of your leg. though it may be encased in odd legwar, your leg is still a leg
    4.)skin a furry leopard and drape it around your neck. or, if fur just isn't for you, throw on some crazy fur. everyone's doing it. just ask miuccia. [< --shameless (ok somewhat shameful) name drop]
    5.)if you are still not satisfied with the utter fabulousness that is your current outfit, feel free to add jewelry that resembles fruit, birds, or violent weaponry.
    6.)plop a top knot on your head, swipe on some red lipstick, et voila

    laura roberts (even my email address is repellant! oh seventh grade self…)

  • Anonymous

    Well first, I would for sure add some tights, probably a dark green or a red. After the legs are covered I would add some big chunky Jeffrey Campbell clogs. Plus, I would add a baggy, colorful, grandma sweater. Nothing like grandma-esque to repel! To top it off, I would wear a red beret and tons of chunky vintage jewelry. Finally, as always, a top (super top) knot bun.


  • Why not add some bright orange Hunter boots, to really set off the nudity of the dress? And a fuzzy shawl to embrace my inner Gramma.

  • Kim

    Man Getter into Man Repeller, my version of the naked dress…
    In the spirit of Man Repelling, dress like a man… I mean take inspiration from “menswear”. Reminding me of those “old guy at the park” loafers, I’d wear the Mary Lou Wedge by Jeffery Campbell. These babies will not only emulate elderly and grumpy, but they’ll help in detouring even the bravest of peens. Pair those shoes with grey slouchy socks (Free People), after all I enjoy the nickname “socks and sandals”. Throw some black opaque tights on to crush any ideas that might otherwise stem from bare legs. My bottom is covered (literally), now for the top. I’d layer a cropped cheetah top (Nordstrom, no recollection of a brand) over that naked dress because it’s cheetah and it has a confusing hemline. Over this hot mess, I mean hotness an army green batwing cardigan (clothing swap) would follow. Finishing details… Okay stick with me here, black knit cowl neck scarf (Nasty Gal), and the highest topknot a blogger could fathom. Belt that naked dress with a high waist black leather sash (American Apparel), add some gypsy reminiscent jewels and I present… The Naked No More Dress.
    Send that dress my way and I'd be more than happy to e-mail you a picture of the final product.

  • Let's be serious.

    If one wants to achieve the man chaser-cum-catcher effect, one must style it as though she just came from having sex. The Kimberly Taylor nudey dress and I are rockin:

    – a jet-black cropped leather bomber jacket for the "Walk of Shame/Fame" home
    – hosiery, not tights, with more runs than the Yankees
    – his socks stuff in my peep-toe loubitans (my tootsies were cold last night)
    – a stack of flea market bangles 6 inches high on each wrist
    – hair in a lop-sided ponytail that says, "Yes. It's noon, and I just woke up. STFU"
    – a clean face with leftover plum eyeliner smudges and a nudey gloss that matches the nudey dress
    – nothing underneath. gotta go commando under the nudey dress. two birds with one stone…
    – Eau du "I JUST HAD SEX. REPEL THIS."


    Jillian Switzer

  • i love that dress!!

    Francesca Robertson

    I would wear an oversized cardigan over this with a black leather jacket over that, some knee high socks and oxfords!!


    Le Kiss Kiss-Click Here!

  • Anonymous

    To turn this into man predator I would wear my back Alexander McQueen boots (which i've been told i look "intimidating" in) with rainbow socks peeking out above black and grey houndstooth tights.

    A red lace turtleneck underneath. An asymmetric Alice + Olivia cardigan (the dudes dig asymmetry) on top. Hermes scarf on top of all this.
    Silver knuckles and dangly silver earings. yay shinies.
    A Chanel bag to finnish (< --- they see me rollin' they hatin' / bitch move) Optional mustache drawn in eyeliner. The men-peoples won't know what hit them… or didn't hit them. Julia,

  • So excited about the naked dress that I will pile as much expensive shit as I can on top to ensure that no one will actually want to get ME naked, ever

    1/ Start with grey cable-knit tights –
    2/ Black Maguba clogs (the boyfriend is endlessly perplexed by these, which makes them the perfect candidate for de-sexyifying a naked dress.) –
    3/ Throw on an XL Junya Watanable/CdG shredded camo-print sweater over the dress (and yes, there are holes under the arms… hot, no?) –
    4/ Arrange hair into Heidi braids over your head… savor the resulting neck exposure because it's the closest we will get to sex appeal. yum. –
    5/ Finish with putty-colored nail polish (I'm thinking Chanel Particuliere) –
    6/ …and nude lips (probably the most cool and least sexy makeup variation in the free world, unless you are into necrophilia, bien sur.) –
    7/ Swipe of MAC greasepaint in Dirty on each eye. (Boner: grease? dirty?? cue deflate.) –
    8/ If you feel like extra repelling points, some Moscot Nebbs will go a looooong way towards guaranteeing that no one will catcall you on the street again, ever – trust me –

    Sort of All Quiet on the Alpine Front? GI Heidi? A Farewell to Peen? I could go on –

    Elizabeth /

  • My boyfriend, who doesn't go to the same university as me, actually prefers it when I dress in a way that repulses other straight men. I don't think he has anything to worry about; guys don't spare me a second chance when they see what I'm wearing.

    Inspiration: my repressed childhood manifests itself in bright colors and clashing patterns.

    I'd wear this dress with:
    Polka dot cable-knit knee highs from Target
    Beige oxfords, because heels+classes across campus do not bode well for my ankles
    Bright pink long-sleeve henley underneath
    Sisley knit midriff sweater with giant crocheted bell sleeves. This sweater won the dubious award of "most awkward" at an ugly sweater party…
    Dad's vintage ski jacket from the 80's, complete with popped collar
    Long bronze-metaled earrings that resemble fish dangling from my earlobes
    Glasses (not the hipster-y fake kind, I'm legitimately vision-impaired)
    Haphazardly gathered side bun

    and to top it all off? some purple lipstick. Go big or go home.

    Thanks for reading this, I really do admire your tenacity and perseverance at this art of man-repelling!

    Julie Haduong

  • hmmmm

    what would I do…

    I would probably add some plum/frilly, cream mary-jane type socks paired with the classic Marni peep-toe wedge. Then, I might throw on a black burberry long peacoat and a dries van noten leopard fur scarf. This would be followed by my gold chunky swatch watch and throwing my hair up into a messy bun. Don't forget to layer on those gold bangles and perhaps a few rings/some glasses – haven't fully decided yet (I could be overly repelling by that point :S).


  • hmmmm

    what would I do…

    I would probably start by putting on a pair of purple/frilly mary-jane like, cream coloured socks paried with the black classic Marni peep-toe wedge! I would then continue by adding a cozy knit sweater, followed by a black long burberry peacoat and a dries van noten leopard/furry scarf (maybe – haven't fully decided). Then, I would add my chunky gold swatch watch and throw my hair up into a loose messy bun. I would finalize by putting on some thin gold bangles and perhaps a ring or two!


  • Naked dress? I can't think of a better base to start with than my own birthday suit.

    There is no other repellent than fur in my books (thanks to my boyfriend's books). So while were on the subject of how fabulas Mikkat Market is, I would definitely pair this with a fur sweater vest in a similar muted tune.. for that hairy, overgrown naked look. duh

  • I'd start out stying my hair into a combo Snooki poof with something like a top knot bun (it sounds impossible, but I've pulled it off before), slapping on the contraceptive eye glasses that my mother wore when she was a nun, and now wants me to wear; they are roundish with green striped tint on the frames. To wear under the dress, I have a black satin blouse with long bell shaped sleeves, cuffs tight around the wrist, and a collar so high and prim around the neck that would make Anthony Comstock and his Vice Laws of the Victorian times proud-and to make it even better, it has strips of material attached to tie into a big bow at the neck, or fashion into a masculine tie. Too constrast the somber coloring of the dress and top, I'd wear tights in some obscenely bright color, preferably with a print that could have been the creation of an artist on a cocaine binge whose artistic inspirations are are weird combo of Dali and Bosch. To take a page from Taylor Swift, I have a pair of heavy black leather boots with a 3 inch thick heel that I'd wear with the dress; a stark contrast of delicacy and biker babe. To finish it off, I'd pull on a reddish-brown rabbit fur coat, and put on the obnoxiously large and long crystal chandelier earrings that I only bought for to wear in a musical production

  • Oh, and my email is

  • Danielle

    I'm a big fan of naked dresses and I would love to see one in my closet. Hair in a tight bun, add a black jacket with blue feathers and what look like real cat tails. A pair of printed black tights and nude heels should finish off the look!

  • All you need is three coats of Chanel's Rouge Noir lipstick.

    Three coats is key because one has given you that "just kissed" lip look, giving dudes the impression that they'll probs get to second base (or is it first?) with you. Two just looks like you drank a bottle of charles shaw shiraz (therefore you're cheap, drunk, and wearing aforementioned naked dress and thus getting laid). Three successfully solidifies that your lips (if you know what i mean) will cut wood (if you know what i mean twice).

    Just lipstick my be a tad too minimalistic for the average man repeller. So I suppose you can toss on some Kimmy Gibbler scrunchy socks for good measure. If Kimmy Gibbler can't repel, than I rather go naked.

  • I only recently found your blog… and I find it so inspiring it has begun to scare my boyfriend! For this dress:
    I'd have my long hair in a glorious top knot, framed with a turban, preferably leopard print, to keep the ears warm.
    Next, I'd layer a fair isle print thermal under the dress, and a cropped, short sleeve giant cowl neck sweater over it. I can't tell you how many times a man has asked me, "why bother wearing a sweater if it has no sleeves?" The answer, of course, is that it is most important to keep your vital organs warm!
    On the bottom, I'd throw on a pair of leopard tights under a pair of black faux leather snakeskin leggings. On my feet would be platform peep toe lace up booties, because men don't understand "the point" of wearing a boot with no toe and a giant heel, especially when there is snow on the ground. That is why I'm wearing tights, and taking baby steps when I can't jump between ice-free patches of sidewalk, duh.
    To top it all off, I'd go for a vintage cape, because when I got caught eyeing one on eBay, my boyfriend immediately said, "Are you a superhero? Do you fly around beating up bad guys at night?" It was immaculately huge with an equally huge fur collar, pure heaven, but I lost the auction (the hunt continues).
    Finishing touches are an assortment of two-finger rings shaped like various weaponry and joint rings that look like suits of armor for my little fingers.

    Thanks this is so much fun!

  • Anonymous

    whatEVER you look really cute in the last photo! man-repelling FAIL!

  • name: Hannah

    My style is a lot simpler than yours, but equally as man-repelling.

    Your Kimberly Taylor Dress
    Stella McCartney's Forsythia Botanical Coat
    A Navy Blue french beret (I wore one every day of the second and third grade-thinking of bringing it back)
    Valentino Flower Duffel Bag
    Badgley Mischka Randee Pump
    "Why yes, I am a one woman garden, do you not want to see my bush?"

  • To start, I would throw on a stretchy leopard print long sleeved collared shirt underneath. There's nothing that screams "I'm available" like a faux-sleeve of leopard skin tattoos. Especially when topped with a white feathered capelet.
    On bottom, I'd wear a pair of ripped dark red fishnets with tie-dyed socks over. I chose blood red between the legs as an obvious homage to Mother Nature herself.
    Finish the look with some bondage-inspired wedges, large menacing bracelets, deep red lip and a signature top knot.
    Prepare to buy your own drinks.


  • Take 1 nude dress and add a fluorescent pair of orange skinny pants, then layer a fur drop-waist vest cinched with a yellow belt. Top it off with a turquoise chunky bead necklace and a pair of oxfords.

    Kat Skull
    ktskull (at) gmail (dot) com

  • My name is Célèste Brott and my e-mail is and my blog is

    I would repel by layering that dress over a pair of mint green tights and a pink lace button-up with a Peter Pan collar. I'd top it off with a thrifted granny cardigan embellished with crocheted roses. Finally, I'd add lace trimmed ankle socks, Miu Miu printed platform mary janes, and a vintage pillbox hat.

  • I would wear a sheer black maxi skirt under the nude dress to give it some layers, worn with the Jeffrey Campbell Litas – the pony hair litas, an oversized thrifted cardigan, unbuttoned with the sleeves rolled, thick knit preferred, a belt to cinch the waist, and a nice black hat a la Frou Frouu. I would also wear some old rosaries as necklaces.

  • Yesss! The dress is perfect for me to destroy with my fashion sense. Well, more like bulldoze.

    First things first: the nude dress with a skinny brown belt and gold clasp. I'd throw a full, muted floral skirt underneath that to give it some "poof" so hopefully people have to sit and stare and think about what I might be hiding under there. I'd go bare legged with knee-high white socks for the school-girl-everyone-makes-fun-of effect and add on DVF nude Mira wedge sandals. On my wrists I'd wear my Michael Kors giant faced watch and a couple of bangles. Up top I would layer my short sleeved, black silk blazer and throw on a brown fur vest. Add a Miu Miu collar on top, throw on my long chained gold cross necklace underneath, throw my hair up into the tightest topknot ya ever did see, and you've got yourself a solid man repeller! Looking in the mirror will surely do my self esteem wonders. I can't wait to walk outside and get stopped by a couple of old souls who claim I remind them of their old Sunday school teacher.

    It's almost exhausting to be this… asexual.

    Alana Smith

  • doesn't matter how man-getter the entire outfit it, add socks and sandals like that… and you immediately become the sexual equivalent of a nun.



  • Before I knew Man Repelling existed, there was a certain aspect to my clothing aesthetic that I just couldn't put a word to. You have accomplished this for me. Now when dressing, I proudly think of my favorite man-repellers. For the nude dress I would deflect peens with:

    Layers: Sheer maxi skirt worn over top. those legs need covering. but since this is sheer and still somewhat revealing, we add:

    Socks: knee socks, that is. now, chances of showing of those stilts to males, you are safely concealed. but we have not added enough depth:

    colour: cover those bar arms with a colourful blouse. here i am inspired by the vintage poppy red silk mini-pleated button up i just found.. but really, what would this be without…

    (animal) print: pony hair leopard driving gloves (the ones that only cover your fingers). gloves obviously aren't enough, we need more..

    accessories: leather and gold chain tribal necklace (i am thinking of one by jenny bird), fur collar, layered rings, studded belt (will impair anyone that gets even close, turban (or floppy wide-brim hat, depending on the weather). and, last but not least…

    the grande finale: Alexander Wang constance platform booties

    you make sartorial dreams come true

  • i'm madly in love with this post. you obviously didn't repel me 🙂

    i love how you showed the "typical" way to wear the dress but then how to make it more fun and cool and oh so unique.

    obsessed. and thank you.

  • I like the dress!!! Wonderful post!
    and great blog♥

  • Marissa

    I'd use it as a slip for my wedding dress ;]

  • I am looking for wedding footwear
    any help?

  • absolutely love this!

  • Cara
  • i love it! i really like the sweater with it. so i would probably do a little of that!
    boon1211 at gmail dot com

  • Anonymous

    this baby screams out for jeffrey campbell 'shag' litas, which by virtue of looking like pubic hair are sure to repel any man into oblivion. As well, just for fun I'd add a turban.

  • Ok so I'm going to start off by saying I love this..
    Anyway, how I would turn this into a man-repeller? Easy!
    First, add a nice Betty Jackson black leather crop top, and then a vintage tasseled vest.
    Then add a Ralph Lauren fur cape (this one right here
    Some patterned tights, black socks and Elie Saab blue wedges.
    Then a turban and some birth-control glasses and for the finishing touch some bright red lips.

    Just for you here is a bit of a visual representation, seeing as I'm no good with words:

    also my email is: enchanted.india @ hotmail . com

  • who was the winner of this trophy?

  • Cute outfit i like it….

    Reflective Motorcycle Vests

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  • Anonymous

    Love, just love the socks with sandals, so cute and even sexy. Glad you are not afraid of it.

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  • Just a traveller

    That’s Brilliant!!
    I have to say that I love minimalistic clothing on a fetching lass like yourself, HOWEVER, by the time the cute socks, and smile came in, I was liking it. I know I’m not an average bloke when I can honestly say that the final picture is dangerously attractive to me. I would drop anything I was doing, and would seriously want to talk to her. I have discovered that my intense mental focus, and decisively articulate manner of speech are affected by very little, including alcohol. Unfortunately the one thing that seems to cause immense disruption is being Very strongly attracted to a female. I basically turn into a flustered David Tennant.

    I admit that if I were to attempt to design attire for women, I may not have thought of something like this, but for some reason it is just abysmally adorable, wonderfully eccentric, and direly sexy. I think the only thing that might make it even more irresistible would be a pair of either “I.T girl” wire frames, or UK NHS style Birth Control Glasses, (time to break out your Smiths albums). You could play around with all sorts of colors, materials, etc.. (long coats can be pretty hot), but I love what you’ve done. Honestly, I think I need to stop gushing now, and if I go on with what I would love to do with a girl like you… well.. Seriously, I need to stop here. (Getting rev-ed up to “not at all good” levels).

    Anyway, I love what you’ve done. Keep it up, it’s simply awesome. Perhaps someday (continuum willing) I might have the opportunity to meet you, and then badly fail to put coherent sentences together. Just know this, You are simply brilliant, and gorgeous!!

  • I like the style. No man repeller here! Very sexy!

  • jr023

    great until the socks with platform sandals med heel sandals would work ,
    2nd shot is the best.
    definitely not a chaser with the whole package though

  • And she is gorgeous in all these pictures!

  • a man

    left is much better.

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  • Dolan Duk

    If you were really trying you’d gain 100 pounds, shave your head (do a horrible job at it for bonus points), let your body hair grow out, pick up some tumblr feminist glasses, spend your life savings on every vulgar tattoo you can dream off, dye your armpit hair green, stop brushing your teeth, and never pass up a chance to shit yourself in public.

    Go all out or don’t go at all.