Are You a Man Repeller? Take the Quiz

While we’ve all become familiar with the meaning of “man repeller,” the real question rests in our ritual practices. How many of us are active tribe members? Must some of us renew the MembeRship? Below, you’ll find a short quiz that will help you identify with your repelling tendencies. Because at the end of the day, only some of us have really let our sartorial choices open the flood gates. Sure, consummation is cool but you know what’s cooler? Martin Margiela. 

1. Your favorite runway designers are:
a. Rick Owens, Commes des Garcons, and I was particularly partial toward Prada’s Spring 2011 show
b. Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Ralph Lauren
c. Guess. Oh, that’s not runway? How about Guess by Marciano. Classy shit!

2. It’s Saturday night, you are…
a. Prancing around the apartment trying to integrate eight different animal prints into one outfit. My turban is floral.
a2. I’m also surfing the interwebs. Shop Nasty Gal and Pixie Market are among the tabs open on my browser.
b. Getting an outfit together for date night. I think I’ll leave the dagger ring at home.
c. Saturdays are reserved to intercourse, so I’m having intercourse

3. This spring you can’t wait to wear:
a. Things that look like vaginas.
b. Floral frocks and full mini skirts
c. Lingerie as outerwear. Look out for the lady in a pearly thong, it’s me.

4. Your idea of sharp lingerie is:
a. Marni and 3.1 Philip Lim, love me them silk granny separates.
b. La Perla, I’m a fancy bitch in lace.
c. Any of the shit they sell at Fantasy World on 7th Avenue; I’m known to wear cock-rings around my neck.

5. If you could describe your personal style in three words:
a. Hemingway x Bowles, counterfunctional
b. Girly and egdy
c. Pleather, pleather, pleather!

6. Your favorite fabric is:
a. Chiffon meets organza meets leopard print fur meets leather meets fatigue meets utility jacket meets feather meets reptile meets herringbone meets chain adorned tweed
b. Suede
c. Pleather, pleather, pleather!

7. From the below three outfits, your favorite is:


8. Your style soul-mate is:
a. Anna dello Russo x Rupaul
b. Rachel Bilson x Juicy Couture
c. Kim Kardashian x Jenna Jameson

9. While taking this quiz, you’re wearing…
a. A slashed back cardigan with purple harem pants and peter pan booties
b. Briton stripes and some skinny jeans
c. Loads of shit I bought at DASH last weekend.

10. Your outfit needs a quick fix, you:
a. Add feathers and a velvet bow tie
b. Include a leather jacket
c. Strip layers down to the nipple. A bustier willith do.


IF YOU ANSWERED MOSTLY A’s: Congratulations, Man Repeller. Sartorial freedom is yours. You haven’t renewed your birth control prescription since Proenza Schouler’s debut collection but hey, more cash for you. In the battle between finding yourself a man friend and investing in some sweet new shoulder pads, your priorities are perfectly in order. Sure, you may reinvent the “cat-lady” credentials but who cares? Your closet rocks my Missoni printed ankle socks.

IF YOU ANSWERED MOSTLY B’s: You’re a Semi-Repeller. This term was cleverly developed by the queen of Semi-Repelling, Rachel Strugatz. While you can appreciate a good wedge a la Giuseppe Zannotti or a disco horror film inspired cowboy bootie a la Derek Lam, you likely won’t rock the trend. You’ll probably stick to Givenchy cap toe booties and Alaia caged sandals. You like shoulder pads…but paired with skinny jeans, Rag & Bone harem pants but with bustiers, and little mini dresses with boyfriend blazers. Here’s to a supposedly nice balance.

IF YOU ANSWERED MOSTLY C’s: Sorry Samantha Jones, you’re a full fledged Man Getter. Go back and try again. With all the fornication in your cards, you may want to get tested for STDs while you’re at it. Harnesses come and go…but herpes? That shit is forever.

So…how’d you score?
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  • Finally I can make it official. I'm part of the club. Hooray! More quizzes please this was fun.

  • Best quiz EVER! Hilarious!

  • lalahartma

    I love this: 5. If you could describe your personal style in three words:
    a. Hemingway x Bowles, counterfunctional

  • laughed out loud through the whole thing!
    maxwell conrad

  • I'm a semi-repeller 🙂
    What a hilarious quiz!!!

  • Mostly B's : ) loved the quiz!

  • I am currently semi-repelling, though I may rock a turban later tonight, you never know.

  • Dear Man Repeller,

    This quiz is perfect. I own silk granny panties, and was shocked this weekend when my boyfriend informed me they were not sexy. Then I put on a cable knit sweater and my harem pant jumper. It was a beautiful thing.

  • i think i constantly bounce between all 3. at least i'm consistent?

  • I understand the very fact of having a boyfriend denies me man repeller privileges, but a girl can dream. Besides, the silk granny's are in high rotation.

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  • I scored in a way that meant that I'm definitely NOT scoring anyone otherwise.

  • Cleanly divided between As and Bs, though the fact I didn't score one C will probably be my 2011 highlight.

  • All C's and only 14. That's never a good thing.

    ..Jokes. Cleanly divided between A and B. I've got time for improvement, ha.

  • Mostly Bs. Darn it!

  • A – A – A ALL THE WAY!!!

  • Exactly the same as Anna. Maybe this is why I am single – one of the guys in the office referred to me as Chewbacca because I was wearing a fur gilet.

  • Liv

    I'm a semi-repeller. We'll blame the boyfriend.

  • Haha, you totally hit home with the Semi-Repeller description!

  • Caz

    Brilliant. I am a repeller. I knew it!

  • we're honored to be man repellers.


  • i'm a semi-repeller!! love your blooog! kiss kiss from portugal!

  • Oh my gosh- LOVE your quiz. I'm a semi-repeller but I will wear granny panties til the day I die! 🙂

  • Wow, I love this quiz. Unfortunately, I am only a semi-repeller. My love for men and fashion is a conflicting tragedy.

  • Hahahaha! Unfortunately I'm a semi repeller….must be all the pleather…drat!


  • Ali

    I lol'd so hard. This is too awesome. Semi-repeller ftw!

  • LOL how the hell is all C's a Man Getter? That's more like I whore myself out for 50 bucks an hour man getter. There is a difference in that case oh yes there is.

  • I'm mostly B!
    and the description fits so well on me!

  • I'm a semi-repeller…do you man repellers still approve of this??

  • fun fun quiz! i'm a type B semi repeller!
    can i repost this to my blog? i need to let the world know about this quiz!

  • I wish I had the authority to crown you with some sort of an award. You win.

    P.S. I've found that the styles you describe to be man-repelling are in fact "typical jock bro douche bag with a flat-brimmed hat"-repellers. i would definitely be considered a man-repeller according to this quiz! but i've been lucky to find a man who is stylish himself and appreciates the art behind the crazy way we dress!

  • LSamantha

    Yes 🙂
    also taking this quiz whilst wearing a check midi skirt, brown lace up hiking boots (flat, obv), neon floral top and ghetto gold chain.

    Here's to our long forgotten sexual desires

  • haha mostly a's- cant give up my la perla!

    Le Kiss Kiss- Click Here!!!

  • extremely clever and absolutely hilarious. I will forever be a semi-repeller, no sartorial freedom pour moi.

    Impetuous Style

  • hmm…I feel like a lot of those questions were none of the above. I ended up with B. Woohoo for no Herpes!!

  • Anonymous

    I got equal A's and B's. What does that make me?

  • no

    OMG! I am Samantha but without getting fucked. That's the worst!
    Going to slit my wrists now.

  • I came up with another term for semi-repeller when I learned about your blog a few days ago — "boy-repeller". This is how I describe my own style- not quite full-fledged man-repeller yet, but I've been so inspired by your website. For years, I thought I was eccentric for preferring high-waisted granny skirts, clothes two-sizes too big, weird bat-wing shapes, oversized sailor shirts (before they were so trendy) and quilted jackets (purple, from built by wendy, no less), which I am wearing right now with a plaid shirt and a silk vintage YSL scarf. Thanks for making me feel like I might be verging on fashion, and showing me what I am really am!!

  • Ally

    Aw, I'm a semi-repeller. Sad now.

  • Anonymous

    Proper repeller! Not that I doubted any second =)
    Just got a proof again!

  • Anonymous

    Dear Man Repeller,

    I got half-half a's and b's.
    Considering that I'm a 13 year old girl who lives in Shanghai and loves fashion, I call my self a budding man repeller/man repeller in the making.
    Thanks for the quiz, loved it, made me laugh so hard. 🙂

  • I got mostly C's. Headed to Gyno at Noon.

  • needed that laugh at the end of my work day :), i got mostly b's, but i would still totally walk the giuseppie wedges!


  • AAAAA All the way! Like everyone above its probably why I'm still single. My best repel yet: 'Is that a murdered Carebear strapped to your chest?' It is an orange mohair gilet, Prada 08 actually!!

  • I love this blog …. Hahahaha

  • Anonymous

    Spot. On. I really AM wearing Briton stripes and some skinny jeans right now.

  • pure genius. must tweet about it now.

  • Just discovered your blog via Sea of Shoes and have been laughing my ass off ever since! I think you should do a post on big, ostentatious collars. I have a trapeze dress with a pleated, funnel neck collar that my boyfriend is itching to burn. Hmm . . . maybe I'll wear it tomorrow. : )

    – Catherine at Littlehouse of Style

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    A A A All the way babay!

  • Anonymous

    "Guess. Oh, that's not runway? How about Guess by Marciano. Classy shit!"

    Brilliant and hilarious. Loved this, mostly A's!!!

  • Megu

    a's …but it's good to know I'm amoung friends.
    Bonus for me is that I still get action due to the fact that my husband is a a comme des garcon wearing Japanese fashion guy.
    Otherwise I would be without a date since about 1996

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • HaHAAAAA Awesome. I am actually wearing, at the time of quiz completion: breton stripes, skinny jeans and cowboy booties (RED, oh how I love them). So obviously I got mostly Bs. But I do have a husband so I guess i obviously wore pleather at some stage…

    I love you a lot, Man-Repeller.

  • Anonymous

    Semi reppeller I knew it! Lol the c options are so sluty. That's why I like to repel. Btw I loved the outfit labeled a I so want it lolexceptni would be walking into wallis if those are prescription glasses…extra repel points!

  • YAY for SEMI-REPELLING!!! LOVE this quiz! 😀

  • i'm a semi-repeller. i'll work on it! haha, this was too funny!

  • awesome!

  • I am ok with a B. Semi Repellers are people too. <3

  • Donna

    Cock rings around the neck ! Great!!! I'm giving you a nick name once given to me by a former friend – " tourette"!

  • danusiabradley

    Wait. Granny panties aren't sexy?

    I had sex with this new guy for the first time this weekend, I was wearing blue silky grandpa panties…he wasn't reaching high enough up my dress to get the off, so I said, "they're high waisted". He laughed and said, "I don't judge" while pulling them down.

    I haven't heard from him since.

  • Anonymous

    Intercourse on a Saturday night, why not?
    ahihih 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I am actually wearing briton stripes and skinny jeans right now…

  • Crissie_daley

    Really impressed with how accurate you have me pinned! I am a semi… but challenge accepted! watch this space 1 month and I will be full blown repeller!

  • Maria_fernadnaer

    yey ! im going to be me ffor ever and not having birthcontrol for ever

  • Nastazia Q-laffa

    Muaha ha! I’m officially a Man Repeller through this test & for quite some time now. I’m also a newly married one with a man that loved my Man Repelling Style from the very beginning. Cheers to the ones with most A’s!

    Love NastaziaQ

  • a HA! I am a man repeller, sniff sniff. you look so strange in pic 3! …Dash. ew

  • The Curly Haired Girl

    Im only a semi after taking the quiz 3 times 🙁 I think I need to grow my bat ‘repeller’ wings a bit more. Here’s to leopard print dresses and Chinese jackets

  • LaLaLand

    Semi Repeller 🙂

  • is it possible to be a man repeller and being married for 10 years?? Yeah, guess so!

  • I’m a semi-repeller… just! (Nearly got full on repeller) Ahahahahha that’s fine with me

    Loling at “If you answered mostly c’s” xD
    Visit my fashion and beauty blog at

  • Harbin Peek

    If I could afford to be a manrepeller, trust me I’d be all over that ish.

    • “poor-peller”

      lol story of my life

  • scott laine

    Who wrote this?! Man or woman?… just wondering because of the extreme provincial Martville mentality… Are you a West Coast K-Marter? We see you do not get out much or travel to other lands.

  • scott laine

    re drop crotch pants. The men of this world are worse offenders than women.
    On St. Barts, Sardinia, Corsica and other warm locals, a delicate sheer cotton
    or linen gauze harem pant is sexy as hell.
    I have NEVER, w/ the exception of India & N. Africa, EVER seen any male pull off the drop crotch in any fashion medium successfully.
    And WHAT about men w/ earings, chewing gum, wearing drop drawers and ultra feeble tatoos and worse piercings? hmmmmm.
    The sexiest people alive today have NO tatoos and No piercings.

  • scott laine

    Forgot to mention the baseball cap and the sneaker club foot epidemic.
    Enough to gag a maggot on either sex.

  • Yes, according to this quiz, I am a man repeller. Luckily I’m married to a woman repeller, so we basically spend all our time repelling each other at home, like a domestically themed pin ball machine. Joy!

  • Keyla Garcia

    Loved this quiz. This is awsome !! Im a Semi-repeller cool

  • Lila Clearwater

    Aaaaaah, I got 1/2 a’s and 1/2 b’s. Does that mean I’m a 3/4 Man Repeller?

  • I got 5 Bs and 5 As. Guess that makes me a 3/4 repeller.

  • evemarietou

    Proud to be a semi-repeller. Love a little balance. What a fun quiz! xx

  • doctorpotter

    i’m a man repeller… guess its a good thing I like women…

  • Maye

    I got a B! Yeyyy! I guess… I might not be wearing clothes that repel men, but seems like I’m wearing a personality that does! Hahaha. Love Love Loveeee your blogs concept, and your bitchy wittiness. Snap!

    Follow my Online Shop @chicmeshop1

  • Adrianna Alejandra

    Certified in the repelling business. I think I shall change the term of Man-Repeller, to Boy-Repeller. Teenage boy-repeller, me like.

  • Sarah W.

    I discovered your blog via Forbes 30 under 30. You are like a real-life, anti-Carrie Bradshaw. I am currently working on my man-repelling skills. Unfortunately I fall in the safe zone of mostly B’s. Your Blog has inspired me to venture out of my conventional comfort zone.

  • Molly

    Saturday night? Sleeping…Currently wearing? Pajamas…if this doesn’t repel some men, I dunno what does! You need man repeller, 2.0; grrrunge version!Nothing scares’em away like some stompin’ Doc Martens! This is funny though, I dig it!

  • Nouvelle

    I’m the semi but Im proud of it. Love being androgyny

  • Sha’NayNay O’Quiff

    I’m a Semi-Repeller… To be honest, I had no idea what the fuck most of this was saying… I just throw on some skinny jeans and sneakers. -.-

  • I actually am wearing Briton stripes and skinny jeans .. no seriously. Needless to say I scored mostly b. But my favorite outfit in #7 was choice “a”!!

  • Emma

    I’m got mostly B’s… Should I feel a little sad over this? For some reason I wanna be a true Man-repeller. So much cooler. Well, at least I’m a semi.

  • grow fast

    I love this blog so much. I also love to come here and die laughing at the menz who genuinely think their opinion matters to anyone. Ha! Anytime my s.o. tells me anything about my outfits or makeup I act like I have hearing loss

  • haha I got B

  • Ha, full Repeller through and through though, until reading this blog, subconsciously. I love my full brown chevron jumpsuit and scarf-wrapped head; and also my numerous pairs of Converse sneakers.

  • does this seem a bit slut-shamey to anyone else?

  • Mr. Doggy Daddy

    What might the male counterpart to the Man Repeller be? That is, a Woman Repeller? I feel like one when I’m out walking my super sweet chick-magnet Rhodesian Ridgeback she-dog while wearing cross-matched plaid Topsiders below Target pajama bottoms, below a faded cotton shirt-jac, worn open over a North Face microfiber 1/4-zip pullover. The watch: vintage Casio digital, in stainless steel. Or does that just make me a narcissistic slob? Any thoughts?

  • Nikita Lomesh

    Omg! I’m a man-repeller

  • ohnoudidnot

    ok so. this blog is kinda cute, kinda not. is a man repeller a good or bad thing? why is everything so sexually charged? i enjoy sex as much as the next 20smthg year old city girl.. but suggesting anyone who scored all Cs to “get tested for STDs” is a bit much. is this a fashion blog, or a lifestyle/health & wellness/sexuality/dating blog? sorry sir but i dont come to fashion blogs to tell me i haven’t refilled birth control prescriptions and to get tested for STDs.. thats outta line. Is that the same girl in all 3 pics, is this the blog’s creator? she’s a little facially challenged :- her closed mouth smile is HORRID.

    • ohnoudidnot

      i’m also all three. i’m every woman i guess lol #bowdownbtches

  • Toofresh

    Shading Dash – are we Man Repeller?

  • paw

    I loved the “Rachel Bilson meets Juicy Couture” XD Totes me!

  • Leila Goreil

    That was great – the results were wittily written! More quizzes please!

  • fushin

    I totally do not relate. Women identifying themselves in relation to men? It’s absurd. Here’s how I answer your questions:

    1.1. Your favorite runway designers are:

    I don’t know any. But I think the models look interesting and the whole this is quite a pageant.

    2. It’s Saturday night, you are…waiting for my lover to come home from work so we can make love or go on a date or eat pizza and watch movies on the couch.

    3. This spring you can’t wait to wear: less clothing cause it’s not as cold?

    4. Your idea of sharp lingerie is: why would I want my lingerie to be sharp? Ouch. I like anything that flatters my figure and is eco friendly, but I especially like the boy briefs for girls from American Apparel.

    5. If you could describe your personal style in three words: elegant, well-made, eco-friendly

    6. Your favorite fabric is: angora. Purrr!

    7. From the below three outfits, your favorite is: this is crazy. Nothing matches, no consistent style. I don’t get today’s idea of fashion.

    8. Your style soul-mate is: Audrey Hepburn

    9. While taking this quiz, you’re wearing…my bathrobe – just got back from a swim.

    10. Your outfit needs a quick fix, you: Add a jacket, scarf and or boots.

    I think y’all need to see the documentary, Miss Representation.

  • Tuva Holm


  • neopicer91

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  • Man repeller through and through! Didn’t know fashion blogs could be so awesome and witty! I’m kind of relieved now. Congratulations on that!

    3. This spring you can’t wait to wear:
    a. Things that look like vaginas.


  • Questioner

    So, what is the wisdom of waiting out your biological clock? Questionable fashion sense? What’s the point? Do you really want your race to fade away?

  • Fenella

    A fully fledged A-lister! Velvet bow ties and silk floral waistcoats are a must have in any strong woman’s wardrobe

  • I’m man repeller, very great quiz!

  • maria eugenia

    I think I am, a little bit of each one.

  • Lavinka

    5 x a and 5 x b. What am I?

  • Vavavroom

    I’m so lovin this whole blog , fashion blog with killer wit and brain . I can’t stop laughing…
    Always wondered if i am one and here I m mostly B’s !!! Harem pants, jumpsuits ,leather ,big glasses ,head band ,scarf hell yeah that all that I love . Who cares if the men like em 😛

  • Vavavroom

    I meant who cares if the men DON’T like em

  • Carmen

    A’s + B’s + Jeremy Scott + Balmain + Michel Jackson style + HipHop + Miroslava Duma + Andean Peruvian style + funny and curious stuff +…..= That’s me (still in process but that’s me) yep!

  • Raffick Marday

    I exchanged my euros in advance and managed to save even more money when buying from this website Compare Money Transfer or Send My Money Home or even Bank Exchange Rates can help

  • Jen

    I’m a semi repeller but one away from being full on Man Repeller. :).

  • thy anonymouss

    idk I kiiind of feel this is implying that if you dress classically ‘girly’, you’re OBVIOUSLY doing that to get men’s attention /a dumb slut / AND btw we hope you understand Man Repeller is smarter,cooler,better than thou,you stupid girly girl who-dreads-men’s-attention. Am I the only one feeling this way? (also: am I the only dumbass commenting a 3 year old post? most likely.)

  • bella fe

    Slut-Shaming? I thought this was, like, a feminist site haha. oh well guess I was wrong.

  • dnotes

    Hilarious! As for the shoes, yeah I know heels look fun but ever since high school when I met a friend of mine’s mom who had just had more foot surgery I will only wear any heels over 2″ no more than twice in a week or for special occasions. That poor woman told me that she wore high heels from age 14 on up and this was why my friend was not allowed to wear heels more than once per week or for special occasions until she was ‘full grown’ Despite multiple surgeries her mother’s big toes were still hammer toed and the bunion/ball of the foot was irreparable, truly ‘Man Repellent!’

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  • cellinara

    moral of the whole thing. The whore get the men. TAIL TOLD :’)

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  • originalvintagequeen

    man repeller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Air+Light

    Man repeller score one for this bitch

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