From Pitti Uomo
I once tweeted, “becoming a man repeller’s man friend is a huge responsibility. We’re talking an enormous viagra prescription here.” Now I ask you this, if you aren’t following me on twitter, don’t you feel bad about all the fun you’re voluntarily missing out on? Just kidding, that’s not my question, but it is still something to ponder, eh?
My real question goes as follows: While flipping through Tommy Ton’s photos for I got to thinking more extensively about a question I brushed upon answering in the December issue of Harper’s Bazaar: Can you be in fashion and still get a man?
I have the answer too. And it is yes. Yes you can. Maybe. Often, he will come in flamboyant shades of purple, may or may not sometimes swing for the same team as Rupaul and most prominently surfaces during the weeks of Pitti Uomo.
See what I mean, those roses are for me. Which brings me to my next point: 
While I am not necessarily into boning men with better groomed eyebrows than my own, if my life were an episode of The Bachelorette on ABC, I speculate taping time would coincide with the events of Pitti Uomo so that we could collect the highest concentration of sexually ambiguous men temporarily residing in one region. After all, these are most likely the only male specimens who would volunteer to partake in a show dedicated to finding the drop to my crotch, the leopard print of my fur, the bow to my ‘ner…one who would allow a man repeller’s freaky deaky creative license as much leeway it pleases. And without further adieu, here are the contestants I’ve drawn up.
Exhibit A:
Not sure what his face looks like but ultimately it doesn’t matter. He is Mr. Peanuting in Prada creepers…
 And man and wife should have at least one pair of friendship shoes per season.
Exhibit B:
Plaid x plaid x denim with a few red accents…
(Not by Tommy Ton, my handheld device facilitated this photographic genius.)
Shirt: Fremont, vest: Polo, scarf: F21 it comes with a special story
…To compliment my try at pairing plaid with plaid and another bright red plaid.
Exhibit C:
Pendleton sneakers are cool as shit. Again, face description unneccesary.
Exhibit D:
Birth control glasses, check. Bow tie, check. Think of the arguments we’ll have over who gets to wear the Moscots each day!
Exhibit E:
Print mixing is my specialty, too.
Exhibit F:
Snakeskin pants. How upSCALE of you, future man friend. 
And finally,
Exhibit G reminds me that every now and then his cargo pockets will induce a riveting game of: Who Wears The Houlihans Better?
 Ultimately, I speculate a man repeller and her proper counterpart would look something like this:
So, if you’re going to try and find yourself a man friend, your best human bets are at Pitti Uomo.
On an unrelated but equally–if not more–important note from the same place:

Silly me, I felt pretty bad about leaving Anna dello Russo out of my bow tie post, so here she is, just repelling as usual with her female friends.

What’s so great about Prada’s neon fur stoles is that they grant ADR enormous privilege to the tenth power with the opportunity to hang the Pink Panther himself off her wrist. That is special. So are Palazzo pants. 
And while we’re talking neon shine…
There’s something about the punchy colors on her fuck-you-finger and wrist that really tug at my heart strings. It could be the aftermath of my perpetual Jil Sander swoon or…could neon jewelry be the latest and greatest in neon bright blinding our male-counterparts?
I seem to agree. #Getonmyneck.
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  • Anonymous

    You can actually visit and become friends with the guy in the snakeskin pants… He is Jay Kos and he owns a men's clothing store in NYC…

    Also read his blog:

  • Lauren Helen

    I can honestly say that The Bachelorette would be 100% more interesting if you were on it. I say you go for it ;P What do you know? You might get a man who loves the idea of friendship shoes out of it!

  • Haha the thing is it's hard to tell if a guy is just fashionable or gay? I mean this episode of the Bachelorette could turn into the Bachelor Men's Edition very fast don't you think? Though I think you should pitch this dating show to a network I bet someone would do it.

  • Great post! 🙂

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  • thank goodness i'm not the only one with jil sander neon fever.

  • Those Pendleton sneakersr are awesome!

  • i have a pendleton jacket that looks exactly like your vest/shirt combo! what what! represent

  • Love the plaid man!

  • The Pendelton sneakers are epic and totally worth their repelling qualities.

  • good lord woman you are funny. and right, as usual, about all things man repelling.


  • Anonymous

    brilliant post, as usual. ox

  • good lord.
    this post speaks the pure truth.

    why are the flamboyantly sartorial men camped up in italy? at least you're in new york.

    im stuck in LA with the world's largest population of bros.


  • You can definately be in fashion AND have a man. Just look at Dolce & Gabbana!

  • Anonymous


  • @anonymous Indeed.

  • yup

    dude post kanye in some flamboyant outfit as one of the attracted "man friends"

  • You are a riot! Always good for a laugh!

  • Well I tend to think all these gents don't play for our team so man "friends" they will forever be. (All the neon gives them away). But I give that one guy kudos for matching his gray patterned jacket to his colorful scarf so beautifully. I enjoy your taste as always, MR.

  • Anonymous

    I have been lusting after those vans for MYSELF since last year I had no idea they were for men oh well.

  • Jeepers creepers!

  • Anonymous

    has Exhibit B been shopping in Cher Horowitz's trash?

  • Anonymous

    This post is great and you're adorable

    You have yet to repel me <3


  • would also just like to add…

    tonight, i went out dancing with some friends. as i'm in a long-distance relationship, my boo wasnt there. when i got dressed, subconsciously trying to avoid any approaches from other dudes, i looked at myself in the mirror. Fur vest, check. "sartorial mullet shirt", check. french braid, hot pink lips, aggressive boots, check check check. i actually thought to myself, "am i man repeller enough yet?"

  • those green snake skin pants during the day, kill me

  • wow those shoes are truly something special

  • LOL If you weren't already funny enough, you have picked one of my fave TV people as the one in the first picture… he's HILARIOUS, either when he plays the wedding planner, or when he gives fashion advice… Goooo Enzo!!!!

  • ah. ok. your blog is just amazing. im following

  • "While I am not necessarily into boning men with better groomed eyebrows than my own…" I seem to agree!

  • hilarious. thanks for making my morning!


  • bring the delicious specimens to Melbourne I say I say.