Man Repelling Designer Awareness: Leila Shams

Fashion week is coming and peoples’ sanity is going. Lucky for me, I’m not sane to begin with. Before that happens though, I’d like to introduce another of the installments I often start and rarely finish. This one called: Man Repelling Designer Awareness. Every week (or month, who really knows) until Fashion Week I intend to showcase a bombass under-the-radar designer, whether he or she be an apparel gypsy or weapon-crafting modern-day Xena, Warrior Princess. This way, come Fashion Week, you will the trendiest crackerjack riding the celibacy train to Lincoln Center. Today, we start with Leila Shams, the crazy crocodile giving new meaning to the term and texture associated with said print.

Because embossing is so 2010, here’s to a literal crocodile print on your maxi dress.
…And your bi-polar tunic.
…And your maxi skirt. It’s like a Cavalli, but better. On that note:
She offers a great alternative to traditional Christopher Kane prints, too. Because nothing says “do me” like hiding your legs behind–or decorating your ass with–fabric adorned by leopard faces.
Relative to Christopher Kane, the prices are super affordable. You know, for the sake of preserving your 401k.  If, however, wearing red-eyed water critters, jungle animals et al on your body isn’t your thing…I question the motives behind your even reading this blog, no sweat my pet. Note the pun.
 Shams caters to the winged vertebrae emulating set, too.
Go on, vulture. Give the White Swan a run for her eggs.
TWICE. Shams spared no shame re: lookbook makeup either. Here’s to eyelids that look like a ‘brow wax gone painfully (again, note the pun) wrong and some super-hypothermic lips. She must need her Phillip Lim arm-warmers. I do also commend her for abusing her creative license and taking notoriously man-getting silhouettes, cue the mini skirt pictured below paired with forever long legs:
And turning them into the black hole of bold structures and inaccurate big hips. Perusing passed collections sparked a bright idea on how to outfit oneself for The Superbowl:

Because in the lookbook of our lives everyday is reason to dress in head to toe sequins, Superbowl Sunday should be no exception. Just don’t get hopes up on any post-game super boning.Finally, you know how I feel about sartorial mullets and schizophrenic silhouettes, so I’ve saved the best for last:

You may say this isn’t much a man repeller, but what happens when you’re approached and told your dress “looks crazy” to which you respond: “yes, I’ve found that it speaks literal lengths about my personality.” 
I’ll tell you what happens: nothing. The conversation ends. 
Sometimes so does your night. 
And now, so will this blog post.
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  • Caz

    At the risk of sounding… Oh, I dunno…Mental? I NEED THE dress? Sartorial equivalent of a mullet? GIMMIE.

  • The superbowl look is so fab! I must get it in every color! [It better come in more colors!!!!!!!!] Love your blog, lady!

  • the prints are amazing…!!!

  • Anonymous


  • love the gator prints xo

  • Wow, I love every single one of those pieces!

  • yeah, I'm gonna need that tiger in the grass mini.

  • Anonymous

    agree with Melissa!

  • Amazing prints!


  • Love love love the white swan dress, the first one rather. I would wear it any day girlfriend!

  • I find these pieces hot, is there something wrong with me?? 🙂

  • I love it… All of it. I must be a man repeller!

  • 'ill tell you what happens. nothing. the conversation ends.'

    like the collection, LOVE YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR

  • i believe leila shams is one of the designers featured on joe zee's new show? i remember seeing a sneak peek and that alligator print, or maybe the one on the show was a copy cat. either way im obsessed with it's eerie beauty.


  • I love how Black Swan has had such an impact on fashion: full skirts and feathers…beautiful. XO Valerie

  • Anonymous

    This. Is. Awesome.

  • need that tiger print! need!

  • yay thanks everyone! yes i'm on joe zee's upcoming show all on the line playing the role of the tacky bimbo designer on the brink of disaster due to my classless over the top clothes – a role i was born to play. love you man repellers!

  • Feathered skirts are my fave. Seriously. Love.

  • Anonymous

    ooo love this. Great find!!

  • I don't know what to say, in my mind there's a voice that tells me: 'Go and do your duty, buy one of those dresses.. At least one!'

  • The crocodile prints are bizarrely brilliant…

  • Props for the Xena mention…I wish that show were still on. In the mean time I would adorn a tiger on my ass it's like saying I want you, but not to the point where I'll actually want to still want you in a week or so. One night stand here I come.

  • I just looked up Leila Shams and her stuff doesn't have price points yet. I can totally see her stuff being used in a editorial piece. Since I am in Vegas I have seen glittery jersey more that once.

  • Love the owl dress–or is it an owl? Either way.

  • Anonymous

    First off, I just have to be the nit-picky bitch in the ointment and point out that it is in fact a leopard face and not a tiger. And now that I've gotten that off my chest, can I just say that I am SO IN LOVE WITH THAT FEATHER SKIRT. And also that after perusing the rest of her looks, I am totally loving the lightning print.

    PS: Your blog is AMAZING. Please never stop writing.

  • your so rediculously witty and funny

  • I don't think you'll ever run out of stuff to put on your blog. There'll always be someone new to create something weird or ugly and so unsexy! And if they're not famous designers, they can also be simple bloggers with a different (to avoid saying "weird") sense of fashion.
    I did a post about your blog, hope you don't mind. I love it !

  • I don't know if you noticed, but the designs are accompanied by the proper collection titles:
    S/S 2011 Super Freak, F 2010 Bad Luck (no kidding!), Spring 2010 Weird Science.
    Go Man Repellers!
    Kisses, Danae

  • ray

    oh man!! alligator printz. i'm loving this shit! that last dress is kinda hot though, don't you think… the bustier and hemline might just entice not disgrace.

    but i suppose trickery is one of MR's notorious characteristic ;]

    thanks a bunch for sharing miss shams!! xx

  • Megu

    Have you checked out Givenchy's pre fall line? REpeLLER!!!! Needless to say, it's fab.

  • Ria

    Loving this designer so good! Do want!!!

    I adore this feather skirt myself.;_id=783

  • you're hilarious
    i love your posts

  • love how Black Swan has had such an impact on fashion… I love every single one of those pieces! Thanks a bunch for sharing miss shams!

  • Eye

    Wow, These all the great models, I like your designing style. This is the perfect blogs.I think, You also commend her for abusing her creative license and taking notoriously man-getting silhouettes, cue the mini skirt pictured below paired with forever long legs. Thanks for nice posting.
    Hostess torino

  • Igorian

    Wow, you guys are amazing. Apparently you didn’t pick up on the fact that this was a bad review. We saw the episode of its all on the line with Miss Shams, and quite frankly, I thought she went out of business after that show.

    Her designs are old, vulgar, and look more like they belong on the ladies of the night on the corner of 11th Avenue in New York, rather than on a runway in Fashion Week.

    By the way, I worked in couture in Paris, n the famed houses of Balmain, Givonchy, and LaCroix, and I know fashion..)