Details from My (Handheld) Device
I don’t know why I have this strange narcissistic idea that you might want to see the contents of my Blackberry from the last seven days but in any case, here I find myself, sharing with you, the contents of my Blackberry from the last seven days. I will take no offense should you glance over at the arm candy below and opt to close the browser. If you don’t, however, there is a suede vagina at the bottom of the page begging for your official TTLLV approval.
In the first photo I bring you, StyledOn’s Emily Kropp and me stealing literal arm candy in the form of edible necklace from Rachel Antonoff’s kick ass fashion week presentation that took place at La Guardia highschool. There was an actual school dance involved, true story. A job very well done by Rachel and Lady Frakes.
While in cab I looked over and saw my little Cuban lovers in the night shaking their maracas at me. I smiled and shook my maracas back at them. It was a special moment. Keeping flats in bag is just like having a spare tire hang out in your trunk. In my case however, this shit is ten fold more festive.
The Lake & Stars presentation last Friday was one of my very favorites if only because the lingerie brought forward maintained a very high degree of sexytown while still venturing into the wild world of avant-garde. You read that, you heard that, you see that right. Sexy and avant-garde. A break-through indeed.
Also from Lake & Stars, a member of the Cat Fish cast played security at the presentation at Pier 59. He tossed in his proper name to play “Hugh Jass.” Not a bad trade in.
Here, StyledOn’s Emily Kropp and me share our mutual love for sandal and socking, the concept and verb, via handheld device.
In honor of Valentine’s Day, Margaret of Bhati Beads sent me a package of threaded stackables. Friendship bracelets shit on love bracelets. Can I get a heck yeah on that one?
I couldn’t find nail polish remover before heading back toward Lincoln Center on Monday so this is what happened.In case you’re wondering, I have still yet to find nail polish remover. The ring is Rachel by Rachel Roy and can definitely poke an eye out. Trust.
On that same day, I found my nutty friend @StyleCaster tweeting live from Lincoln Center. She snapped me, now I show you. Wish I had one of her: plaid sweater and birth control glasses were in tact.
 In preparation for a Valentino x Elle x Blogger digital campaign that was shot yesterday, I’m endorsing baby heels. I tumbl’d this, I’ll blogspot it too: My drinks and kitten heels have one thing in common and that is, both better spiked. I rarely say no to anything studded. But because the shoes may be overtly ladylike, on this day, I wore severe drop crotch to stay true to my aesthetic.
Let’s also donate a moment to this Valentino lace jacket with leather lapels. It’s not mine for keeps…but swoony baloony! Hubba, hubba. (The drop crotch pants flee from Zara. They’ve never failed me.)
And in one final non-Blackberry photo…
Geri Hirsch of Because I’m Addicted, Brad Goreski clad in leopard print Givenchy and yours truly talk bow ties, birth control glasses and the multitude of ways I can properly unleash the West Coast Repeller resting dormant within me at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Force culmination event. What’s more important than that though, is that I’m wearing several suede labial folds around the collar of my neck. Things that look like vaginas, indeed. A special thanks to Tibi for facilitation.
Alas, that’s all, folks.
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  • Lovely photo baby!!!

    join my GIVEAWAY, you can win a beautiful bag!

  • Anonymous

    Hey ,
    I think the socks and heels picture is with Roni, since she posted that picture on her site 🙂

  • studded friendship bracelets! super ultra rad. i know what i'm crafting this weekend!

    xoxo kat

  • Love the Maracas shaking. I actually laughed aloud at that.

  • I really love the ring its absolutely beautiful! droooool……

  • I'm obviously a huge fan on this post. And your face/self.

    I miss you ho.
    Emily aka Roni

  • AHHHH brad is my favorite. and i love the jewels in the first picture. photography is not bad considering it is from a cell.

  • Omg that Valentino jacket is amazing! Love it!

  • Loving all the bracelets 🙂

    XoXO-Kelli K

  • great post…and such a beautiful ring.

    look at my blog…a lanvin giveaway

  • MG

    You are hilarious! love that lace coat. I might jump you for it if I see you wearing it on the street. Yes, that is a threat. Although, according to my father, I'm all show and no go. Which is good for you.


  • omnomnom
    candy bracelet, shoes and that amaaaazing lace jacket .

  • Duuude… seriously? Maracas? Always bustin' out the unexpected!!! You. Are. My. Hero.

    A million XOXO's to the millionth power…

  • I love that Valentino coat, it's amazing!! (and that thing about the nail polish remover happens to me all the time too!) 🙂

  • LOVE that you used my friend Amy's photo from Chicago Streetstyle…glad you guys met at Fashion Week. She's amazing.

    ps. living for your leopard Miu Mius…with socks of course (very man repelling)

  • Ana

    Looks like the best week ever. LOVE your leopard sandals with socks. Well done, yet again.

  • adore the suede labial collar~ very chic 🙂
    and that Valentino blazer…wowsaaaaa!
    And those photos of the open toe shoes w/ socks has inspired me to finally try out this look! time to buy fun socks now~ YAYYY, man-repelling 1, man-hunt 0

  • I am calling out leather contrasts as a new epic DIY! leather lapels, leather elbow patches, leather pockets! And now Valentino and the lace and leather? Didn't britney sing a song about that? Don't judge.

  • So glad you used my photo from Brad's Fashion Force party! It was so great meeting you and I can't wait to take a REAL street style photo of you next time I come to New York (which is going to be sooner rather than later)

  • Anonymous

    Your bag is super pretty, what bag is that? I've been looking for a bag in that style for ages!!!
    Nice arm candy btw 😛

  • Hahaha. Brad in the leopard. I die over him. Love the photos. XO Valerie

  • as of being single on valentine's day, i've been a true man repeller all week. thanks for your inspiration

  • You deserve it Man Repeller, good work!

    I only discovered your blog at IFB Con, I was inspired by the things you said (I put a little star next to your name in my notebook)…anyhow, thanks, I like!

  • :O I want that ring! Looks like you had fun 🙂

  • GOOD sandalling and socking. Sandal and socking? Sandalery and sockery. Whatevs. Whichever way, the leopard print with diamond Pringle-esque pattern blows my tiny mind and makes me want to run to my room and put on my pink unicorn shoes with, what would appear to be, a completely unsuitable shoe. Just do it, uh-huh.

  • love the candy bracelets, maracas, valentino jacket and socks + sandals! yum to all!

    january, x

  • I happen to love the contents of your Blackberry from the last 7 days!!

  • Jewelry galore, Valentino lace jacket, and disappearing nail polish. Love the eclectic mix.
    much love.

  • Meg

    your maraca shoes are adorable! and candy necklaces are so cute you could eat them up… literally.

  • I kind of like the nail polish only on some nails. It gives it a more edgy look.

  • awwww. i love brad!! he's so cute.

  • Love the friendship bracelets! Great photos.

  • Love your outfits in this post, especially those spiked kitten heels.

    Also–how cool that there was a fashion show at La Guardia. That's my old H.S.

  • wooow this jacket is gorgeous….:)

  • hi, where is your watch from in the first picture? It's stunning!

  • You and vaginas….ahhh boys must love you maybe not for your fashion sense, but at least for your humor. Ha I swear I saw Brad in a coffee shop on Santa Monica Blvd before I think him and a dozen other reality gay men live there. That coffee shop had me turning my head a few times thinking whoa was that???? Yeah Santa Monica Blvd the place to be in LA.

  • love all accessories 🙂

    swatch international giveaway:

  • love that dress on you. And it works great with those nude heels. Happy New Year.

  • I love the small gold beaded bracelet in the first picture! Where'd you get it?

    BTW this is a pretty cool concept. Like the updated "whats in my bag" or "what I wore today" posts, but better! 🙂

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