From Man Getter to Man Repeller: The Little Black Dress
It’s been a while since the last installment of From Man Getter to Man Repeller, so in an effort to remind you fancy flamingos that even the tightest of mini dresses can get in touch with their inner Chloe Sevignys, here’s to a fresh look at my expert tree chopping skills. (It’s part of the lumberslut job description.)


dress: Kimberly Taylor, shoes: Jimmy Choo. Photo by Naomi Shon
Before I start: What do you guys think, should I turn my eyebrows into a fur stole?  
I call this outfit, “I would never wear this shit in real life but I guess it is a good way to exercise my lady bits-chic.” It should be noted, however, that posing as though I am some sort of uncomfortable fetus trapped in a black hole of bad pick up lines (see: photo at right) may be a man repeller in itself. I bought the shoes in 2007 just before my high school prom. I had a boyfriend at the time which should explain a lot. 
You must be wondering how I turned this motherfucker into a mother…celibate. See below.
blouse: Charlotte Ronson via Shop the Far Out, skirt: Diane von Furstenberg, shoes: Jimmy Choo, leopard print cuffs: Bhati Beads, tribal warrior necklace: TOMTOM Jewelry, turban: American Apparel. Photos by Naomi Shon
See! The photo at right is to prove to you skeptical skippers that I’m still wearing the LBD under all the Proenza-esque brocade layers fluffy enough to amount to what has become the material radius our male-counterparts maintain in an effort to sustain our consummation stats.
By adding a combination of military inspired general of the night, brocade renegade, leopard print fur cuffs (!) and some super counter-functional suede lace-up open-toe booties, I’ve become something of an anomaly. Proof rests in a little experiment I conducted after the photos were taken. I showed the opposing images to a slew of ten men and asked which respective outfit they found more approachable. Once again, my hypotheses were proven correct when every man who participated in said experiment (except one) chose the former.  
Would you look at that: Man Repeller by day, reputable scientist by night. This calls for the purchase of a little somethin’ somethin’ from Alexander Wang’s pharmaceutical chic Spring collection.  
Disclaimer: The one man who opted for outfit number two swings for the same team that I do. And we share a love for Rupaul.
And on that note, this is as good a time as any to share with you the latest in fashion trends, behold: the Ex-Boyfriend necklace.
photo by Naomi Shon
Having former man-friends bottled around our necks may work in our favor. For the masses to assume we have ex-boyfriends makes us pretty reputable and all of sudden completely in control of the decisions we’ve made re: becoming man repellers. Here’s to us!
Ultimately though, my point is to re-approach an old saying I once sayed.
Cock blockers don’t become cock rockers.
But they look cool.
Really cool.
All the time.
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  • Those shoes are bangarang. Xx

  • I don't know. You've got man-attracting legs that even a sturdy military jacket cannot distract from. Plus, you're looking pretty hot in these pics. You are definitely an enigma and certainly extremely funny.

  • Anonymous

    that military shirt is pretty good for summer layer/repel/ing!

  • classic.

  • WHERE is that necklace from? it is gorgeous!
    love todays post, as always

  • Anonymous

    that's that tomtom necklace she wears in every post.

  • Still you look like a man getter!

  • can't get enough of you.

    this outfit is like an onion. All crazy on top, and, well, all crazy in the middle too. But layers of delicious crazy. way to trick out that too-easy lbd.


  • Anonymous

    the only problem I have with this post is that the original dress could be substituted for any old black shirt really. In the other LBD edition post, the original dress was still a main part of the look.
    Bah… eff it, who cares? you're awesome.

  • Nice

  • Anonymous

    where is that exboyfriend necklace from?

  • @anonymous Bhati Beads. I think it's avail at

  • Love the outfit!

  • um yes yes yes. the headpiece and weaponry slung around your neck really helps this outfit for the extra man-repelling mile. absolutely love it.

    oh, and your eyebrows by the way. they are so lush! i have been "growing" mine out, which basically means hardly plucking them (oh the things we do for beauty), for the last year and i still have to fill with a little brow powder. work whatcha mama gave ya!

  • leopard fur cuffs? LOVE.

  • Leopard print cuffs (!!!) really great.

    Love the layers, way to make good use of a LBD in cold times.

    Keep cool, Man Repeller. Keep cool.

  • I'm part man-repeller, part getter (which is very confusing for my boyfriend), and I love BOTH pairs of shoes posted here.

    Also, if there's ever anything just TOO attractive (from a man's perspective) in your wardrobe, feel free to send it my way 😉 Although, with your skills, you've shown it can all be so, so sartorially corrected.

  • i adore this look!!! you crack me up everyday.


    Le Kiss Kiss- Click Here!

  • Love that khaki colour. It' brings the idea 'Man Repeller Army* to mind, awesome x

  • you are a fashion genius.

  • I think your outfits are lovely, I have a hard time thinking guys wouldn't like this.

  • Anonymous

    Sis, you are such a FUNNY BUNNY~!.

    Loving the fab uni-brow : gotta love that Eye-ranian gene pool ~~ 😀

  • The second outfit is so much better, I mean…straight guys, get with the fucking program!

  • LOL "Mother Celibate" Love it. So this friend is in to Rupaul…should we assume he is a man of the man persuasian? In that case it doesn't count those men that are into men have great style and so would always pick the more stylish outfits.

  • Mother trucker girl, not sure you're doing much repelling in that second look. Love both looks, but that's coming from a semi-repeller.

    Impetuous Style


  • A.E

    Oh deary me, I have never laughed so much at a blog in my entire blog-reading existence! You have just MADE MY DAY. Ta. 🙂

  • I think you could wear whatever you wanted and still get a man. You're pretty effing hilarious. And you're hot. So that's a plus, too. Just don't put out on the first date, or he could get the wrong idea.

  • I LOVE the name of your blog! haha. Sometimes I feel like what I wear totally repels men, too! You look amazing in that cargo jacket! I love it!


  • Dear MR, you're lookin' hot. IDK but this outfit might get you a man… should I worry? LOL at the EX-bf necklace. Almost bought that necklace for Christmas but the BF might think I still have feelings for the EX, so I passed. It's really cute.

    BTW, I dedicate this post to you!

  • Love the idea that a person with an ex-boyfriend is subsequently in control of their life and more admirable/badass. Going through a long, drawn-out, messy breakup right now and that perspective helped. A lot.

  • mm

    Our ex boyfriend necklace will be on our site by the end of the week – it's $78.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, but this post is a complete "man-repelling" FAIL!

    As a heterosexual (Yes, heterosexual!) male in his early 30's, I have to say that both outfits are completely "Man-getting"! Clearly way too much sexy leg in there….

    And high heels? I mean, you wouldn't see those Jimmy Choos at a strip club, but that doesn't mean that guys are gonna be turned off by them!

    I could only wish my girlfriend would wear this kind of stuff! She hit 30 and has been so boring ever since… sigh…

    But Sorry people:
    Short skirt/dress + heels + nice figure & Fem silhouette = Man getting

  • Anonymous

    are you the rupaul loving man friend in question?

  • agree with @RedHead

  • Anonymous


  • pffftt that second outfit is waaaaaaaaaayyyy better than the LBD… man repel away

  • Anonymous

    love love love all things leandra, including the gorgeous painting in this post. tell me, queen of all man repellers, who is the artist? is it an original?

  • Anonymous

    can't stop reading your website, and i have to know, whose birkin is that in the background?!

  • Motionless Tide

    Girl you have gorgeous legs and such pretty skin!

  • Inside You

    beautiful, i want bang her up desain ruang tengah