In Partnership With
Rachel Roy x The Man Repeller to Save Valentine’s Day

In partnership with Rachel Roy.

My computer has been resuscitated and so have I.

While in an ironic series of events, I may be late to the game in posting a bit about my Rachel Rachel Roy collaboration, I shall still do so you know, despite my incessant Facebook and Twitter updates earlier today.

Before I continue though, it must be noted that one of the most satisfying parts of this collaboration was the fact that in an early post I wrote for my blog called Trendspotting: Stolen from the Superhero, I outted an inherent love-affair I’ve had with capes since the first time I could say “crusader.” I may or may not have mentioned that people often yell “YOU’RE NOT A SUPERHERO!” at me when I outfit myself in capes, capelets, and excessive neoprene. This is to all the nonbelievers though…

Would you look at that! Foreshadowing Frank is here to confirm: I am in fact, a superhero…turning everyday girls into full blown fashion propellers. 

See? What now? WHAT NOW? …Valentine’s Day? Not here pal. Just kidding, it’s still here. And we’re going to spend it together! With dead birds on our fingers! I can’t exclamating! I drank a Red Bull an hour ago! 

Moving forward.

My first order of business was helping Caitlin, along with Rachel Roy. Her problem was too many men hitting on her. Me personally, I blamed the hip-hugging wrap dress she came to me wearing. To each their own, I guess. The solution here was obvious. The remedy for too many men? Too many layers. Duh. And a topknot. Get in on the Secret Society of Man Repellers, New and Old handshake and watch the video here.

When Coral came looking for help from my superhero alter-ego, she was mourning her break-up. I turned her frown upside down and taught her about the joys of sartorial bartending. Now she’s good as new and has a tie dye turban to show for it. Watch that video here.

The last case included Jeanette. She had a blind date. My obvious first reaction was to have her go in and blind him with crazy patterns and bright separates. I told her of my idea but she then expressed to me that she was looking for “the one.” And so, I told her that the Celine Shopper was back on the floor at Barney’s so she wouldn’t have to look too hard I gave her a onesie. In denim. And to quote myself, “nothing says Valentine’s Day like socks and sandals and a dead bird on your finger.” Missions, repelled. 
Watch the video and read an interview from Lady Roy and me to Harper’s Bazaar here. 

And as for you, fellow Repellows, shop my picks if you want to recreate these looks, abridged or exaggerated (yeah yeah, this one!) to your liking. I am particularly partial toward the swing coat for obvious reasons. See below.

See that? Full circle, people. I love healthy circulation. Have a party with your insides! 

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  • Congrats! I love it!

    Please visit my blog and follow me!

  • Love Love Love. You are a darling!

  • i love this video. can we be bffs? no, seriously?

  • I have to say that my friends and I are sharing your word far and wide … we tell boys the reason for the outfit is a newly coined term from our guru and she has finally given our pattern wearing turban rocking weaponry jewls a name…

  • JG

    Gawd, perfection.

  • I appreciate you going for your dreams!! 😉 Love this post! Congrats on the collaboration!

    velvet cupcakes

  • You are so incredibly adorable! I love your blog 🙂

    I wore harem pants to school today, and my friend told me that I was "man repelling." Kudos, my dear!

    In fact, my friends and I adore your blog, and we're planning a "man repeller" day at school. Harem pants, turbans, mixing prints, and crazy maneater heels galore 🙂

    I wish that I could go see you speak at the IFB conference; alas, my parents won't let their 17 year old frolic in the big apple alone. Oh well.

    Could we just be blog friends/best friends?

  • Oh my goodness, these videos were hilarious.

  • congrats! funny. gorgeous. clever. 🙂 xo

  • Anna

    Man Repeller, you freakin' superhero! Oh, how I wish I could summon you to save me with your sartorial superpowers!

  • I must say I love the graphics. You should use the super hero thing for your blog. On another note I love Rachel Roy fantastic clothing. Albeit I feel odd not saying anything of whimsy tonight instead just good words ahh well I'm tired maybe tomorrow.

  • this is soo cool!

    lovely feature!

    PS: added your blog to my blog roll today, just can't get enough

  • That ruled.

  • Anonymous

    WOW that was so funny!!

  • Anonymous

    I'm a straight guy and I read your blog daily. I think you are awesome and adorable and I'm glad I finally know what your voice sounds like. You're just cool all around.

  • Great post and fantastic blog.
    U have a new follower


  • I love the videos! 🙂 Congratulations!

  • Anonymous

    this is just amazing!

  • I love healthy circulation too! Lol…

  • I love this…Congratulations, this is so cute!

  • Anonymous

    You may be a manrepeller, but you are not a FAN-repeller, I absolutely love your blog , I think that is truly full of your personal vibes and that makes it very special. I don´t have a blog, I just like to spy the world through the net, and finding you has been a really nurturing coincidence.
    Keep feeding us please¡¡¡
    Best regards from Spain.

  • Ally

    Excellent marketing. Your post this week made me go to the Rachel Roy website and buy a dress. An interesting, but possibly man-attracting one. Sorry.

    Rachel does have some wonderful man-repelling options though. (I see she's now helpfully grouped them in a category of their own.) This one takes the man-repelling cake, though:,default,pd.html?cgid=110143559&itemNum;=4&variantColor;=JJ682B4&variantSizeClass;=
    A bow! A romper! A genderless 60s mechanic shape and unflattering length!

    I thought of you, Leandra.

  • you're truly amazing. Possibly my favourite blog ever, such a relief after so many serious fashion blogs! Please never stop!

  • Your blog is so much fun! I look forward to reading it everyday! Love the Rachel Roy video!!

  • A.E

    Yum. You should work out how to make this a regular fixture: Man Repeller Saves The Day…or suchlike. You know you want to. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I am mind blown, I definitely had something deeper in mind, maybe even a little nasal.
    That's going to change the inner-voice I use to read this blog.

  • lol you always make me laugh but yeah, sometimes we want fashion and no more.

  • This is fantastic. Finally a way to make Valentine's suck a tiny bit less.

    PS: Gave you a shout out today on my blog. What an inspiration you are. Guys can suck it.

  • Anonymous

    omg this is amaze

  • You are beyond entertaining, love your site. xoxox

  • This is actually genius. And just browsed the collab page… I want every spiky ring and chunky heel.

  • You really are the best!

  • Lolol, this is funny. I swear I snicker every time I even see the world 'repel' now because of you!

  • Carmelo Johnson

    This one is nice! Models are hot!

  • Carmelo Johnson

    Love it!!! Very talented designer.