Guess the Blogger Pose: Top that Knot

In light of the events of yesterday (shameless plug #1: Vote for me as Most Original Blog of 2011 here) I thought today would be an opportune time to unveil the newest in the Guess the Blogger Pose series. And eventhough I call it “Guess the Blogger Pose,” I think what I mean is Guess the Blogger Style because you know, after you’ve guessed Rumi Neely’s signature sprawling pose and Karla’s try at snorkeling with sex appeal, how many innovative poses are actually out there?

Today, I’ll start with some nifty and thrifty detail shots a la Naomi Shon, per usual.

blouse: M Missoni, sweater: Rebecca Taylor, trousers: Opening Ceremony, socks: Target, shoes: Steven, purse: Chanel

If you can guess the blogger this early on, I will reward you with copious amounts of printed socks.

To offer a hint though, I’ll tell you that socks and sandals are among her staple style points. I feel like I am giving Chinese restaurants a run for their fortune cookies in the above photo. Not sure why, but just go with it, wouldja.

It should also be noted that even though I have taken a cue from myself and acted as a sartorial bartender in mixing the punchy printed blouse with striped socks, the outfit still threads together rather organically. Yes, that’s right, this is shit is organic. Available for purchase at Whole Foods for a limited time only.

And finally, here’s a photo by Chuck Grant of the entire look. As you can see…my hair is in a topknot.
Do you know who I’m emulating yet?

How about now?

And now?

Cats pajamas…

I love top knots…(hint! This too, is a hint.) 

Did you vote for me yet?

How ’bout now?

Are you ready for the answer?

You sure?



Too bad!

In an effort to do things a little differently and force you to keep your thinking capsturbans on, I’m literally going to make you guess. And if you guess correctly, you will win my glittery heart and maybe a few pairs of printed socks!

Keep checking back today for the revelation of the answer. Unless you don’t care, in which case…I got nothing.

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