Trend Spotting: Lady Bowners, For the Neck

Nothing gets a man’s copulatory organ more aroused than the prospect of banging a girl whose dressed like him. For this reason alone “borrowed from the boys” trends have been a recurring theme on The Man Repeller since its establishment last April. From boyfriend jeans to brogues to Wall Street wear and then to the temple topper, I’ve almost exhausted every aspect of the trend. Today though, we pay homage to woman-wood in the form of the newest–and coincidentally my favorite–borrowed from the boys trend: the bow tie. Cue the Lady Bowner.

In this trend-spotting piece, instead of drawing inspiration from the street style blogs that act as confirmation re: women forfeiting their L2Fs (Licenses to Fuck) for fashion, today we also look to passed runways, editorials, ads and some trendy celebrities for juice.

Starting on the catwalk, behold:

image via Le Noeud Papillion
Yes, these images are from several season old-runways, but do recognize that sometimes it takes time for trends to resonate. So while the bow tie is not an unprecedented female trend, referring to it as the Alpha lady bowner may very well be.

Editorials: Abbey Lee put forward her best put-your-bowner-around-me pose for Dazed Magazine while donning the neck piece.

In a Marie Claire spread about mens clothes for women, ties were a favorite accessory for a vast majority of the photos.

…And you know how I love me them birth control glasses.
In a spread for Ten Magazine, Tati Cotliar stares into the camera before her, looking slightly surprised and confused. To answer a question that may be looming over your head, Tati: Yes, this is why he didn’t sleep with you. 
I on the other hand, would toterly go gay for how you’ve outfitted yourself. Tweet me!
For those of us not looking to spend an arm and a leg to decorate our necks, the budget conscious Repellers at H&M; are including bow ties in their Spring ad campaign too.
Red lips and a bow tie. See that, you can have it all!

On to another lucrative shade of red, that pesky carpet: Celebrity trendsetters include Alexa Chung. Whether she be slammin’ and glammin’ in sugar candy-inspired frocks…

Or kicking it back emaciated penguin style in a proper mens suit: equipped with suspenders, ascot et al.
On the Mormon front, we cross paths with Chloe Sevigny.
She’s really something special. That’s an ascot and bow tie in one. 
Diane Kruger rocks the lady bowner, hard. So many phallic references, so little time.
True Life: I’m addicted to suspenders. Chew on that, MTV.
via LiveJournal
You had me at tiered feathers.

And from the red carpet to the streets of London, Vanessa Jackman perfectly captured this pretty Pete wearing a bow tie or more accurately a neck tie in an updated, more casual manner.

Because really, who needs a collar anyway?

…Not this pup, that’s for sure. I toterly commend him for mixing classic brown fur with black satin and updating the entire look with a Rag & Bone spring favorite: the harness infused with bright punchy orange a la Jil Sander.
And finally, here’s my take:
bow tie: Dolce & Gabbana, blouse: Alexander no Wang, jeans: J Brand, booties: Proenza Schouler. Photos by Naomi Shon.

A disclaimer about this outfit: It is supposed to portray a bow tie’s uncanny ability to turn even a man-getting outfit into one of the man-repelling persuasion. And while I bought the blouse thinking it may induce bikini wax urgency, it has so far been dubbed “more fucked up than your other shit.” (That’s a direct quote.) What do you crazy culottes think?

I once tweeted, “if I’m a man repeller because of fashion, you’re a woman repeller because of finance.”
…I’d like to alter that statement though. Because if you’re the type of financier that often has to wear bow ties, I’ll toterly tuck your disability under the rug for the sake of my neck. That said, a special thank you goes out to my dad for being bold enough to wear velvet bow ties on a regular basis. 

Will you rock the bow tie?

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  • it just so happens I have a thrifted velvet skirt that i've been saving in the back of my mind for the perfect project… LOVE the large Givenchy bow.. ill twitpic it later hoping it turns out right!

  • Planning to!

  • I feel like your parents are some sort of incarnation of Frank Sinatra and Audrey Hepburn or something. Honestly I couldn't think of any other names because I did just wake up though I'm sure there are better references Seriously your parents have some chill clothes. Ha my mom never has any cool stuff I can steal she steals my stuff. :/ which is way embarrassing you want man repeller have your mom dress like you.

  • i love your alexander wang blouse! but yes, planning to add a bow tie to one of my cock rocker shirts… 🙂

  • I LOVE how you rocked this look, not to literal with the sleeveless shirt. You look fabulous!

  • Great post! I think the only exceptions are wearing a men's tie with Frederick's of Hollywood skivvies, and the good ol' post-coital absconding of the men's button-down dress shirt.

    Both of which I wouldn't be caught dead in.

    Love the blog!

  • Anonymous

    I think your hairy arms are man repelling enough.

    I dressed as Marlene Dietrich last year, i still have my dad's bowtie, it's boss.

  • @anonymous At least I'm committed to my alias <3

  • Love the lady BOWner. When it comes to the lady bow, I'm a proponent of the bigger the better a la Tati Cotliar's approach. Fun post!

  • Who the hell are you kidding?! You look way too good to be a man repeller. Maybe it only works on me because I happen to not be a man….. Want velvet bow tie from Dad. Reminds me a bit of my dad's weird shiny tie with kids all over it.

  • I happen to know a man who is in love with bows ^^ Check out the Belgian DJ Stromae (youtube: alors on danse) ^^ x

  • I think it's more feminine if it's not so stark. It's too literal, I feel. I like yours with the black on olive, or Alexa Chung's with the white-on-white.

    Follow me!

  • I LOVE the bow ties. Adorably jaunty!

  • Katie Kurtzman

    Considering the fast I pretty much dress like a man 24/7 – at the moment in baggy-ass boyfriend jeans from Topshop (ironically named, because I may never have a boyfriend again), black tank, giant grandpa sweater and *gasp* the dreaded BROGUES – this is really only another step towards endless celibacy.


  • Anonymous

    Your legs are amazing!!!!
    and fuck the other anonymous your arms are not hairy at all!!!!

  • Anonymous

    You are totally adorable. You are extremely bright and witty. And your fashion sense is impeccable. Please don't listen to any Nimrod who tries to oppress you with put downs and criticisms. Just keep on being you – you're great!

  • Those pants are so tight I think I can see your lady boner. <3

    PS your dad has the best taste in neckwear.

  • I have been saying for months how I would be rocking the bow tie to my boyfriend…who then rolled his eyes…because he thinks I'm joking. I'm not. Somehow, I seem to have captured the only dude around who can appreciate my penchant for birth control glasses and excessive layering. We'll see how the tie goes over. My yaybia may be ronery soon. Rock on, fellow Man Repellers!

  • oh man i am just dyinggg over your outfit right now. Love the bracelets & VELVET bow tie, and don't get me started on your PS's. Swooooon.


  • I was walking around town last week thinking that I needed to get a skinny matte black tie to go with some cheapo skinny cords recently found. Now I'm convinced.

    Also, 'birth control glasses' made me laugh out loud. Mine are invariably teamed with the short-shorts that I wouldn't have the guts to wear otherwise.

  • Anonymous

    while i do love your self-deprecation, i find it impossible that guys dont fall for you with your beautiful body and mischevious smile!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the bow ties 🙂

  • A.E

    Well, you couldn't argue with THST amount of evidence, could you? (And nor would i want to). Bowing it, all the way. 🙂

  • Can someone please tell me where Alexa got her UltraManRepellent silver booties (I hate that word) in the first pic? Stunning, i.e. male vom inducing.

  • How can this possibly be a man repeller? You look divine. Although it does remind me of miss Flashdance when she wore that tuxedo outfit on a dinner date and tore sexily into some lobster, and she was definitely getting some 😉

  • no

    Men Repeller, its Samantha here, you've been in the men repelling biz for too long. The shirt – total men repelling, but hey, it is also awesomely cool.

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Check out my bow tie line made from vintage men's ties… for the self-sufficient woman. I rock a female bowner everyday! <3 Tycoon

  • Love those ties! I'm gonna have to get one asap!
    P.S. Those legs can never be men-repellers 😀

    Check out my 100£ ASOS Gift Voucher GIVEAWAY!

  • Lauren Helen

    That blouse is too awesome for words 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I love the bow ties must be Gregory Allen Co

  • of course Alexa Chung sports the bow tie

  • The tie is definitely more sexpot than the bowtie. The bowtie is a penis repeller, as Patti Strange likes to say often.

  • Ally

    I wouldn't have thought I was pro-lady bow tie, but your look convinced me. I love how the bow balances out the overt sexiness of the top and tight jeans.

    But as you say, that's the kind of thing that makes no sense to the fellas — like, why would you want to balance out sexiness?

    Cause it's fashion science, men!

  • Oonagh

    Sorry, but you look hot. Total man repeller FAIL.

  • "emaciated penguin." Great line. Also, i have to admit that alexa rocks the lady boner look quite well.

  • Not just a bow tie, but a VELVET bowtie at that is a sure way to attract the men, gay men, but men! Love your blog && you!

  • Anonymous

    youve so inspired me to borrow a bow tie from my dad!



  • I wish I had the lady cojones to pull off a bowtie. As it is, I'll leave my man repelling to my BCGs.

    Great looks every one, especially the pooch.

  • Emily

    Alexa looks like she's wearing sub fusc… maybe it's time to dig mine out of the wardrobe again?

  • I quite love your shirt! And the kooky plum bow tie!

    Love Grace.

  • Loving the blouse!! Definitely on my shopping list! 😉

  • love the bow tie!

  • Just found your blog and it's amazing! What a great concept! Had to comment on this bow post since I'm obsessed with anything bow related 😉

    Would love if you could take a look a look at my blog. Hope you like it!


  • Anonymous

    Just found your blog. I usually hate the "one liner trying way too hard to sound interesting and funny when I'm really not so much" quips on blogs but you are pretty darned witty. That Chloe Sevigny Mormon front shit won me over. Love the tie and peekaboo shirt.

  • Anonymous

    Gregory Allen bow ties!!!! Wow I want them all!!!

  • Anonymous

    <3 your blog! and i finally found someone who loves bows like me!

  • I love this LOOK