Vintage Vendredi: Channeling The Pope

In a new installment I just conceptualized twenty minutes ago called Vintage Vendredi, (Vendredi being the French word for Friday,) I chronicle all the vintage pieces I’ve acquired from the senior Man Repellers in my life. I’m talking mother, grandmother, GREAT grandmother–because God bless her–she’s still alive and rocking Lanvin smocks at 90.

Today, we pay special attention to the priesthood of this traveling bolero. Pun intended. This bolero was made for my grandmother in Paris ca. 1986, (do you see how this circles back to the mere fact that the name of this installment includes a French word) just months before she would wear it to her son’s wedding. (Also conveniently my father’s, though I was but a baby egg back then.)

Emerald City win! I snatched the skirt too. I know what you’re thinking on two counts: Yes, my dad is a babe. My good looks don’t come from nowhere, wink wink, and yes my grandmother is a chronic Man Repeller in formal wear. She pushed infinite boundaries with her creative license in her younger years. If your husband were the original Birth Control Spec wearer, wouldn’t you?

In any case, this particular jacket was one of the first man-repelling garments for my contraceptive-loving behind to come into. I wore it to the Valentino fashion show in Paris last Fall. No one looked at me like I was crazy and so it was a special day.


bolero: Torrente, blouse: Valentino, necklace: Madewell, pants: The Kooples, shoes: Louboutin, images: Naomi Shon

I never wore it in public again but you can often find me gliding around my apartment, likely eating dried mangoes while donning the Pope-wear.

I feel like some sort of alliteration including “Vintage Vendredi” and “Vatican” should factor into this post but in spite of my cathedral legit tendencies, I can’t make it flow organically.

And on that note, have a lovely Sabbath!

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  • Well bless your soul. I'm sure the nuns would love to borrow that vintage vendredi bolero of yours. They just might have to, its a must for them to repel men or they will be locked in the convent saying their hail Mary's. LOL.

    Another funny and great post! Love the bolero on you. "Man Repeller" legacy must go on.

  • D

    you're grandmother is absolutely stunning! the bolero is awesome and i appreciate that you added such a bold necklace even though the bolero had some glitz all on its own. you're so lucky to have inherited such a fabulous piece and you totally make it work in a modern way 🙂

  • This is hilarious, I'll live longer thanks to your posts 😀
    Love the jacket!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome post!
    You never stop amazing me with your creative and smart mind

  • i love dried mangoes too!!! that bolero is perfect. i love going through my mom/grandmothers stuff


    Le Kiss Kiss- Click Here!!

  • we neeeeeed to see a post with that skirt. pretty please?

    love, emily.

    oh also YOU DID GREAT.

  • Love the jacket and love dried mangoes. You're my favorite.

  • Also, new header! Exciting! I do miss the furry Chanel girls, though.

  • Haha, nice. I love that bolero.
    Your grandmother is gorgeous. And your dad? TOTAL BABE. haha. yes i am creepy.


  • Your Grandma was GOR ge ous!

  • I'm just jealous that you went to the Valentino show…

  • Huge fan – ADORE the bolero and the birth control specs sported by your granddaddy

    (v.Terry Richardson?? – unpleasant comparison for your grandpa perhaps? I apologise)

    Anyway, blogged about you –


  • Anonymous

    Love this. But am allergic to mangoes so not that part. Omg I feel so blessed to drool over your collection of repellabilia in your hilarious posts, and I hope you realize too that you are deeply blessed to have acquired such a collection from family and financial blessings. I can only drool. Owning most of the incredible stuff you post is not in the cards for most average repellers, but we can dream. Thanks for helping us dream. 😉

  • Hilarious as usual!! Love the look on your grandmother's face! Was she happy that your parents were getting married?? Or is that just the Blue Steel of Man Repelling? I will have to master it!

    Love the Louboutins!! Bolero rocks too!


  • Your grandma rocks the house! And I would SO wear that bolero!

  • Whoa your lucky my grandma never dressed like that. She was more of a man attracter so you know totally unwearable stuff by todays trendy standards.

  • DAMN babes sure do run in your family!!

  • haha!!! needed the laugh! also, your grandmother is gorgeous! she looks like she could've been a lead in dynasty!


  • your grandmother is awesome. i want that green skirt? oh, and see if you can win a nice man-repelling mono-earring on my blog!

  • I too have recently borrowed something that was my grandmother's. Check out this amazing jacket that was my grandmama's Impetuous Style Snow Leopard Jacket

  • wow, you wear it so well! your grandmother seems awesome. (:

    great blog, by the way!!

  • Grandmas are absolutely wonderful and you've got yourself a good one! What an attractive family.

  • I love that jacket. To me, it doesn't look like a total man repeller! Your great grandmother is quite stylish! My grandmother doesn't even know what Lanvin is….XD

  • THat bolero is awesome and your great grannie has great style!!

  • Amandatory

    Thanks for making me bray like a mule on my birthday. That's right. Celebrating my birth and the Sabbath on the same day.
    I feel like Jesus.
    See how you empower me?
    Inspirer, you.

  • one of my favorite pairs of shoes…and sure yeah the jacket is cool too

  • the jewels on that bolero may blind any man trying to come near you, but at least they'll go out with you sparkling in their eyes.

    girl, it is wonderful <3

  • Well, I totally love this bolero 🙂

  • that bolero is absolutely fabulous! I want it.

  • M

    totally awsome bolero but what I really want to see is the skirt…maybe some Jill Sander inspired outfit?


  • Two things:

    Love a dried mango. Dried pineapple is good too – doesn't fuzz the mouth like real pineapple.

    I've fallen a bit behind with my blog reading and this just reminded me how much I love your writing and what I enjoy about blogging. Rock on sista x

  • OMG! I'm so sorry to inform you, I actually coined the phrase Vintage Vendredi about two months ago. Type it into google and my blog is the first thing that pops up! Either great minds think alike or you were totally stalking my blog… which would actually make me really happy. lol.

    xxo Tess S.

  • Anonymous

    you are absolutely hilarious!! haha x

  • Whatever, I would wear the hell out of that.

  • Anonymous

    Vagina + vatican = vagatican

    Problem solved.

  • you, my friend, are fucking hilarious.

    i feel like i am a man repeller at heart, though i've apparently snagged one who thinks that my weirdo fashion is pretty cool. which maybe should make me question his masculinity, no?

    aaaand with that, you've got yourself a new follower. win.

    you rule.

  • how awesome is it, that you have a picture of your grandma wearing it. love it

  • wow. that's amazing! your grandmother has some great style. great bolero!

  • Anonymous

    can you come over and style my closet pleeeeeeease!!/claududy i also have a belated bday present for you in there

  • I bloody LOVE your blog. BRILLIANT! Finally a blog that does NOT taken fashion so seriously. EEEeeeeeeeeee It's made me so happy & I promise you I have read every post laughing out loud! I shall remain a man repeller FOREVER! even if it means valentines day is a cold & lonely night! WHO GIVES A SHITE! I've got my hareems & a turban to spoon with! 😀

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