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Last Night, I Went Around and Came Around

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Staying true to What Goes Around Comes Around and the name of its’ store, last night I–as the title of this post suggests–went around and came around. Co-hosting with Elizabeth Spiridakis of White Lightning and Tiffany Gong of Six Sick Girls spoke great lengths to my blog’s aesthetic.

Photograhed above: Elizabeth talking to John Jannuzzi, Tiffany Gong. As you can see, they are trendy mo’frikas. Also, chronic man repellers.
Here’s me, just chatting away with my favorite mannequin, talking cow lick fur and shopping vintage with Naomi Nevitt of Teen Vogue. (In case you’re wondering, I’m wearing an Elise Overland dress with a Charlotte Ronson utility blouse.)

So yes, last night I had copious amounts of fun, particularly because upon arrival I had a short chit-chat with the photographer on site and this is how our conversation went.
“Hi, I’m Man Repeller.”
“That’s your name?
“No…well, yes. In any case, could you do me a huge favor, puh puh puh p-lease?”
“Sure, but I will not give you my first born.”
“Oh. Fail. Ok. Bye.”

Just kidding, that’s not how the second part of our conversation panned out. I asked him to pay special attention to any and all of the particularly man-repelling ensembles. I feared he wouldn’t exactly understand so I followed my remark with: when you see a girl being complimented by other girls on her cool outfit but you yourself think ‘I wouldn’t bang her if we were the last two people on planet earth’…take a photo. The outcome was excellent, his photos substantiated more of my theories. Evidence rests below.

Alisa Gould-Simon (one of the loverly ladies that turned me on to Pose) aptly combines a polka dot turban with a striped dress.
Two of the direct members from my tribe: Kimberly Taylor, the face behind the brand and Rachel Siegel, my personal tech support, also a professional StyleCaster.
Here I am–not particularly repelling (I was coming from a family function, THROW ME A BOWNER)–with Carol Han, half of CA Creative, the crazy culottes that orchestrated the entire event.
A little background about this image: I saw the fur, I saw the printed harems, I signaled to the photographer and screamed: snappy, snappy! Clicky, clicky! As you can see, I’m gleefully watching in the background (to the left.) Here’s to subtle plaid and leopard accents.
As you can see, Tiffany only surrounds herself with professional man repellers. This feels like a scene out of Pollyanna goes to Fashion Week.
Here, my hair suggests that I’m going bald while chatting with Irene (read: trying to buy the mongolian fur off her back) of Style Like U. I hope that isn’t true but don’t you love the gold button detail at the bottom on my utility blouse? Get yours at Shop the Far Out.…What? I’m just trying to share the wealth. It’s on sale.
Here, I rock out with my zipper out while perving around with the Man Getter (to my left), Semi Repeller (to my right) and Robi. Evidently, at WWD, on Wednesdays they wear black.
It should be noted that the photographer’s task of the night was not a very difficult one: look at the spermicide creative juice flowing around the room, swooning the vintage treasures.
That skirt will compliment perfectly my Mariachi slippers, eh?
A bit of their conversation I’m going to go ahead and make up: “Alright girlfriend, it’s these or my birth control, what do you say?” “Is the turban not enough?”
And finally, as the night comes to a close…
Elizabeth steals the show when she gears up to fly off later to meet her counterpart, bat-man and fight crime. You, White Lightning, are a Renaissance woman.

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  • I must say- You are by far the least repugnant in the room! Some of these chicks look like clowns!

  • Hey now, those are my PEOPLE. Not clowns! Fancy repellers!

  • hahaha "Pollyanna goes to Fashion Week." — love it

  • Now that's (sketch42) the kind of man you want 2 repel

  • Seems like a fun event! 🙂

    Check out my 100 £ ASOS Gift Voucher GIVEAWAY!

  • LOL looks amazing the ones with you in the background are hilarious in a stalkerish kind of way. I love that you told him to photograph the ones he wouldn't bone…should the girls be proud or a lil sad? Haha still hilarious.

  • Hahaha! I am a girl!!!!

    Im just pointing out that leandra looks a little cooler and less repellent than some of the people in the picture. I actually think she pulls off man-repelling and makes it look good!

  • Every time I read a post of yours, I'm like, "What is she talking about, I'd do her in that."

    Then I remember, I'm not a man. Right.

  • thankyou for posting this to entertain me while i figure out my new phone this morning. 🙂 love you.

  • Repel the men, attract me. Jaja. I've never tried dressing for my bf and i dont think any girl should, menrepelling ensembles are the most stylish!

    big fan,

    Annina of

  • Ahah, every time I read your posts I think I'm not alone!! 🙂 Why do I live in a little (not so much after all) city where no one (neither women!!) understands my faux furs and my turbans?! Can't wait to move to London! 😀

  • wow full house

  • A.E

    I really, really hope you actually shouted "snappy snappy" at the photographer. Please oh please…because that has JUST MADE MY DAY. (In fairness, i was just doing maths homework, arguably you didn't have to work too hard for the day-making, but STILL). 🙂

  • 🙂 I'm the girl in the fur with the crazy printed harem pants!! The party was so much fun last night but totally disappointed I didn't get to chat with you. Maybe next time!




  • you're totally the chief of the tribe!… just happy to be a part of xxxx

  • Love it! Wish I could have joined. Looks like the queen repeller has met her repellow clique!! Love!

  • Anonymous

    you're not really man reppelling missy!

  • @Sketch42 No sweat lady, you know i lurve you

  • Wish I could have been there! The Man Repeller crowd looks so inviting!

    I've been rocking my pink vintage Balenciaga turban for years, and as a result, haven't been rocking my panties off. C'est la vie!

    ps- "throw me a bowner" …I can barely type it without laughing. Love your blog!

  • Lauren Helen

    Ahh looks like so much fun! 😀

    I love the picture with you creeping in the background x)

  • I love reading your blog!

  • om

    spermicide. indeed. cast-iron chastity belt, methinks.

  • Anonymous

    Man repeller- "Toterly" unrelated to this post but I must know asap. Where did you get your black leather Moto jacket I often see you sporting? I can't find one ANYWHERE quite as perfect. If you got it from a store in NYC, perfect, I'll be there this weekend! If you bought it in Paris, welp, then I'm screwed- not actually- har har!

  • cool pictures!! Your blog is AMAZING, glad to be your newest follower!!


  • anonymouse

    @ilana… But _I_ am, and I totally agree with you!

  • how do i love thee?! can't even count the endless ways. cowlick fur?! snappy snappy, clicky clicky?! it's too much highlariousness all over the place. i think you might be a genius. either way i couldn't resist commenting (even though i always wonder "who the hell has time to comment?) apparently me. but hey, gotta throw a sister from another mister some love.


  • What am I not getting about you people??

  • sweet pictures, the real question is did you buy anything?

  • @Vegas Fashion Stylist DUH! Leather moto vest, metal cuff made from a string ray imprint. Photos to follow.

  • just josh

    i don’t care how late i am, but i want to say i find it adorable how elizabeth and acquaintance in photo 1 have to cross their legs so as to cope with whatever anxiety arose from their proximity to what may very well have been the most magnificent ass in the room/on earth.