Getting Street Styled, Part III: Overdoing Outerwear
images via Fashionising, Mr Newton

Obligatory disclaimer: No animals were skinned, hurt and/or harmed in the making of this blog post.

During winter months it becomes particularly difficult to maintain one’s man repelling flair. We instead venture into the territory of human repelling: sleeping bag inspired down coats, Fuggs, layers of hot chili thermals…there has to be a better way.

And alas, there is. While I appreciate and understand why many reprimand the use of fur, it may perhaps be the only way to stay street style savvy through the season.

 images via Mr Newton, Knight Cat.  
Not going to neglect the elephant in this room, oh no. Kate Moss’s wrist looks like a dead fish.

Lucky for PETA Propellers, this season has been big on the faux and for those uninterested in preserving the lives of little baby animals…I’m so sorry, PETA. I think what you’re doing is great. Mongolian fur doesn’t hurt animals and whatever other fur I own is vintage, the animal would have died of old age…I swear are you sick? Either way, strap on what you’ve got and become the lion of Scott Schuman’s eye in six simple steps.

all photos by Naomi Shon
blouse: Pencey, trouser jeans: J Brand
Step 1: Let the reserved white swan within fly free north of your legs. I stole this blouse from the Semi-Repeller herself.
Step 2: Introduce Chuck the Cheetah to your baby swan and trouser pants. Hand on waist formation optional but highly recommended.
second vest: Kookai
Step 3: Add another vest. As Man Repellers, layering is our forte. As human beings, staying warm is our instinct. See how this is working out? The two worlds collide so perfectly.
Knit garbage bag featuring Mongolian fur trim: Carolina Herrera
Step 4: Hold your horses, judgmental Jerry. This Carolina Herrera shaggy dog does not belong to me. It’s my ma’s. She bought it when my father wasn’t looking. And that shit is non-returnable. [Insert sigh of relief here.]
fur scarf: Dennis Basso a la my mother once again, JUDGMENTAL JERRY.
Step 5: Include a furry scarf. Try not to choke. We’ve thus far layered four fur separates to recreate what we can–in just one more step–refer to as a street style photographer’s winter wet dream come true going forward.  
We can also call it: Rachel Zoe Legit.

hat: Vintage
Step 6: Finally, add what the yeshiva aesthetic refers to as a “Streimel,” but what we will call: “a fur hat.” Yackity yack, chuckle, chuck, slapping my knee and I just can’t stop. Is it a bird? It is it a bear? Is it an overweight deer? No, no. It’s a man repeller and she’s g g g getting photo’ed in 5…4…3…2…snappy, snappy. Clicky, click!
 …Or you can just buy Chanel’s grizzly suit. It should be on sale by now. Your call.
For a quick recap including all six steps in two coherent images that tell a story called The Many Faces of MR, see below.
Wasn’t that just the most? Stay toasty!
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  • Anonymous

    you. are. awesome.

    love the Streimel reference!

  • is that a crocodile collier de chien? …casually going into cardiac arrest over here!

  • The perfect post for a day like today. This is beyond cute. Love love love the last photo.

  • amazing. speechless amazingness.

  • oh mylanta that scarf and carolina herrera garbage bag are to dieee for! Who needs men when you can look like a yeti, I mean honestly.


  • I actually laughed out loud once you put the hat on. Just great work babe. Great work.

  • never would have thought of the vest on vest layering…very nice, thanks for the tip. And those jeans are HAWT!! But would you say the super-long- hidden-feet-length pants are man repeller or propeller?

    xx Tess S

  • This is fantastic… especially since every time my boyfriend sees my fur vest, he makes a face as if I'd barbarically slaughtered the (faux) animal myself. So repelling.

  • Anonymous

    Your mom is so chic! I'd love to see her closet..

  • Great looks, also-which style of J Brand are those jeans? I love them so much and I don't see them when I click the J Brand link. Thanks!!!

  • I swear, *swear* hubby & I have this exact debate every time I pull out my vintage bunny vest – he's horrified, & every time I think to myself, "Yeah, I *would* like to layer this up with my shearling mittens & giant fox earmuffs, but I won't, 'cause I've already repelled you enough for one look… but MR would be so proud." xo!

  • @FashionSerialKiller Try this link:;=love%20story&gclid;=COWkhvKYtaYCFQQ65QodsSZJJQ

    @properorderofthings I say if you have the man already let your freak fly. High.

  • Love the looks! who needs a man to keep you warm when you have multiple layers of fur!

    Did you see the Givenchy Pre-Fall 2011 collection? Man-repelling at its finest


  • yay thanks so much-they are awesome!

  • the abominal fur monster! ahhh! but not i do love it, however i'd probably skip step 4 cause it only covers everything up. i'll sacrifice being chilly if i look freakin haute 😉


  • I think all those animals would have died willingly if they saw the finished product of your dick deflecting outfit. Nice job.

  • Awww I want to lay on you now…not to be pervy crazy, but you look cozy like a bear. LOL your mom sounds fun.

  • You're brilliant!!!

  • Love this 🙂 So much toasty warmth…


  • That's how you wear a trouser, so jealous! I looked similar to your layering situation out of necessity this morning, although it wasn't executed as well.

  • I'm lusting after your Adrienne Landau fur vest, great alternative to the Dries Van Noten one. As always, thanks for interjecting some humor!

  • what exactly is mongolian fur? i've heard different things from different people!

  • I made the mother of all human repelling snafu's last year when I (absentmindedly) wore a vintage fur coat to a vegan restaurant.


  • Anonymous

    dearest mr: you are doing a real mitzva I can tell you. After a long day of running after the kids in my 80s poly dress with the shoulder pads and nice thick woolen slouchy tights, I know I can always kick back with the MR for a good laugh.

  • Pencey <3s U

  • hahahaha Rachel Zoe legit. you are a riot

  • Aaaah that Carolina Herrera coat!!! You look so cozy beautiful… I want to caress and touch your fur collection (I apologize, that didn't sound right). I hope you don't mind. LOL. Real fur is banned at my house, you can imagine how hard it is to be tempted like this. The only real fur I can pet here at home is my dog.

  • b

    love the carolina trash bag. I too share your policy on vintage fur! It totally counts. No new demand right?

    hilarious, as always.

  • mmm…I think the hat was too much…lol
    MR points for the last picture alla Jane Aldridge…
    on a separate note, how cool would it be if you gave us a nice little list of man repelling places us foreigners can visit while on vacations in NYC??? you know, something like the online man repelling sites, but in real, can-go-visit-melt-my-credit-card way!

  • Hilarious post, as usual 🙂


  • Love it… So funny I have Kate Moss's gilet!!! I am wearing right now… how weird is that?! I did a post on it too…

  • Loved this post, you're hilarious! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I love your bracelet? watch? Where and how do I get it!

  • Amazing, as always. Oh the chanel grizzly suit.. so bad.

  • I'm inspired. love all the fur separates, but mostly that carolina hereera & dennis basso scarf! I'm sure men can handle a grizzly bear here and there yah? lol! xoxo

  • Hahahahah! The combination of everything is just fabulous (not in the "pretty fabulous" way).
    Funny! I'm already addicted to your blog!!!


  • Anonymous

    I have to confess, this site, and this post in particular, makes me confused. I am a straight man, and I know the name of the blog is The Man Repeller, but I actually think that this outfit from step 2 on not only looks really good, but I actually find it attractive. I can say the same thing for at least a quarter of the other outfits on the blog.

    Does this imply that there is either something wrong or right with me, or with the outfit?

  • this is awesome ha ha…
    you always keep me entertained while at work

  • Lauren

    You're so adorable! 😛

  • Stef

    Normally I think you're awesome and I am an avid fan, but I felt compelled to comment on this posting. I don't make a habit of this, and I don't want to come across as preachy, but I'm sooo disappointed in the use and advocation of real fur…. in this day and age, I do not understand why people would want to have a dead animal draped across their body. I appreciate the references you made to the (brilliant) work of PETA, but the fur trade is horrendously cruel, and even by wearing 'vintage' fur, the animals killed to make your coat, hat, whatever suffered horribly and unnecessarily, and by wearing it, you're saying that either that's ok, or you don't care… very sad. Thus endith my rant. Please continue being awesome and instructing us on how to be better man repellers (minus the fur!)x

  • I can't bring myself to wear real fur BUT I have to say I love the way it looks and I too have an obsession with wearing fur (albeit faux) all winter, I was inspired to try out some new layers after reading this. Also, I linked through your blog to your pic of the Chanel suit in my article!

  • Anonymous


    & don't worry aboot the fur – you can always fake it:

  • amazing. speechless amazingness.

  • em

    That coat is gorgeous. Even if the outfit is a little propellant 🙂

    Also, PETA sympathizers: just like with meat, you can (and should) buy humanely-raised fur, leather, whatever.