Staying Single: A Lesson in Mixing Prints

As successful man repellers, it’s no big secret that we have to double, triple, quintuple as several different things. On the roster: birth control (you just let me know when you’re sick of reading this one,) animated Disney characters, grizzly bears, Mr. Peanut, men, and most recently: mixologists.

Yes it’s right, we are sartorial bartenders. While we’re certainly not concocting cocktails (get it? Get it?) we are combining prints. Lots of them. Some people are afraid to push the proverbial envelope on this trend, but I’m here to confirm that even if stripes and leopard print are already fixtures to your outfit, it doesn’t mean you can’t add a little somethin’ somethin’ floral. Remember The Man Repeller #1 Rule of Thumb: more is more.

Dizzy eyes, warm heart. You can’t lose. And without further adieu, (I fear you aren’t quite listening,) I bring you a step by step photo tutorial.

Step 1: Start with what could be a man-getter. Including Pink-Floyd-inspired-prisms on your bodycon mini may already reveal a small bit about your personal style. As in, you love to trip on acid…I’m obviously kidding, drugs are bad. (See that, moms. I’m a great influence on your children.) Giggles, optional. Though you may not be able to help it because by the end of this day, you know you’ll be deflecting weenies far and wide.
UPDATE FROM READER RAE’S BOYFRIEND: Do note the direction in which the arrows on my skirt are pointing. It’s like the garment is begging to turn this here labia into a yay-bia. Unfortunately, today won’t be that day. We’re on our way to isolation. 

blouse: D&G; 

Step 2: Layer an extravagant button up over your white tank. The fluorescent bright shapes on the blouse happen to compliment well the muted hues of color on the skirt. See that? There’s nothing to be afraid of. Except of course, of forfeiting your L2F. But there’s some beauty in that too.

Step 3: Add a bow tie. While this step is optional, you know how hard I love me them lady bowners. Unfortunately, on the day of this shoot, I hadn’t this printed bow tie yet, otherwise I would have been on that shit like paisley on bedspread.

“The colors, Duke. The colors!” “I’m color blind, kid.” Oh dear, love me them popsicles.
cropped sweater: Rag & Bone

Step 4: I will often if not always suggest you add a printed cropped sweater, this makes the multi-layers of pattern more easily comprehensible…but only among us man repellers. The weenis baring human life in the virtual room lost us at “blouse: D&G.;”

rings: TOMTOM Jewelry, YSL, leopard print fur cuffs: Bhati Beads

Step 5: Accessorize! You didn’t think I was going to dismiss the opportunity to integrate leopard print into the outfit, right? I paired my fur cuffs with two super sweet gold rings to make this among the most perfect photos of print mixing to ever surface in the history of mankind.

And finally, the shoes. Before I reveal the photo though, I must include a disclaimer. The icing on this fancy cake would have been the below pair of Missoni purple knee high socks.

Unfortunately though, they were in the laundry, as I had worn them the day earlier with a pair of blue and green plaid trouser pants. So…

sandals: Miu Miu

Step 6: Compliment your leopard print cuffs with leopard print shoes! Give Tyra Banks a run for her smeyez. For maximum repelling potential I will of course suggest you time your laundry cycles better so you have purple socks to wear with your jungle animals.

In any case, go forth now, newly initiated mixologists and try your hand at some print mixing. Share your photos and do tell of your tales! 


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  • An absolutely amazing outfit. I'm so going to get my mix and match on.

  • Ah you've completely inspired me, I love this post!

  • I love this combo!!! 🙂


  • Hannah

    You have amazing legs. This makes your repelling talent all the more impressive.

  • I love you how to step by step posts! At step 3 I usually cringe but as always, by the end I have a total lady boner. Love it.

  • Love it! I wish I wasn't so scared of mixing prints on myself. I feel like when I do it's to much on me and isntead of me wearing the prints the prints are wearing me.

  • Love your outfit!

  • i am in love with that skirt, the print is amazing! 🙂

    Mollie from

  • I die for this! Major LB for your blog.

  • This look is so good, as always.


  • Dizzy eyes, warm heart, and cold loins.

    I love it. Total ladyboner as soon as I saw the rings. MR gold.
    the other emily

  • Is it wrong that I find this adorable?

  • Rae

    I just want you to know that the possibility of the first outfit being a man getter was shot down by my boyfriend as we sat here reading this morning… he saw the skirt, looked at me quizzically and asked, "Why is she trying to draw attention to her vagina with all those arrows?" He didn't have words for the rest of the post…

  • this post got more and more repelling as I scrolled down… mission accomplished! x

  • MR


  • Anonymous

    This inspires me to get a pucci print du rag.

    …as a straight white male.


  • i am so going to try this tomorrow. haha 🙂

  • I liked the D&G; blouse with the aztec skirt, and the sweater with the blouse, just not all together. I guess I am only a semi repeller…..
    I can never get my laundry cycles right either! But wearing day 2 clothes is the epitome of man repelling.
    I like to mix my grandpa's 70's paisley button up, a vintage purple paisley scarf, and my grandma's weird rubber fringe vest.

  • super cute skirt! <3

  • but like HOW do you pull this shit off? you're freaking amazing. you're a goddess of fashion. you're my inspiration. k thnx bye

  • theres no doubt that you stand out!

  • And there we have an example on the Art of Mix and Match 🙂

  • Love that skirt. On one hand you may have decreased your chances of mating with anyone of the male species, but I think you may have increased your chances of attracting a horn toad lizard…a win? I think so. Lizards are cool.

  • oh gurl, this is on the money! I would actually wear this and then my boyfriend would tell for the umpteenth time, that he hates what I'm wearing…hahaha!!
    xo lina

  • I just heard scurrying… and it was the sound of penises running away. Mission accomplished


  • I do love this post in its entirety… Thank you, Leandra, for inspiring the rest of us to go above and beyond with risks.

  • This is amazing!

  • Definitely got me inspired to start mixin'

  • Lauren Helen

    I suppose my mission for tonight is not to study for my five finals that I have to write this week but to find an amazing print-mixing outfit to repel my male classmates when I walk into the first exam!

    Thanks for the how-to! 🙂

  • Major Lady BOW-ner for your outfit! Going to Man Repel extra hard tomorrow in honour of this post in all of its patterned glory <3

  • Most inspiring! In fact, I immediately ordered the leopard cuff from Bhati Beads. Nothing like a ring of fuzz around your dainty areas to scare away the roosters!

  • always glad to see the fur cuffs in action! i am wearing a patterned shirt and sweater, but how could i forget to wear a patterned skirt too!? this will not happen again.

  • I think i'm only a semi-repeller, but i admire you nevertheless! My latest post is on a pretty suttle version of print mixing..!
    i would love if you looked and gave feedback!

  • Oh, you had me at Yay-bia.

  • Anonymous

    oh sweet jebus

  • You've pulled off the mixing of prints perfectly!

  • Anonymous

    yes, but where is the bowtie in the last photo?

  • Manrepeller? Nonesense. You're a babe! I'm going to print-mix on my birthday this weekend and will send you pictures of the cat-astrophic results — meow.

  • Man-repelling at it's best. You look phenomenal with that bow-tie! And I am cracking up at your yay-bia comment. Bahah!


  • at last a blog with unapologetic attitude yay! and with legs like yours it would be a stupid man to dismiss cos of the clothes which, btw, rock…

  • You have crazy amazing style….but lets see pics of you dressed like this in public!!

  • dare i say it? you look hot!

  • Actually the final result looks like something that would've run in Jane Magazine.

  • Jac

    Just saw the Rachel Roy videos. So funny. BTW where did you learn that awesome handshake you did with Caitlin?

  • great mix and match! i am a big fan of bowties haha

  • Anonymous

    That outfit is amazing. But it looks a little bare without some sort of "temple-topper". Maybe a…turband?

  • I love this! It may indeed be the finest example of pattern mixing on womankind! Great commentary and beautiful patterns. I love them all on their own merits, but they're just so joyful, quirky, fun and outlandish when all worn together! (The cropped sweater was brilliant!)

  • I think this just MIGHT be my favorite outfit of yours yet! Mix on!

  • you are so cute,girl 🙂

  • you are f*cking hilarious.
    glad i found your blog.

  • Hey sweetthing!! I just wanted to say that I've been reading your blog for a little while now and although I haven't commented before congratulation for the nomination in the bloglovin awards! I think you're wonderful and I hope you win! maybe if I make it over I'll get to meet you.
    ps that's so funny about the stripes and their subliminal v jay jay stripes, heheh, reminds me of Abbey Lee in those piccies wearing the Isabel Marant maxi skirt, I thought the same thing, but it looked wicked, so rockon!xx mandy

  • You are so funny! Best blog to come to when I want to procrastinate 🙂
    And as usual, super cute outfit!

  • Anyone can put together a bunch of clashing items and look like a fool. It takes a pro to make it work!

    See these photos:

  • Oh wow, Madame Repeller. You've outdone yourself! This is far and away the most disgusting outfit I've seen. That's a man repeller if ever I saw one. Mission accomplished!

    hmm…but then I did another quick scroll up and realised, those limbs of yours. Severe MAN-GETTERS. Quick! Cover them up in some printed tights.

  • I think you're wicked, confident, cool, but still very very sweet and simple!
    Kiss you, Carolina.

  • A man will only see those amazing pins and want to bone you!! More layers, More print!!!

  • you look so adorable! love this outfit. thanks for the inspiration.

  • this is <3

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